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That feeling that doesn't go away just did And I walked a thousand miles to prove it And I'm caught

in the crossfire of my own thoughts The color of my blood is all I see on the rocks As you sail from me Isabelle held her face in her hands, staring between the gap of her fingers at the lifeless body that lay in front of her. The image was haunting enough to the point that she couldn't even cryonly stare in absolute disbelief. Her thoughts were out of control and the whole thing didn't seem real. As she kept her gaze on the body, she tried to tell herself it was an illusion, or a nightmare maybe. He couldn't be dead. Why would he be dead? He had said himself that he wouldn't give up no matter the situation. It was to be expected, all of it, he had also admitted that himself. But there he lay. Stiff, still, unmoving. Dead, she muttered slowly to herself. You gave up and now look at you. Slowly, she moved her hands from her face and as she did, she felt the warmth of moisture in her eyes. Still, she didn't cry and instead leaned forward and buried her head in his chest. The action reminded her of the times she used to do the same as she was doing now, but on cold nights in the city. Now, there was no warmth to receive or even the feeling of reassuring arms wrapping around her. That wasn't what meant the most to her, but she knew that she would miss it all the same. As she sat up, she wiped at her blurred eyes and refused to look at the corpse any longer than she had to. 'Can't believe I'm actually calling you a corpse...' Isabelle was tempted to scoff aloud. 'We'd joke about this thing. Said you'd be smiling even if you got stabbed a thousand times.' She couldn't help but glance to see if the joke had become a reality. 'Moron.' As she expected, it had. Her best friend was smiling even in death. Isabelle blinked at his pale hands, wondering why she wasn't in distress like she always figured she would be should this kind of situation had happened before. She sat still in the chair, wondering what she was supposed to do. She didn't want to leave him by himself, nor did she want to stay with him and sit in silencesilence was the one thing she wouldn't hear if she were alone with the redhead. She guessed there was a way to not leave, yet stay at the same time. In fact, when she thought about it... 'If it took that long to think of him, I must be pretty damn selfish.' she thought bitterly while pressing her hands against the redhead's chest. 'Better me than you.' After applying more pressure, a surge of energy went through her fingers and to his chest. She did this a few more times, applying more and more pressure as she did. After a few minutes, she could feel the energy drain from her, which brought a smile to her face. With a larger transfer of energy, she could feel her hands shake uncontrollably. For a brief moment, she pulled her hands away to notice Alf's chest, slowly heaving up and down. It was too difficult at the point to show surprise, but she managed to mumble out his name and rest her hands back on his chest. Transferring to him her last bit of energy, she felt her limbs go limp and she, too, was now unmoving. For now, they would both be in the same state. 'Kicking the bucket for this tool... Should've figured... Didn't even get to tell Levi that... I... Well, Alf can deliver the message now, huh...' She wasn't sure if she had actually done it, but she thought that she could feel herself smiling. It would be the first thing Alf would see when he opened his eyes to see hers closed.

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