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Cougar Tau

Fall 2010
Washington State University Gamma Chi Chapter

Taus Tee-Off for Centennial

the award every year. The ATO chapter hosted a golf tournament. Tee times started at 2 p.m. Fiftysix alumni attended the event. Current members of the chapter either caddied or played alongside the alumni. Every golfer was in a fourman group. Current members Joe Frederick, Bobby Shoemaker, Turner Chatterton and Connor McClain were the victorious team, shooting 12-under-par in a four man scramble. The winning group won a trip to North Carolina to play in a tournament at Pinehurst Golf Course. Alumnus Art Yano, 80, set the event up several months ago. In June, an alumni dinner in Seattle raised funds for the tournament. These funds helped to reserve the course and pay for the current members participation. After golf, the members and alumni ate dinner overlooking the ninth green. In recognizing his dedication to the house, the Gamma Chi chapter honored Art Yano as Alumnus of the Year. Without Art, the event never would have happened, Jim Quigley, president of House Corporation said. Brother Yanos dedication to the centennial weekend project showed how much the chapter means to its members, even those who are 30 years or more out of college. The house had brunch at the fraternity for the alumni, the next day, before the football game. Members took alumni on nostalgic tours through the house, after they ate. Photo albums, in the houses living room, reminded alumni of the Glory Days. Over time certain aspects of the chapter have been altered. Old traditions have been lost; while, new ones have been adopted. For some of the alumni, seeing those older rituals drift away may have been disheartening. However, the centennial weekend celebration allowed the alumni and current members to close the generational gap. It also reminded all ATOs, both old and young, that they have one thing in common: brotherhood.

Editor: Jeffers Baxter, 10

Palouse Ridge hosted the 100th year celebration.

By Jeffers Baxter Alumni Relations Inside this issue: The Alpha Tau Omega fraternity celebrated its first century on the Washington State University campus on Sep. 10, 2010, at the Palouse Ridge Golf Course in Pullman. A centennial celebration seemed fitting for the chapter. It has been on campus longer than Edward R. Murrows legacy. In all 100 years, the ATO house has never been shut down or restructured. It is the only fraternity at Washington State to hold that claim. ATO, Washington Gamma Chi, has not only made its presence known at the university, but at a national level as well. The chapter has won the national fraternitys most prestigious award, True Merit, 19 times. Only four other chapters have won it more years. From 1969 to 1983, the Gamma Chi chapter received

Move-In Day

Summer Rush 2

Candle-Light Vigil Embalmers Ball Kappa Tauloween

AX Battle of 3 the Bands Presidents Address 4

John Platt aiming for the 9th pin during the tournament

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Cougar Tau

Move-In Day
Taus woke up early, one day during Work Week, to help fellow Cougs move into their dorms. The ATOs involved consisted of a couple new members and sophomores. These live-ins made the daunting task of starting the school year a much easier obligation. For Freshmen, at least, the commencement of a college school year seems like a lot to handle. But a strong community can help the process to be more manageable. Usually, Greeks and dorm residence dont get much interaction. So, the group, from the Gamma Chi chapter that went, tested the validity of such a statement. A substantial reason for why people in dorms dont rush is the exclusive mantra of Greek Row that truly is irrelevant. But, maybe its more. Washington State University portrays a welcome home atmosphere. The fact that well over 90 percent of Cougars stay on campus during the weekends, due to the remote location of the Palouse, proves to show the closeknit community.

Worthy Marshall Nick Spencer, 10, helps a student move in

Community Service
The Gamma Chi community service chairman has recorded more hours, this semester, than both semesters last year combined. Gage DiGiovanni, community service chairman, has scheduled many campus cleanups. DiGiovanni has pioneered a new focus for the chapter in its service to the community. The day before the first day of school, DiGiovanni organized a clean up of Greek Row that the house participated in. Not only did the sweep help the community but it established the chapters priorities for the year. Greeks all over the area saw Taus in letters picking up garbage off of the streets. The standards for the chapters members are greater than most houses. Since the Gamma Chi chapter has a registered philanthropy only six hours are required. Yet, House Corporation has expected every new member to achieve ten hours. With the help of DiGiovanni and the University, the houses community service has appeared very reasonable.

Freshmen ATO clear a sidewalk of trash

Candle-Light Vigil
A candle-light vigil for University of Washington Delta Gamma Carly Henley took place on the ATO lawn Oct. 8. Henley passed away at UW the previous week. The Delta Gamma chapter, at Washington State University, asked the ATO house to help with the ceremony as they mourned the death of their sister. Henley, 20, was found dead at a fraternity house on Greek Row. At the vigil, members of the Delta Gamma sorority read letters and poems made for Carly. Many factors that described the ceremony demonstrated the true characteristics of a brotherhood or sisterhood. The WSU DGs planned the ceremony for a late member at another chapter even though the night was the Friday of Homecoming. Alpha Tau Omega wishes the Henley family a steady recovery from this tragedy. Our thoughts are with both the family and the Delta Gamma sorority.

Fall 2010

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Embalmers Ball Brings Back Traditions

The waters were tested to see how the tombstones would effect the date dash. Girls, impressed by the detail, searched to find their tombstone the day of the event. Thirty minutes before the funeral, the house blared Bachs Toccata and Fugue: in d minor to set the mood. The song was another tradition that disappeared from the annual Embalmers detail list. Toccata and Fugue made the funeral atmosphere seem real and morbid. The night carried out with the mock-service of our late brother Robert J. Chavez, 09. The members carried Chavezs coffin around Greek Row, as they picked up their dates. The eulogy foolowed the parade. The 2008 pledge class told humorous stories about Chavez over his two years in the house. Chavezs will followed the eulogy, where the embalmed got his revenge. The Embalmers Ball started in 1978. Then social chairman Fred Baxter started the event and the Ball has lasted ever since then.

The night carried out with the mockservice of our late brother, Robert J. Chavez

Above: Robby Chavezs tombstone resting on the ATO lawn

The Embalmers Ball received a make over, this November, returning some of the missing details from the original event. Tombstones made their way back on the ATO front lawn for the Ball. This year, the project had a trial run.

Kappa Tau-loween
Kappa Kappa Gamma and Alpha Tau Omega made the first annual Kappa Tauloween Haunted House philanthropy event on Oct. 27. Visitors paid five dollars for admittance. ATOs and Kappas, dressed in Halloween costumes, toured the visitors in groups through the house. In every room, Kappas and ATOs acted a certain scary theme to complement the theme of the philanthropy. The two houses joined forces in decorating the ATO house with cobwebs and creepy donated dolls. Both houses split the funds from the event. Kappas spent their share on Reading is Fundamental, while ATOs benefited the Gunnar Oprea Fund for testicular research. Scott Monk, philanthropy chairman, worked on the haunted house event for nearly a month before its debut. ATOs plan on the haunted house becoming an annual philanthropy event.
The haunted house benefited the Gunnar Oprea Fund

AX Battle of the Bands

Freshmen Jeff Grotjahn and Matt Dusche represented the Gamma Chi chapter in Alpha Chi Omegas Battle of the Bands. Most groups legitimately performed with real instruments, yet Grotjahn and Dusche went a different route. The two lip-synced a song from the Disney movie High School Musical. Although they didnt win, the experience entertained both ATOs. Battle of the Bands was a great experience for me. I enjoyed putting on a performance with my brothers for everyone to see, Dusche said. In order to get initiated, every new member must participate in philanthropies during their pledge period.

I enjoyed putting on a performance with my brothers for everyone to see. -Matt Dusche

Love and Respect to All My Brothers

Presidents Address

710 NE Linden St. Pullman, WA 99163 Jeffers Baxter Alumni Relations jeffersbaxter@comcast.net


As the end of the worthy masters term draws closer every day, the chapter looks back on the accomplishments that the house and he have made. Matt Schut, 09, Gamma Chi worthy master, worked cohesively with the board of trustees, house corporation and Greek Life at Washington State University. However, you will never hear Schut attribute

the chapters success to himself. I am extremely proud of my members this year, Schut said. In addition, Schuts productive yet easy-going attitude helped motivate the executive board members to work alongside him and achieve common goals. The president has appreciated the assistance of his public relations and scholarship chairman, Pat Quigley, 10, [Pat] has added a few ads this year regarding our accomplishments into the Daily Evergreen newspaper, which is something we have not done in a couple of years, Schut said. Quigley has helped the freshmen

with their study habits as well. When mid-term grades came out, only a few freshmen were below the required grade point average, Shut said. The chapter prepares the changing of the guard. Robby Chavez will succeed Schut as worthy master of the chapter. Schut feels confident that the new president will carry on his legacy well. With the dedication and passion that our current members have acquired, there is no where to go but up, he said.

Worthy Master: Matt Schut; Worthy Marshall: Nick Spencer; Worthy Chaplain: Nick Mead; Worthy Scribe: Turner Chatterton; House Cop: Brady Zurn; Community Service: Gage DiGiovanni; Philanthropy: Scott Monk; Scholarship: Pat Quigley; Public Relations: Pat Quigley; Pledge Trainer: Jeffers Baxter; Alumni Relations: Jeffers Baxter; House Manager: Jake Thomas; Intramurals: Jack Orsi; West Side Rush: Robby Chavez; East Side Rush: Andy Gregg; Live-Out: Connor McClain