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May 24,1943

VffiBSTER,3I9th VERSION While thumbing through the 43-1N-2 dictionary of the 3I9th we shed a reminiscent te~r as we came upo~ a defh.itio:m.: "Beaver, Ellger-f.n. col. obs An extinct creature at one time inh.biti~g the ha.gars at Municipal Airport. The species was most ple.tiful -in Jaaullry and Februllry,I943, but gradually diminished as a disease called frustration swept the colony, started probably by the disappearance of PT's into the repair shOp. The last living Eager Bea- ver was blow. over the prop ~ash from the PT's leaviag fer Sweetwater and perished o~ the spot. Be~leen pages 3 and 4 of the dictio.ary we found inserted a suppleme~t. Amm1.g other new terms such as"upper zone four", "cross-feedll, "clam-giggers and "grg_du~tion" was a definition that caught our eye: "Rabbit, Rapid-f. n. col. An energetic animal similar to the 'Eager Be~ver. It's features are somewhat indefinite because it is extremely elusive. ~hen it is not up in an AT-6 or 17 as nilot or co-pilot the Rapid Rabbit is goi~g from one place to another so rapidly that it is impossible to discern its distinguishlbng featuf'es. Although it car. not be seen at the time, it can. '.Je posttively identified by the trg,il of dust it leaves behind as it goes through the repair shop at 8:30 every morning on its w~y to tlw Link dispatcher's wiadow. The principal difference between the Rapid Rabbit and the Eager Beaver is that the Rapid Rabbit is constantly pulling out the calander and pointing its finger wildly at the date "May 26".

(Presented to Fr ces from Cookie with a ~nagg1e-tooth charm) I fouBd these te-eth UpOJl the groW\A Some folks said-'least word got 'round They might be yours. A query here, a~other there~ A few clues gleaned from everywhere Boiled down to this. On April 30th, forty-three Out marched Flight A of W 3 Over their shoulders they carried long bats, And jauntily perched on their heads were their hats Determ~i.ed were they to play sooe baseball-

How could they know it would end in a brawl ? For a while they busily hit out long flies. Knocking the ball to the top of the skies. Thea suddenly Cookie, a show-off of fame, Got tired of playing a pe~ceab1e g~me. So she turned to a tea~t~'bout half of her size And said to her "Frances, stop hoggi':ag those flie s .11 These words she enforced with a sock in the teeth. Which made our poor Frances inwardly seethe llDespicable Can,ll She spat out through the gaps, You started this thing,now I'll make you collapse". She raised up on tiptoe and lustily chewed A part of Cook's ear though it were good food. And when they led Cook away,all could hear through her cries, Girls'dont pick on anyone half of your size"

en ilage


Bi:nonthly,by the 3I9tl'.L!\AFFrD Houston,Texas U.S.A.

class is graduated and then to' betake heTself to Sweetwater.Her guidance is kindly and tolerant. Her interest in the girls is sincere and much apprecia ted. Jean Ross How~rd is the fifth generatioft of Howards to have been born in Washington,D.C. She attended Connecticut College ~or Women and was graduated from George Washington University. During her college days she conducted trips to Europe. On one she made a three weeks' jauat to spend four davs at the Coronation. Jean worked with Eastern Airlines and later became ~lying secretary to the grasshoppers. She joined the 319 th in January. She likes green because she kissed the Blarney Stone i~ Ireland. (Centinued en Page 4 )

STAFF ~ditor-in-Chie~: Jean Pearson Business M~nager: Catherine Vail News and Feature Editors: Isabel Fenton and Jary Johnsoa Art Editor: Marion Hanrahan Hunor Editor: Dora Dougherty Layout and Copy Dept: Betty Eames No part o~ this publication may be reproduced in any ~orm without speci~ic written permission ~rom the office of the Secretary of War.

Operating successfully on a carefully planned schedule subject to change every 30 seconds is no mean trick of management. But it's a trick turned daily by Miss Hazel Hays, assisted ably by Jealiol Ross Howard and Dorothy Vall Emden of the Chief Establishment office. The triumvirate's success is URdoubtedly due to their background o~ experience. All three have held jobs requiring management of groups o~ people. Miss Hays was the first woman i. the United States to have been manager of a muaicipal auditorium and coliseum at Fort Worth. She was its manager from the day it opened and is at preseat on leave from that position. Her work here since her arrival in March is her additional contribution to the war effort. She has always had an intense interest in women's organizatio~s and has spent much time actively in the Red Cross, and the Professional and Business Women's Club. Born in Fort Worth, Miss Hay~sstill thinks it is the finest city in which to live, though she concedes Chicago is fun to visit. Her Alma Mater is Texas state College for Women. ~tlss Hays' present orders read for her to remain. in Houstoa until the 2nd

For some time I have been debating with .my More Prudent Self whether or not to cane out in the open with an amazing experience days ago.. Armydoesn't 1fy 11 .P.S. says "Keep it get you for it, I had a few quiet. If the

springy under my feet. started gate.



wandering gingerly

aro~~d to investicumulus hill sound of the my-

As I approached a srrall

near my landing

spot I heard a tittering

which seemed to co:ne fro:n the other side hill. self I picked II\Y way around it, against


the C.A.A. will". "Go ahead and you anyway". One day I over-

a small gust which was emerging and, keeping carefully hid.

But my More Reckless Self spill it. Nobody will


from t he side of it,


den, peered at the source of the curious I could hardly believe a large plexiglass structure


Well, this

is how it


my eyes when I saw labelled of it "Gremlin grem-

when I was ambling through some lazy eights found my wings dragging through cast. some solid

Trophy Casell, and in front lins, first gazing,


Before 1 could do anything

to stop it, and there

then doubling up with giggled. cards

my M.R.S. had taken over the controls I was above the clouds. Since I had already and vertical rules

laught er and hopping up and down as they From where I stood,

I could read the lit tIe

broken the horizontal to overcast, I I de-

placed in front The first

of each trophy. object which caught II\Y eye was a chart labelled "Adroitly

in regard

cided to make the trip was bound to pay. arctic

worth the penalty

San Antonio sectional

I pret ended I was in a snowy

Snatched from Dorothy Nichois on the 'Wayto El Campon. Beside it was a small piece paper bearing Loose plotted of

mountain range and ran my wheels up one of several large cloud,

side and down the other mountains.

Coleman's name and a course This trophy was

Then I dipped down into

the valleys

from Temple to Houston.

between and flew up and down the canyons, dodging the cli~fs Eventually and peaks as I came to them. tundra

marked "Course successfully

Erased by Ji.mrw

Gremlin and Changed from 115 degrees to


I came out upon a smooth flat for a landing. off,

On the shelf .below was a small pieoe of shell with a card saying"Pl8.ced in lOlth Dail~y' s wheel lock during take-off". it was labelled. "Stuffed A wad in

which looked perfect down to the surface,

I glided and waited


AT-I? tail

for my ship to graze the

"snowll, then plummet

of cotton beside Marian Schorr's

down through the cloud bank.

'1'0 my surprise,

!'\leI Line During a Night Flight" \

I felt

a thump and my plane


There were other odds and ends on disp'.. such as the I oel< 0 f hai r whi eh bl ew aver . ,


to a bumpy stop there

t hat cloud field

Warily I stepped out,

arxi found

it soft Jllld

Pat La.lerts

eyes as she li8.Xiedtoward a cul-

FIFINELLA FASHIOlB Headline: The ingenuity of dres~ practiced by the members of the 3l9th will never be forgotten. WeLdve called attention to several of the ~ standing fashions from time to time. Wemention more at this tire to .how the spirit of individuality can not be ealmed even by official desire for uniformi ty of dress. BY the way.. didn' t the gals look simply super-elegant GRADUATION DAY? Nuff said! Just a small sample of what could have been done if???? Perhaps it an inspiration from wearing Huck Finn slacks, or it might be shoe rationing rearing its ugly head, but Fifinella Field has had the greates foot strip-tease we have ever seen. The foot-lo':Jse and fancy free fad finally necessitated the posting of a notice on the bulletin board, ~uote: Shoes will be worn on the flight line. 'Qnquote. Tish 1 Tish 11 Nee den 't overdo the Patriotic angle, Girls. Well, up to a higher level, Flight Hats. 1he individual seems to control these entirely. Same prefer the pin speared throught the to~ Most popular, however, is th~Bobby Pin pushed through the edges. ~uiee Chic this season, gd perfect in a hight gale. Then have you witnesse the'Penguin Angle?' It could well be a takeoff of the 'Dead-End Kids'. Even you best friends wouldn't recognize you.

SKY HAPPY "Girl bites teammate, teammate giverl shot for tetanus" -

Dias doesn't want to set the world on fire her AT is enough.

Leatherbee is so used to playing first base that when she got on first as a runner she immediately started looking for a mit and yelling "Fir st it n 0 An indignant W-3er pulled up to the line demanding that her radio be fixed immediately. The tower couldn't receive her and she had to circle three times before she got a light. The lineman was bewildered. Lt. Adler said it might be a good idea to turn the radio from C'N to voice. Tower: Will the aircraft that just clear the runway? W-2er: 'tmat, at 9U miles an hour? landed


Question on Engines exam: What will the engine to vibrate? Answer: Student on checl< ride.




Beware when you get back to civilian life, 'gals. Some 'iI-3ers were dining out one Saturday evening and before they thought, one gal poured the spilled coffee from her saucer back into her cup and another piled up her dishes at the end of the meal.

New Fifinella cadence picked up from the Ellington junket goes like this "Hep, Hop, Hee:

(Contiaued from page I) It is evident that its motives for being rapid are more through fear tha. eagerness. The Bapid Rabbits exist ce is expected to be short lived. The mo.thly hu.tiag seaso. for the A.T.C. is due to start the first of Juae, and at that time tae Rapid Rabbits are certai. to be wiped out, at least i. the vicinity of Housto
vert at El campo and the piece of runwa! cut

off and pulled from under Fran Dias at Temple. ( C. E. Office 'fr~ paga 2) Dgrethy Van Emden W.8 aImelilt bern in Eurepe, but mMnEl.ged Wichita F5,1l1i1 instead.UDs bluo, Black )~gic and Veedeeism. She had .erked with Mrs. DeateR befere ceming te the ~I9th. man~ging .a swimmingpeal and acting ali c-mp ceunseler. . ~ looked again at ThemGremlins, bouncing with hilarity, my plane as fast and turned still

and ran for I had seen

as I could go.

enough for one day.