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"The year is'almost up and I do want to leave with these'following suggestions. PC-lrhaps I'm all wrong, but I do want to state my beliefs. We are too small an organization to keep on as a large group. Instead.let's keep it just as it should be, a social group, swinging most of our weight toward advancing aviation via the 99'5. We cannot afford to keep up the present struggle for existance with just a faw people doing the work. By that I mean, let's keep together by all means, but let's get off our high horse and acco@.plish things as a group of women who want to keep together for the bond that is there. To compare ourselves to the group of World War I pilots, they still meet and always will, yet as far as accomplishing great things in aviation, they, in turn, throw their weight to a bigger group of pilots." liThekemorial Fund was voted on and in the whole year I have been in office, I do not know of one thing constructive being done about it. To me there is something wrong under these circumstances. This, again, is only a suggestion, but why not use the money each year to back one girl in the Air Races. If not completely, back them at least by loaning them the money, payable when they can. I can think of no better way of keeping the memory of those gone than to baok someone else each year in the work they died for." liAsyou all know I stated a few things I wanted to accomplish this year; 1. Raffling off the Piper Cub. 2. Newsletter by-monthly no matter in what form 3. New Roster 4. Financial Report Do to the help of a number of the girls, I can truthfully say, at least, that my goals have been achieved. We haven't done the best this year, but at least we certainly have tried." "I will never be able to thank the girls in Dallas for all their work, Ruth Wheeler, Marie Genaro, Grace Clark, Bert Collins, Gloria Rochester, and Marg Watson. Without them I don't know what I would have done, especially when 10 days before the Convention opening date it was suggested we cancel the convention due to lack of registrations~ "ljyonly hope is that somehow we might be able to get this organization on the basis of a working group without the normal bickering that goes along with all women organizations." I%y very best to each and everyone of you and might I also say A Very Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year." "By now you probably all MoW that Hally Stires has resigned as Executive Sec:'" retary. I with to say that no one will ever know the amount of heartaches and just down right tedious work she has put in while acting in this capacity. I, for one, know that this can be one of the most thankless jobs. I am enclosing her letter of resignation herewith, and am also sending the recommendations of the Advisory Board along with it." 'Following through as per the contract set up for the appointment of a Business Agent, "Position to be in existence for the duration of the "Order of Fifinella", or to be terminated at such time that the above described business agend and the Staff of the organization agree to separate.", I wish to tender my resignation as business agent, otherwise known as Executive Secretary, from the Order of Fifinella, to be effective on or before a sixty day period, or November 1st, 1949. By a new Executive Secretary being appointed November 1st, there will be a sixty day period until December 31st, thus allowing time to turn over all records, supplies and inform~tion necessary to carryon this office. Upon termination of my position, I will turn over the following to the newly appointed officer: 1. Complete set of Financial Reports for 1945, 1946, 1947, 1948, and 1949 for the General Fund and the memorial Fund;



Complete listing of Supplies now on hand in the fuemorial Fund;

3. Send out the notices for the forthcoming National Election as per Article VJ Section 3, of the National By-Laws, for the election of the 1956 National Officers; 4. Send out Notices for 1950 National Membership dues to all 1949 members and to all potential members of the Order
of Fifinella, which list comprises approximately 1,200 names;

5. A list of all the names and addresses of potential !nembers of

the Order of Fifinellaj

6. Wave any and all salary due for the period January 1, 1949 to December 31, 1949.
Having served as Executive Secretary for the past five yea'rs, I feel that someone else should take over the responsibilities of this position, as I do not have the time necessary to carry out the duties of this office. My City Hall office who have allowed me to use their equipment, Mimeo~'aph machine, Graphotype machine, Addressograph machine and storage space for our supplies, have asked me for the space occupied by our supplies for the past five years. They have purchased all eupplies" for .us wholesale and allowed me the use of their equipment for this period without any cost to us whatsoever. I am writing to all the Advisory Board members, which comprise the"Staff" of the Order of Fifinella as per the Contract. Please accept this "as m,v resignation from" the position of E>cecutive-Secretary of the Order of Fifinella, thereby relinquishing me from all responsibilities relative to said position. A copy of the Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws, and a self-addressed envelope are enclosed for your convenience. Your ~nediate reply will be greatly appreciated. Sincerely presented, Order of Fifinella Signed Hally Stires Executive Secretary"

This position held by Hally Stires has been filled by Catherine Murphy. She was voted on by the Advisory Board. I feel that Kay is well qualified to take over the job since she is at present Executive Secretary for the organization for which she works. Signed; Faith Buchner, President 1949 Order of Fifinella


Bits of news about arrivals at the Convention

Madge Rutherford Minton 43-4 lew in with Esther Poole Berner 43-3 from Indianapolis, Indiana inJSthera' Swift. Anne Shields and Dot Swain Lewis 44-5 flew in from Ashville; North Carolina in a Stinson. Two students, Teddy Burton and Franke Clark came with them. Nancy Baker 43-4 and Caryl Jones Stortz 43-5 arrived in a Cessna 140. Nancy's complete trip was from Palm Spring, Los Angeles, Billings, l,:ont.,to Dallas. Jackie Hughes 44-9 and her Mother fJ~~ from San Francisco to Los Angles, where the;)! pi.:kod up Fe..~T'3 Wolfe 44. , a::ld thAn on to Dar_as. 4 Whenever you run into Jackie ask her where the airport in Dalla.s is. Verda hae Jennings 44-2 arrived from Chandler, Ariz. via Army Aircraft. Gre:, Hoyt Alb 50:1. 4h..'4 and Mildred Davidson Dal~yrlple 44-4 arrived via all types of Aircraft;, li,a.::.,.'ly but Grey said they would take the boat back since that Army, is the only way they hadn't already tried. Arizona, Indiana, Tennessee, North Carolina~ 1.ontana, Kansas) Missouri, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York, NE:~.).(,03s1{<1;. L<3rYJ..8.!1(~: Illinois) Oklahoma, and last but by far the least Texas J were rcp~esented at the Convention. c "
18 States ibcluding, California Connecticut,Colorado,


1949 Annual Convention

Dallas I Texas

The meeting was called to order at 11:00 by the National President, Faith F. Buchner of Chicago, Illinois. President Buchner announced the resignation of the National Secretary, Hally Stires. It was brought out that she has worked hard, but that 5 years are a little too much to ask of a~ybody. A guggestion was then made that two girls in the same town handle the job of secretary and assistant. These girls would servo without pay.

The President gave a talk then, pointing out the fact that out of 1000 potential , only about 355 paid their dues this year. On that small amount of n~ney received it is impossible to pay a full time secretary and maintain normal business activities and expenses. It was brought out in of finances and great anything constructive ization was first set general discussion that the WASP, because of the slimness distance separating most members have been unable to do to further aviation, as originally planned when the organup.

I,lost mel:lbers(-;.1:;1'ee we can do more work with the 99' s than as a small septhqt arate group. They have an active, constructive program in progress right now. It was also pointed out that by affiliating vdth the 99's we would have an integrated organiz<.itionworking toward a common goal, but. that V/ASP reunions and social ge~-togeth~rs would be kept separate, so as to k3~P our identity as the grou;:: of girls that flew for the Air Forces. It was slJg~ested that we could m mergp our business activities with theirs becuase they'nave a well established bnsiness office ~d secretarial staff and have had for almost 20 years. Suzapne Irvine Jones made a motion that the President appoint a committee repl.esontative of each section of the country present to draw up a resolution for approval of the membership of the Order of Fifinella, of conditions of affi~iation with the 99's. The motion was seconded by Roberta Mundt. Fol10~lng are the members appointed to serve on the above mentioned committee:

l\:ickey Carmichael, 41+-4, T~/1er;1 Texas Jaekie H'.1gheEl, 4.4.-9, San Ma tao, California Bert Lil].er Cellins J 4'; .!;) Dallas, Texas ~jilly Da..lry.'Lple, 4l".,4, Ar2.i.ngton,Virginia Fay 1?oJ :2;. h/4 .. h; LJS Angr.:L3s CaJ.ifornia 1,;urif,J. MOriil.l. 41:.-1('; Chi~sg0, }:jlino:i.s kadge n:..ltherford Mi:rcon l:>.4, Indianapolis, Indiana Virginia ~lair, 4~.4, Wi~hita Falls, Texas, Secretary
Thp. mA'?ting


Above report received from Faith Buchner, President.

GENERAL FUND STAT ~:ENT 1 9 48 -.-- ... Balance as of December 311 1947 (in bank) ~CEIPTS 1947 Dues - National 1948 Dues _ It 1949 Dues II 1948 Chapter Dues 1949 Chapter Dues Cub Rep1acing'Checks l"iscellaneous Convention Registration Convention Guests Refunds Convention Expense Total 1948 Receipts TOTAL RECL!:IPTS DISBURS clI.ENTS Telephone Stamps Supplies Officere' Expense Newsletter and Mailing Nt Executive Secretary Salary Collector Internal Revenue Chapter Dues Petty Cash Lise. (Aviation Directories) Checks Returned . Check-costs Bank book-deduct wrong adctt Convention Total 1948 Disbursements BALANCE IN BANK AS OF.DEC&0BER )11 1948 Outstanding Accounts as of December 31, 1948 218.86 December Newsletter Convention: Reg. blanks 10.30, Refunds 15.00 25.30 Collector of Internal ReKenue 84.09 100.00 Executive Secretary Salary Feb. 15-28 1,'200.00 "July 1, 1948 thru Dec. 30, 1948 Total Outstanding $1,628.25 ( $600.00 due Exec. Sec. on 1947 report waived) 375.67 8L05 155.71 83.10 696.38 953.70 79.80

$ 276.54

7.50 1,807.50 345.00 96.00 6.00 104.00 29.30

1,122.50 140.00 10.20 3,664.25 $;.3,940.90

*( President e30.00)

( Editor ( Public (Relation ( Chairman

43.10) ) ) 10.00)

10.00 11.00


708.25 3,270.03 670.87

Balance as of December J1, 1948'( in bank)


1948 Dues (National) 1949 Dues " Replacing Checks Cub Liscellaneous 1949 Hoster Total 1949 Receipts TOTAL REClIPTS (continued

10.00 1,437.50 24.30 398.75

74.50 $1,945.30

on following page)



.TOT REe ~IP'IS (bro't forward from previous, page) AL .~.'

DIS Burs ll;ENTS
~ I ~.

$2,616~17: .




:. :i;'!; .~! _

Supplies _.... . , '1 .. :, . !::N' "1 ' Conv~~~~qn~~pe~~~ 1948 Convention Refund. Newsletter - Dec. 1948 Telephone Officers' Expense Collector Int. Revenue-1948 Expenses (~ec.Sec.i948) K. Gunderson - Cub Checks returned Cost on checks Total 1949 Disbursements



_ ':'_


35.23 204.09 5.17 15.00 275.24 93.16 40.31 84.09 400.00 8qO.OO 25.00





.. I

$1,978.19 L637.98

TOTAL BALANCE AS OF SEPTmiBER 1, 1949 Outstanding Accounts as of September 1, 1949 Due 3xecutive Secretary from 1948 $900.00

Executive Secretary Salary for 1949 waived.

* ->r * * * * -Il- * -II- * * * * * -:I- *

1949 CONVENTION FINANCIAL REPORT REC~IP'IS: Registration Fees DISBURSB1,i:N'IS : Cocktail Party $ Banquet Invitations Ribbons Banquet Programs Bus to Airports Fifinella Poster Tea '(Neimans ) Luncheon Country Club Hotel Bill Telephone Bill Postage Bus to Ranch Luncheon for Chamber of Commerce Returned Registrations ldscellaneous Gift for George Haddaway Clipping Service Faith Buchner (expenses) Postage Collect phone calls from President to National Headquarters Total Disbursements Balance on Account 230.00 30.00 14.00 30.50 36.74 25.00 14.00 80.00 69.00 $ 796.50

29.66 23.00




51.41 $ 791.01


The reason for the gift to George Haddaway can only be realized by the girls who attended the convention. ~r. Haddaway did everything possible towards making our cunvention a success, And to enumerate, through his efforls the final banq~et WClS sponsored:- :!'anch day barbeque sponsored, obtained the main ppeaker lor the evening. The Convention Committee felt taat in this small way we could show our appreciation. The:gift was a pen set which was engraved "To George Haddaway from the Order. of Fifinella". After receiving the gift Mr. Haddaway remarked that this was only the second time. in his. life he had done anything and re~eived any thanks for it. We feel he deserves a vote of'thanks from all of us. Faith Buchner, President.