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MiniOS7 utility
/* The MiniOS7 utility is used for the essential configuration and
/* download of programs to, the products embedded in the ICPDAS MiniOS7. */
/* Established by Sean
/* Revised by Jose
[2009/11/09] Ver 3.2.1 by Jose
1. Updated MiniOS7_Utility.chm
2. Updated command 'EEPROM' (save/restore from/to file)
* added a new form to show save/restore progress
* added writing check per block of EEPROM
* expanded support devices: i-8000, iPAC, 7186, 7188, PDS, VP-2111, I-View,
* added not writing block 7 of EEPROM where MAC locates
3. Added error codes of uart.dll to MiniOS7_Utility.ini
4. Fixed bug of Access Violation while opening com port.
5. Fixed bug of not able to execute "Upload & Execute[RAM]" of the pop-up menu
---------------------------------------------------------------------------[2009/09/22] Ver 3.2.0 by Jose
1. Fixed bug that UDP Poll cannot set IP in the Search Form.
2. Fixed bug that scanning no mac address out when using ET-7000 series.
---------------------------------------------------------------------------[2009/09/08] Ver 3.1.9 by Jose
1. Fixed bug that OS image cannot upload due to time format problem.
2. Fixed bug that iView can not upload files.
---------------------------------------------------------------------------[2008/09/01] Ver 3.1.08 by Sean
Controller supports:
1. Supports iPAC-8000 series module
New feature:
1. Add UPD broadcast (Use in MiniOS7 enviroment)
2. Add command line parameter function
Support command
Type of connection: /TCP /UDP /232
COM Port /C:x (x:COM port number, only for /232)
IP Address /I:x (x: IP address, for /TCP or /UDP)
Port /P:x (x: Port number, for /TCP or /UDP)
Compress files before uploading file /COMPRESS
Run Macro /R:Path&filename
1.C:>MiniOS7_Utility.exe /tcp /i: /p:23 /compress /r:C
2.C:>MiniOS7_Utility.exe /udp /i: /p:23 /compress /r:C:\ic
3.C:>MiniOS7_Utility.exe /232 /C:4 /b:115200 /compress /r:C:\icp\Tes
Bug fixes:
1. Fixed bug that the IP address cannot be changed in the TCP broadcast mo

de ['08/07/21]
---------------------------------------------------------------------------[2007/11/06] Ver 3.1.07 by Peter Xu
Bug fixes:
1. to make the ethernet UDP communication stable.
Change installation path
old: C:\Program Files\ICPDAS\MiniOS7_Utility
new: C:\ICPDAS\MiniOS7_Utility
---------------------------------------------------------------------------[2007/07/01] Ver 3.1.06 by Peter Xu
Controller supports:
1. ET-6000, ET-7000 Web Package(.hex) support.
New feature:
1. EEPROM import & export for I-8000 series.
Bug fixes:
1. mscomm32.ocx missed, cause send232.exe can not work correctly.
----------------------------------------------------------------------------[2007/05/03] Ver 3.1.02 by Peter Xu
Bug fixes:
1. Date/Time format difference between different language windows.
This will cause error when set date/time to the MiniOS7.
2. Open last connection failed.
Change installation path
old: C:\Program Files\ICPDAS\MiniOS7_Utility
new: C:\ICPDAS\MiniOS7_Utility
----------------------------------------------------------------------------[2007/03/22] Ver 3.1.01 by Peter Xu
Since version 3.x.x, the user interface had been fully improved.
And with the online help, you can get detail information by press F1 any
where in the Utility.
This whole new version can help you quickly enjoy using our embedded
controllers (with MiniOS7 operating system).
New feature supports:
1. Ethernet connection (TCP & UDP).
This allows users remotely access the controllers.
2. Disk tool
Can devide Flash of 7188/8000 to Disk A, and Disk B.
3. search function
To find out 7188E/8000E controllers on the Ethernet.
Frequently used tools included:
a. 7188XW
b. 7188EU
c. 7188E
---------d. SendTCP
e. Send232
f. VxComm Utility

----------------------------------------------------------------------------[2005/10/18] V2.0.00 Release version

1.Show the x.bat/ *.ini on the hint box while clicking the MiniOS7 listbox
2.Add command line interface
4.Add the function to edit the 7188xw.ini/autoexec.bat/vcom.ini
5.Add the function. "run n" command is valid while the minios7 date is
on 2004/04/15 or before, and "run #n" command is valid while the date is
after 2004/04/15.
6. Add the default functon on TCP/IP diaglog box
Bug fixes:
1.Fix the RichEdit Line Insertion error (Pack RICHED32.DLL to InstallShi
(Download to \Windows\system in Win98 OS,C:\Windows\System32 or
C:\WINNT\System32 in the other Windows OS)
2. FindForm bug (Cann't stop the thread for finding the files)
3. Fix the bug of MiniOS7 image updating (uart.dll)
4. Fix the bug of multi-file download (Cannot download over 10 files at
5. Fix the parity check bug of Open COM port using the Open_COM()
1. v1.0.7 ['05/06/06]
Best viewed with resolution is 1024*768 ,or 800 *600
Library: UartDLL 2.15 , MiniOS7.dll 1.09
----------------------------------------------------------------------------[2004/06/15] V1.0.06
Add: Reset function (Add Reset button on toolbar)
Library: UartDLL 2.11 , MiniOS7.dll 1.06
----------------------------------------------------------------------------[2004/03/19] V1.0.05 Release version
Add: Show the MiniOS7 utility name and hint on the start toolbar
1.Modify the MiniOS7dll for the latest of the minios7 image file.
Library: UartDLL 2.05 , MiniOS7.dll 1.05
----------------------------------------------------------------------------[2003/11/10] V1.0.04
Add:1. Show the date of MiniOS7 and Flash size on the statusbus
2. Show the contents of autoexec.bat while you click the autoexec.bat
1.Modify the CRC16 in the MiniOS7dll
2.Lowercase the filename downloaded to the module.
Library: UartDLL 2.04 , MiniOS7.dll 1.04
----------------------------------------------------------------------------[2003/02/14] V1.0.03
Add:1.Add the dialog 'Caution' for guiding
2.Add the dialog 'How to use'for guiding
After updating MiniOS7,the success dialog shown.
Bug fixes:

Fix a bug that MiniOS7 utility can't download the read-only files.
----------------------------------------------------------------------------[2003/01/10] V1.0.02
Add:Search the files in Local HD of PC
----------------------------------------------------------------------------[2002/11/01] V1.0.01 Release
Update MiniOS7,
Load one/multiplefiles to Flash
basic configuration in MiniOS7