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Armando Palacios Santacruz A01330371 Analysis (The Ballad of Rudolph Reed) 1.

- There was an oaked colored family which might have not been hungry because of illness or sadness. Rudolph is disoriented but determined to fight for his family and hes the best at what he does. They feel cursed (discriminated) when they move, but the children are too innocent to notice it. Mabel is injured and traumatized so Rudolph goes mad and hurt white people. By the 4th man he hurts Rudolph gets killed and his corpse is treated with disrespect and racism. Mabel felt guilty for his death. 2.- She uses anaphora mainly . Ex: (Lines 5-6) I am not hungry for berries. I am not hungry for bread. Simile is also used. Ex: (Line 12) Falling like fat rain. And metaphor is also used. Ex: (Line 47-48) Mabels blood was staining her gaze so pure. 3.- Anaphora gives a lot of strength to the drama or event that is happening. Similes and metaphors are used to make the reader not only give a better understanding or description of the events, but also to make the reader feel what Rudolph is feeling and change tones. 4.- Ballad, cuartets, rhymes every two lines mostly (except stanzas 4 and 5 in which the last 3 lines have the same rhyme and stanzas 10 and 11 in which the rhyme is in lines 2 and 3 of their respective stanzas), I-ambic, 16 stanzas. Mostly enjambed lines. 5.- It gives strength to the lines that she wants to emphasize. Also the change in the rhyme scheme marks a change in the events that have been given. It also influences in the way of perceiving the poem, it makes the reader read it as it is: a ballad telling the unfortunate story of someone, with its proper tone. 6.- The poem itself its a ballad, which most of the times (such is the case) is sad. You can also infer from it that it will tell a story about the character Rudolph Reed. 7.- It about racism and how families were fighting for their homes and families. And how colored people even got killed and treated with disrespect even after death. Analysis (The Bean Eaters) 1.- The poem talks about a couple of poor, old people. It talks about the complications that they have and how they manage to live. A really sad way to live.

2.- She uses Anaphora. Ex. (Lines 5-6) Two who are mostly good. Two who have lived their day. She also uses Metaphor. Ex. (Line 11) Lean over the beans. 3.- She uses anaphora to make more clear her statements. She uses metaphor in order to make the text more understandable for the reader. 4.- Cuartets, rhymes every two lines, I-ambic, 3 stanzas. 5.- It gives strength to the lines that she wants to emphasize. It also makes you slow down or accelerate the events in order to get a reflexive effect in the reader. 6.- You can tell that its going to be about very poor people because beans are a very cheap thing to eat. You can also assume that there will be more than one person as characters in the poem. 7.- About the difficulties that poor people had and how they had to manage to live in a very tough
and sad way. In the end theres nothing but the memory of their tough path through life.