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Volume IX

October 1950 WAS P NEW S LET T E R

ORDER OF FIFlNELLA President Hazel J. Raines Yulmn) Oklahoma


NATIONAL OFFICERS Secretary-Treasurer Gloria Heath 405 Park A venue New York 25) New York National Newsletter Editor Madge Rutherford Minton 6502 N. Caroline Avenue Indianapolis 20) Indiana

Vice-President Dorothy A. Avery 534 East Foothill Boulevard Azusa) California

National Executive Secretary Hally Sti.res 3629 Lavell Drive Los Angeles 65) California OPEN FORUM

"Ideas) pro and con, on any subject relative to Fifinella activities are invited for publication in this column." Hazel J. Raines) Pres. OOF

Deadline for the Christmas Newsletter OPEN FORUM is November 30! The.answer to many ex-WASP questions may be found in the following letter from Miss Jacqueline Cochrane. We wish to thank Miss Cochrane for her information. Any ,WASP may receive further information as to Air Force bases and procedure of application by writing directly to the National Headquarters of the OOF) or to the Newsletter Editor. Dear ex-WASP or Would-Be-Pilot: I have just returned from 3~ months in Europe) where I covered 9 countries very extensively) including Russia; consequently, was on the move so continuously that it was impossible to answer any of my mail. I am dreadfully sorry you have not had a personal reply to your letter. I also want to apologize for the fact that this letter must) of necessity) be of a form type, but during my absence so many letters accumulated from ex-WASP interested in trying to get back into flying due to the Korean war) that it would take one secretary fully two weeks to give each one an individual answer. All of the ex-WASP, who meet the requirements which have been published so many times, can have a reserve commission in the U.S. Air Force. On July 10, 1950 a form letter was sent out to all Air Force Reserve officers in the 1st Air Force Command) giving them an opportunity to apply for active duty if they qualified under certain categories. I assume that) since personnel are urgently needed in the present emergency) women in the USAFR in other Commands would also be eligible for active duty if qualified. Whether returning to active duty with the Air Force would entitle an ex-WASP to flying status I haven't been able to determine) but I am of the opinion that since the reserve commission does not include flying status on inactive duty, I don't believe it would include flying status if you were to return to active duty. I am sorry I am not able to answer each individual question) but whether the women will be permitted to again fly aircraft will, in my opinion) depend entirely on whether we have an all out war, which at this point is anyone's guess) and I know we are all hoping and praying that the present emergency will soon be over and that none of our services will be required. Sincerely yours)
JC: dc

Jacqueline Cochran

Volume IX - 2 ABOUT THE RESERVE Pat. Erickson, 43-2; has received a commission of First Lt. in the Reserve. At last report, Pat and spouse were enroute to Tripoli, North Africa, for a three year tour of duty with the Air Rescue Service. Loes Monk MacKenzie; 43-8; now a First Lt. in the Reserve, recently returned from where she had spent the past three years. Nice timing, too. Editorial Things military are tightening up; true - but your new xank and expectations are not top secret. We shall be grateful to vlASPS who furnish us with news about their experiences on duty. 1950 WASP REUNION The following report is furnished by Elaine Harmon, 44-9, Washington, D.C. "The 1950 reun5.on was a big success as usual, with the following thirty-three girls turning out for the big to-do in Boston, August 25, 26 and 27th. Helen Mary Clark - Martha's Vineyard, Mass. Rose Crowley Abbott Avanell Pinkley Margaret Helburn Kocher Moya Mitchell Esslinger Lee Cook Caro. Bayley Eileen Bristol Carolyn Cullen Ruth McClung Isabel Fenton Ruth Fitzsimmons Anna Flynn Margaret Gee Evelyn Greenblatt Betty Haas Elaine Harmon Gloria Heath A.J .May Dorothy Ehrhardt McCracken Jo Naphen Phyllis Johnson Strauss Nancy J. Thorne Lurlyne (BObby) Vickers Pauline White Katherine Willinger Joan Trebtoske Ted Starr Helen Skjersaa Jean Slack Kay Brick Elizabeth (Kit) MacKethan Martin Esther Shively &.



43--2 43--6'/ v 43--6

43--5 43--7

44--6 44--9 43--3

43--5 43--6 v
44--9 43--1 43--4 44--9

44-- 5
43--4 44--5 44--5 43--6 44--5 44--8 43--4 43--8 43--4 43--3 44--2 WAFS


"We ",'ere just a tiny group in comparison to the Air Force Association; however, we were very exclusive, too. It was grand - being with so many aviation-minded people and discussing old times. There was also much discussion about future times since aviation has made such tremendous strides since our Hey-Days in Sweetwater. "Our first get-together was at a cocktail party at the Statler Hotel which was our headquarters. From here we went to the historic old Union Oyster House for dinner. It was here that the first newspaper in the U.S. was printed. After dinner, we returned to the hotel where we saw movies of the 44-10's graduation, called Salute to the Ladies. It was wonderful to see old places and familiar faces and to relive old times through this show. This movie, by the way, is Army film available to anyone interested by writing to Army Film Headquarters j.nthe Pentagon, Washington, D.C.

Volume IX - 3 WASP REUNION (Cont'd.)

"Since it was only about 1.0:00 P.M. and we were out for a full week end, we continued on to the RKO Keith Memorial Theatre for the World Premiere of 20th Century Fox's "My Blue Heaven" and a Hollywood Wing Ding. The picture would have been wonderful by itself, but it was sensational with the bevy of stars who took part in the Wing Ding. Jinx and Tex McCrary were the Mistress and Master of Ceremonies. A few of the personalities introduced were Edward Arnold, Jessica Dragonette, Cyd Caesar, Maria Kim (the Korean dancer), Ann Coreo, Denise Darcell, seven Air Force Congressional Medal Heroes and the Cracker-Jack Bolling Field Drill Team. Finally, our Friday having run into Saturday, we closed at 3:00 A.M. "We were up bright and early Saturday morning in order not to miss any of the opportunities open to us. North East Airlines took us on a sightseeing trip of quaint old Boston who was such a gracious hostess to us. We saw Paul Revere's home, the old North Church, the Boston Commons, Bunker Hill, Beacon Hill, the site of John Quincy Adams' home. Need I go on? There are so many, many things to see in Boston. The most exciting of all, though, is romantic Old Ironsides: Your imagination can run wild as you roam around on this lovely old ship which is the oldest which is commissioned to operate in our Navy. "The next function which we enjoyed was a fashion show sponsored by American Airlines and R. H. White. We gals always love a fashion show. "Now was the time to sqeeze in a little shopping. Boston is a wonderful place for window shoppers. We saw exquisite clothes and nick-nacks and, oh:, so many bargains. One store, Filenes, impressed us because we'd never seen anything like it. It didn't have just one basement. It had two. We found original coats and dresses reduced from unreasonable sumS to amounts we could consider. There were alligator purses for $ 10.95, etc. We hated to leave this find but soon we were out of money and it was time for the Air Fair; we made our way out to the Logan Airport. "Logan Airport is another one of the impressive sights in Boston. It is a tremendous field and at the same time it is convenient to town. In fact, we went to the field by subway and bus for 15 cents and it took about fifteen minutes. "At the Air Fair, General Hoyt S. Vandenberg presented the Bell X-l to the National Air Museum. Bud Yeager, the first man to pass the supersonic barrier was there. Jacqueline Cochrane who had just returned from her trip to Russia was interviewed by the M.C. which made us feel proud. Jim Gallagher, the B-50 Round-the-World pilot was there. There was a demonstration by a B-50 and its crew to show how manuevable the ship is. It looks strange to see it taxi bacnTards. Another strange sight was when the experimental B-29 buzzed the field with all four props feathered and powered by,jets. A helicopter demonstrated the rescue of an injured, stranded man. The highlight of the show was the RCAF Vampire acrobatic team's performance. They were sensational with their perfect, tight formations and split-second timing. "The Annual Airpower Banquet of the AFA followed the Air Fair. The honored guest and principal speaker was Thomas K. Finletter, Secretary of the Air Force. At this time the AFA Airpower Trophies were presented. Among the famous people present were Gen. Hoyt Vandenberg, General Kenny, General Landry, General Spaatz, Bob.Johnson (AFA President with 28 Jerrys to his credit) and the Mayor of Boston. "After dinner, the 9gers had a very cozy and impressive meeting where they installed their new officers and presented awards. They had so n~ny prizes and trophies they had trouble figuring who to give them to. Caro Bayley won the Jacqueline Cochrane award for distinction and for bringing favorable publicity to women flyers by her trick flying. She was given a lovely shoulder strap case with a dial lock fitted with Jacqueline Cochran cosmetics. J. C. also paid the hotel bills for all the girls entered in the Powder Puff Derby. Betty Haas won a beautiful big trophy for second place in the derby and a sterling silver bowl for the closest estimating in the second leg of the flight. Rose Abbott had charge of the covention for the 9gers and was presented several awards, too.

Volume IX - 4 WASP REUNION (Cont'd.)

"Sunday morning was the Dawn Patrol Breakfast. We went, expecting to be about the only people there since the week end had been a long and full one and the parties had lasted until very near breakfast time. Much to our surprise, the large ballroom was filled. At this meal, the AFA presented more awards and installed their new officers. Bob Johnson was chosen to succeed himself as president for another year. "The Air Fair was repeated again on Sunday and many of the WASPS were fortunate enough to hop rides right from the airport back to their homes via army planes. This was one time when it paid off to be in the reserve. "We are very grateful to the AFA for asking us to join them in their reunion and to Boston for going all out in giving us a perfect reunion." Elaine Harmon


NEW None


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B. J. Erickson London, ~;


has a new daughter born July lOth. Clayton London.

Carol Brinton, 44-5; has her fourth - a boy - Russell Scott, born July 14th. other three are little girls.


Marie Jacobson Onesi, 44-9; has two children now - son, Gregg, and daughter, Cindy. Sylvia Barter, 43-7; has twins now in addition to two older children. Ann Waldron Ourrier, 43-6; should be delivered by now. ROSTER For your copy of the WASP ROSTER, write to National Headquarters. Members - $ 0.50 Non-Members - $ 1.00 How about it, Ann?

If your address is incorrect; or, if you find any address which is incorrect, please report same to National Headquarters. Address changes are included in each Newsletter. ADDRESS CHANGES The Texas girls would like to hear from Allaire Bennett (43-7). She was working at Consolidated and then all of a sudden she wasn't there. Can anyone help? Where is Snerd (Frances) Snyder Tonassy? know. Esther Poole Berner, 43-2, now lives at 1057 West 58th; Indianapolis, Indiana. O.K. Bucky? Liz Watson, 44-5, has moved to 525 Howard Street; Whittier) California. B. Medes, 43-3, can be reached at 1415 Coast Boulevard; Corona del Mar, California. Jerry Hardman Jordan) 43-5, now resides at 1112 Carlisle Drive; San Mateo, Calif. Ann Currier and Pat Erickson want to


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Item Sterling Ring 14K Gold Ring Fifinella Pin Patches Decals Wasp Wings Service Pin


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Stationery (fill in choice below) @ $ 1.00 per box (25 engraved sheets; 25 plain sheets, and 25 envelopes per box) Engraving ____ Wings Clouds Parachute TOTAL: . . . . Please enclose your check or money order and mail to Order of Fifinella 3629 Lavell Drive, Los Angeles 65, California Blue (COLOR) Cream






EMMY DRUMMOND, 43-7; spent her two weeks vacation fishing for trout in the Kings' Canyon region of the Sierra. Even caught a few that were big enough to eat. GRACE CLARK FENDER, 43-4; is expecting in December. (rimes) VIRGINIA CUTLER, 43-5; while carrying 27 semester hours in summer school, suffered a serious injury to her ankle which put her on crutches for several weeks. Shouldn't carry such a load, Virginia~ JOCELYN MOORE EVERNHAM, 43-8; is expecting this month. Good luck to you~

Volume IX - 6 LAS S E S

o F

,4 4


S E S The Pettys

JACKIE HUGHES, 44-9; became Mrs. Lloyd Petty on April 15, in Fresno. honeymooned in Hawaii.

BONNIE DORSEY SHINSKI, 44-8; still manages to hit the jackpot at the Officers' Club on Hunters Point, where her husband is stationed. She saw DORIS BOOTHE WANTY, 44-8, of Modesto off to Saudi Arabia where Doris' husband, Mike, is stationed. By plane, yet! MARION RAGEN BOOTH, 44-6; is a steno for the water company in Oakland. She flew home to Minnesota on vacation in a National Guard C-47, with her husband as pilot. Letters from MARY JA~~ ISHAM, 41~-8, state she is now living in Dos Palos where her husband is the local jeweler. M.J. has a 15-month-old son. NORMA BOSTON DOUGLAS, 44-9, says she is too busy keeping house for her two little girls to do much gadding, but she ~vould love to hear from some of her old friends. PAT BLACKBURN, 44-7; is a Pan American Airways stewardess on the SF-Pacific run. KAY MURPHY, 44-1; and GENE SHAFFER FITZPATRICK, 44-1; vacationed together at the latter 's ranch, south of Carmel. Gene writes that her phone number in San Francisco is GLencourt 1-5774, and she invites all of you to call when you are there. MARY QUIST EDWARDS, 44-7; and her husband enjoyed a belated honeymoon in Mexico City this past summer. MARGE Hft~ER WATSON, 44-lj who is an expert seamstress, is busy making new fall wardrobes for her two charming daughters. HOLLY HOLLINGER, 44-5; has been to Las Vegas and to California - where she tried her luck at deep sea fishing in the Gulf of California. She snared a sail fish, but couldn't reel him in. FRANKIE ROULSTONE GUDEMAN, 44-4; &pent a week this summer back-packing in the virgin ---- territory above Yosemite. Frankie is a buyer at Bullock's, Pasadena. They sent her to New York for five weeks in June. PER SON A L S

I wish to thank the seven WASPS who responded to my plea for news for this NEWSLETTER. I shall be happy to assemble another issue for this year and invite the members and non-members of the OOF to send me any special greetings and Christmas notes they would like to exchange by way of the Newsletter. DEADLINE FOR ALL MATERIAL IS NOVEMBER 30TH!! Tenseness, due to international complications, was undoubtedly a factor in the general lack of response among the members these past three months. Now that General MacArthur has reached the 38TH parallel, can you spare a penny postcard? Thank you, Madge Rutherford Minton, Editor (Mrs. Sherman Minton, Jr.)

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