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volmne" VII




Jean Henri Fabre apprehensive in approaching for 1950.

with his pint of petrol felt no more a 'HASPS' nest than we do in launching The Order of Fifinella is facing the

~.:;ASP Newsletter

a crucial

Gals who attended




hea!"d considerable knit, and

boress about how our organizat:i.on is too small, too loosely too disinterested to persist in existence. our opinion

Now we call that a rare this paper 'Nould be banned

shsraej and should we elaborate in Boston.


Your r 3spons8 to our plea for news, and the rate at ',';hich

you a::'(;3 sending in your national

dues are most gratifying. off' course.

And we to

hope that the OOF is only temporarily you for your cooperation. to blow the dough our way? National Dues arc ~5.00 per year.

Hearty thanks

May we urge those who have not yet done so


include your Phone number. from National

Many ~ASP addresses Headquartel's.

and phone numbers

are requestod

Make all checks payable to Order of Fifinella, National Dues, Roster and Memorial Fund orders may be included in the same check.



--------------------------------------------------Card No. --Item SterlinG Class ------ Date ------Price


Membership Quantit;t _______ SiZG

Amount ----_ ....

-..,( ""


$ 5.00 (tax inc. )

10.00 (tax inc. ) 1.50 (tax inc. ) .10 each lOt, 3 for 1.75 each



----- lLtK Gold Ring

Pii'inella Pin

@ @ @
@ @

V!asp '.'Jings


Ser'vice Pin Stationery

(25 engr,'lvcdshee tl3,


each per box~}

(fill in choice below) 25 plain sheets Blue Color

1.00 per box and 25 envelopes Cream


P ';\.l'a0hute

TOTAL - - - - - -


Please 8nclof3e


check or mon,ey 0r:,dera.nd mail to


3629 Lavell Drive Los Angeles 65, Calif.

Vol. VII--2

Haz~J. J. Raines


Sec. Treasurer
Glor':! a Her;th 405 p' arl\: A.venue


0kl a.'l-unma Executive

A. Avery Foothill Blvd. Azusa, California



New York 25, N. Y. Newsletter Editor




Hally Stires 3629 Lavell Drive Los An~eles 65, Calif~

Madge R. Minton 6502 N~ Caroline Ave. Indianapolis, Indiana


"Ideas, pro and con; on any subject relative acti vi ties ar'e invi ted

to F'ifinella


in this column." Hazel

J. Raines,

Pres. OOF is June

Deadline fourth11

for the OPEN FORUtI for the July Newsletter your chancEl to unload. Please


sign you.r full name. Ship that adrenaline

We will delete for publication our way.

if you request.

MRM, Ed.


National Hally Stires automobile her doctor accelerated suffered

Secretary a serious


Neck injury in an

neck vertebrate


in January.

At this writin[;, Hally

is minding

and her proGnosis mending.

is good.

We r:ish her best of luck and


CHA]m~ Headquarters a bas8.

who flit about are urged to supply National immediately after establishing

with their new Addresses,



Date and place fol" the National over by the National wonderful fellowship Executive


is now beine; chewed


'!IASPconvent ions &re Congreet and assist our

in an exclusively


into its former favor

Vol. VII--3


Colonel Ger~ldine reports May, director of the Women in the Air Force, by June

t:'1at the VIAF is limited by law to 4,000


1st, this year. WASPS may obtain full details as to procedure plus the necessary Office; or, they

fonns at any Air Force or Army Base, or Recruiting may write directly to Uiss Jacqueline Cochrane,

630 Fifth Ave, N. y~

Prexy Hazel" Raines began her trick on active duty March 29th. Hazel invites all ~asps with questions the obtaining about Reserve Activities and

of Co:mr:lissions ~'Jri directly to te Lt. Hazel J. Raines 3700 VIAF Training Group Lackland Air Force Base San Antonio, Texas

to her.




in the Air Force Betty Gillies


Majors---BarbaraLondon, Captains-Esther First Lts. Nelson,

Ann Johnson Second Lts. Betty V!illiams Faye Vlolfe

Beatrice Virginia Dorothy

Medes Cutler Avery

Jean Parker Dodie Aspell Connie Llewellyn Iris Critchell Mardo Crane If you have received tell all. your commission drop us a card so that we may


JULY NEWSLETTER SPEND Financially absolutely Strings embarrassed A CENT AND SEND A CARD tl

\rJASPSmay obtain

a penny postal saucers.

free by requesting

via transcontinental

attachedt IS JUNE FOURTH'



Vol. VII--4





of the world's most bruited-about

cO"U."'1try. Courtesy

of Ruth Wheeler' my sleep. I've not

"The time in Gern18ny has been confusing

caught up ';vi th the eight hours I lost en route. "The German food is very good, but no vegetables. beer. They have beer and wine beautiful. I love their The

a~ every meal but no water.

flo~vers are perfectly

They grow more or less wild. The and there are many small

GOU~ltr'yhet'e is full of hills and mountains to~ .. vns.



are .from


stories high and the bathroom



that Ripley

should know about.

You look for the chain

for hours, never in the same place, before you know what it is. around on their heads. People

and the thing has to be tagged carry the bathroom fixtures when a man

I [.lmost fell out of a streetcar

strolled by wi th a john on l~is shoulder. "Almost everyone hepe rides bicycles. lady riding


It is nothing


see an elderly gray-haired strapped

a bicycle

with a small baby I have seen young They also take

in front and a large one in the bnck.

boys and girls herding their bicycles "Trains class, mostly

sheep and [';eeseon bicycles.

on the train. and third

are a small l"'iot. There is firs t, sGcond, third clasn. It strikingly resembles

a cattle truck

and is the one I have been obliged

to ride. else. FIe ";;et what we call messes, and clubs. shops, and then have

"The money over here is something

scrip, that we only use in the PX's, American

Then we have to buy marks with scr:i.p to use in German we often go to France _and Switzerland. five kinds of money

In short, you usually

in your purse and are always broke. France and spent the day.

"Five of we Girls went to Strasbourg, The food is absolutely wonderful.

For one meal I had a dozen snails, white and red with

lovely green salad, lobster,

steak and mushrooms,

wines and peach Melba which consists lots of real live whipped

of fresh peaches

in brandy

cream on top. thing from l'iondayto Friday. and you stand in Marie

ItMail Call is the most important

The doors are opened from ten to eleven o'clock

line 'Ni your hands out and" hope on your face. It th Old friends who would like to drop Marie a line may address their 10tters: Marie Helen Adler, Hq. USAFE, APO 633 Care of Postmaster, New York, N. Y. If you any friends contact them. in Germany, Marie will be e;lad to try to

Vol. VII--5 TEXAS dHAPTER President Ava Hamm Richardson 1716 Grand Avenue Ft. Worth 6, Texas Phone-NO. 1+270 Reporter-EditoI;' Gloria DeVore Rochester 7319 Robin Road Do.llas, Texas Phone--D-4-2924 You frontier gals who can't make the meetings might drop Gloria an occasional linett SCHEDULE OF EVF.N'T~, 1qC;O FOR .... _._----~;-March 18-19
May 23

Vice-President Mar~e Harper Watson 741~ Kaywood Drive Dallas, Texas Phone-D-4-5217

Sec. Treasurer Ann Atkeison 3848 'tl. Biddison Ft. Worth 4, Texas Phone-4-17l7


Chapter :r.,~eeting, Oklaho~a City Dalles District, Dolly Madison Tea Room San Antonio District, Dude ~anch TIeek End Party Chapter ~.lee.tin[:;, Murray, Oklahoma 1ake Houston-Galve~ton ~eek End Outing at Galveston Beach Auctin District Meeting Oklahoma City District Meeting Chapter Neeting (time and place to be announced) Fort Worth District Meeting

June 17-18 July Aug. 19-20 Sept. 20

October 19 NoveDJ.ber December 20

NEW YORK CHAPTER Co-.Chairman Ruth Pstr'y Crash Injury Research 1300 York Avenue

Jo s erh~."c.. ; N8.?hen G

T:rtI!~; I::::orpo'.:'t~ted ?"i---l'(' ~l,. .. .r''-l-J .v .. Plaza ~' .. /.'f '.' "'.L""~-,, ~
Ne~\f1.'o::k 20,


N. Y.


Phone--TR. 9-9000

Phone.. JU. 6.-1212 SCHEDULE OF EVENTS

The New York Chapter made a complete report on its proposed activities in the recent newsletter distributed by National Hqtrs. For those who like to be reminded: July 19--Idlewild--Inspection Beach Picnic WASHINGTON, D. C. CHAPTER President Elaine Dj Harmon Paint Branch Farm Silver Spring, Maryland Schedule not.receive~.


Vol. VII--6 LOS .ANGELES CHApTER President Vice-President Jean Parker 306 East Floral Arcadia, Calif. Phone: Dou&las Sec. Treasurer Constance Llewellyn 1411 Crenshaw Blvd; Los AnGeles 6, Calif. Phone: VEbster 3-8056

Virginia Streeter Cutler

1+1 Pomona AVDnue

Lons Be~ch 3, Calif. Phone: Long Beach 9-7529

SCHEDULE OF EVENTS The Los Angeles C~apter made a complete report on its proposed activitios in the recent newsletter distributed by National Hqtrs. For those who lil<:e o be reminded: t
April 28th - -Hawaiian Luau

Hay 28th----F1ying Day June 25th---Cata1ina INDIANA CHAPTER President Sue Booth Huff 1706 Barth Avenue Indianapolis, Indiana Phone-Capitol 1609 Vice-President Madge R. Minton 6502 N. Caroline Ave. Indianapolis, Indiana Phone-Broadway 3953 Schedule not made up. ROSTER For your copy of the ROSTER write to National Headquarters Members-0 50~ Non--Nembers 1.00 If your address is incorrect, or if you find any address incorrect, please report same to National Headquarters. A list of address changes will be included in each N~~JSLETTLR. ADDRESS CHANGES Letha C. Edw~rds is now teaching school in Sweetwater, Address 310 Lamar, Sweetw~ter, Texas Mary Jane Sellers U~L~-lO) is 1 i ving at 35 Willdow Ave. Apt. A. Hempstead, Long Island, New York City- ':JASPS plefige note Hazel Armstrong Wolfe (43-5) is in Hawaii where her husband is based at HIckam Field. Mary Furn Nice (43-8), recently married, is residing in Reno,Nevada. Sec.-Treasurer Betty Pettitt (Apt.10l) 3536 N. Meridian St. Indianapolis, Indiana Phone-Uabash 0950

p. o.

Bo x


Maxine E. Flourney (43-8) will be glad to see old friends at her new address: 802 E. Rice, Falfurrias, Texas Caryl Jones Stortz (43-5) is working as a medical technician at Daytona Beach. Her address is: Box 5464, Seabreeze Station, Daytona Beach, Florida. Dot Swain Lewis U~.~-5) and her git-fiddle may be reached at the same address as Caryl---see aboye. 2sther Poole Berner (43-3) may now be reached at 1057 IndIanapolis, Indiana.


58th S~.,

GraGo Clark Fender (43-4) was married last Thanksgiving and is now llr.Vlns Colleee Station, Texas, Address: Box 2497 in Mary Gilmore '.'Jalton (l.~.4-3) is moving from San Antonio to Pennsylvania. Friends in the Quaker State will receive a hearty welcome fa from her at the Allan A~ns Apt., 219 Beaver Road, Sewickley, Pa. Eleanor Gunderson (44-7) now lives at 5414 Sylmar, Van Nuys, Calif.

Volume VII - - 7 Penny Hall Haughton and her new son are in Saudi Arabia. Oil Co., Dhahran, Saudi, Arabia Address: Arabian American Her

Helen Ar~~e Turner Holand (43-5) has been Mrs. John Holland since June '49. present address is: 203 So. University Blvd., Norman, Oklahoma. ~"Erx Jackson Kinney (44-9) lives at 1402


7th, Wilmington, Del.

Jean Livingston Dunkle (4305) now lives at 3001 kyrtle St., Sioux City, Iowa Ten minutes spent every two months will keep ~our Roster up to date. BLESSED WITH ISSUE Leila Loudder Harding (43-7) had her babe, male, March 20. What's his na~me, Leila? ~ Vail Bridge (43-2) has a baby boy, born Christmas eve. two-year-old daughter. ~ Hagemann 'f,','heeler (43-5) has a half-yeal',,:"old son. A nice gift for her

Name, please, Ruth?

Ruthma:rx Buckley Cole (43-5 has a new baby-girl playmate for her fifteen - month old daughter Jary Rudolph (43-2) had a 6 lb. 10 oz. girl on March 3. ~ildred Coates Mac Robbie (44-6) has B month-old twins. Iv:argaret'Vendelin Hatfield (43-6) had a ten lb. boy (Richard Laurence) in Jan. ~anita Bolish Cooke (43-4) has a son, James Allen, now four month old. Name - - Marguerita.

Sue Booth Huff (44-6) produced a second son, Calvin Andrew, in November. Pat Kenworthy Nuckols (44-5) has a new junior birdman, Gec!fry, arrived Dec. 30,'49. Charl~ 1;'itchellCarl. (43-5) had a daughter, Paula ~lizabeth, on January 17th; Vlhich increases her total to two. Eugeni~ Garvin St. kartin (43-5), living in Sao Paulo, Brazil, has a daughter, Susan, born last July. Her son's nfune is ~harles Jr. ilizabeth Phillips lVhiting (44-10) has a small fifinella. ~neanor Feeley Lowry (43-6) has a new son, lIike, born in January.

Lasses of '43 Classes Betty Clements (43-5) is in her second year at medical school in Omaha. Says Betty, IIIlike school better and better. It's fascinating work, but facing those oral and written exams is worse than a check ride. Blanche Osborn (43-6) had herself a gay holiday in New Yal'k last fall, and has been trying to recuperate physically and financially ever since.


Ruth Rance (43-6) is a subrogation clerk for National Auto Ins. in L. A.

Connie Llewellyn, ~3-4) is a Social Worker for the Los Angeles County Bureau of Public Assistance. Nedra Calderwood (43-7) has been vacationing in Sun Valley. Lola Perkins Johnson (43-6) and her husband have a golf driving range on Riverside Drive, near Coldwater Canyon in San Fernando. !.t!3 called Riverside Fairways. Hello, Perk, still have those Dwight Fiske records? lliildred"Duke" Caldwell (43-6) is teaching Physical Ed. and going to school in COlumbia ko. ,Jane Scott (43-5)is a secretary with California Morning Foods, Inc. ~leano~ Feeley Lowry (43-6) is living in San Berdo


(43-7) has retired from in9tructing with over 5,000 hours - - now flys

only for fun.

killer Collins (43-4) is working at the Highland Park Airport where engines upstairs make music for her.

Volume VII - - 8 Earie kuccie Genaro (43-2) is ceaching her three-year-old Laura to swim. The Gei1ii'ros have pu~('chasedan acre tract i.nPreston Hollow, Dallas, where they plan to build a new home. EJ.l~ Geary (43-2) still keeps em flying - - golf balls, we mean. ~rga!1 [(err Bohlen (4}-2) is the :'lashingtonRepresentative of Northeast Airlines.

Ba~bar~ Jean Ward (4~4) on the staff of the American Aviatio~magazine. is She-Writes on personal aviation. ~a:y Brick (43-3) is one of the candidates for the National Presidency of the 99's

Ce::_.:!: HU!1ter (43-5) and Virginia Hill

(43-4) drove from Alaska to Mexico in a Jeep.

Yi:c:;;i~-:..itl IiTex"Claire (43-,4) is studying micro paleontology

at Texas Tech.

Bel;:."iw~l~' ?:ra.l1ce, ,ngland, Dcmmark,


V:.!'chi.&Cutler (43-5 ) visited .c:urope via freighter this past summer and toured Sweden, and Norway. . F'r!1.l1c:.s Kari 43-5 wingv;alks no more this year. Green The obstetrician dates her The first three are girls.

~~~~ Criswell Madden (43-6) expects her fourth child. !;;.~r.i.a.E .. Castle FcAnally (43-6) "expects". c;,~

!lh~~~Bennett (43-7)

is working at Consolidated Aircraft in Ft. Worth.

F~b-ll liBucky" Buchner (43-4) spent Christmas with her family in Florida.
Sh1..}2~~Y. Condit Sergott (43-6)

writes: "Since che Dallas Convention, I have -worked.

Poole Berner (43-3) is logging time on her sewing machine while Thunderboff:-Jr, her Swift 125, rests hangerbound. She' smaking drapes.

~aSf~~ TIutherford k~nton (43-4) reports that Novid, siamese cat souvenir from the Dallas Convention, regns supreme in the kinton establislullent.

12~.J~!'iL 111I.3aslesll Haas (43-4) is treking across the Sahara; equipped with mosquito
boets and a miniscule rubber bathtub. She hopes to continue the safari to Seville. Roberta .i. lI:undt(43-5) finds II Reserve meetings vastly informative and interestIng~-lI--Robertadeserves orchids for her newsy letter. La2ses of '44 Classes LeJ'iem Roby Anderson (44-4) suffers no dull moments on the Anderson's Dead End R~~~y--at ~ureka, Kansas. She gave the Texas Chapter members pointers on raising cattlo at. the meeting in Oklahoma City. rickie Carmichael (44-4) finds her time almost fully taken up in caring for her mrni~ure Pinschers and in raising rare tropical fish . Shirley Tannehill (44-4) has recently retul'ned from lliexico where she lived with a-native family in order to learn the language. Anita Paul (44-6) is Secretary to the Archbishop of Washingwon. Frankie Gudeman (44-4) is assistant buyer of better dresses at Bullock's, Pasadena She has a three year old Fifinella.

!:!! Watson (44-5)

is a geologist with Union Oil Co. and is now working in Whittier.

kildred Coats (44-6) has moved into a new home in San Fernando. Shirley Chase Bgler, Schnectady, N. Y. has a three year old daughter and is expecting in June Alyce Rohrer has two 6hildren, Carol - 4, and Glenn - 14 months. That should make her .ccupation obvious. Suzzune Bane Armstrong (44-10) Juanita; Drier Hurlburt is visiting L. A. with her 15 mo. old baby.

(44-10) has a ,small,daughter.

Caroline Shunn (44-5) says the only thing that's happened recently is the acquisition of a new Ford. Her I:ike is now two.

!J~ar~Regal Jones (44,,9) is moving to Nashvill e, Tenn. address, Please, Kary? ,

May we have that new again. Her husband

Bobbie Manchester Robinson (44-1) is about to enjoy army life is now in the AAF Anna harguerite Logan (44-1) is a waitress excrusive on the Bergman Rwnors, Anna? Dett:l Williams (44-6) is 11 technical writer a write-up on the Iril~tus~idl cross country, at the Brown Derby.

Howabout an Howabout says Betty,

at North American Aviation. Setty? "IIlOStPeople",

2!:~:;:,:(. Pet,tit(44.-7)

still over lncHanapolis.

IFl';1:"i:k ::t' s done up and down.II

Dc:'4~f.'~a.::. Sexton (44 5) and her new husband, Al ~vethey, will ,,-_. -_.. ho:ne ::.::Downey Calif ,

be making their at Liz.

. 0~J]:t2 "Loe" Lewis Todd (44-1) and her husband ,vere honeymooning recently R Sun V ,1.11 ~y L:.'?:, \tatson 41.J.-jhas been vacationing at Sun Valley.

Thank you for the card,

l.a}~~ Harper i:atson (44-1) is being teli3cast

in Dallas

~l~2.t~Sieber b~s~:. .. 2

(44-3) is exchanging visits

with her ~;ister in Galif. married, is living in Norman, Okla.

Sl::.evensonRoberts (4h-8) recent;Ly wb,,,:::,e hsr husband attends the University.

Ch2.,J'lyneCreger (44-10) is now a graduate nurse and works at Hermann Hoppital, I:Ol:,~ :S0':':~- Texas. J.'?2~~:?~ Maf,oonThokey (44-10) and her husband are living a :l('W ajdress, Louise?
u 1', . 0__ r.:) [:...'?:~,[ ~I -'1" f1,ger (44 -;.J 1i!er t},er

in NewOrleans.

is that


~s s erv~ng her t wo weeks ac t' ~ve dut y a t th e H dquar t ers ea Brooks Field, "Sad Sack. II

.Itu~~ ~;oods 0+4-2 is raising

Boston Bulls. the Script for her own television in reservations sh01'/. at. Dallas

Gl~i.~DeVore Rochester (44-3) is writing

t.~y. Alice Putnam (44-7)

is working for American idrlines


Doris Gee (l1-4-l) is sharing l

a house with Thelma Hall in Dallas.

The latchstring

CORRSCTIONS vELCOME National Headquarters and the Nelis1etter ~ditor absolutely disclaim a~y responsibility for the following rwnors which reached them via routes to devious for tracing.

Katy Loft Strehle

(43-4 has been hedge-hoping with ~Ir. TrUmanabout the Keys. into consultation by 1,r. Einstein and gravitation are related. concerning station for

Kary Rosso (43-5) has been called his theory that electrical forces

Adele Scharr (WAFS) has been co~~issioned to design a new railroad St. Louis - - - and not a minute too soon. A. J. Eay (43-1.) has been offered iUV[YURK:iT. magazine

the former Helen Hokinson's position

with the

Doris Ridnuel (1+3-4has been commissioned by the Potentate establish a clinic for birth control.

of Beuchaneland to e

Well, if you don't send us news, can we help it? Please, let's have a full representation in the July issue. Thank J'ou,





: .,




, "



::: ~

THE FIRST 1950 N~VSLZTTER 'lAS SENT TO ALL THE GIRLS LISTED BELOW AND RETURNED TO US ")'1- MARKED ADDRESS UNKNONN. IF YOU KNOW THE COmZCT ADDRESS OF ANY OF THESE GIRIS, PL.:t;ASE DROP A CARD TO NATIONAL HEADQUARTEF'$. WE WOULD GREATLY APPR';!;cIATEOUR COOP .illATION. Y Dorothy I. Barnes Jerry Phillips Badger Kay:B. Barrett Betty J. Bechtold Mary B. Beecham Katherine de Bernard Jeonne M. Blair Marie E. Bray Jamece.Paxton Brewton Helen Hall Brown Ruth Codding Charlyne Creger Esther Stahr Cuddington Jane Crawford Cunningham l':'ar jorie Deacon 1iary deLaet Dora J. Dougherty Bonnie ~. Edmunds Florence E. Ernig Opal Ferguson Jennie L. Gower Martha E. Greene Janis .1. Gregg Margaret W. Hatfield Nel Mc Innis Herrod Phillis Lee Hitner Patricia C. Hughes Alberta Hunt Jewell k. Jackson Katherine ~argaret Shaffer Latta Mildred Taylor Marshall PLZASE H~ Mary Ann McClain Nancy L. Mayes Tex Brown Meachem Dorothy keyn Geraldine :['!. ~.~ickelsen Joy llerritt l,loore Virginia H. ldullen Virginia gullins Nancy Nesbit Beryl O. Paschich Katherine Porter Alberta Paskvan Sally Rewey Ola l,~. Rexroat Jeanne B. Robertson Eartha H. Rountree Julia S. Sapp Joyce Secciani Ethel A. Sheehy Geor gia P. Sloan Foral B. Smith Hazel Stamper Virginia stout Alice Jane Talcott Carol E. Webb Lee Leonard Wheelwright Onita Vlinfrey Justine Fletcher '.'loods W. Ruth Woods Betty E. Wright Shirley Haugan Wunsch Mary Ann Wyall