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Volume V Shirleyan Beacham Phelps, Editor August 1994 Number 8 Russell Tyson, President "DAVE ARNOLD - 75 YEARS IN TAR HEEL PULPITS" "Dave Arnold - 75 Years in Tar Heel Pulpits" Charles D. Moore (323 Stallion Dr., Elgin SC 29045) 80 pages, softback, 1963 $10.00. Dave Arnold was cousin to Albert Ross Phelps who was grandfather of Bobby R. Spruill. This small book is about the life of David Wilbur Arnold, the preacher and teacher who was born and raised in the Creswell/Cherry area and on Lake Phelps in Washington County, NC. He was born 1870 and lived to be 100 years old. Dave married Sara Virginia Spruill 15 April 1895 at Zions Chapel Church of Christ, Roper, NC. He lived a very interesting and exciting life. When the book was written in 1963, Dave Arnold was 93 years old. One day after his 100th birthday party in 1970, he fell and broke his hip; the second day he peacefully passed away. Mr. Moore indicates he has a few more of the original books. Submitted by Bob Spruill (Editor's note: See "A Profile" Sybble Smithwick, WCGS News V3-No 8; August 1992, 4950) Sybble also contributed a copy of the book to the WCGS library. ========== PHOTO HARVESTING PROJECT - CIVIL WAR SERVICEMEN The United States Army Military History Institute, Carlisle, PA, has a continuing project with a goal of getting pictures of every individual who served in the Civil War, 1861-1865, no matter on which side. The pictures need not show the serviceman in uniform or even of that period of history. The picture, fully identified, can show the person at any time of his life. If you're interested in this project, send the photo (which will be returned after it's copied) to the United States Army Military History Institute, Upton Hall, Carlisle Barracks, PA 17013-5008. Be sure to include full identification and documentation for each such picture submitted. (Genealogy Week - AntiqueWeek - Mon., July 25, 1994 - pg 2B) ========== MEET YOUR OFFICERS / DIRECTORS EDWIN ANDREW NORMAN Edwin Andrew Norman is currently a member of the WCGS Board of Directors; he previously was vice president. In the WCGS Charter Member Book (Edited by Veronica J. Haskett) Ed is listed as being born 3 Dec. 1927 in Creswell, NC, son of Henderson Andrew Norman and Juliet Spencer. Ed is a graduate of Creswell High School and attended NC State College and UNC. Ed married Louise Allen 8 April 1966 and they have two children. He served in the U.S. Army, 7th Calvary Regiment, Occupation of Japan. He has been active in Scouting and in the Methodist Church, as well as historical and genealogical pursuits. He is a registered forester. For detailed information on Ed and his genealogical search, see a photocopy of a Washington Daily News article by Stephen T. Ward reproduced in WCGS News, V3, No 11, Nov. 1992, 81-82. Additionally, Ed is currently a member of the boards of both the Washington County and Pettigrew Regional Libraries. ========== Washington County Library's Gail Hardison shares the following: Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Airport Road, Chapel Hill [NC] will have access to the world's most complete genealogy library within the year. Researchers will have access to over a million records now stored in the converted granit quarry excavated during the building of the Salt Lake City, Utah,, Temple. Paul Phillips, director of the churches' existing family history center in Durham, says "it is the most complete library of genealogy in the world." Vol 5 - 1994

WCGS News - Page 17 The new center will be open to the public except Mondays and Sundays. Genealogy Records will be stored on CD-ROM, and will have a computer program known as PATH (Personal Ancestral File), that allows genealogists to build their own personal genealogical charts. The church had microfilm records from all over the world. You search by name, or county, social security records or marriage and death records. (Tar Heel Libraries May/June 94 [Chapel Hill News, April 15, 1994) ========== CONCERNS OVER CEMETERY William L. Sawyer, Jr., 102 Tweed Court, Summerville, SC 29483 (803-871-8343) writes: I would like to know what can be done to preserve an old cemetery in your area. The grave site has approximately 8-10 graves in it and is located on Gus Town Road off of Ambrose Road in Cherry, NC. I visited the grave site of my grandfather 3rd generation, E. P. Overton (b. 9 Oct 1843, d. 2 Oct 1912) which is buried there. It is located in a fenced in area, cows have been tramping all over the graves and headstones have been knocked over and some even broken; cow manure all over. I just feel maybe a fence can possibly be constructed to protect this site from further destruction or possibly you would know if there is such a law that possibly protects grave sites such as this. A distant relative of mine, Doris Rae Simmons, Creswell, NC, knows where the site is located, if anyone from the Society is interested in visiting to maybe at least write down names and dates of all buried there. The day I went, it started raining just as we got out of the car, so my visit was too short for the amount of time I had. I would love to help if anything could be done, but it is virtually impossible with the distance involved and having free time. I would be willing to donate to the cause. I appreciate your time and assistance in this matter. AUGUST MEETING - 21 Aug - 3 pm - Library Members will elect a nominating committee, who will in turn present a slate of officers to be read at the September meeting, for election at annual meeting in October. ==========

Vol 5 - 1994