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Wall & Ceiling Solutions


Techno Glass Factory, Singapore

PRODUCT INFORMATION LYSAGHT V-CRIMP is the product for your roofing & walling solutions. LYSAGHT V-CRIMP manufactured from Clean COLORBOND steel, which is specially formulated to prevent dirt and other airborne particles from bonding to its surface as loose particles simply washes away during rainfall, thereby eliminating dirt retention on a building. Therefore, Clean COLORBOND steel is resistant to dirt pick-up and more importantly, RESISTANT TO DIRT STAINING. Clean COLORBOND steel offers high standard of weathering and corrosion resistance in order to ensure maximum quality and durability for use in buildings. Through the combination of material and coating, it is possible to offer the corrosion protection for any walling & ceiling job in hand. LYSAGHT V-CRIMP steel cladding is a tough double-V wall & fascia profile that resists deformation over long spans which means it can really take the knocks. It can be used vertically and horizontally. Although used mainly for commercial or industrial walling, it does not take a lot of imagination to see how it could be used as an interesting feature in domestic applications.

APPLICATIONS LYSAGHT V-CRIMP steel cladding application as vertical surface cladding are virtually limitless. Some typical applications are walling, fascias, feature wall, garage door cladding, and fencing.

LENGTHS Available custom-cut to your size requirements in continuous lengths (up to 1200mm). TOLERANCES Length + 0, -15mm Cover width 4mm, Rib height 0.5mm PACKING In strapped bundles of 50 sheets maximum not exceeding one tonne.


Thickness, Mass & Coverage

Description THICKNESS (mm)

Base Metal Thickness (BMT) Total Coated Thickness (TCT) ZINCALUME steel Mass per unit area kg/ m2 Mass per unit length kg/m Coverage m /t

0.42 0.47 Clean COLORBOND steel 4.29 3.32 233 4.21 3.26 237

2 December 2003 BlueScopeysaght L

SUPPORT SPACINGS For normal applications in non-cyclonic areas the recommended maximum spacing for support (running across width of sheets) is 1700mm with end spans and single spans being 1000mm maximum. For other situations and conditions, reference should be made to the table below: SPAN/ LOAD TABLE SPAN (mm) 900 1200 1500 Design wind Pressure (Kpa) 2.2 1.5 1.0

Side-lap Fastener At Mid Span In addition side-lap fasteners are required to ensure sidelaps are held firmly in place to maintain a weatherproof lap, when spans are greater than 1200mm. In these instances the fastener should be located through the overlapping ribs at mid span.


Pan Fix
Profiles are fastened to steel supports through the pan adjacent to the rib with self-drilling no.10-24 x 16mm Hex.Head screw with bonded washer.

END LAPS If end laps are required, allow at least 100 mm lap. When end laps are used on sheet with ribs running horizontally, the laps should be sealed internally with recommended neutral curing silicone sealant.

Valley Fix
Profiles are fastened to steel supports in between the rib with self-drilling no. 10-24 x 16mm wafer head screw.

Techno Glass Factory, Singapore

3 December 2003 BlueScope ysaght L



Fastening to hardwood supports through valley of V Fastening to steel supports 4.5 mm through valley of V Ditto through pan Flashing attachment

Type 17 No.8-15 x 20 mm pan head No.10 16 x 16 mm wafer head self drilling No.12 24 x 20 mm HWF self drilling with bonded washer No.14 14 x 22 mm hex head with bonded washer

SUGGESTED SPECIFICATION The profiled steel roofing (and/or walling) shall have an effective cover width of 775 mm with nominal rib height and width of 16 mm and 58 mm respectively. The ribs are spaced at 193.75 mm centre to centre and with anticapillary side-lap feature. The total coated thickness shall be 0.47 mm thick. Steel Grade & Thickness The base steel used shall conform to Australian Standard AS1397 -2001, and shall be 0.42mm thick with a minimum yield of 550N/mm2
Guard House at Queensway Secondary School, Singapore

Protective Metallic Coating All sheets used in the manufacturing of the roofing sheets should have a protective metallic alloy coating of zinc (43.5%), aluminium (55%) and silicon (1.5%), applied by the hot dip process, and having a coating thickness (total both sides of 0.05mm as stipulated in AS1397 -2001 for coating class AZ 150). Option for Pre-Pained Steel
Refer to page 5

Warehouse, Singapore

4 December 2003 BlueScope Lysaght

Option for Pre-painted Steel

*choose one whichever applicable

Steel Storage, Singapore

Coated sheet shall be factory coiled painted and oven-baked to AS2728 (Prepainted organic film/ metal laminate products) a) Clean COLORBOND steel: Recommended for benign exposure in marine environment (>1000m from breaking surf) Top coat : Custom formulated polyester paint system of 20m over 5m universal corrosion inhibitive epoxy primer Reverse coat : Custom formulated Shadow Grey. Wash coat of 5 m over 5 m of corrosion inhibitive epoxy primer b) Clean COLORBOND XPD steel Recommended for benign exposure in marine environment (>1000m from breaking surf) Top coat : PVF2 of 20m over 5m corrosion inhibitive epoxy primer Reverse coat : Snowgum Green wash coat of 5 m over 5 m of corrosion inhibitive epoxy primer c) Clean COLORBOND XPD Pearlescent steel Recommended for benign exposure in marine environment (>1000m from breaking surf) Top coat : PVF2 of 20m over 5m corrosion inhibitive epoxy primer Reverse coat : Snowgum Green wash coat of 5 m over 5 m of corrosion inhibitive epoxy primer d) Clean COLORBOND Ultra steel Recommended for severe marine environment (100m 200m from breaking surf, <50m from calm still water) Top coat : Custom formulated system of 20m over 5m of

custom formulated corrosion inhibitive epoxy primer Reverse coat : Custom formulated Polyester system in standard Bass Grey of 10 m over 5 m of custom formulated corrosion inhibitive epoxy primer


Compatibility LEAD and COPPER are not compatible with ZINCALUME steel. Direct contact should therefore be avoided. Where inside condensation conditions are likely, coated steel girts should be used so that any ZINCALUME steel to bare steel contact is avoided. Sealed Joints Where sealed joints are required, use sealant in conjunction with mechanical fasteners. Soldering is not recommended as it is not practical to solder ZINCALUME steel in the field. Handling & Storage To preserve the surface, handling should only be carried out using clean, dry gloves. Do not slide sheets over rough surfaces or each other.
Packs of profiled steel claddings in all finishes must be kept dry in transit and stored clear off the ground under cover to prevent water and/ or condensation being trapped between adjacent surfaces. If packs become wet, sheets should be separated and wiped clean and allowed to dry.

Cleaning Up Ensure that metallic particles are swept off sheet surfaces immediately following any cutting, drilling, etc. Oil Canning Flat metal surfaces (e.g. LYSAGHT PRESTIGE Panel) will display waviness commonly referred to as oil canning. This is caused by steel mill tolerances. Oil canning is a characteristic, not defect, resulting from panels manufactured from light gauge metal. Panels are to be factorycorrective leveled to minimize oil canning. Oil canning is not a valid reason for panel rejection.

5 December 2003 BlueScope Lysaght

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