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W C G S - N E W S

Volume 5 - No. 1 - February 1994

FEBRUARY MEETING Sunday - 27 Feb, 1994 - Washington County Library at 3 pm; hosts: Peggy Adams, Louise Spruill, Meredith Saunders. Invite a friend - bring a relative. Get the new year off to a good start by introducing someone to genealogy.

MCGS Jennifer Sheppard will discuss "How to Take Pictures of Your Pictures" at the March 8 meeting of Martin County Genealogical Society - Tuesday night, 7 pm - First Christian Church, Williamston NC. MEET OR BECOME REACQUAINTED WITH YOUR OFFICERS (Editor's Note: Over the next months, we'll profile officers and directors in our newsletter. This month, meet your recording secretary - you'll also enjoy her contributions to the Winter Journal - due for release early March)

PEGGY BROWN ADAMS Peggy Brown Adams was born 23 Nov 1924 to Parson Wick Brown and Elizabeth Dupree; she graduated from Plymouth High School in 1941, attended Meredith College, Raleigh, and East Carolina University. On 9 March, 1946, she married Wade Viering Adams, Sr. (d. 1992); they had two children: Patricia Ann Adams (b. 11 June 1947 - Santa Cruz, CA; d. 11 Dec 1988, Plymouth) and Wade Viering Adams Jr (b. 22 June 1952 [m. Jackie]). Following Patricia's death, they adopted Donna; Wade Jr. has two sons, the youngest born in January. Peggy was employed by N. C. Pulp Company (Weyerhaeuser); Plymouth Police Department, the Washington County Tax Collector's Office; the Selective Service (1965-1973) and is a long- time music teacher and church organist. She's a member of Historic Grace Episcopal Church, Plymouth where she is church organist. Peggy is a member of the Washington County Historical Society and Washington County Genealogical Society, serving on executive boards of both. She is also a member of the North

Carolina Museum of History and the North Carolina Genealogical Society - as well as other local and regional genealogical groups. In the 1990 Washington County Genealogical Society Charter Member publication, the following describes her research: "She spends every available moment searching records of her

English ancestors back to the Norman Invasion, the French Hugenots, and is a


direct descendant of Charles Latham and Mary Chilton. History tells her that Mary Chilton was the first person from the Mayflower to set foot on Plymouth Rock." Peggy describes her childhood home in the Winter Journal. She records the doings of WCGS meetings.

REGIONAL NEWS Brown Library, (122 Van Norden St., Washington NC, Phone: 919-946-4300), extensively renovated and enlarged, has reopened its facility to the public; among other notable improvements are a state-of-the-art microfilm reader/printer, donated by the Washington Woman's Club. Martin Community College Library (Phone 919-792-1521) also has a new microfilm reader/laser printer and an extensive collection of microfilm records that are bound to keep any researcher busy for a long time. Of course, we prefer you come to Plymouth/Washington County! NCGS First Vice President John H. Oden III, submitted an NCGS membership check to WCGS


WCGS News - Page 6

recently and wrote: "Please allow me to encourage all of your members to give serious

consideration to becoming members of NCGS

strategies as well as offering fine articles illustrating use of more advanced resources. I personally can attest to becoming a more complete researcher through this exposure."


access to many advanced research

GENEALOGY BULLETIN - DOLLARHIDE SYSTEMS William Dollarhide's Genealogy Bulletin Number 20 - Oct-Nov-Dec 1993 says "Because of


Send dues payments / memorial contributions / book orders to: Lawrence Swain, treasurer; general correspondence to: Russell Tyson, president. Submit articles for publication in either WCGS News or the Quarterly Journal to: Shirleyan B. Phelps, Editor. Submit queries or requests for general research to: Barbara M. Revels, corresponding secretary. 1994 OFFICERS:

Russell Tyson, President Peggy B. Adams, Recording Sec.

Barbara M Revels, Corresponding Sec. Russell Tyson; A. B. Davenport, Jr., Vernon Everett, Peggy B. Adams and Ed Norman, Directors.



Dollarhide Systems Will Survive!"


Louise Spruill, Vice President Lawrence Swain, Treasurer

WASHINGTON COUNTY GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY Post Office Box 567 - Plymouth NC 27962-0567