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Vol. 3 Issue No 02

MARCH, 2012.

An artists impression of an alien. Fortean Picture Library.


Newsletter of The Blue Mountains UFO Research Club March, 2012.

Blue Mountains UFO Research Club News. Our meetings are held on the third Saturday of the month, at the Gilroy residence, 12 Kamillaroi Road, South Katoomba, from 2pm onwards. We are situated on the corner of Kamillaroi Road and Ficus Street, and as we always say, park in Ficus Street where there is safer parking. PLEASE NO SMOKING ON THE PREMISES. ALSO, NO LARGE BAGS IN THE CINEMA OR THE HOUSE. PLEASE NOTE. Please contact us prior to bringing along any new friends interested in UFOlogy and the mysteries generally. Anyone with any personal experiences involving UFOs or the unexplained are invited to share them with us all. Contact Information: Phone: 02 4782 3441, Email: randhgilroy44@bigpond.com [or catch our website on rexgilroy.com or mysteriousaustralia.com]. A plate of food to share for afternoon tea is appreciated.


Latest UFO sightings on the Blue Mountains. Any personal sightings or other UFO information from members. DVD UFO Documentary presentation. Tea break and UFO chatter. If the weather finally clears up and the night sky clears, there will be a UFO Skywatch out on Narrow Neck Plateau at the usual place [Dont forget WARM Clothing is a necessity As the mountains can be quite COLD] and bring a torch and binoculars. If any members have ideas for other likely Skywatch locations for our Club we would like to hear about them.

**Advance notice: Our April meeting will be held on SUNDAY 22nd April. **
If any member has material or an article to place in either Mysterious Australia or The Blue Mountains UFO Research Club newsletters please feel free to forward it to us by the second Saturday of the month.

To assist with the costs involved in producing these newsletters a gold coin donation is requested.

Rex and Heather Gilroy, Australias top UFO and Unexplained Mysteries Research team. Photo copyright Rex Gilroy 2012.

Newsletter of The Blue Mountains UFO Research Club March, 2012.

This month we are pleased to present for perusal a paper by Sydney-based John Lodge.

John J Lodge
Copyright John J Lodge 2012.

Abstract. When trying to interpret biblical cosmology it must be done in the context of knowledge gained from the disciplines of archaeology and anthropology and what is understood of pre-industrial agricultural societies. In writing this article my opinions are formed on the basis of my reading and is simply an expressed overview. John J. Lodge Assoc. Dip.Lib. Prac. I begin with the acknowledgement that The Bible is a great book. Its full of parables, allegories, philosophy and religion in a historical context. It teaches by example or analogy. It wasnt written by one person but many and often revised over the period of two centuries. We know this from reading the Dead Sea Scrolls. The Bible of course has a cosmology starting in Genesis but its the teaching of the ancient world astronomy not rigorous as modern day physics. However, even without telescopes ancient peoples were aware of some of the observable basics. Like most agrarian societies time was marked by seasonal changes to do with propagation of crops. Things were slow not instant. The Sun and the Moon were important ie tidal expression, weather, patterns, stars as means to navigation. In the Northern Hemisphere it used to be the Pole Star as a fixture. Indeed some planets are visible to the naked eye for example Mars and Venus. Wanders was the definition given to planets because they move in a regular order constantly seen whereas comets were infrequent visitors. They knew of the Earths relation period seven days in a week, three hundred and sixty-five days per year and were aware of the basic constituents of their world. Earth, Air, Fire and Water. [In modern terms these would be expressed as solids, liquids, gases and fire as a changing catalyst or they had no idea of plasmas or ionised gases at super temperatures]. There are plenty of historical references to people being aware of the explosive nature of volcanoes and their toxic gases. The Middle East was always a good source of sulphur which has pyrotechnic qualities as a chemical or the build up of methane [fire damp] in mines and stagnant pools of water. Believe it or not in Iraq [Mesopotamia] over two thousands years ago the people were electroplating gold onto other metals by using simple acid batteries made from citric acid and such metal as copper and zinc as electrodes [in fact any combination of acid and metals will do]. This was all learnt manually and with an oral tradition of communication. Most people living at that time were illiterate therefore knowledge had to be imparted manually or by rote learning. Load stone early magnets were available to shipping the Romans, Greeks and Phoenicians used it regularly. So its not that preindustrial societies were less intelligent but less educated. Thats what continued to nurture superstition and poverty. Ignorance is seldom bliss, only the rich and socially mobile had access to books and the knowledge they contained. That knowledge was restricted to predominantly the Church or the military. Many of the social systems revolved around absolutist monarchies encased in tribalism unless of course Greece or Rome where a sense of democratic fervour existed. Indeed, modern European science came out of this tradition five hundred years ago. The Bible of course at the Centre of much philosophy. What then is the biblical Cosmology. If you interpret it in the light of knowledge that existed in the ancient world and the development of Cosmological ideas over the last half millennium. Quite simply because most creation myths from around the world tell similar stories as that in Genesis the quotation of let there be light and there was light is simply Big Bang Theory not that I am in any way suggesting the scribes were familiar with the concept of linear Isotropism. Nor what caused the Big Bang other than God. Genesis says it took God seven days to create the Universe. That should not be taken literally. It denotes the passing of time in ages. The Universe evolves in this model. Its hot, it cools moving on the face of the deep means geological formation, life and ecology arises. Before the Big Bang, space existed but it was a void, a divine energy as a spark. Ancient man with need for energy but not expressed in our terms. Humans derive energy from food. Food cannot grow without sunlight or water or soil. Warmth was provided for coking and heating buy wood, coal, peat. This was all natural. Light was important, it was power. It had been worshipped as the Sun-God. Knowledge reductionism was in the alchemy. It had been known for a long time that paper and parchment discolours because of the

Newsletter of The Blue Mountains UFO Research Club March, 2012.

acids in the material degrade manuscripts when exposed to light. Thats why the Dead Sea Scrolls were found in earthenware pots in dark caves. You cant take the Bible literally; it is not a science text book, to do so does it a disservice. Its a book that requires thought analysis, interpretation against historical, anthropological and archaeological research. Revelations was not a map of the future but an empirical view of social trends and coming change, mixing and matching event outcomes or predicting a future from merging trends and histories against a background of pseudoscience like astrology which was very influential in the Middle East at the time. Ideas replicate themselves. A lot of biblical outlook, ethics and perceived thought abounds in western culture and science concepts migrate. Trinity in Religion ten thousands years ago turns up in modern psychiatry Ego, Id, Super Ego. Everyman is three in one. The idea of being in a church as the living body of your god is similar to some pagan nature religions philosophy. The Universe or Nature being your God and you, as its creation, are also living in the body of your God. The Bible says Man was created in the image of God only in so far as Sentience of self knowledge. Since the Bible portrays God as non-corporal in a solid physical sense except for his son Jesus Christ. Again natural principles take over. The idea of an all powerful creator that is everywhere but cannot be seen, but rather whos presence if felt. If in modern physics terms matter and energy are interchangeable as in Einsteins E+mc2 equation you have to ask the question What is God? You can only answer that question philosophically by asking the questing What is the Universe if it is Gods creation? The answer to that one is a graduated system of energy and matter from which sentience is known to emerge. That being the only comparison you then ask the question again What is God? The answer then becomes A graduated system of energy that is sentient. Humans if you like then by analogy because like Gods deputy as they have dominion over the Earth as its custodians. But, and heres the rub, they can never be the Sheriff. As a human you can be striving to be god-like but can never become a God. Possess some of the power of the Universe but never the power of God [always something bigger than you in the psychology. If not acceptance then that power will corrupt and corrupt absolutely and in the end destroy you. Thats the message. Religion should promote the quest for knowledge not dogma knowledge used for good is enlightenment or to understand. Thats what eighteen century philosophy was about. [Descarte and the rest]. If it were we would not exist and have free will. Heisenbergs uncertainty principle frees us from predestination and as the Bible reminds us he/it was supposed to imbue the Universe with free will. No one has to be a puppet you are responsible fro what deeds you enact. A closed heart like a closed loop leads to repression. Repression is the Devils dogma and his powerbase [philosophically]. Goodness is often expressed as the higher self or altruism; to be enlightened to understand in applied intelligence. Intellect has two sides; the Emotion and Intellectual process, obtain the two and you have the balance of Sanity. In conclusion modern astrophysics concurs that there was nothing before the Big Bang but space itself. Although at has to be said, Space without light is at absolute zero temperature is motionless. At 10-34 seconds before the Big Bang modern theory has it there were a series of events. A glitch factor, rather like a chain reaction in an atomic bomb, that ripped space itself apart and raised the temperature. It seems, despite attempts to look for the Higgs Bosun, space itself was there before. If the Universe ends itll still be there. The only difference between them and the Space-Time continuum now is a differential of three [Kelvin 3] in the cosmic microwave background [and the gradually cooling]. The four basic forces has physics mover on from Earth, Air, Fire and Water? The weak, the strong, the electro-magnetic and gravitational forces. Is science still reading the Bible? Whether anyone believes in a God or not is it a useful social concept? Will we finally know when aliens fly in on a Qantas jet to Kingsford Smith Airport to give us the answer? One can only hope so; If they find the Higgs Bosun up in Cerne, Switzerland will they also find the Autin Higgs Bosun? As most of physics theory hangs on the idea for every particle there is an equal opposite particle? Or has it gone too far? Do we need new physic, a new paradigm? Follow this line of thought and you could be forgiven for wondering is the Universe Hemispherical a Shakespearean box within a box harbouring a parallel Universe inside it? Where did all the Autin matter go?

Newsletter of The Blue Mountains UFO Research Club March, 2012.

Was all it subsumed into the atomic shell held together by neutrons and neutrinos that have no electrical charge? Was there indeed a Big Bang or just a series of minor bangs making the Universe expand faster maybe bubble mechanics inflation theory [The Big Rip] gave rise to a multiverse as Paul Davies talks of in is books? I honestly dont know but I love playing around with Cosmology concepts. The Bible isnt hard science. It doesnt try to be. Its a philosophical document containing examples of human foibles and psychological urges. Let him without Sin cast the first Stone. In the end this is my personal view of Bible cosmology. Others may like to differ and Id say Bravo! The Bible urges people to seek the Truth and not heed false prophets who would seek power only for powers sake and not enlightenment. The Bible is a great piece of literature. Please review it yourself, ask the question: Does God believe in Man? Not does Man believe in God! When the four horsemen of the Apocalypse ride War, famine, death etc in modern regional conflicts who then it the; Atheist in a disappointment. [Sermons over]. -0-


Rex Gilroy Copyright Rex Gilroy 2012.
This article is a chapter taken from the Gilroy book Australian UFOs Through the Window of Time URU Publications 2004.

Rex Gilroy is no friend of the establishment, and there is hardly a government scientific department which has not heard of me, nor any scientist with whom I have not already fallen foul of. The reason is simple; I am an historical, anthropological, archaeological and zoological heretic, who refuses to be told what to think by textbooks. And as the leading researcher of Unexplained Mysteries generally in this country, I have for many years encouraged students to think the same, keep an open mind and rebel against the conservative university establishment! As the original Yowie Man who brought the existence of these primitive, tool-making, fire making surviving bands of Homo erectus to public attention in the 1960s and disproved the old, indoctrinated teachings that our Aborigines were our one and only stone-age inhabitants, and that this continent was discovered and explored by the maritime civilisations of antiquity, centuries before the age of Magellan or Cook, and have gathered a huge store of evidence to back up these theories, I am indeed, not at all liked by the conservative university establishment! In all these matters I have, in the course of a lifetime of research, been the most prolific of writers, having published seemingly thousands of newspaper and magazine articles about my work or have been written about by journalists. And of course I now also write books on these matters. I have given, and continue to give, lectures throughout Australia and in New Zealand on a regular basis on all my researches; and it would be fair to say that I have had hundreds of radio and Television interviews about my work in the course of the past 45 years; all in the course of driving home the punchline keep an open mind and dont be afraid to question the textbooks! Such activities are an anathema to establishment scientists and historians, who will often stop at nothing to preserve their supposed authority over the publics minds. Thus over the years I have had to endure often-slanderous attacks and every effort made to suppress my media releases. And when it comes to the subject of UFOs, and my prying into the secret UFO Bases just described, it is not surprising that our telephone has been tapped regularly for years now, and our movements closely watched! And that is what this chapter is primarily about. From the very moment I had my now-famous article UFO Base Under the Blue Mountains published in the late Don Boyds now legendary Paranormal and Psychic Australian magazine [January 1978, Vol 3, No 1] I attracted the [undercover] attentions of ASIO and the phone taps began in earnest. I would like to think that I have made a major contribution to the intellectual development of ASIO personnel, for all those who listen in on my phone conversations will not only hear about the latest UFO

Newsletter of The Blue Mountains UFO Research Club March, 2012.

sightings, they will be fed the most up-to-date developments in Australian archaeology, history, the natural sciences, the life-histories of our spiders and insects, theatre, opera, cinema and the arts generally! By now surely I have convinced many of the Yowies existence, that there really are plesiosaur-type marine reptiles inhabiting Australasian waters; and that ancient Egyptians, Phoenicians, Libyans, Chinese, Arabs, Spaniards, Portuguese and others beat Captain James Cook RN to our shores! Not content with listening in on our phone conversations, my ASIO fans want to see me in the flesh. Heather and I run the Blue Mountains UFO Research Club once a month at our home, so the sight of so many carloads of people arriving outside our house every third Saturday of the month was sooner or later bound to attract the attention of our friends. On one memorable occasion, two policemen sat reading newspapers and magazines in their paddy wagon outside our kitchen window, for a whole four hours! At one point Heather and I drove out the gate to go shopping and they remained there. They were still there when we returned 30 minutes later. Finally, as darkness began to fall they drove away. A pity, as we were about to invite them in for a cuppa! On another occasion a police vehicle conducting a house watch on us from the street outside our front door remained there from late afternoon until around 9pm. When the two officers went to drive off the vehicle wouldnt start or so they made it appear and while one officer opened the hood and flashed a torch about the engine [while we watched from a window], the other knocked on our door and requested to use our phone to call for assistance. Why he couldnt have used their car radio was beyond us. As there was something cagey about the man, upon his departure after thanking us and returning to the vehicle, I searched for any tiny bugging device that he might have slipped somewhere. Finally another police car arrived and both crews stood talking for a while, then all drove away. It was no surprise to us that the broken down vehicle had tuned out to be alright after all. On another occasion a panel van drove back and forth along the side street beside our house, the driver each time looking at our driveway. By now I had written much more about the Burragorang UFO Base, and included a lengthy chapter on the subject in my first book Mysterious Australia [NEXUS Publishing 1995], so perhaps it came as no surprise that my subversive activities required a stepping up of cloak and dagger activities by the boys! On one occasion, with Heather away, I took our dog Cuddles for a walk out on nearby Narrow Neck Peninsula. As we left the driveway and began walking up the street, I noticed THAT panel van, parked beside the house. As we reached the far end of the street, before turning up into another that leads to the dirt road out onto the Neck, I looked back to see the vehicle starting up and moving towards us. The driver, a dark-haired man in a grey dustcoat, drove past us, eyeing me off as he did so. We had no sooner reached the entrance to the road out on to Narrow Neck than he reappeared, driving towards us within a few feet, heading in the direction of the Great Western Highway. He gave me a good long look as he drove past. Some minutes later as I walked Cuddles down the road, the van man suddenly drove past us, heading out towards the Water Board 3km further out on the Neck. At this I had had enough and turned around. We eventually reached our driveway when the van man reappeared up the end of our street, driving slowly past as I stood there with Cuddles returning his stare. He did not reappear. There were a number of other, somewhat amusing incidents, all aimed at keeping us on edge no doubt, but my personal favourite was the phantom linesman. One morning a Telecom-type van pulled up directly across the road from our driveway. The driver, in overalls, got out and proceeded to get a collapsible metal ladder out of the back of the vehicle and set it up against a telegraph pole. Climbing it [as I watched curiously from the kitchen window] he reached the top, from where he could see into our backyard. The fact that this was what he appeared to be doing made me go outside, where I proceeded to play with Cuddles, throwing her ball for her to catch. At this point I noticed the linesman had small binoculars with which he had begun watching our backyard activities. I then moved to the driveway, watching him as he hastily pretended to pull a screwdriver out of a pocket and fiddle with something. With a bit of luck hed electrocute himself I thought as I went inside the house to tell Heather what was going on. A couple of minutes later from the kitchen window I saw the linesman climb down the ladder and sit in the van. I once again went outside, noticing he had a mobile phone in his hand. As I hid behind a shrub I distinctly heard him say over the phone hes in the back yard again. Then as I openly once more began playing with Cuddles I spotted him through the fence about to speak into the phone again. Hes playing with his dog, I heard him say.

Newsletter of The Blue Mountains UFO Research Club March, 2012.

By now I decided to have some fun with him and as I walked out of sight behind the fence to the back door I faintly heard him report Hes going inside again. Returning to the yard after telling Heather the latest, I pretended to pick up a few things such as timber, and some bricks, placing them in one spot, then pretending to arrange some garden rocks, all the while listening through the fence to his continuing reports on my activities. Then I went inside and returned with my own binoculars. By now he had returned to the ladder and was climbing to the top of the pole again. For a linesman he was certainly new to the job, as he didnt have a tool kit on him, just the binoculars which he once more produced from a pocket and trained them on our yard, at which I walked into view and began watching him with my own. At this he grinned, climbed back down the ladder, folded it up, and placed it in the van. By now I had walked out of view behind our garage as he spoke something on the phone, laughed and drove away. There was something strange about the vehicle. It was certainly no Telecom van, but sported instead a similar design and as he turned the corner I got a good look at the lettering Government Telecommunications there was no such organization. After this little incident the boys seemed to leave us alone for a time. However, one wonders if they havent got something better to do with their time. Surely there are far more important things to attend to, such as investigating Red Chinese or Indonesian spies and other very real threats to our nations security, instead of intimidating people with an interest in the UFO mystery and the likelihood that there is intelligent life elsewhere in our Universe? Your tax dollars at work sucker! ***** ASIO [Australian Security Intelligence Organisation] was formed in the 1950s to investigate subversive left-wing communist activities; nowadays they prefer to confine their attentions to intimidating UFO and other so-called Esoteric groups. My magazine articles concerning the mysterious activities in Burragorang Valley, the sudden appearances and disappearances of UFOs, planes and helicopters, and the eerie journeys back in time claimed experienced by a number of people out on Narrow Neck Peninsula, and in the valleys below, have been repeatedly rubbished by the authorities. Yet, if there is no foundation to these claims, if it really is all nonsense, as the authorities claim, then why the phone-tapping, why the intimidations and spying? Surely these highly-qualified security men would know better than to attract so much attention to the top-secret operations that are not supposed to be going on out there in the wilderness? Some time ago I realised that undercover ASIO members were passing themselves off as enthusiastic UFO investigators and infiltrating UFO research groups around Australia. I often had what I thought to be new members coming to our meetings only once, yet never returning, nor answering our newsletters. Gradually the penny dropped and I realised that my own group was also under investigation. On one occasion a newly-retired Canberra based military security officer attended one of our meetings. After our meeting was over and everyone was leaving, he took me aside and quietly informed me of his former employment, and that while he personally believed in UFOs, his job had been to see to the covering up of the mystery as much as possible in the media. Having signed the official secrets act I am not permitted to reveal anything that went on in my department during the time I was in the military. However, on the quiet, about THAT base; all I will say is WATCH YOUR SELF! I might add at this point that, from the very beginning of my investigations into the possibility that a UFO Base existed somewhere out there in the Burragorang Valley, I had approached the mystery out of sheer interest and a desire to gather as many sightings of strange flying craft and other weird happenings occurring out there. If I did not, I knew from the start others would anyway. And if a top secret base for the development of an advanced space-age technology does exist deep in the Burragorang Valley, I doubt very much, as from the antics of the cloak and dagger boys that Heather and I encountered, that the Burragorang Base is unknown to our potential enemies in Asia. I believe we can be quite certain that the security chiefs in Beijing and Jakata have long known the locations of these secret bases. All they lack is the super-civilisation advanced technology that we believe is being experimented with in these centres; and that is the real secret, a secret that could give Australia a Defence capability like none other.

Newsletter of The Blue Mountains UFO Research Club March, 2012.

On these grounds I do not believe my researches are a security threat, or that my revelations endanger my countrys defences. If anything, our leaders should be warning those potential enemies to our north that we are not as vulnerable as they like to think! ***** During 2000 I was contacted a number of times by a Brisbane-based American who appeared to share my love in ancient history and voiced interest in seeing some of my many ancient Phoenician and other rock inscriptions found in Queensland and elsewhere in the course of my researches. He also expressed an interest in the UFO mystery and it seemed to me that I had made a new friend. I could hardly wait to get up to Brisbane to meet him. He had, he said, been living in Australia for several years and was involved in business security. We have a large home and theres plenty of room for you and Heather to come and stay with us, he said over the phone. When we eventually did get there, in August 2000, the large home turned out to be a mansion and we were allotted a self-contained upstairs living area. The property was surrounded by a high, spiked fence and the driveway and side gates could only be opened by a small electronic device the man kept in his pocket at all times. For added security, the family kept a lovely German Shepherd dog on the premises that after sundown became a Hound of the Baskervilles ready to tear anyone apart. It was now that we began to feel that all was not as nice as we had thought our stay would be. Everything appeared regimented about the family, the wife kept to her own itinerary, their young son and daughter kept to their rooms doing school homework, while the father kept to his study or adjoining office [he ran his own business from home]. We had dinner and after a while the man took me into his office, closed the door, and then proceeded to discuss my ancient history theories with me, looking forward to seeing the rock inscriptions I had brought along on our trip to show him. We talked for a while about the crumbling stepped stone pyramid I had found at Gympie in 1975 and some of my other discoveries over the years that he had read about. Then, gradually, via generalised talk about UFOs, he turned the discussion to the Burragorang Valley base, at one point asking me point-blank, Tell me what you know about the UFO base Rex, what else have you found out about it? To which I replied that all I knew was contained in my book Mysterious Australia. His whole mood, which was somewhat subdued although cheerful up till now suddenly changed. His questions had been rather carefully posed in a clear voice; now in an agitated manner, he began pointing out to me that I had to know more than what I had published, because I had spent so many years investigating the mystery. At some point during this discussion I got the gut feeling that the office was bugged and that our conversation was being taped. Indeed, Heather and I afterwards got the same feeling about our bedroom! He hammered away; approximately how many UFOs had been seen that I knew of; what shapes were they; did I know anyone else who had seen any of these craft appear from out of nowhere or vanish in the way I had described in Magazine articles? He asked me about a recent close encounter two girls had in the Megalong Valley one afternoon when they came upon a saucer-shaped craft in a wooded area, and saw three small alien type beings emerging from scrub towards the airship. The girls ran off in a panic, but looking back saw the craft rising above the trees with a whooshing sound, to shoot off southward down the valley. Having repeated that all that I knew was in my book, looking dissatisfied, he closed the conversation, said he was busy, and that I should join Heather watching television. We later learnt that the family belonged to a strange religious sect. The following day he told me a little more about himself. When still living in America he had been employed in White House security, hence his knowledge on this subject. Our stay was somewhat like being in a prison, and when we were finally able to leave on the third day, after a quick showing of my rock inscriptions, in which he showed only passing interest, the automatic gates opened and we were allowed to escape. Some weeks later over the phone I was joking about our experience at Brisbane to another UFOlogist. This fellow happened to have quite a few contacts in the Brisbane area who kept him informed, particularly on various government and other authorities involved in investigating UFO research groups. When he asked me the fellows name and I gave it, he burst out laughing over the phone. Man, you hit the jackpot. That bloke was involved in White House Security alright, because hes in the CIA. In Australia he represents both the CIA and FBI liaising with ASIO, and is in contact with high-ranking government officials in Washington.

Newsletter of The Blue Mountains UFO Research Club March, 2012.

No doubt he wanted to know all you could tell him about that base, because he already knows about it!, said my informant. Something VERY BIG is going on in secret in this country. So secret is it, and of such high importance that the FBI and CIA have a strong, secret underground base of considerable size, surely guarded by Australian and American troops day and night. When I denied to the American that I knew no more about this establishment than what I had published in the book, I was of course not letting on all that I really knew, and since then have learnt a lot more! ***** It is puzzling to see what possible threat could be posed to our nations security by UFO investigation groups; yet ASIO in its great wisdom believes them to be dangerous enough to waste the taxpayers money on senseless investigations of individual groups, infiltrating meetings [hopefully there is a guest speaker!] in search of subversive activity. At one meeting of the UFO Society of Western Sydney, held at Campbelltown Library, while a packed meeting of UFOlogists and enthusiastic locals was being held inside, two men in black were seen moving among the cars, taking down number plates, while a woman dressed in black sat in her black car with a mobile phone reporting on the goings-on inside. Perhaps they were trying to make things difficult for the guest speaker myself! As members of this club Heather and I have been witness to visitations of prospective new members who sit in on meetings, even take notes at times, but never return. I fail to see how reports discussed at meetings at any UFO group of strange lights in the sky, or mystery landings and saucer nests are harmful to Australias, or any other countrys security, yet this is the way the authorities think. On the other hand, I can understand ASIOs concern regarding my revelations of the secret UFO Bases on the Blue Mountains, yet these are as already stated, probably well known to our potential enemies to Australias north. There is another reason why the authorities are paranoid about UFO groups, and that is our publicizing of UFO visitations in local newspapers throughout the country. These reports bring forward people with more personal experiences to relate. These newspaper articles, and also magazine features, like the great many books on the subject, make the general public think and ask questions. The authorities dont like the ordinary man and woman in the street asking awkward questions, and they are joined by the conservative university establishment scientists, who would prefer that such literature were prevented ie banned outright from publication. Silencing opinion robs the human race. People have a right to draw their own conclusions about what they wish to accept, concerning the presence of higher extra-terrestrial intelligent life forms existing elsewhere in the Universe. Some people brought up on Western Christian religious dogma, that our Earth was the one and only world that God created with all manner of life forms, including His special creation, Humans, feel threatened by revelations that other, more advanced beings similar to ourselves, could exist elsewhere in space. Yet these beliefs, borrowed from creation myths pre-dating Christianity by thousands of years, are long out of date in our modern space-age, which has already seen Man land on the Moon, and thus take the first step in the exploration of the outer planets. The time has come to cast off such out-dated ideas and develop a new, universal philosophy of life suited to the modern and future world, a philosophy that we can carry with us to the stars. -0-

Your tax dollars at work. Cuddles Gilroy, was under surveillance for suspected subversive activities by on-theball ASIO agents who rival Maxell Smart in stupidity. Together with, Rex Gilroy, they were spied upon while playing in the backyard and on walks out on nearby Narrow Neck Plateau! Photo copyright Rex Gilroy 2012.

Newsletter of The Blue Mountains UFO Research Club March, 2012.


NB. These reports are presented for your perusal and enjoyment and whilst all care is taken with their presentation no responsibility for their authenticity is taken by the editor. Please exercise your own judgement.

Mystery fireball lights up sky

Monday, March 05, 2012 05:05pm LIVE: Breaking News A fiery meteor has lit up the sky over Victoria and Tasmania.

A fiery meteor has lit up the sky over Victoria and Tasmania. The object, described as a glowing red fireball moving horizontally across the sky about 10.45pm (AEDT) on Sunday, was an unusual sight for this time of year, according to astronomer David Reneke. Observers say the meteor was visible for about 20 seconds. Professor Reneke says he and his colleagues are at a loss to explain the timing and exact nature of the meteor. It may have been a slow-moving piece of rock that ignited or a piece of space junk, he said. 'It's unprecedented, we don't seem to be in a meteor shower period at the moment,' Professor Reneke said. '(Fireballs) tend to be very slow moving and they travel more horizontally than vertically... if you ever see one, they stick in your mind for the rest of your life.' Professor Reneke says he has received dozens of reported sightings from across Victoria and Tasmania. Social network site Twitter was abuzz on Monday with reports of the meteor. The phenomenon comes after a fireball was reported in skies over the United Kingdom on Saturday, with police inundated with calls from concerned residents, The Guardian reports. It is impossible to be sure if the sighted meteors in the UK and Australia are the same, Professor Reneke says. -0-


Newsletter of The Blue Mountains UFO Research Club March, 2012.

Please Note:
Our next meeting will be our NEXT will be held on Saturday 17th March, 2011 same time, same place 12 Kamillaroi Road, Katoomba.

Advance notice: Our April meeting will be held on SUNDAY 22nd April.
Our previous meeting was a huge success and we look forward to seeing you at our next one. There should be some good Skywatches ahead of us up here at Katoomba weather permitting. Meanwhile, there is a lot happening up there at present so Until our next meeting

Watch the Skies!

Rex and Heather