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WEB SITE DESIGN CONTEST CENTER FOR RESEARCH, ANNA UNIVERSITY, Chennai -25 is inviting aspirants / design geeks

to design Web pages for their upcoming site. The competition is open to Full Time UG/PG students of University Departments. The winners of the contest will receive a merit certificate and cash reward of ` 5000/- from Center for Research, Anna University, Chennai. Elements to be designed: Design of a home page Design of a logo Design of content pages

Important: The site should reflect the spirit and culture of the University Copying designs, images, logos etc., from existing web sites and other sources should be strictly avoided. The pages should be such that they are viewable in all the three browsers (IE, Firefox, and Chrome with their few previous versions also supported) without any distortion of content or design. Using HTML frames should be avoided. Screen resolutions should be fixed at 1024 x 768 No extra plug-ins need be used / downloaded by the end user. The downloading time of any of the pages of the site should be limited to few seconds. The content may be taken from the link on our university website http://www.annauniv.edu/research. Students may work as individual or as a team and may submit the designs. But the reward is fixed and will be shared among the team. The team size should not be more than three. Home page: The banner with the title Center for Research, Anna University, Chennai, the logo, a login, along with other page elements and content as appropriate. Its an anchor to the inside pages. All the necessary links to the inside pages should be provided. A separate area may be designed for News and important announcements/events. A site map, search may be provided at appropriate areas.

Content Pages: The content should be properly organized unlike what it looks on the site mentioned above. A site map/knowledge map should be made available for faster understanding, access and use of the site. User should be informed about the current location and the path taken to reach the location. Dates and Schedule: The last date for submission of designs is 15th November 2012 The participants have to register themselves by filling the form below, and submit to the office of Centre for Research, Anna University, Chennai 25 before 10th November 2012. The completed site designs should be zipped and to be sent to the mail ID, raghuveera@annauniv.edu, on or before the due date. For any clarifications, you may contact (Tel. 22357029 / 8825) Dr.T.Raghuveera, Deputy Director, Centre for Research, between 3.30 pm and 6 pm on working days. *********************************************************************************** Registration Form Campus: CEG/MIT/AC Tech/SAP Name of the Team:
(Choose the team leader)

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