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Important Things to Remember

When Sitting With a 1:1 Patient

1. On the mental health units, always remember to watch the elevator and doorways when entering and 2.
exiting the unit. Patients may elope from the unit if this is not done. The elevator will open for each floor button that is pushed. Please be sure that you attend the door for each floor that is requested. Please report off to your patients nurse when leaving the unit and anytime you have concerns. You will hear and have many conversations with the patients. Please report any concerns immediately. 2a. Dont get distracted! Dont read magazines or books, do cross word puzzles, or text on your cell phone. Eyes should be on the patient at all times! 2b. Watch for signs of agitation (pacing, clenched fists/jaw, slamming objects, etc.) report this to the nurse. 2c. Dont antagonize the patient be respectful. If they are becoming agitated with you, make the nurse aware of the situation. Be aware of your body language when interacting with the patient. 2d. Watch for signs that the patient may attempt to elope. Pay attention to what the patient is doing and saying. Are they watching the door? Are they making statements about leaving? Make the nurse aware of any concerns. Be aware of your surroundings and your body position in relation to the exit of the room youre in. Never sit with the patient between you and the door. Talk to the nurse about any special precautions your patient (I.e. assaultive or elopement precautions). These special precautions will provide important information on your patient (I.e. history of and/or potential to act out or harm themselves or others on the unit, potential or history of elopement). Knowing the patients history is very important. Please do not discuss inappropriate things with patients (I.e. drugs and alcohol, your personal information like family members names, town you live in, others you may know that the patient knows, etc.) All conversations with any patient should be appropriate and therapeutic. On the behavioral health unit, a special round sheet will be given to you when sitting on a 1:1 patient. This sheet will provide a key with abbreviations to document location of the patient and sections to indicate behavior and mood. Documentation should be done every 15 to 20min. Alert the nurse if patient is becoming angry or agitated. Be sure to hand off the round sheet to any on-coming staff taking over care of the 1:1 patient. Employee Signature: _______________________________ Date: ________ Trainer Signature: ________________________________ Date: ________

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