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Exercise for Knee Injury(ACL INJURY)

Lying down like this and press your leg on the towel. 3 - 4 times a day for 10 - 15 minutes at a time.

Prone Hang. Note the knee is off the edge of the table

Wall Slide: Allow the knee to gently slide down

Heel slide leg is pulled toward the buttocks

Stationary Bicycle helps to increase strength

Use the non-injured leg to straighten the knee

Good leg should be up on ur injured leg and press towards thigh

Lying down flat lift your legs from the bed and hold it 15 counts

sit in chair and straighten ur leg hold it 15 counts relax(again like 15 times)

Squatting exercise lean on the wall slowly sit( that mean toilet position)

Stand with support raise ur toes from the ground

Raise ur leg try in both side each 15 times 15 count hold

Raise ur buttock and hold it 15 counts and relax again/again 15 times

Lying down face down position try like this regularly

Prone knee bending

Hold it like these 15 counts and relax

Wall Squatting