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Since its inception in 1973, when it set up a steel tube manufacturing plant in Haryana, Surya has kept pace with changing times. Today, Surya is India's second largest manufacturer of lighting products. Its steel tube manufacturing plant is one of the largest in Asia! The company maintains its leadership in the export of fluorescent tubes and has achieved high brand visibility in 48 countries across the globe. Keeping in mind the safety of its workers and the protection of the environment, Surya has been using Hydro Based Technology (HBT) since its inception. This technology uses water as a solvent to suspend phosphor which is used as a special coating for the Fluorescent Tube Lamps. Water is used because it is more eco-friendly than chemicals such as Xylems or Butyl Acetate and doesn't make the process detrimental to the health of the workers in the workplace. This section will take you through Suryas journey, its global presence, coverage in the Indian press and efforts to keep the environment safe. Since its inception in 1973, when SURYA set up a Steel Tubes manufacturing plant in Haryana, by keeping the pace with the changing times and

constantly focusing on higher goals it diversified into manufacturing of Lighting products in 1984. It implemented a major expansion and backward integration programmer in 1990s, which resulted into timely availability of good quality of material at cost effective prices. Over almost a period of 35 years SURYA ROSHNI LIMITED is now a leading manufacturing company in lighting and Steel Tubes Industry. By adopting cost effect relationship and no compromise with quality Company becomes the leader in Steel Tubes/ Pipes market and amongst the Largest lighting Companies in India. The hallmark in today's competitive market is global presence. Today, Surya finds itself in 48 countries and is in direct competition with world famous manufacturers. Its brand name is available at some of the world's best outlets. Surya is the first Indian lighting company to get the prestigious CE mark on its GLS & FTL for meeting European Safety Standards. The CE mark is mandatory for companies to enter European markets. In today's global economy quality indicates the parameter of company's success. Your company's success both domestic and globally is due to adoption of higher level of quality controls which now becomes the driving force of our success. Your company succeeded in bench-marking quality and innovation standards by achieving the ISO 9002 in the year 1999. The company was awarded ISO-14001 and OHAS-18001 certifications related to environment and safety respectively.

Corporate history
Surya's journey started in 1973 when it set up its steel pipe plant at Bahadurgarh, Haryana (30 kms from Delhi). Today, this plant is one of the largest in Asia, and produces 180000 MT of steel pipes annually. In 1984, Surya set up its first factory, for lighting products, at Kashipur (in Nainital, UP). And in 1992, it built another factory at Malanpur (near Gwalior, MP). Both these state-of-the-art lighting plants have been awarded the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001 certifications. Surya is the only lighting company with 100 per cent backward integration. It manufactures all its components. Today, Surya is the second largest seller of GLS and FTL in India. It has achieved a turnover of over Rs 1200 crore and an international presence in 48 countries.

A world class engineering enterprise committed to enhancing stakeholder value.

To be an Indian Multinational Engineering enterprise proving total business solutions through quality products system and services in the field of electronic goods and steel production.

Zeal to Excel and Zest for change. Integrity and fairness in all Matters. Respect for Dignity and potential of Individuals. Strict Adherence to Commitments. Ensure Speed of Response. Foster learning, creativity and Loyalty and pride in the Company.

SWOT ANALYSIS OF SURYA ROSHNI LIMITED MALANPUR Strengths: Nationally and internationally accepted "SURYA" Brand. Well focused vision of the Management Complete backward integration High quality of products Nation-wide marketing network Weaknesses: Low margin due to cut throat competition Uncertainties of external market forces Opportunities: Potential increase in demand of energy efficient products Untapped potential in outsourcing and marketing of Luminaries Increase in demand of regular lighting products with a general improvement in the power condition in urban as well as rural sectors and increase in spending on infrastructure development Area of High Masts Tower and Street Light Poles. Area of Luminaries & Light fittings. Liberalization at geographical markets Threats : Tough competition from multi-national companies Unbranded products from the unorganised sector


Weak competitive positions low returns. Need to cut losses and make decisions. Low morale & deficiency of skills. Lack of strategic plan for quite sometime. Adoption of new innovative strategies during recession by focusing on certain topics like: To optimize the manpower strength. Reduce the number of employees in the organization. To take strategic initiatives to increase the efficiency and productivity of the entire organization. To work on compensation benefits.

Diagnosis How to intact your employee during recession: Here is how to keep your employees with you and away from your competitors during tough economic times. Differentiate Between Your Good and Average Employees Redirect Your Employees to Other Departments (Job Rotation) Listen to Your Employees Keep Them Motivated and Busy (Communicate-Communicate and Communicate) Show them the long term vision The above steps will enable the employer to hold its team together during a recession, and will even make bond between all of you stronger. Employees should be motivated enough to stick to the employer during tough times and put in the extra effort required for the organization growth.

Teams and Team Work The Industrial Revolution (Second Wave) The current Information & Technological Revolution (Third Wave) Focus on the future.