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Keys to Success And Feng Shui

Astrology, Psychology, Relationships and Feng Shui Knarik 09.09.2011

Signs From The Universe

Ask for and recognize them

by Cortney Litwin

Have you ever mulled over an important choice, such as ending a relationship, only to have a strange "coincidence" or two appear that seemed to point you in the right direction? Perhaps you got into your car, turned on the ignition, and the song "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction" was playing on the radio. Or an ad for a matchmaking service unexpectedly arrived in your inbox. Maybe yoFFFFFFu ran into an old friend who informed you they were relieved to have ended a relationship that was going nowhere. Sound familiar? These are examples of sacred signs.

Divine messages Signs are messages from the universe that often come when we least expect them. However, they generally appear when we need them the most! You'll attract a sacred sign when you're focused on a choice, when you have a question that's been on your mind, or when you need clarity about something. The very act of focusing sets up an energetic "broadcast" that will evoke a response from the universe. Fortunately, consciously asking for a sign will get the attention of the divine as well. And it doesn't take a special talent to ask for and receive a sign. You just need a concise and sincere question, the openness to receiving an answer, the awareness to perceive the sign and the willingness to act upon the message. An immediate reply Here's a striking example of how a sign can provide guidance. Recently, after the stock market tumbled in September 2008, sending the Dow down 504 points, I was in a quandary over whether to liquidate my mother's stock portfolio. Feeling like I needed a sign, I asked, "Is it in my mother's best interests to leave her money in stocks?" Feeling restless, I decided to go for a stroll around the neighborhood. As I walked across the porch and down the stairs outside my condo, I saw, to my surprise, a note slipped under the outer door. This immediately got my attention. The president of the homeowner's association had written to ask me to remove the lavender bush I'd planted because it was blocking a sprinkler. I could plant it somewhere else, she said. This request would have annoyed me except that it was obviously the sign I had asked for. I was to "uproot" my mother's stock portfolio and put her money elsewhere. Guide to seeing signs To become adept at manifesting sacred signs of your own, follow these 6 simple steps.

1. Ask for it Forming a concise statement that includes one inquiry at a time is crucial. The clearer you are in what you ask, the clearer the answer will be. To simplify things, a question that requires a yes or no answer is best, at least until you become skilled at reading signs. For instance, you might say, "Send me a sign that moving to Los Angeles fulfills the highest good for all concerned." Another example would be, "Send me a sign that staying in my relationship fulfills the highest good for all concerned." Conversely, you can phrase the request as, "Send me a sign that leaving my relationship..." You get it! It's essential to remain neutral about the question - no fair trying to influence the powers that be toward the answer you want! Plus, you'll need to accept the answer you get, which will be aligned with your true destiny. 2. Timing Also, it's appropriate to set a timeframe for the sign to appear. For instance, you might ask, "Send me a sign within the next 24 hours . . ." And if you have a favorite symbol, you can ask for that symbol to be the sign. You might say, "Send me rose as a sign that I should..." Just remember, it may not be an actual rose that comes your way, but instead a representation of a rose in a photo, postage stamp or lyrics. 3. Watch for it Spotting a sign takes a high level of awareness. You need to keep your eyes open. Signs can take just about any form. As mentioned above, they can be a song on the radio or an email message. They can come through a person, a show, a dream, or just via something that suddenly catches your attention. Actually, the latter is a common way that signs present themselves. So be on the alert for anything out of the ordinary, especially if you intuitively link the incident or object with your question. Look for synchronistic events as well, like

running into your kid's art teacher at the market, just when you were thinking of taking art classes yourself. Also, when the Sign appears, note your feelings about it, which tell you if the Sign is a green light to "go for it" or a stop sign to "halt and desist" what you're doing or planning. It's also perfectly fine to ask for clarity. If you receive a sign, and you're not sure what it means, ask for another sign to clarify the answer. But what if you don't receive a sign? Actually, not receiving a sign is a sign. If you ask if Ben is the right guy for you, and no sign appears, then the answer is no. 4. Believe it For those unused to being guided in this way, it's common to wonder if the sign that appears is truly a sign. You may also wonder if you have the skill to interpret it. Rest assured that the universe will send you signs that are easily recognizable for you. Just try not to rationalize away the sign and its message. Logic, however, can help you analyze and interpret what the sign is telling you. If you mix your intuition with clear-headed analysis, you'll get the message. 5. Act on it Perhaps the biggest leap of faith is actually acting upon the message. What is the good of asking for a sign if you don't heed its message? Just don't do anything drastic unless you're very sure you're interpreting the message correctly. That takes practice and keen inner awareness. Also, if you get a negative reply, it may be that what you're wanting is appropriate for you, but the timing is off. The future may present another opportunity to go for it. 6. Be thankful for it One more thing: Be sure to thank the divine for the guidance. Gratitude opens your heart to attracting positive events, circumstances and people into your life. It will also open the door to more sacred signs from the universe.

So be clear about what you need to know and ask for a sign. Then watch your world for any signs that come though - and be thankful for the guidance. With a little practice, signs will become a natural way for you to communicate with the universe.

The Power of Perspective

The Hanged Man says it's time for a new viewpoint

by S.K. Smith

So often, the outcome of the situations we face is dictated by the way we see things. Perspective is everything, and keeping this in mind, it's no wonder positive people tend to get what they want more often - after all, belief dictates reality! It follows then, that a shift in perspective is sometimes exactly what

we need in order to solve our problems and change the probable outcome of the future (there will always be outside factors beyond our control). All things considered, this is the core reason we consult psychics in the first place; to get a new, more connected point of view. But how do we know when to let go of an old view in favor of a new one? It's usually when you're down - or stuck in a situation - that this need is most clearly expressed. And drawing the 13th card of the Major Arcana (The Hanged Man) clearly suggests you need to broaden your perspective regarding the matter in question. The Hanged Man tells us this in no uncertain terms. And what a powerful, uplifting thought! You hold the power to change your own destiny. That's what it tells us -- whether we've drawn this card recently or not! But there's more to the mystery of this infamous card, and it behooves us - whether we're students of the Tarot or simply students of life -- to start with our common misperceptions. Despite its implications of death, The Hanged Man does not spell doom for the seeker who finds it in his or her Tarot spread. Nor does adopting a change for the better. In both, the death implied is one of the Ego -not a bad thing as Spirit and Ego rarely operate with the same intentions as motivators. Ego takes its cues from the desire for immediate gratification. Spirit, on the other hand seeks harmony. Pulling this card (or reaching a point of despair or block) implies that it's time to stop seeing things from a narrow, completely personal perspective. Rather, it's important that each of us - particularly when we're struggling with a problem we can't seem to solve - step back and open ourselves to a larger point of view. We are all components of a universe much bigger than any one of our individual desires, and by releasing our own selfish motivations (which we may not see as selfish at all, though even resistance to change arises from fear), we may find that we uncover a new way of being - a greater good and a clear, optimal course of action.

If you stop thinking about what you want and start thinking about what's actually good for you, you may also find that it's what's good for all parties involved. This requires strength as it's much easier to see what we want than it is to see what we need. However, there's a universal concept that says what's good for me is good for you and when we operate from a pure place, the saying holds true, time and time again. It's important to keep in mind that The Hanged Man is not the card of change itself, but the card of the catalyst. It offers your call to action, but the work is not easily done. You have to elect to make the shift - and actively employ it in all you do - in order to reap the rewards. The next time you feel defeated by a situation, a person, or a turn of events, remember The Hanged Man. Imagine what other ways you can frame your situation and make the effort to re-frame it. Slowly but surely, you will find that it makes all the difference.

Wheel of Fortune

What it means in a Tarot reading

by S.K. Smith

Life is ever-changing. Sometimes, when things get particularly hectic (or conversely, overly slow) it feels as if we've lost control if we ever had it in the first place! When you're faced with this kind of situation, it's a great time to turn to the Tarot or at least take a lesson from its teachings. In this case in particular, we turn to card 10, The Wheel of Fortune. Whether you believe in fate or destiny, there is no questioning that a good portion of life is left up to chance. Inevitably, situations arise and things happen that change the way we experience life - in thought, in action or in our fundamental states of being. The Wheel of Fortune represents this phenomena. But more importantly, it reminds us that everything has a season.

Spring brings with it new beginnings, while Summer brings growth and Autumn inspires reflection and maturity with Winter bringing rest and release. Though this cycle does indeed correspond with the human life cycle, it also repeats and repeats over and over again in smaller ways throughout our lives. Every endeavor you begin (from relationships to jobs to hobbies and activities) will eventually go through this cycle - some more rapidly than others. And when things feel overwhelming or life gets you down, there is nothing more important that you can remember. It may be sad sometimes, you may feel lousy others, but without the negative there can be no positive. Now of course, you can choose to stay in one cycle for too long. And when this card comes inversely it indicates being stuck in the negative aspects of a situation. Never do we want to hold too tightly to anything - even our beliefs, as sometimes we can halt our own progress along the way. Does that mean we should give up our morals or give in to others desires when they're not suited to us? Of course not! It simply indicates that one of the most valuable things we can do in this turn on earth is to be open. Open to changes, open to possibilities, open to the beginnings of new cycles and the developments (including the eventual ending) of those which are already set into motion. Being open leaves way for chance, or fate, or destiny - whatever you want to call it. Clinging desperately (to a person, situation or emotion) closes the doors. While The Wheel of Fortune outwardly indicates fate, chance or luck, it also signifies that as always, it's time to have faith. Things will ultimately change for the better.

Psychic Success

Keep your eye on your dreams

Don't allow discouragement and doubt to blur your vision and wash away your dreams. Visualize your way beyond the detours, standstills, and obstacles, maintains Miss Krystal ext. 9192, who has been a clairvoyant, clairaudient and a paranormal medium since childhood. Daisy (not her real name), a 29-year-old studying in Vancouver needed to hear these important words for she was about to throw away her hopes - until she spoke to Miss Krystal, that is. The student, who had moved from Seattle to Canada on an art history scholarship, was feeling helpless. Although she was appreciative that she'd landed a scholarship, she'd lost her motivation, and as a result she was flunking out of school. "I landed this amazing opportunity and now I am doing poorly in school. I am ruining my future but I just haven't felt good in a long

time. Something's wrong and I have no idea what it is." As soon as she said this, Miss Krystal got a visual of a map with a red line running from Vancouver to New York City. "I saw her traveling across the line," recalls Miss Krystal. The psychic also saw the word "approval" written on an application. Finally she saw Daisy walking into a room with a portfolio and talking to a guy with a goatee and steel rimmed glasses. Daisy was blown away. "That's craziness. I've wanted to go to study art in New York. But with my grades, there's really no point in even applying." The psychic reminded Daisy that she was a prolific artist and that she should believe in herself and her dreams. She had the power to turn her life around. "The problem was she wasn't meant to prosper in Vancouver. Sometimes a certain geographical location is not conducive to our well-being," explained Miss Krystal. "You have nothing to lose. Do it," Miss Krystal urged. "The deadline is March. Do I even have the time?" Miss Krystal told Daisy to stop making excuses she'd get a response sooner than she thought. After being infused with confidence and excitement, Daisy applied. And sure enough, she was invited to New York City to meet with the director of a prestigious art institution. She walked into a room with her portfolio tucked neatly under her arm just like Miss Krystal had predicted. And the man resembled Miss Krystal's image. The meeting went smoothly and shortly after she was accepted. When she called back to share the news, Daisy was both ecstatic and nervous. She was worried that she wouldn't be able to find an affordable living situation where she could keep her cats. "Again I told her not to worry that everything was now going to flow. I knew it. I saw it," says Miss Krystal. Today, Daisy is super happy.

Explains Miss Krystal, you can't make it in every city. Take Daisy, for instance, she didn't vibe with the city she was in. Once she moved, everything opened up and flowed. "Daisy is proof that you must never give up on your dreams," says Miss Krystal. "Even when you feel lost, alone or bewildered, you must continue on and believe in yourself." Miss Krystal is an award-winning psychic who has been on television with celebrities and is currently on the radio in Los Angeles, where her psychic wisdom empowers many lives. A formal metaphysics education led her to study across the globe, where her spiritual gifts were honed and her multi-cultural awareness grew.

Post-Breakup Independence

5 ways to reclaim who you are

by Jamie Nishi

Most people will have more than one romantic relationship, go through multiple breakups, endure countless disappointments and suffer numerous heartbreaks before finding their one and only. The consensus is that the suffering is worth it for a shot at ever-lasting happiness. This is all well and good, but when the blows of love befall you, when your heart is broken into bits, the temptation is to give up on love. "Why did I put myself through this?" (you may ask). "Never again!" (you may vow). But there is a way to start picking up the pieces, and it begins with that old clich - the thing that got you into this situation in the first place - you believe in love. More than ever, now is the time to begin loving yourself into wholeness again! Instead of putting time into loving another, put more time into loving you. The

first step is psychologically preparing yourself to heal through love. Here are five tips to get you through the night: Be righteous Depending on the kind of breakup, you may not be feeling very loveable. It can be helpful to look at your present situation as a challenge. "If she doesn't love me, then I'll love me." It may also be helpful to channel the energy of any anger you may be feeling toward taking on the challenge. "If I can't be happy with him, then I'll find happiness somewhere else if it's the last thing I do!" Your righteousness will help you through this difficult time. Let it out That's what friends, family, therapists, new acquaintances and anyone who will lend a sympathetic ear are for! When you talk about it, you unburden yourself. There is no reason why you need to bear the weight on your own. Plenty of people will be willing and able to offer you compassion and consolation. You don't want to abuse your privileges, but neither do you want to waste them. Get a move on Instead of dwelling perpetually on the past relationship, try to think about what you can do to improve your immediate situation. For instance, think about what you can do in the next ten minutes to make life a little better. This could be something as simple as washing the dishes or putting something pretty on a bare table. You can extend this exercise to what you can do in the next hour to improve your situation. Go for a walk, hike or run. Make yourself a healthy meal. It's all about exercising self-respect from moment to moment. Socialize Socializing during this time is like medicine - it tastes terrible at first, but then you start to feel better. Neighborhood gatherings, an inspirational speaker, book clubs, a farmer's market, shopping or sports are excellent ways to get out of the house. Call friends and try to make plans for the weekend. Being amongst others will not only

help take your mind off the breakup, but will open the door to forming new relationships. Invest in you Whether you choose Spanish lessons, computer classes or yoga instruction, investing in your personal and professional development is a great way to boost your self-respect during this time. By making the choice to better yourself, you are saying, "I have value and great promise."

Clean Your House, Clean Your Mind!

A new space can help you heal

by Theresa Danna

There's no getting around it: Breaking up is hard to do. Your heart is broken, your dreams shattered, and your hope swiftly slipping away.

That's why starting over after a breakup can be daunting. But life does go on, and if you view moving - or creating a new space where you already live - as an opportunity to heal, you'll actually be inspired to move on! Emotional cleanse Sure it sucks, but once you get going you'll feel relieved! The first, and probably toughest, bit of housecleaning is gathering up all of the items that remind you of your ex-lover. This means photos, gifts, cards, clothes, music, DVDs, text messages and emails - anything and everything! And, yes, that means getting rid of their email in your address book and deleting their number from your cell phone (trust us, you will regret any messages or emails you send at weak moments - and you will have them!). If it was a particularly bad breakup, block their email address and change your phone number. Starting anew requires a willingness to let go of the past, something you can do. Hang on Don't toss all those relationship items into the trash, even if you're feeling angry about the breakup. Instead, put them in a box that you don't see very often (in a garage or the back of your closet). After three months, go through these items and observe your feelings as you sort. Are you still highly emotional? Go ahead and allow the tears to fall. Crying cleanses the soul. This will be a good gauge as to how fast you're healing. Is it time to throw away this stuff? If the answer is no, put it all out of sight again and repeat the ritual in another three months, if necessary. Then, continue every three months until you can sort through your relationship stuff without crying. At that point, decide which items, if any, enhance your current life. Keep those and then either throw away, sell or donate the rest. As you get rid of them, take a moment to give thanks for the lessons learned from that relationship and the breakup. Wish your ex the best and truly shut the door.

Physical cleanse Whether you're moving to a new home or rearranging your current one, now is a good time to clear out items you don't use. So you think it's all useful? Think again. The general rule of thumb is that if you haven't used or worn something in a year, get rid of it (unless, of course, it's an annual holiday item). Be realistic about clutter that you think you might need or read "some day." Does some day ever really come? Could someone else use that stuff now? Hanging on to things from the past keeps you in the past. That's not where the healing happens. Once you're left with only the things that are presently important to you, deep clean your home. Be brave and burn some calories! Don't just vacuum the carpet, shampoo it. Dust the high places. Move the furniture and clean under it. Wash or replace window coverings and shower curtains. With each dustpan of dirt or bucket of dirty water that you dump, you'll feel the particles of the past disappearing. Your sacred space When the physical cleaning is done, it's time to clear the air literally - by burning sage smudge sticks and sweet grass. Sage clears away old energy, and sweet grass attracts new, positive energy, the kind you need to start fresh. Burn incense to bring in sacred energy and buy new candles to create white light and calming energy. Feng shui Finally, apply principles of feng shui to encourage harmony in your home, your life and yourself. To find the specific power places in each room, stand in the main door and look in. The middle of the wall along the doorway represents your career. Look to the immediate right. That corner empowers benefactors (representing help from other people). Then the space between that corner and the corner in the far right is related to children. That far right corner represents marriage. The wall directly opposite of where you're standing is for fame or other recognition. Then the corner in your far

left is the wealth spot. Continuing around the left, the wall between the wealth corner and the corner to your immediate left is the family area. The last power place is the corner to your immediate left, which is the knowledge spot. Enhancements Besides making sure each area is clean and free of clutter, you can enhance the energy flow by adding live plants, moving objects (such as mobiles), sound (such as chimes) and items that either produce light or reflect it (such as mirrors or crystals). Try to eliminate or at least soften any sharp points or jagged edges. Curves are the key to gently flowing energy. Now, you're completely ready to attract new love into your life! Be sure to put the colors red, pink, or white in the marriage corner. Also, two matching solid items, such as a set of bookends, in the marriage corner will reinforce the idea of partnership. That wasn't so bad, was it? With a clean house and clear mind, your heart will heal faster and feel light again. To find out who is on the horizon to share your new home with, call one of our psychics today for a reading.

Smell Skinny!

Your scent can influence perception

Have you ever had a night where you've changed outfits ten times before heading out the door (and weren't even satisfied with the final choice)? Or worse, have you cancelled a date because you just didn't feel attractive in any way shape or form that day? Ah, the perils of being a woman most of us have felt this way in varying degrees at one time or another. Sometimes, the hardest part of dating is feeling that your imperfections will be your downfall - and it can be a selffulfilling prophecy. But have we got news for you! The next time the dreaded wheel of what-to-wear-when-you'refeeling-less-than-gorgeous brings you down, stick to a standby that makes you feel comfortable and change something else - your scent! In one study, researchers at The Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago found that, men rated women (as shown to them in photos) as more attractive, intelligent, successful

and trustworthy when looked at in the presence of both cinnamon and lavender aromas. Intrigued by this information, one researcher decided to look further into the effects of smell on perception. His team then sprayed an overweight woman with a different fragrance each day and asked men to guess her weight. Most perfumes had no effect. But when she wore a spicy-floral fragrance, men perceived her to be as much as 12 pounds lighter than she actually was! The reasoning behind this - how a scent can have a slenderizing effect - is a mystery, though the researcher in charge of the study has several theories including that the smell puts men in a good mood and that the fragrance may be sexually appealing. But whatever the mechanism, he concedes that what's important isn't how slender someone appears, but the self-esteem boost it provides. "If a woman feels she's being viewed as slim, she may feel more confident and be more likely to socialize and attract men." Unfortunately for me, according to the study, guys hoping to disguise a beer belly are out of luck. Women's perceptions of weight weren't fooled by fragrance. Probably because they're so good at estimating their own weights!

Birth Twins

An interesting fact: two historical greats were born on the same day... see how their fates were simliar!
According to a recent article in the Australian, it's no surprise that Charles Darwin and Abraham Lincoln, two of the great figures of the 19th century, shared February 12, 1809 as their date of birth. All one would have to do to see it is trace the paths their lives took! Though on the same date, Darwin and Lincoln were born on different sides of the Atlantic, into completely different environments. Upper-crust Darwin arrived into a stately manor while Lincoln was a man of humble beginnings whose childhood abode was a log cabin. Yet, the similarities didn't stop with their date of birth. Both men were raised as Christians, though Darwin died an atheist and Lincoln was reportedly an outspoken non-believer. Neither was very impressive when it came to academics, but both taught

themselves to reached the peak of their professions. Both were not only able to embrace change but create it; Darwin and Lincoln both detested slavery. And, the two men each experienced vital, history changing turning points in their 20s: Lincoln entered politics, and Darwin visited the Galapagos Islands, which inspired his theory of evolution. Darwin's greatest work, "On the Origin of Species," was published in 1859 - just one year before Lincoln was elected US president. Two events that challeged the status quo, changed the world and created enemies among the conservatives of the time. Eventually, Charles Darwin was denounced and Abraham Lincoln was assasinated. As reporter Mark Juddery writes: "According to astrologers and numerologists, it is more than just coincidence that these two giants were born on the same day." Astrological statistics suggest that "birth twins", as they are called, have more than a few things in common. "There are certain similarities of temperament, understanding and approach to life," says Sydney astrologer Mary-Anne Reid when interviewed. "I have actually helped people with career guidance based on their charts ... and yes, it does work."

To Die... And Then Live Again

The facts about Near Death Experiences (NDE's)

by Maryam Henein

Rowen was heading to his girlfriend's house when his car skidded along the icy road and smashed into a pole. Almost suddenly he felt his spirit leave his body and climb up into the heavens. When he looked down, he could see himself slumped over the wheel. Slowly, he drifted toward a white light and as he got closer he felt a tremendous sense of peace. "It would be nice to stay here forever," he thought. But a voice warned him that it wasn't time just yet for him to stay; he needed to go back. He was given a life review and when he awoke, soon after, paramedics were pulling him out of his car. Individuals who bite the dust and then come back to life to talk about are said to have had a Near Death Experience (NDE). During this time, the spirit momentarily leaves the body, and this usually

happens after a major trauma has occurred due to an accident, illness, problems in surgery, cardiac arrest, etc. According to a Gallup Poll, approximately eight million Americans claim to have had a near-death experience. More often than not it is life-changing. Surprisingly, these folk feel that their lives are now infused with a wonderful sense of "aliveness." Skeptics, of course, dismiss these accounts. They believe that the experience associated with near death is simply a biological reaction. They argue that great physical strain provokes the brain to shut down to a very basic level of consciousness, resembling a dream-like state, but at a higher degree of intensity so to better cope with (perhaps even completely escape from) the physical distress. NDE'ers, meanwhile, whole-heartedly believe in the authenticity of their experience. After all, how is it that they are able to describe in full detail what was happening to them unless they were truly out of their body at the time? Visit The Near Death Experience Research Foundation and you can access hundreds of accounts of NDE's from people worldwide. What's amazing is that many of the stories share common elements. For example, there is frequent talk of the infamous tunnel, or an indescribable light. And often NDE'rs encounter deceased loved ones or entities likened to a Higher Power. Many hear, or are made to understand that, 'it is not their time yet' and that they still have things to do on the earthly plane. They are shown a review of their life and it is often at this point that people feel reluctant to return to their bodies. And yet when they do return they all possess: 1) A reduced fear of death 2) A sense of relative imperviousness 3) A feeling of special importance or destiny

Many people who experience an NDE tend to see it as a verification of the existence of an afterlife. This can be extraordinarily comforting to many. Death-related visions can give faith and confidence to survivors to trust their own spiritual intuitions and reaffirm their religious faith (Morse, 1991; Morse & Perry, 1992).

Whats Your Power Number?

Numerology's fascinating insights
by Psychic Verbena

Figuring out your power number in numerology is as easy as adding up 1 and 2 and 3 - literally. And once you've figured it out, you're on your way to learning a lot more, not only about yourself, but about loved ones, co-workers and friends. Also known as your life path or destiny number, your power number is simply the sum of the month, day and year you were born. To unlock a whole universe of fascinating insights, add your birth date numbers together, and then again, until you have a single digit. The only exception would be if you end up with the numbers 11 or 22 those are master numbers with an added dimension, so write them as 11/2 and 22/4. Let's say you were born on January 31, 1962. You add 1 (January is month number one) + 31+ 1962, which equals 1994. Then add 1+9+9+4, and you have 23, which you then add together to get 5 and presto you have your power number. Each reveals skills and gifts that you can call on any time, anywhere, like an ace in the hole or a secret weapon, as described in the sketches below. 1 = creation and individuality. 1's are the idea people, the startup entrepreneurs, the ones out in front of the pack who may not even notice the pack following along behind. You want to start a new branch or department? Get a 1, but be prepared to find another power

number to keep it running later. Most compatible with 3, 5, 8, 9, 11/2 and 22/4. 2 = cooperation and diplomacy. Relationships are supremely important to 2's. They are sensitive, receptive, deeply emotional and sometimes quite shy. With their profound insight into the nuances of people's behavior, they make wonderful, giving mates, parents, business partners and mediators. Most compatible with 4, 6, 8, 11/2 and 22/4. 3 = self-expression. 3's are charming, creative, often beautiful and masters of the art of conversation. They are great writers, performers and public speakers, and they have a gift for enjoying life and helping others have just as much fun. They don't have to seek the spotlight; it automatically picks them out of a crowd. Most compatible with 1, 5, 6 9,11/2 and 22/4. 4 = self discipline. Hard working, reliable and organized, 4's enjoy putting their skills to work on the practicalities of life, and they can be counted on to keep things running like a well tuned machine. Their home and roots are vital to them, and their loyalty, once given, is unshakeable. Most compatible with 2, 6, 7, 8, and 22/4. 5 = freedom and change. If you want to learn the art of picking yourself up, dusting yourself off, and charging at life with renewed zest, get to know a 5. They are resourceful, versatile, adaptable and love change and surprises. Although they're very sexy, keep in mind that their eyes always return to the distant horizon. Most compatible with 1, 3 and 9. 6 = service and social consciousness. At their very best as teachers, healers and counselors, 6's are devoted to both their personal families and the larger family of Earth dwellers, human and otherwise. Their concern for truth and justice doesn't, however, keep them from being enthusiastic and talented homebodies. Most compatible with 2, 3, 4, 8, 9 11/2 and 22/4.

7 = intellectual and spiritual development. The ultimate ivory tower dwellers, wise 7's are much more familiar with the inner space of the mind than the external world. Whether their intense scrutiny is focused on science, philosophy, or metaphysics, they're most excited when they explore the secrets of the universe. Most compatible with 4. 8 = material success. This power number opens the door to high achievement in business and finance. Blessed with good judgment, exceptional executive ability, and a talent for turning a profit, 8's at their best wield their natural authority for the benefit of their employees and the community. Most compatible with 1, 2, 4, 6, 11/2 and 22/4. 9 = universal awareness. 9's have an active, often spiritual concern for glabl health and well being. As the number 9 represents the mathematical completion of a cycle, so do 9's represent the completion of a cycle of learning, having lived each of the other power numbers in previous lives. They are compassionate, tolerant and generous, and can be accomplished artists and thinkers. Most compatible with 1, 3, 5, 6, 8 and 22/4. 11/2 = visionary idealism. The artistic and inventive genius of 11/2 is married to the sensitivity and intuition of its base number, 2. These visionaries see outside the boundaries of society and culture and literally and figuratively paint alternative futures for us. They work best when grounded by a practical partner. Most compatible with 1, 2, 3, 6, 8, 9 and particularly 22/4. 22/4 = practical idealism. These geniuses not only see the future, they create it. Their orientation is universal, and their mastery of the material world enables them to put their charisma and personal power to work in service to all mankind. They are found in the highest echelons of government throughout the world. Most compatible with 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9 and especially 11/2.

Like any divination system, numerology has many layers you can explore. Your name can reveal three layers of your personality. And your life evolves through challenges, pinnacles and personal years. There are even karmic numbers. As you'll learn when you tinker with this Power Number information, numerology is rich with insights and, even better, one of the easiest divination systems to learn and use at many levels.

Blinded by Love

7 tips for a lasting connection

by Martine Jeanne Craughley

Your heart skips a beat every time they approach and you wonder, "Is this the one?" Given all that tingly joy, it's hard to think clearly and assess the worth, and worthiness, of your partner. Here's an introductory guide to help you know if your connection is for real.

Forget crushes and boyfriend material, this is for the real-deal. We're talking about a long-term, lifelong love connection. Chemistry Presumably head-turning, heart-stopping infatuation is what brought you together; but if there's not a quivering of physical desire beware. Sometimes best friends become lovers and the security of the match outweighs the lack of a spark. Yet, without that little shiver of juicy anticipation, you won't get through the long haul. Comfort While many women turn to their best friend, or curl up in the warm softness of their beds for comfort, it should be an essential element of your love relationship. When you're sick, or your boss goes off on you, does your lover comfort first, advise next and critique later? If not, this is a skill that needs to be acquired to keep your relationship afloat through high and low tides. Companionship If you prefer the 11pm booty-call, if hanging out with "the girls" or your family is always a higher priority, you don't value this person enough to make a go of it. For a fulfilling, lengthy relationship, your beloved needs to be your favorite person to spend time with. If not, check in with yourself to see whether you're protecting your heart or are you just not into the relationship. Communication It's not important to see eye-to-eye, it's not even important how often you fight. What is important is whether you resolve issues together fairly. Can you fight without contempt, name-calling and hurling insults? If so, you'll be able to work through the problems that strike even the most devoted lovebirds. If not, you'll need to learn how to fight constructively. Care You may take great care of your lover, of your children and friends, but do you take good care of yourself? If you take good care of

yourself you're much more likely to have a healthy relationship. Does your partner make taking care of you a priority? If your partner is there when things are tough, you can trust that actions speak louder than words. Creativity It's natural for each of you to do what has always worked. But in a good relationship, you need to accommodate what works for your partner, too. Sometimes needs are in opposition, and this demands creativity and flexibility. How true is this of you? How true is it of your love? If either of you are rigid, well, you've got some serious work to attend to. Sooner rather than later.. Commitment This is a tough call in the early stages of a relationship. How do you know if you're really committed to your lover? One way is to imagine yourself at 70. Can you see your love still by your side? Does your heart warm or sink at the thought? As far as your partner is concerned, if they don't speak of a future with you or you're not introduced as "my partner," this person is not committed to you. Even after running your relationship through the seven points above, it can be hard to know if any troublesome aspects will be resolved as your love grows.

Work it at Work
Tips for workplace relationships
Relationships in the workplace demand a particular kind of balance. In many ways, they are less flexible than friendships and romances. When something isn't working, walking away isn't always a valid option, and emotional outbursts are hardly advisable. In fact, your relationships with your boss, co-workers and subordinates are probably most like those with your family members - you may not always get along, but you can't really avoid them. And just like in

the world outside the workplace, it's usually your communication style that makes the difference between suffering people you work around and building relationships that work for you. Respect authority Okay, so you need to respect your boss, but remember to stick to your guns. When your boss disagrees with you, what they say is generally what goes, even if it's wrong. If you're in a position to modestly point out the virtues of doing things your way, do so, but that doesn't mean you have to do a 180 if the boss says no. When they turn the schedule upside down, or suggest a potentially disastrous rewrite to that memo, calmly assent to the changes without making an about-face on your own opinion. That way, you manage to avoid playing the "yes-man or mam." And if for some reason your boss's way wasn't the best way, you're not stuck backing a plan you weren't really behind. Communication choices are also essential. When the boss issues a questionable directive, avoid responses like "Okay, but this will never work" and "You're right. That's a much better plan that mine." Instead, try responses that are agreeable, but not necessarily in agreement like, "Alright, we can try that" or "That's another way to go." Treat coworkers with respect You can get along with others and still respect your own authority. Speak to your subordinates as you would any other co-worker, but expect cooperation. Requests are almost always more effective than demands. You'd be surprised how much more respect "please" and "thank you" attracts than "Do I have to do everything?" Abusing authority sends the message that you don't actually have it or are uncomfortable managing it. Also, unnecessary displays of temper are counter-productive. People are more productive, and generally more cooperative, when treated with respect. They are also more comfortable communicating their ideas, which may prove valuable to you in the long run. On the other hand, if you're reasonable and courteously worded requests are disregarded, don't let it slide. Make sure to have a discussion with your subordinate - while maintaining courtesy - about their lack of

cooperation or insubordination the first time it occurs. Try asking what you can do to facilitate the task, or why they are having a difficult time. This way you maintain authority without becoming unnecessarily argumentative. You've also managed to put the ball in their court, so that further problems can merit stronger action. Be friendly and get back to work In the workplace, your co-workers probably comprise the majority of your human contact. Friendships will naturally develop and bleed into your social life, which is healthy. Having appropriate personal, as well as professional, relationships at work can make work both more productive and more enjoyable. However, it is important that the roles you play after hours remain outside of work. You may be able to gush for hours over drinks, but avoid bringing your personal life back into the office. And as comfortable as you are letting loose at the game, don't forget to respect boundaries when you re-don your professional roles. As long as your social circle can survive the fluctuations between casual and work environments, it can enrich your work, as well as your life. Also remember, it's a lot easier to censor information before you share it than after. As tempting as it can be to unload your grievances about the establishment with your co-workers, your vent-session may be more appropriately (and confidentially) shared with your non-work friends. Of course, at some point or another, most of us will struggle with coworkers with whom we are less than friendly. Again, you probably don't have the luxury of avoiding them, so try to view them as a challenge to your professionalism. Imagine your co-workers as utilities with strengths and weaknesses you must navigate. A person may be a dreadful multi-tasker, but perhaps that is offset by their attention to detail. Or maybe they have difficulty expressing requests respectfully, but can always be counted on to manage a difficult customer. It can be challenging, but concentrating on strengths and weaknesses, rather than your personal differences, can help you maintain the distance you need for your professional relationships to thrive.

Where to Spend the Holidays

A couple's struggle made a little bit easier

Speaking to msn, Jane Greer, PhD, a marriage and family therapist in New York City, suggests the following four steps for figuring out where to spend your holidays when you're part of a couple. Start planning early. If you're married, Greer suggests figuring this out before the holidays even come. And sure, it would be ideal for you to have this outlined already seeing as we're in mid-december. But luckily, it's not too late to tone down the disagreement if there is one. Remember, she says, this is a touchy subject - so don't just think about your own feelings. Your honey has traditions he or she feels close to, too.

Work out a long-term schedule. While it's the moment that counts, it's key to remember that there will be many more holidays to come. This is not the last year you'll be celebrating. Start out by figuring out which holidays are priorities for each of you and your respective families. For instance, if you've got a sibling who travels from far away to be with your family on Thanksgiving, you should celebrate with her. However, if you have the same holiday priorities, then you'll have to divide evenly. Dr. Greer suggested the following options to her interviewer at msn: Switch years (her family's house for 2005; his for 2006); stick to a day (she always gets T-Day; he always gets Hanukkah); swap them (she gets New Year's this year; he gets it next); drive a lot (she gets the eve; he gets the day). If none of these work for you, try hosting yourself! You can invite everyone from both sides and let them decide where to go. Either way, planning ahead saves issues in the long run, so get going! Stay calm and compromise. You want your Aunt's special recipe lasagne that she only serves on Christmas and the idea that you may not have it is upsetting. It's understandable. So, if things get tense while you're figuring out your plans, stay quiet and write things down. Dr. Greer says that both of you should list the pros and cons of spending each holiday at each place, and suggest an itinerary that respects both of your needs. If talking is out of the question because things are particularly heated, switch papers, read each other's notes and choose at least one thing you'll agree to. Don't talk until you've found a compromise. Remember you're a family. If you're in a long term relationship and especially if you're married, the two of you are now a team of your own (even though your part of each other's "original teams"). Making your holiday schedule should not be a power struggle. When breaking the bad news to your parents, leave out any negative comments and use the pronoun "we" while addressing what "we can do so that both of us are happy." Greer also says to make sure you remind your families when you'll

be celebrating with them. She says that this is a major step in learning to balance both your worlds to find a happy medium.

Dealing with Your Partner's Family

How to handle your loved one's loved ones

When you forge a partnership, your priorities change. No matter how much you love your parents, they naturally begin to take second place to your partner. You focus your time and energy on the relationship and turn to each other for advice, support and decisionmaking. While most parents understand this in theory, some have a hard time when it comes time to actually let go. The key to dealing with your partner's family actually lies within your relationship: you and your partner must set the ground rules for dealing with family, and

support each other in making them work. Establish expectations When you and your partner commit to a relationship, you are joining two different families who often have two very different ways of living. Most problems with in-laws arise when couples assume they feel the same way about the role of their families and don't communicate their expectations. It's important that you and your partner negotiate the rules for family. Take the time to ask specific questions: How much time will you spend with them? Where will you spend holidays? Will they be involved in your decision-making? Will they contribute to your finances? Once you've established those ground rules, make a commitment to sticking to them. Set boundaries Another common problem with in-laws is interference. Wellmeaning mothers (and fathers) often try to insert themselves into your relationship - usually to offer "help" and advice when you're having problems. This interference is dictated by how much you share with your parents and in-laws. As a couple, you have to set boundaries for how involved they will be in your relationship. Will you turn to them for advice as a couple? Will you share your problems with them individually? Or will you stay silent when there is conflict? Your families will only know the details of your relationship if you share them. If you're frustrated with your partner, it may seem natural to vent to family. But remember that once you've shared your problems, you can't take them back. Even if you can move on and forgive your partner, your parents may never forget. Stick together

In many ways, you are ambassadors for your relationship. If you are happy with your partner, be sure to communicate that with your families through actions and words. No matter what, you and your partner should stay united. Avoid arguing in front of parents -- but if it happens, don't allow the family to weigh in on the matter. And if there is conflict between your partner and your family, never gang up against him. While the goal may be to diffuse the situation without taking sides, at the end of the day, your loyalties should always remain with your partner.

Change of Itinerary

On the long road to love

Most people call for a reading when they are stressed out or going through a crisis - not knowing where to begin looking for answers. Other callers are intuitive themselves and what they're really looking

for in a reading is a confirmation of what they already sense, tells Raven ext. 8652 Holly (not her real name) had been calling the Clairvoyant and Tarot reader with questions about her new business for months. The choices and decisions that needed to be made (before the doors of her new "green" boutique could open) became more than she could focus on. So, she began relying on Raven's great insight to help her simplify the process of decision making. She consulted Raven on everything from color schemes to personnel and travel plans. Just before her thirty-fifth birthday, Holly admitted to the Clairvoyant and Clairsentient, "Sometimes I wonder if I will ever find a permanent partner? I almost hate to jinx anything by asking because life is so good... but do you see a long-term love relationship, somewhere down the road?" she asked hesitantly. Within the next six to eight months, which Raven says is within her "reading span," the psychic did not see a specific love interest for Holly. Instead, the cards and her guides revealed a trip overseas, a long weekend with old friends and travel to business conferences to promote her new store, all of which, Holly confirmed were definite possibilities. She was disappointed that "her guy" had not shown up in the reading, but Raven promised she would look again - soon - and they laughed together about the possibilities. "Holly had a confident sense that love was coming her way. She just knew it," Raven explains. "She also understood that the universe has its own sense of timing and in work, and now in love, she planned to let things happen in their own time." Several months later, Holly asked Raven impishly, "Is it time yet?" She wondered if the intuitive could possibly see a wonderful man on her horizon? This time Raven answered, "Ooh, he's getting closer!

But, he's not quite here. You'll meet him a long distance from home." Raven revealed, "He's not an American." Raven's prediction made sense to Holly as she often traveled to Great Britain, Ireland in particular, for pleasure. She sometimes wondered if she hadn't lived there in another lifetime. "It feels like home to me," she told Raven repeatedly. The next time Holly asked Raven about love, the psychic saw that "it" appeared to be right around the corner. He would have chestnut colored hair, blue eyes, a calm temperament, was perhaps a bit stubborn and a hard worker. "You'll notice each other immediately, but he won't come on strong," Raven described. "You'll know someone in common This could be a wonderful relationship." Weeks later, the psychic received a frantic, panicky call from her client who was in a London airport debating whether or not to change her vacation itinerary. She was about to take a connecting flight to Wales when she spotted a later flight to Dublin, and for some irrational reason, Holly told her that she began to believe that she really needed be there instead. "My whole trip is planned and paid for, but What if he's in Wales, but what if he's in Ireland? And, what if he's not in either place and I'm just nutty?" she laughed. Raven did a card spread for both destinations. She wanted to be 100 percent right, because a mistake could cost her client a good deal of money. Her guides told her that Holly would be able to make the flight changes without much trouble. "You can change your travel plans if you want to" Raven assured her.

"But I have this feeling about being in the right place at the right time. If this was your choice and you got those cards what would you do?" she asked her trusted consultant. Raven said, with confidence, "I would go to Ireland." Three days later, Raven heard back from Holly. "I met someone very special. You were right about the circumstances we have a mutual friend and he's just as you described. Holly gave Raven his name and birth date. "This is him." "Are you sure?" "They're all telling me yes, but remember you have free-will, nothing is set in stone," Raven reminded her longtime client. Holly is crazy about Michael and vice versa, but Holly (being the intuitive that she is) knows that what's meant to be will be. She opened her store, it's doing well, and she is now looking into opening a second one in... Dublin, of course! Her client no longer asks about love, confides Raven, "because, as she says, it's going well!" But Holly still calls about business questions. "This is clearly a case, she reminds me when she calls, when two intuitives are better than one!"

Nothing Stays The Same

How to embrace change
Change is the one true constant in life. It has no boundaries, it challenges us all and it frightens many of us. But without change life

is static - we cannot grow and we cannot learn. There is no progress and we will not evolve, according to our psychics. But change is often challenging, so embracing change takes courage. The force of change shakes up our comfort zone and puts pressure on us to reexamine long held beliefs that force us to let go of the things in life that no longer work for us. Death, divorce, job loss, financial difficulties are formidable changes to wrap our heads and hearts around, yet the more we resist, the more difficult the changes become. "The future belongs to those who not only accept change, but embrace it," states Yvonne ext. 9883. "Though being on the front end of change isn't for the faint of heart," she aptly describes. Resisting change will only make you miserable over the inevitable. "I have worked hard with the phenomenon of change myself," tells Paisley ext. 9661, "finally realizing that there isn't a thing I can do to stop it. I now look at change as transformative and as constant as the seasons. My perspective has evolved from pure fear to a sense of adventure."

One of the most productive ways to embrace change is to approach it positively, believing that the outcome will be for the highest good, whether we want to change or not, our psychics concur. "Open your mind to contemplate what benefits could come of the new reality," Skylar ext. 9887 suggests. "The more optimistic we are, the more the universe allows us to experience new opportunities in life. Change keeps us evolving toward our highest goals and enlightens us as to why we are here on this earth." If you are able to see or intuit changes coming your way you can grasp and work with them more effectively. "More often than not the winds of change are breathed to us through gut feelings, dj vu, synchronistic events, as well as readings," Cheryl ext. 9778 lists. "When you listen, you are rewarded with possibilities. When we

ignore these signs we run the risk of suffering circumstances that are dumped into our lap. "Callers who are encountering extreme difficulty may be experiencing astrological activity that is moving their energies," Verbena ext. 9615 reports. "When I communicate this in readings, clients feel better especially when they understand that cooperating with the energies rather than fighting them, can help guide the changes in the direction of their choice." Some find embracing change tougher than others. Astrologer Alison ext. 9885 knows that the more water signs that are present in a chart, (like the moon in Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces) the more resistant one may be to moving forward. She has guided clients, like her caller MaryEllen (with her moon in Cancer) told by her husband that he was in love with another woman, into making choices rather than being paralyzed in the presence of change. He offered MaryEllen their house and enough money to get by for a year. Because of the forces in her chart, the psychic knew that by nature her client might let the challenges of change fall where they may, instead of taking the bull by the horns. "I helped by showing her two possible outcomes. She made the choice as to what to do next. She put her house on the market and used the money to start over. Two years later she was married again and had a great job in the medical field." When unexpected change seems too merciless to even contemplate, Sophia ext. 9882 tells clients to look for support. "Find a role model or a personal change hero, who is going though or has done what you need to do. Make a collage of this person and yourself surrounded by images that represent the changes and positive words or phrases. Look at your collage daily, reflect on the good things that have happened in the past, to regain trust that your future will include more positive experiences." Shelby ext. 9040 promotes meditating on potential positive outcomes instead of worrying about worst case scenarios, when change forces its way into your life. Psychic Yvonne suggests,

wallowing in the information for a while, to insure that decisions made in the face of change lead to a preferred future reality. When fate steps in and rocks your life, get excited about the possibilities, our psychics advise in conclusion, use your sense of adventure, look for the joy of growth, because in the end, Jesse ext. 9027 concludes, "Change always takes us where we need to be!"

Life's Cycles

Insight into their ups and downs

by Psychic Verbena

Our culture is so powerfully focused on growth, expansion and achievement that it's hard to remember that Earth is a place of cycles and that, no matter how we struggle and kick, cycles affect us every

day. Economic cycles... life cycles... relationship cycles. Even cycles affecting weather, health, work and play. With that in mind, have you ever observed your personal cycles and used the unique energies of each phase to create a better life experience? It's really quite easy. Here's how: Start by looking out your window. The moon waxes, wanes to darkness and waxes to full light again. Seasons cycle from spring to summer to fall to winter and back to spring every year. Ancient peoples had to learn to work with seasonal cycles to survive, but how can those lessons apply today? Spring lessons Spring looks easy. Flowers are blooming, days are longer, opportunities and possibilities are everywhere. The challenge of spring is discernment, attention to detail. You get so excited about grabbing all the goodies that you forget to ask questions, to look closely at what you're planting. Spring teaches you that care in the beginning is important, whether it's a job or relationship or new exercise program. Look at what's new and ask yourself: "Will this be something I want to harvest in the fall?" Could a new lover's possessive behavior lead to a crop of unpleasantness? Could this new employer's eagerness to keep me busy be a way to prevent my asking some important questions about compensation, job description, responsibilities? Summer lessons Everything's going gangbusters. Crops are shooting up, the sun is inviting you out to play, your star is on the rise at work. What's to learn? The lesson of pausing to check everything, the lesson of tending to each part of a project - weeding, watering, fertilizing, trimming and thinning all can make for more abundant crops. Perhaps you're planning to be married. The wedding's set, gifts are arriving, everything's taken on a life of its own - you're having cold

feet. Time to do some weeding. Or, you may be doing so well at work that people are piling on new projects at a mad rate, but you're starting to falter. Then it's time to do some thinning! Fall lessons There's plenty to celebrate in the fall - a project completed successfully, an anniversary, your child is going off to college. You made it! It's "count your blessings" time - time to share the glory, time to store what you'll need for winter, and what you'll want to replant in spring. There's also something poignant about fall which is important to remember. It signals the beginning of the end of this particular cycle, and your next cycle will be more successful if you take the time to evaluate what's gone before, and begin to plan what you'll do in the next cycle. Think of it as if you're going back to school (and maybe you are!) and planning for the year ahead, while looking back at fond summer memories - reflecting on what you're taking away from them (time spend in nature, with loved ones, etc). Winter lessons There are two important winter lessons. First, spring always follows behind winter so remember, where there is life there will be renewal. In fact, green shoots that will show in spring actually begin to sprout underground when the winter season begins. Winter is a rest stop of sorts, your opportunity for reflection, re-evaluation, realignment and letting go. Ancients repaired tools, sorted seeds, and deepened their family and community relationships. Applying winter's lessons to your marriage or other relationships could mean a renewal that might have seemed impossible. You could do a retreat or weekend trip together, a quiet time which supports reflection and honest assessment of what's working in your relationship and what's not. What do you want to keep and re-plant in spring. Or, what's no longer useful? Clashing cycles Things can get tricky when you have more than one cycle in your life at a critical point at the same time and they aren't in the same

phase. Say your star's rising at work and you suddenly have a health problem that seriously affects your energy levels. Your health challenge gives you the opportunity to apply winter lessons to the whole situation, and because your job is in a summer cycle, it has the energy to take care of itself for awhile. Your health forces you to reflect, re-evaluate, sort your priorities, and if necessary build relationships at work to allow you to delegate some of the day to day tasks at work so you are free to deal with your health issue. Always remember, no matter how rough your winter cycles have been, spring will come. Where there is life, there is always renewal.

Is Yoga Right For You?

4 styles of yoga demystified

by Ramona Ticco

Yoga has been all the rage for years now, only continuing to increase in popularity. But yoga's beginnings can be traced back 5,000 years or more. This ancient practice is known to have numerous benefits for body and mind. In fact, many people prefer yoga to conventional exercise because of its holistic approach to well being. Amongst its many attributes, yoga practice can improve flexibility, strength, meditation, stamina and breathing. Learn about the forms of yoga practiced today and their specific focus and benefits. If you are drawn to this ancient form of exercise for mind, body and spirit, try them all and see which one works best for your physical and spiritual needs. Hatha yoga This is probably the most practiced form of yoga in the Western world. The word Hatha means sun and moon and is essentially referring to channelling one's energy properly. It focuses primarily on asanas or yoga postures, as well as, breathing and gestures. Meditating for long periods of time certainly requires physical and mental discipline. The idea is to get the body in peak condition and purification that enables one to achieve higher meditation. If you're looking for a simple holistic approach to exercise, this is a wonderful option. Bikram yoga Some like it hot. If you're one of those people, you might opt for Bikram yoga. In a room with the temperature at 105 F, this practice involves 26 yoga postures and 2 breathing exercises. Created by Bikram Choudhury, this is a popular yoga in California and amongst celebrities. The heat of the room allows one to work deeper in the body's muscles while improving circulation. It is also known for its positive effects on those with chronic illness. Some may find the heat uncomfortable but once you are accustomed to it, the benefits of yoga are increased due to the extreme heat. Definitely make sure the room is not too crowded and you have a qualified instructor. And

remember, you don't have to live in Beverly Hills to appreciate this yoga's benefits. Kundalini yoga You've heard the expression "They're all heart". In the yoga landscape one would say that about Kundalini yoga. Well it's all about heart, chakras and kundalini energy which is thought to be one's power laying dormant within - in the form of a coiled serpent. The practice of Kundalini is meant to awaken this coiled serpent so that it may pass upward through all the body's chakras. It is this concentration on the core of the life energy that makes Kundalini one of the most challenging forms of yoga but it also can make it the most beneficial yoga overall. It is even believed that continued practice which includes mantras and meditation will help in developing psychic powers. It is considered essential to be pure and sincere in this practice seeking "divine love." The powers developed from this form of yoga are said to be so strong, that it is imperative they are not misused. If you are ready to tap into your full potential in a responsible, loving way, then try this unique and intense path. But remember, it is not just another exercise class, it is an emotional work out you must be prepared for as well. Tantric yoga If you're looking for a form of exercise that will also bring about spiritual awakening and cosmic consciousness then Tantric yoga is for you. There is an emphasis on ridding yourself of bad habits that are toxic for your health like smoking and excessive drinking. In seeking consciousness and spirituality, these things are considered obstacles to your goal. Love (of self!) and devotion are a primary element of this form of yoga as well. You begin by renewing your whole being by transferring energies to a higher spiritual plane. These methods are also applied to something that has gained some recognition in the Western world and that is Tantric Sex. This focuses on delving deeper than the flesh for intimacy in body and spirit. So if you're looking for enlightenment and increasing sexual

function and stamina, then trying Tantric may be just what the yogi ordered.

Spirituality Check-Up

7 ways to nourish your spiritual self

by Jamie Nishi

Imagine that the spirit is a deep water well - one that always stays full, no matter how much is drawn from it. But because daily life is so demanding, many of us have not made time to visit the well and have become very, very thirsty. In today's world, this is not an uncommon phenomenon. Many people go through their daily lives

suffering, simply because they have not gone to drink deeply of the clear, sweet waters of the spirit. Nourishing the spirit isn't difficult - in fact, it's quite easy and pleasurable. What's difficult is making it a priority. In today's increasingly secular society, very little emphasis is placed on spiritual health and well-being. It's time to turn that around and join the many who have found out that making time for one's spiritual self will actually help you become a better, happier person all around. Your boss will notice it. Your partner, children and friends will notice it. But most importantly, you will notice that your thirst has been quenched, and this will allow you to feel more connected and to experience greater joy in everything you do! Here are just a few ideas to get you started on a path to greater spiritual health:

Make a list of spiritual goals. Do you want to be more patient with others, less stressed in your daily activities, feel closer to your god or self? Having a list will help you identify what activities will be the most beneficial for you. Go for a walk in a walking-friendly place. This could be the beach, a park or your own neighborhood. The slow rhythm of walking relaxes the body and mind, and allows you time to take notice of your surroundings - the flowers blooming in someone's garden or light shining on the water. Be sure to take deep breaths and sigh aloud if you need to. As you do this, you will experience walking more fully - the way you want to experience all the other activities in your life, even the fastpaced ones. Spend the day in nature writing in your journal. If you don't know where to begin, start with plain observation and see what evolves.Try to think in terms of sensory detail - what you see, what you smell, what you hear, what you feel. If anything



else pops into your head, even if it seems unrelated, begin writing about it. Allow yourself free flow.

Connect with elders. It's been an important facet of human development since ancient times. Talk with older members of your family or older friends. Ask them what their life was like when they were your age. You might learn some surprising things about them and about yourself! Read a book or watch a DVD by your favorite spiritual author. It could be something new or something you want to revisit. Spend just ten minutes a day with their words of wisdom. Make silence a part of your everyday life. Sit quietly for fifteen minutes in the morning or just before bedtime. Set yourself up with a candlelit bath. Do some gentle stretching, then lie down in a relaxing position for ten minutes and enjoy the flow of energy through your body. Even listening to meditation or relaxation music can be called silence, as long as you are really listening. Take a class to focus your spiritual commitment. Many yoga studios and even community colleges now offer classes with a focus on spiritual health, such as meditation, selfenrichment and even classes on topics such as the use of plant and flower essences. Check out your local studios and schools, and see if anything calls to you.




Spending any time alone can be one of the greatest spiritual activities of all!

Mind and Body Awareness for Kids

Changing lives with meditation and yoga

one has experienced what it is to be pulled in a zillion directions. In fact, it's pretty much a state of being for most of us. No matter what the day is made of, we're usually rushing from one thing to the next and madly multi-tasking as we go. It may feel productive, yet what's the emotional and mental toll, overall? After all, when you're living in ten places at once (most often past problems and what needs to be accomplished in the future), you're missing the only thing you've really got: the present moment. Over time, being pulled in many directions is stressful. When living under constant stress any setback can totally overwhelm you and set you spinning - even more out of the moment than usual. If you can find a way to center yourself however, even the most surprising changes will be less unsettling. The ideal time to get into the now is when you're not terribly stressed, but since those tranquil moments can be few and far between, your need for the now may not hit you until you're nearing the edge. When you're feeling like you're going to snap, it's time to literally take a step back, mentally and emotionally. There is almost nothing in this world that can't be experienced more easily, more fully, and less painfully by taking a moment to pause, breathe, and fully absorb it without attachment. For untold centuries, mystics from every spiritual and religious tradition have advocated a practice of turning inward as a way of managing the stresses and struggles of life. Essentially, the advice is always the same: 1. Close your eyes 2. Take a moment to focus on your breath 3. Notice your emotional and physical sensations 4. Let your focus return to your breath 5. Concentrate on breathing deeply (in through the nose, out through the nose or mouth - whatever's most comfortable for you. 6. Notice when your mind begins racing, note what you're thinking about let it pass

7. Return your focus to your breath 8. As thoughts arise, note them, and make a decision to let them go 9. Return your attention to your breath 10. Repeat, again and again. Basically, it's meditation. And it may be the most de-stressing, recentering activity you'll ever experience. Ah, but you wonder when do I have the time? The answer is, you've got to make it - even if it's just ten minutes before you begin your day. Those ten minutes will wind up giving you infinite peace of mind by intimating you with your present. You will begin to actually experience your experiences rather than going through the motions while thinking about what you've got to do next. In the thick of your day, this can be shortened to simple deep breathing, and then being aware everything around you. When your mind is racing, one way to focus is to turn attention to your body. Observe the weight in your chair, or if you're standing, the feel of your feet on the floor, and you will have grounded yourself enough to focus on your breath. Take a few minutes at lunch (before you eat - waiting until after your meal may actually make you sleepy) and experience a reduction in your stress levels and an increase in your ability to cope with the day - even when it brings unfair or painful things your way. Getting into the now will deepen your appreciation of every moment of life. If you've ever seen footage of a guru, a holy man or the Dalai Lama, the most impressive thing about them is their intense focus on everyone they meet, on their surroundings and their clear energy. By remaining focused in the moment, they embrace life with all their energy and abilities are available to them. You can live that way, too. Need help finding your focus? Let one of our Psychic Advisors help. Call 1.800.572.7495 now!

Empty and Be Full

Mind-clearing meditation
The need to clear out our thoughts has been an issue since the beginning of time - and the practice of meditation is just about as old! Even Lao Tzu's 2500 year old book Tao Te Ching, the principal text of Taoism (the philosophy/religion from which the phrase "go with the flow" stems) dictates that we must empty to be full.

What is meditation? Meditation is frequently confused with various forms of concentration. In exercises such as yoga, tai-chi and visualization, we focus our full undivided attention on a specific thought, goal or skill. By contrast, meditation is an exercise aiming to prevent thoughts in a natural way, by deeply relaxing the physical body and then trying to keep the mind completely "blank" with no thoughts whatsoever. It takes time The idea is that we, as humans, are more than our thoughts and our bodies - we are the state of being. A meditative state may be maintained for a few seconds or a few hours, depending on your skill. According to Buddhist traditions, the purity of the mind achieved during meditation is essential to gain access to Higher Self. Don't stress if it takes you time to calm your mind - meditation, while based on a simplistic ideal, is a really hard state to achieve particularly for the fast paced, post-millennium, Western mind.

Mystical Uses of Tea

Reading tea leaves and more!

by Jen Tartaglione

The mystical, soothing aura of tea has propelled this centuries old drink to be the second most commonly consumed beverage in the world - right behind water. And rightfully so! In recent years, numerous studies have been conducted showing that the antioxidants found in teas can aid in reducing cardiovascular disease, preventing cancer and improving overall immune system health. But tea is more than just a wonder tonic - it can also aid in stress relieving meditation - and psychic readings! Therefore we'd like to help you appreciate the fine art of tea from the information below. Cultivating your tea Whether you're a novice or a connoisseur, there is a tea for everyone. The best way to start your own tea collection is to be adventurous and try out different types that maybe you've never heard of. Do a

search of your neighborhood and find out if there is a tea house or vendor near you - they tend to have the most varied collection of premium teas. If that's not an option, tea's rise in popularity has commanded an expansive position in the super market - start your search there! Like yoga or meditation, the addition of tea to your routine is a great alternative method of relaxation - and pampering yourself. Reading tea leaves A tea leaf reading, known as Tasseography, is an age old practice of divination in which a person's future is foretold based on gazing at and interpreting the shapes formed by used tea leaves. While the processes vary from culture to culture and person to person, the first step is to put a pinch of tea leaves into a cup and pour boiling water over them. After steeping and drinking the tea (leave just a little bit of liquid), swirl the cup three times from left to right. Then turn the cup upside down over the saucer allowing the water to drain.

When you then gaze into the cup, you'll notice that the leaves clinging to the sides form different shapes. Where they are in the cup determines when they will happen with the rim being the present, the side being the near future. The bottom of the cup is the distant future. The shapes that you see and their placement make up your reading. Some of the most common symbols are listed below: An acorn means prosperity or good health. Birds mean good news or a journey. A cat signals deception or a false friend. A chain symbolizes an engagement or wedding. A crescent moon means prosperity or good fortune. An eye means caution. A fish signals good fortune. A forked line means there is a decision to be made. A heart represents pleasures and love.

A knife symbolizes a broken friendship. A straight line means progress whereas a wavy line signals an uncertain path. A snake can mean either an enemy or wisdom. A spider is a reward for work. A tower symbolizes disappointment. Wings represent messages. If you need more information, ask one of our gifted psychics. In fact, Jayzie ext. 9208 began her psychic career through the use of tea readings. Create your own tea ceremony! Whether you enjoy British high tea or a Japanese tea ceremony, participating in a tea ritual is a great stress reliever. But don't feel bound to carry on the traditions of yesteryear, make up your own ceremony. Choose a tea set that speaks to you - something that has a design or striking color that appeals to you. Next, find your own spot of serenity, whether it be at the kitchen table five minutes before work, or a lazy Sunday afternoon on your patio, and make the space as inviting as possible. Bring a book or magazine, or listen to alluring music and go into a meditative state. When you've finished your tea, be mindful of your current feelings and surroundings and then follow the steps above to do your own tea reading. What does your interpretation say about you and your current state of mind? Record your feelings and observations in a journal - maybe over time your feelings will change, or you'll learn that you are your own best psychic! Relax with tea If reading your future or a personalized ceremony doesn't quite cut it for you, there are many other uses of tea as a tool for relaxation. Take your used tea leaves (or bag) and wrap them in either a cloth or paper towel. Pour hot water over them, then place them over your eyes for a tea spa treatment. The best part is it works like aroma therapy and is a great stress reliever for your eyes! If you're partial to

spiking your coffee, you can do that with tea also - and no we're not talking about a Long Island Iced Tea. Make a green tea margarita or take your favorite herbal blend and make a martini out of it. You can find recipes on the Internet or at your local tea shop or bookstore. Tea is an ancient drink known for simplicity, purity and versatility. Whether you want to know your future, you're looking for a way to chill out or you want to be healthy, take a tip from the ancients drink tea. We think they were on to something.

Science and Spirituality

The Dalai Lama's philosophy
When the Dalai Lama speaks on the relationship of science and religion, you may be surprised by what he says. When he visited the Society for Neuroscience to discuss pursuing further, more detailed research into the benefits of meditation on the brain, the Dalai Lama expressed what some may find a surprising stance on the debate over science and religion. According to the publication, the Dalai Lama's scientific awakening came when he "looked through a telescope and on seeing the shadows in the craters of the moon, realized he had to make a choice." While Buddhism taught him to respect the moon as a generator of light, science showed him that the moon reflected the sun's rays. In the end, he chose to believe science, but he didn't give up his religion. Likewise, the Dalai Lama says that in his current dealings politically and otherwise, he favors scientific evidence over classical Buddhist concepts. But he says the two needn't cancel each other out. While American judiciaries battle over religion-free science education, the Lama urges people to take a path of peace between the perspectives. He suggested a healthy dose of skepticism toward religious pronouncements according to the publication, while supporting faith.

"Although science can overturn spiritual teachings, people can benefit from scientific understanding without losing faith," he reasoned. The Tibetan leader also emphasized that religion can help science, not just hinder it, using meditation as his example. Specifically, he urged neuroscientists not to discount the role of the Buddhist tradition on the brain. "Try to find reality with an open mind," he said, referring both to investigations in science as well as to studies in Buddhist thought. "Without investigation, we can't see reality."

Healing Hands

Reiki can restore your flow of energy

Multiple news outlets ranging from Malaysia to Canada have recently run reports on Reiki, an alternative healing method wherein the practitioner lays hands on the client sending healing energy to affected areas. Skeptics say it's just "esoteric mumbo-jumbo," but advocates argue that there is a universal energy which can be accessed by all people we just don't all know how to do it! Reiki relates to the chakras (or energy centers) of the human body, and the practice of laying hands itself is said to cleanse the chakras, leaving them open and in balance. For Michael Weiss, a Reiki teacher in the German city of Bielefeld, Reiki has become essential. "Normally the person lies on a couch and I place my hands on different parts of the body like the head, chest, stomach, legs and back," Weiss tells a Malaysian newspaper. "It is like being a radio receiver for energy and passing it on." Experts say that Reiki can be learned by anyone. However, Weiss warns that Reiki is not an alternative to seeing a doctor. "It is important to see a doctor first. The course is not enough to reach a diagnosis," he says. A typical session lasts between 30 minutes to an hour, and according to Weiss "is based on the free will of the individual. He who wants to receive Reiki, receives it. He who does not want it will not get it." Enhance your spiritual self In any case, Reiki is a holistic approach to wellness that requires using the mind, body and spirit connection.

Welcoming Wealth to Your Home

Feng Shui for prosperity

by Maryam Henein

Feng Shui, which means wind and water, is all about the mellifluous flow of energy. This ancient art of placement brings balance and harmony to a physical space. Feng represents the wind that carries the universal life force -- also known as Chi -- through space. Shui is the water that meanders underneath the earth, transporting Chi. Unbalanced and stuck energy affects your life. Not to mention your pockets. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to regain stability, bring money into the house and increase your having-ness potential. Home Sweet Home

Location. Location. Location. The first suggestion is to live in the right place, says Feng Shui Specialist Valentina Wittrock. Obviously living in a ramshackle neighborhood is not conducive to success. Additionally, living on a dead-end street speaks for itself. Meanwhile size apparently does matter. "It might sound ironic, but living in a large space actually promotes more wealth. Even if you live in a nice neighborhood but in a small crammed apartment, you are restricting your potential," adds Wittrock. Energy has to be able to dance.

If moving is not an option, consider finally fixing those broken things around the house, like that busted smoke detector in the hallway or the leaky faucet in the bathroom. (Drips denote a loss of wealth). The idea is to have things running smoothly. Go With the Flow Gently flowing water has always been related to money in Feng Shui. This is because it makes the land abundant and fertile. Ideally, we'd all live in a home with a view of the water -- it's considered a magnet for good luck, happiness and wealth. Alas, many of us don't have that luxury. A puddle is as close as we get. That's when artificial sources such as fountains, fish ponds and fish tanks come into play. "If you choose a fish tank, it should be large enough to contain nine fish -- eight gold and one black. The gold attracts wealth, and the black provides protection. These are known as "silent affirmations" as the Chinese automatically think of money when they see the fish," says Richard Webster, author of several books including Feng Shui for Beginners. Wealth Area Do you know where your financial "power spot" is? Prosperity is associated with the back left corner of any space. Stand at your front door facing into the house; your wealth area is at the back of the

house on the left-hand side. There should be no big/heavy furniture, trash bins, or too much clutter. "Clutter is a sign of stagnant energy, and clutter in your money power spots can clog up your cash flow," affirms Wittrock. Meanwhile, each room also has a wealth area. Increasing the lighting in this part of the room, or house can also encourage wealth. This can be accomplished with mirrors, crystals and chandeliers. Handle the Green How do you handle your money? Is your cashola neatly sorted in your wallet or clip or are there crumpled bills all over the place? Clean out your purse and start handling your money as though you truly value it. Meanwhile, live generously. Money is a form of energy, and it needs to flow through your life, not just into it. Giving within your means makes space for even greater abundance -- you're telling the universe that you trust that you are taken care of. If you don't yet have ample money to share, give of your time, energy and appreciation. Check and Change That 'Tude Your attitude about wealth and prosperity is vital. You can do all the Feng Shui things in the world but without the proper perspective beliefs, it's useless. Every thought you have about wealth from the past influences the present. It's time to reprogram your mind and bolster your worthiness. First off, do you believe that money is evil? Or that having money means that someone will do without? These beliefs have got to go! Repeat: I am worthy to have money. Money is coming my way! Repeat these phrases or similar ones while you are waiting at the bank or while driving to have dinner. It takes about six weeks to remove negative thought patterns. Also, consider writing your thoughts about money and wealth in a journal. Review the journal after the week and reflect on the underlying theme about money and wealth.

Last but certainly not least, express gratitude. The more you notice and express appreciation for blessings received (no matter how small), the more good things will come your way, including money.

Actualize Your Goals

Feng Shui your next promotion

by A.K. Boyle

Feng Shui is more than an ancient Chinese art of harnessing energies. It's about making conscious, deliberate choices for change. It's about taking control of your environment and adapting it to reflect who you'd like to be and what you'd like to achieve. It can be intricate and involved or serve as a simple guiding principle. If you're looking for career success and wondering what to do to precipitate that long-awaited promotion, take a look at the space in which you're working, and make sure it is helping you to realize your goals.

Eliminate clutter Clutter is a negative influence on the way we see ourselves and our work, and the way others see us. It makes us less effective and breeds feelings of confusion, hopelessness and impotence. Clutter breeds more clutter, and leads to a permissive attitude about disorganization in other parts of our lives. First your books have arranged themselves haphazardly on the shelf; then papers begin to accumulate on your desk, your bookshelves, even the floor. You know it's something you need to address, but you move on to other more pressing tasks, and soon the many half-finished projects in your mind look much like the disheveled office around you. When you eliminate clutter in your space, you are also clearing your mind for new direction. It's easier to arrange your priorities and you feel more at ease and in control. Pay special attention to which areas in your office tend to gather clutter and compare it to a Feng Shui bagua map. You may be surprised to find the corresponding area of your life is exactly what needed clarification. Think direction Whenever possible, arrange your desk so it is facing the door at a diagonal. If you share an office with a co-worker, try to make sure you are facing the same direction, so as not to create any symbolic tension or conflict. According to the bagua map, the essential grid of Feng Shui, there are two primary areas of your office where you would focus to actualize a promotion. If you're facing into your office from the door, Wealth and Prosperity are represented in the far left corner. Adorn this corner with symbols of money. This corner of your desk is also ideal for thoughtfully chosen power symbols. Career is the middle of the front wall - the wall closest to you. Wealth and career are clear target areas, but there are other, possibly unexpected areas of your life that contribute to the advancement of your career. Perhaps a manager recommends you for a promotion or a co-worker mentions an impressive accomplishment in front of your

boss. Helpful People & Travel are represented in the front right corner. Maybe the promotion (or new career) that would bring most prosperity is high-profile, and Fame and Reputation, in the center of the back wall, will become your most notable influence. Think about the kind of change you would like to bring into your life, and concentrate on making those areas bright, uncluttered and symbolic of success. Power symbols Once you've determined which areas are essential to your career goals, you are ready to empower those spaces with strategic symbols. Plants are known to represent wealth, and can also improve mood and reduce stress, which may very well leave you more productive and put clients or executives who frequent your office at ease. Crystals are said to be great organizers, and metal coins bring additional income. There are many other items that traditionally represent wealth or power: dragons, horses, ships, birds, bells and water are much loved harbingers of prosperity. It is important to understand, however, that symbols are just that. It's not crucial that you adorn your door with a bell fashioned from seven metals, just that you are surrounded by reminders of your personal power, your intentions and the promise you've made to welcome certain energies into your life. These symbols may take the form of token reminders of your specific goals, such as a picture of a new home you'd like to buy, children whose college education you are planning or a painting of a beach where you plan to vacation. Oftentimes the symbols that will work best for you are those that are personally appealing. If you strategically place an item in your office that makes you feel organized, efficient, powerful or simply relaxed, you are adorning your workplace with positive Feng Shui, and inviting prosperity into that space.

Welcome Your Success

Use Feng Shui to open the door

by S.K. Smith

Feeling stuck in a work related situation? You're not alone. Job issues continue to be high on the list of problems we all face as citizens of the planet. But if you're tapped out of resources and feel like you just can't possibly be any more proactive than you already are, we've got a few pointers from the ancients. Take just a few of these Feng Shui tips and you may see your luck - and your energy change! The Chinese have been using Feng Shui to enhance all areas of their lives for literally thousands of years. While the idea of moving your household around in order to achieve a certain end may sound a little far out to some, consider this: Feng Shui is simply a way of telling the universe you're ready to accept your desires as a part of your life. If you don't welcome abundance, it's a long shot to pour in. But if you literally make room for whatever it is you want it follows that the chances you'll get it certainly aren't going to be hurt. In fact, armed as we are with the power to create our own realities, one has to conclude that it will help, even if only by shifting your perspective. So, if you're looking to move forward in your career, whether it's by getting a new job, getting a promotion, shifting gears altogether or finding a way to be happy where you are, consider making the following changes around your home and office. You may be surprised at the result! Welcome energy Feng Shui experts suggest that you hang wind chimes outside near the front door and place a birdbath or bird feeder in your front yard if you're looking to advance in your career. Why? Both are examples of ways to enhance the amount of energy surrounding your home. So what do you do if you don't have a front yard, or don't particularly like the sound of wind chimes? Think of other ways to reflect the same sentiment. For instance, consider playing more music around

the house, installing walkway lights or burning incense near your front door. A welcome mat or colorful flag are other common signs of a Feng Shui home. Whatever you do, an inviting atmosphere (from the point of entrance) is the key to bringing new elements (like money and success) to your door. Ah, water One of the first elements of a Feng Shui home is running water. Placed near your front door it symbolizes the flowing of money abundance - in your life. On top of that, it's a soothing sound. There's a reason (probably several!) that spas and relaxation centers often have flowing fountains. First, imagine the peace you'll feel with the gentle sound of water flowing laying the backdrop to your days. Then, remember what it stands for. Thought-action is one of the most important elements for those who practice Feng Shui. In other words, these symbols serve to remind you of what you're seeking (and welcoming). Belief creates reality. Make room for the new There's no better way to clear the clutter of your mind than to clear the clutter of your home! Clean lines and minimal furnishings are the hallmarks of a Feng Shui state of being - and with good reason! Think about it. When we let things we don't need pile up it's as if we're telling the universe we've got to hold on to the unnecessary for fear we'll never be able to replace it. One of the first things financial expert Suze Orman recommends in her book, The Courage To Be Rich, is that you go through your home and find at least 30 - that's right 30 - things you no longer need that you can donate to charity or throw away. And there's a method to her madness. By accepting and believing - with every fiber of your being - that you can and will earn the money to replace things that are broken, worn or simply no longer of use or necessary, you will make that happen. The same goes for opportunities. Don't take those you don't truly want - and if finances dictate you've got no choice, don't stay in them any longer than you have to. The basic

root of this tip: empty and be full. Live it, love it, learn it. It's a basic key to success - and happiness. Wish list If you haven't caught on yet, there's nothing like reminding yourself of what you want and what your intentions are. This last recommendation takes that quite literally! Feng Shui experts suggest making lists of your career goals. But don't stop there. Consider what you'd do if you never had to work again. If money were no object, how would you spend your time? Where would you find satisfaction? Write these things down too, and place your lists in key spots of your home (the office, near a mirror, over the sink come to mind). The idea is that you'll be more likely to start incorporating these aspects of yourself into your day to day if you remember that they exist. In turn, you will be more fulfilled and thereby, more successful.

Chinese Secrets
5 ways to boost your life force
by S.K. Smith

Select an RSS reader Health is something we all take for granted - until we lose it! Whether it's to a common cold or something far more serious, it usually takes illness to acknowledge how important physical wellbeing is in our day to day lives. Ask anyone who's been sick for any length of time and they'll probably tell you if there was something they could have done differently to prevent prolonged illness, they would have done it, gladly. Simply put, being sick on any level sucks. And unfortunately, it's not always preventable. But if you're looking for a way to boost your life force, to increase your energy and improve your general state of well-being, consider the advice of the ancients. The Chinese art of Feng Shui has been practiced for centuries and it offers some tips for

improving - or maintaining - your health! Plants and flowers According to the experts, one of the best ways you can encourage your own state of well being is to surround yourself with life energy. Fresh flowers and plants will work wonders for your mind, body and spirit in this tradition. And Feng Shui practitioners recommend that you put plenty around the house and yard (or whatever space you've got). Just be sure to keep them healthy. Dried flowers are considered bad for your energy (after all, they're dead) and may allow you to stay trapped in old energy or hold onto old patterns that are making you sick in some way (or at least not letting you blossom). Same goes for dying or wilting plants. Silk flowers, on the other hand, will do the trick, especially if you have an allergy or can't spend weekly on the fresh stuff, but the idea is to surround yourself with life force, so obviously, live plants are optimal. Animal magnetism If you really want to take this up another notch, Feng Shui experts recommend getting a pet. A dog, cat, or whatever other houseappropriate animal will help to stimulate your energy and re-root you. They are champions of people who love unconditionally, which naturally generates even more positive energy in your home and in your life. Related Articles Scent-sational By now, most of us are familiar with the soothing quality of scents. There are "scentual" cures for every ailment, and the Chinese recommend that those seeking to improve their overall health use incense and aromatherapy candles regularly. Not only can smells have an actual, physical healing effect on us, but the calming energy of a welcoming home is only enhanced by pleasing aromas. By taking the time to surround yourself in health-promoting properties

(energetically scents do qualify) you welcome well-being and optimal health. Go green You've heard the saying green with envy, right? Well in Feng Shui tradition, that would be green with healthy, since green is the color of health. Like many other groups, the Chinese believe that certain colors can promote health and spirituality. Green, in particular is said to soothe and replenish the soul, and they suggest that those who are ailing or simply concerned about health wear it often and place it in key areas of their homes. Likewise, they believe that wearing pink melts anger, donning yellow stimulates the mind and putting on a little something blue promotes tranquility. Note which areas you feel you could use a little help with and dress accordingly. You may find yourself on the sunnier side of things when the day is done! Down the drain In Feng Shui tradition, bathrooms can drain your health and your finances. To prevent this from happening, not only is it advisable to decorate your bathrooms in earth tones ("to figuratively dam the leak" as one expert puts it), but make sure you fix any leaky faucets (inside and out) and always turn the water all the way off! Likewise, put the toilet seat down when you leave the room. You don't want to flush your money - or your well being - down the toilet! All about the message Like all things, you need to pay attention to your body if you want to be healthy and you need to send that message to the universe as well. In Feng Shui tradition, most attributes to a life well-lived have an area of the house dedicated to them. Health finds its home in the left-center section of each room and (if you have a yard) in the leftcenter section of your property (considered when standing at your front door). Make sure this area is tended to. The health area of your home should not be cluttered in anyway, nor should it be the place you store garbage of any sort. On the other hand, your health center

shouldn't be completely empty either! Plants and other green items are highly recommended inhabitants of your health space. Whatever you decide, put energy into maintaining this area of your home, and watch your energy levels increase - a key component to lasting health and a life well-lived!

Clean Green

Is disinfectant disrupting your inner peace?

An article in the Tufts Daily begins: "As we stretched out and prepared for another early yoga class, a student in front of me said, "the Lysol is disrupting my inner peace." And even though she was joking, the wafts of ammonia and chlorine were not particularly pleasing." This particular writer was then inspired to do some research, and what she found out might be a little surprising or not. It's pretty common knowledge that the ingredients in common daily household supplies contain skin and eye irritants and may even cause allergic reactions, but for many, the school of thought has been "what's the alternative?" But there is another option for getting your house spic and span without using any products that may impede your well-being.

Green cleaning is sweeping the country. Institutions including Harvard University are implementing environmentally sound cleaning programs for their custodial services (improving the health of custodians and building occupants alike). And with more and more stores carrying products that don't contain substances that contribute significantly to the production of photochemical smog, tropospheric ozone and poor indoor air quality, green cleaning is an option in the home as well.

Recharge Your Chakras

Enhance your spiritual self
Chakras are energy centers in your body and according to Ayurveda, there are seven of them governing physical, emotional and spiritual health. They work individually and together to form the chakra system. When one gets clogged, so do the others and your flow is interrupted. These chakra-specific signs of imbalance will help you determine the sources of issues as they arise for you. Taking care of your chakras will help optimize your energy flow, and get the most out of your day to day. The Root Chakra (or Muladhara) is at the base of your tail bone. It is said to connect us to the earth and create our personal boundaries. Your root chakra may be clogged if you're feeling disconnected from others (or yourself), easily distracted or confused. Exercises that help you feel firmly rooted to the ground are beneficial. The Sacral Chakra (or Svadhisthana) is right below your belly button. It's mean to be our sexual center and the root of all creativity. If you're experiencing low sex drive, blocked creativity or feelings of powerlessness, your sacral chakra's flow may be off. Connecting to your core and strengthening your spine would be helpful.

The Solar Plexus Chakra (or Manipura) is at the "v" where your lower ribs meet (between your chest and your navel). It's the source of intuition (or gut feelings) and the seat of our egos. If you're feeling overwhelmed or insignificant, like you don't matter, and you can't make a decision, this is the chakra that you should focus on. Wringing out your middle (for example with twist poses in yoga, or bridge pose) will help get things going again. The Heart Chakra (or Anahata) is right in the center of your chest. The focus point of love, heartbreak, grief and fear, you can tell if it's out of whack if you're having trouble letting go of the past (relationships or events) and experiencing an inability to trust or get close to others. Opening your heart and chest (as in sun salutations) may make the difference you need to re-charge this chakra. The Throat Chakra (or Visuddha) is right where it sounds like it should be - in the center of the neck. This chakra is the control center for communication and controls our ability to speak and listen open and honestly. If you're having trouble speaking up for yourself, are experiencing a lot of miscommunication or are even lying a lot, your throat chakra may be in need of some attention. Salt water gargles and shoulder stands will help set you on the path to a healthier energy flow. The Brow Chakra (or Ajna) is the so called third eye, located between your eyes, just above the eyebrows. This is the governing chakra of thoughts which also allows us to distinguish between fantasy and reality. Loss of focus, daydreaming and mild forgetfulness signal that something's up with your Brow Chakra. Nightmares are a symptom of imbalance as well. Meditation and balanced alignment are two ways to properly energize this chakra. The Crown Chakra (or Sahasrara) is located on the top of the head. Spiritual energy enters our minds and bodies through this chakra, when it's working properly. Often symbolized by an open lotus flower, the Crown Chakra isn't working properly if you're feeling disconnected or pessimistic and avoiding any new experiences or

ways of seeing things. Deeper relaxation may be key to correcting the problem. Take slow deep breaths and tense, then relax all the muscles in your body beginning at your feet. When you come back into your body, you may find that you feel more focused instantly. It's important to remember that energy flow is constant. All of these processes take work and regular maintenance. Care for your chakras and you'll see how they care for you.

Feeling Blue, Red or Yellow?

How colors and your aura work
Color is nature's language - no matter where you're from or what you do each day, color is universal. The sky is blue (in various shades), the grass is green or brown (depending on how much water it gets) Color is part of the underlying essence of the universe. And it's not just in nature that color creates mood; the colors you give off (and take in) say something about you too! Here comes the sun Have you ever noticed the way a day in the sun drains you - and yet makes you feel so good? Color is part of what emanates from the sun, surrounding us every day, filling our bodies and interacting with our own energies. It has been used since early times to facilitate health and well-being. In fact, color healing was taught in the great temples of Egypt, Greece, China and Tibet. In recent years, the scientific community has come to accept that the human body is more than just flesh and bone. People have energetic components as well. Now the aura The saying goes that you never get a second chance to make a first impression. And indeed, most people can say that we get immediate feelings when being introduced to others for the first time. We're comfortable or uncomfortable. We feel immediate connections and

repulsions. Occasionally, we even experience love (or for skeptics, lust) at first site. Well it all relates to colors, and more specifically the color of someone's aura. Your automatic internal response upon meeting someone is a consequence of feeling the other person's energy field or color vibration. We are all made up of energy and light - the only difference between different people is in the speed of vibration. This is the same scientific data that accounts for the order the colors appear in a prism or a rainbow (red is fastest and first, etc). The colors of a person's aura are also associated with the activity of the chakras. If your vibration is of a certain color, it indicates that your attention is currently focused on a particular area of your body. Your color, your chakra:

The color of courage Red is a fiery force. It puts your life back into action with the burning desire to get somewhere. The red personality is that of the pioneer and the go-getter. Red energy quickens the spirit and is exhilarating but practical.

The color of love Pink is a gentler version of red. A warm and caring color it represents awakening. The pink personality is tender, giving and vulnerable with a strong feminine side.

The color of opportunity Orange is the color of material opportunity. The orange personality is a lover of freedom. Orange energy expands and break down barriers, giving us the courage to face the consequence of our actions and see things through to completion.


The color of intellect Yellow is the brightest color in the spectrum. The yellow personality has the latest information and is very precise. Yellow energy assimilates, unravels and reveals, it is flexible and adaptable. Dominant yellow energy produces a great communicator.

The color of balance Green is the color of progress with willingness to share its prosperity. A person relating to the green aspect will strive to bring harmony to any situation. Green energy indicates dependability, a sociable nature, selflessness and a love of the good life.

The spirit of truth Blue is the color of expression and requires caution to think before it leaps. The blue personality values honor and sincerity above anything else and is the calming opposite of red.

The color of perception Indigo inspires to be the spiritual master. The indigo personality can reconcile science and religion. The great writers and creators relate to this color.

The colour of peace Purple or violet is the color of aristocracy of the spirit. The purple personality is a visionary working with the highest levels of thought and prefers to be self-employed. Purple indicates acute psychic perception on a day to day basis.

Feng Shui For Simplicity

Make room for a clutter-free mind

by Maryam Henein

Feng Shui is a holistic and metaphysical study of self and environment. Simplicity comes with the territory, as does neatness and clarity. One way to achieve this in your life is to remember that less is definitely more. Because, as you can already attest, a clutterfree environment is synonymous with a clutter-free mind. Besides, energy needs space to move and flow. "Have nothing in your home unless it's beautiful, functional or beneficially symbolic," insists Jami Lin, author of the Feng Shui Anthology. Alas, if you look around at your surroundings, this likely isn't the case. It seems that muddle is the price of living in a fastpaced society such as ours. Many of us barely have time to keep up with all the things that accumulate: bills, dust, paperwork - not to mention all the work that we constantly need to churn out. The result? Piles and piles. But, here are some suggestions that should help: Weekly clean up "In America, in this land of immediate gratification, we tend to collect stuff and it just ends up getting stored somewhere," adds Lin. "My favorite two words are, no mercy." To oblige to this phrase, Lin suggests making the effort to clear things out on a weekly basis. That way "things don't even stand a chance of getting together. Make it a habit so when the week rolls to a close you are ready and willing to organize your purse, your desk, your car and anything else that calls your name. It will take time and effort but you will feel lighter and clearer afterward. Also, every six months, consider tackling scarier spaces such as garages and closets. Ban stacks and nick naks Clear the clutter! Clear the madness! If you're a victim of stacks likemost people, Lin suggests only having two books or magazines going at the same time. Get rid of the stacks by your bed or in your living room. Same goes for newspapers - and why not just read your

news online? As much as it hurts, recyle your magazines away. Remember, show "no mercy." As far as nick naks go, you know the drill. It's time to make room. You want simplicity not chaos. Lin suggests only placing three accessories on any surface. And of course, they have to be in proportion with the area you've chosen to display. Navigate Your home should not resemble a furniture store, adds Feng Shui Expert Valentina Wittrock. You need space to navigate, and so it's a good idea to feature some empty space in every room. And, don't put large furniture in the middle of the room. This also prevents the energy to flow through. Nothing should be blocking or cutting Chi, confirms Val Biktashev, co-author of The Complete Idiot's Guide to Feng Shui. With that said, simplicity doesn't mean minimalism. "Objects don't have to be plain, rather whatever you place in your home should symbolize prosperity for yourself," says Wittrock. Finally, strike a balance between stuff and space. If you don't use it, give it away to the Salvation Army or other charities you are connected with. If you tend to hoard, remember that letting go tells the universe that you trust - and that you are ready to fill that space with something more enriching.

Feng Shui for Partnership

Use this Ancient Art to Spruce Things Up

by Maryam Henein

If you want to attract a partner into your life, or you want to enhance an existing partnership that seems to be lacking the zipididoodah that it once had, the ancient art and science of Feng Shui can certainly help.Here are some tips to consider: The yin and the yang of things Life is all about balance. In order to get that Chi (Qi) to flow freely in your life and bring health and strength, giving and receiving need to be on par. Are you an opportunist who takes and takes but never gives? Or do you give selflessly without speaking your needs? The energy in a relationship (and life in general) needs to move in both directions. You need to give your heart knowing you are taken care of, and you need to allow yourself to receive, signaling to the universe that you know your self-worth. If you see yourself as a ten, then you attract a ten into your life. Are you being loving with your

lover? Give him a gift simply because he has graced your life. The location of the lovenasium Anytime relationship issues are at hand, especially personal ones, we have to consider the Lovenasium (a.k.a the bedroom). Ideally when you move into your home you should make sure that your bedroom faces a direction/aspect that is synonymous with auspicious flying star energies, says Feng Shui expert Jami Lin, author of the Feng Shui Anthology. ! Flying Star Feng Shui studies how time and space affect your health, wealth and relationships with others. So the magnetic orientation of a dwelling, along with the year the home was built are important factors that determine the innate character of the house, according to The Complete Idiot's Guide to Feng Shui. For instance, you wouldn't want your bedroom to be situated in Severed Fate or Burglary with Fire. The partnership will bloom if you are lying down in a positive aspect such as Youthful and Bright Future. You can also figure out which direction to place your bed based on his and hers birthdays. An expert can help you figure out what Flying Star energies correlate with your home. Make space and live life clutter-free Obviously, your bedroom is associated with the intimacy of a romantic relationship. As we've mentioned before, clutter is a big nono in Feng Shui. Clutter anywhere inside the bedroom (and this means under the bed as well as hidden in drawers) will create a traffic jam of chi that won't allow the love to flow, says Feng Shui expert Ellen Whitehurst. It can contribute to fatigue, lack of focus, and difficulty sleeping. When you and your partner are tired, cranky, and distracted much of the time, your relationship is probably not getting the quality attention it needs and deserves. If you are single, a cluttered bedroom will make it more difficult for a new relationship to get started.

If you don't have a partner yet, it may be a good idea to clear a space for them. "That special someone who may be just around the corner might need a little extra shove from the Shui and the quickest yet most effective way to do that is to empty a drawer, make some room in the closet and push aside a little space in the medicine cabinet," adds Whitehurst. Acting "as if" your partner is getting ready to make their move, will actually create energies that will help call in your partner-to-be. It's also important, if you're looking for a new love, to get rid of anything that exists from any old ones. Love letters, pictures of the two of you together, old stuffed animals won at the county fair, they all have to go, says Whitehurst. Tea for two and two for tea Be sure to place everything in pairs around this room as well as this notifies the universe that you are willing to work in a partnership. Two nightstands, two candlesticks, and two sets of pillows say that 'there's no room for loneliness inside this space.' If you have three of something, (three pillows on the bed?) remember that three is a crowd!

Yin, Yang and You

Be true to you in relationships

Whether you know it or not, you or someone you know has probably been victim of the "maybe if I like what they like, they'll like me syndrome." It starts off with a newfound interest in your date's favorite sport (you mean they actually put poker on TV?) or giving into their Friday night movie selection (yet another romantic comedy!) and before you know it, you've forgotten who you were as an individual before your new love came your way. Worse still is the situation where a person is not even yours yet and you find yourself bending. Unfortunately, when love finally comes your way, the tendency can be to lose part - if not all - of yourself. The problem with that is becoming someone you aren't doesn't work in love any better than demanding your way all the time does. The key to a successful relationship is maintaining a healthy balance. This may seem like a new idea, but balance as an ideal goes all the way back to 500 BC

when Lao Tzu wrote the Tao Te Ching and the familiar, black and white circle known as the yin-yang symbol was born. When it comes to balancing your relationship, having both yin and yang is a great place to start. Take a look at the symbol itself. Two halves of a whole (notice one is not bigger than the other) with yin being black with some white in it and yang being white with some black in it. A complete, perfect circle where harmony is achieved. So the next time your love makes the assumption that you'll be going to a buddy's place for football on Saturday, if it's not to your liking, utilize both your yin and yang energy to nicely assert yourself and your needs. If your desire is to go shopping, they don't need to come - if it's to do something together, then maybe you can compromise and change plans altogether. Conversely, the next time you have the burning desire to have yet another conversation defining your relationship when your love is happy just spending time together, stifle your urge to verbally share, share, share and instead pro-actively, physically experience something together. Choose an activity you both enjoy (hike, minigolf, cook, whatever) and without discussing it, share the mutually receptive, clear and balanced experience that being together provides. While you're at it, be sure to take time for yourself, independent of your love, and do the things you used to do. Don't forget your friends, your passions or your aspirations. While they may have to get used to not having you at their beck and call, when all is said and done, they'll appreciate the companionship of the whole person you've turned out to be!

Who Finds What Attractive?

The votes are in...

If you had to choose, would you rather your lover be good looking or funny? Where does honesty fall on your list? Do you expect a mate to have money? Canadian romance publisher Harlequin Enterprises recently conducted a survey asking people on six continents (in 16 countries) about traits they liked or disliked and how they went about trying to meet "the one." Venus and Mars It's probably not a surprise to learn that when it comes to romance, women prefer someone who makes them laugh while men opt for those who catch their eye. But as much as men and women are different, the study revealed how residents of different countries varied in the way they tried to impress the opposite sex. Bad boys and girls Australians and British men frequently admitted drinking too much, while about half of German and Italian men said they had lied about their finances, according to Reuters. The men of Spain were the most likely to use sex to catch a paramour's attentions. Eighty percent of Brazilian and Mexican men said they had lied about their marital or relationship status, as did 70 percent of German women. But no matter the country of residence, the majority of people preferred to meet someone via introductions by mutual friends. Online romance Aside from Portugal (where about half of men and women say they go online for love), the Internet was not a popular method of dating. Thirty percent of Spanish men, but no Spanish women, admitted trying Internet dating. And in France, 40 percent of men but only 10 percent of women attended parties, bars and clubs to meet someone. But despite this gender gap, both French men and French women rated looks as more important than their counterparts in other countries. Brains or looks Almost all men placed higher importance on looks over brains in a

first meeting, while once again, women put a sense of humor at the top of their list. Physical attraction was the top priority for men in France, Brazil, Greece, Japan and Britain, according to the report. But while 40 percent of Portuguese men rated intelligence over looks in a first encounter, no Australian men did the same. The two exceptions: Surprise, surprise! In the United States and Canada, humor was considered the most important trait by both men and women, getting 63 and 73 percent of the vote respectively.

Love is Grand

Top 5 romantic gestures of all time

Ever heard the expression that a picture (or a song) is worth a thousand words? Well, check out these expressions of love thorughout history. We think these five top the list!

1) The Taj Mahal Emperor Shah Jahan had this tomb built after his wife, Mumtaz Mahal died while giving birth to their 14th child. Twenty thousand workmen spent 22 years building the marble and jewel studded tribute. Rumor has it that after construction was complete the Shah had the chief mason's right hand chopped off so the Taj Mahal would remain truly one of a kind. A little extreme, but there's no denying the undying love expressed for the Shah's lost beloved. 2) A girl's best friend Who can forget the chemistry of Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton in Cleopatra? Their love extended far beyond the film and will probably last several lifetimes if his love is measured by the jewels he bestowed upon his beloved. Richard's first jewelry purchase for Liz was a 33.19-carat diamond ring in 1968. You can see her wearing it in a number of post-1968 films. Her next bauble was the La Peregrina Pearl for which Burton paid 15,000 ($30,000). For Elizabeth's 40th birthday in 1972 he gave her a heartshaped diamond known as the Taj-Mahal. For that he remarked, "I would have liked to buy her the Taj-Mahal but it would cost too much to transport." By far the best known of Richard Burton's purchases for Elizabeth was the 69.42-carat pear-shape "TaylorBurton Diamond." Elizabeth debuted the Taylor-Burton diamond for the first time when she attended Princess Grace's 40th birthday party in Monaco. 3) Please, Layla While it's a rare occasion that wooing a married man or woman is advisable, this is one case where it worked. Eric Clapton fell madly in love with his friend George Harrison's wife, Pattie Boyd. He tried to get her to leave his friend for ages, to no avail. His heartache led him to write the song Layla, based on the ancient Persian love poem The Story of Layla and Majnun. The song was a hit and Pattie soon left Harrison to marry Clapton. The two enjoyed nine years of

marriage before separating... Apparently, even the biggest romantic gestures can't trump Karma - or addiction. 4) The Gift of the Magi O. Henry's short story is considered by some to be the most generous - albeit cheapest - romantic gestures ever. The Gift of the Magi is about a poor but desperately in love couple who secretly make huge sacrifices to buy each other Christmas gifts. The man sells his grandfather's gold watch to buy his wife tortoise shell combs for her beautiful hair. The woman cuts off her hair and sells it to a wig maker in order to buy her husband a platinum chain for his watch. In the end, they're even more grateful to simply have each other. Ah, l'amour. 5) Flowers for Marilyn While they were married for just nine months, Joe DiMaggio never lost his love for Marilyn Monroe. When she died in 1962, he placed a 20-year standing order with a flower shop to have long stemmed roses placed on her grave three times a week. Wow!

5 Simple Ways to Improve Your Health

Take these tips and get results -- quick!

by S.K. Smith

Stress. In today's culture, more than ever before, it affects everyone. Whether your job is driving you crazy, your romantic life has got you in knots or your unending questions about life in general are causing your mind to twirl faster than your washer's spin cycle (and for a whole lot longer at a clip), you know that it's got to stop -- but you can't imagine how to make that happen. Your health has even been affected. You find yourself tired, exhausted even, and you know you don't feel the same as you used to, but you're too busy to do anything about it -- or so you think! The good news is you're not alone. Millions of people let stress damage their well being. The great news is, you're not actually too busy to fix the problem. These five simple suggestions take very little time from your schedule but do a lot to take the edge off your elevated stress levels. Put them to use and in turn, you'll feel better --

inside and out! The Sunny Side of Life While we all know that too much sun (particularly on unprotected skin) can be detrimental to your health, science has recently shown that not getting enough sun can be just as bad! Prostate Cancer and MS have recently been linked to Vitamin D deficiency -- something that can be solved by getting out of the office (or the living room) and into the Sun. Whether it's half an hour at lunch or part of your weekend afternoon, make an effort to get more sun! In addition to the Vitamin D factor, exposing yourself more often will just make you feel better. Consider that the flowers and trees can't grow without the sun's rays. What makes you think you're any different? You Are What You Eat It's an old saying, but it's true. In fact, recent science proves it! So if you're one of those super busy types who thinks that fast food is all you can squeeze in, think again! A balanced diet is key to lowered stress levels. Not only that, what you eat directly impacts your emotions on a daily basis! "You can manipulate your mood and your mental acuity just by what you eat and when, and the effects can happen very quickly," Dr. Judith Wurtman, a research scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and author of Managing Your Mind and Mood Through Food tells MSN. If you're feeling blah, consider upping your good carb intake. "Eating carbohydrates had a profound and dramatic effect in improving mood," Wurtman said. "I'm talking about anger, irritability, depression, difficulty concentrating, mental fuzziness. We found that you could reverse those mood changes with carbohydrate-rich foods, in about 30 minutes."

But before you go reaching for cream cheese or peanut butter to pile onto that wheat bagel, consider that fatty-foods combined with carbs inhibit your digestion and reduce that "feel-good response" according to MSN. And Wurtman says protein is best for those facing longer periods of mental strain. Whatever your individual needs are, make smart choices for your quick pick-me-up foods and you will see the difference. Don't Stay Chained to a Desk! Days spent in an office in front of a computer will make even the sunniest healthy eaters irritable. To avoid the dreaded desk job doldrums, try getting up more often throughout the day. Take walks around the office every two hours or so if you can, and if not, try to get in some activity where you sit. Sure, you may feel a little silly rolling your shoulders back in your office, but what you actually are is smart! Science has proven the mind-body connection is a real and vital part of health, and if your mind and spirit are in need of rejuvenation, there's no better way to get it than to get the blood flowing in your body! Breathe It's so simple we take it for granted. After all, as we all learned in grammar school science, breathing is involuntary -- it's not like we'll stop 'til we're dead. While that may be true, it's not whether we breathe that's the problem. It's how we breathe. When was the last time you took a good, long, deep breath and let the air really fill your lungs? By becoming aware of your breath -drawing it in through your nose and letting it flow out evenly (through your nose or your mouth), you will do a lot to increase your energy. Skeptical? Consider that breath brings oxygen to your blood and by breathing more consciously and more deeply you increase blood flow to your extremities. Make sense now?

Breathe more consciously -- more effectively -- and you will notice a shift in your consciousness levels, energy and general mood. Learn to Say No Oh, this is a hard one, particularly if like so many of us, you're a people pleaser. But the simple truth is that you can't please all of the people all of the time, and if you're trying, you're no doubt failing to please yourself! Make it a practice to say yes only when you can truly deliver -- without burning the candle at both ends. It may seem hard when you start (you don't want to let anyone down, after all), but you'll find that you're doing a much better job at the things you commit to wholeheartedly than you were when you had more to do and less to give to each task. Believe it or not, you'll make a much more lasting impression as well. Instead of frazzled or moody (or holding it all in), you'll be seen as someone who is practical, eventempered and reliable, not to mention that you'll feel a lot less stressed when you're not overloaded with commitments you can't really keep!

Astrology Basics: Second House

How you'll prosper lies here
by Martine Jeanne Craughley

Do you wonder why you are always worried about money? Or why you never have any? Do you feel that you lack resources, financial, emotional or creative? Or do you feel that you have in abundance what others lack? Do you have a good sense of self-worth or do you wonder what that means? In all cases, our personal resources, whether intellectual or material, are revealed by the second house. This is the house of Taurus, the steady, sensual, strong bull of the zodiac and presided over by Venus the goddess of beauty, art and values. The sign on the second house cusp reveals what you value most in life, or what you must have to feel fulfilled.

Examining your birthchart can reveal the hidden strengths, challenges and weaknesses of this area of your life. Look for the planets in your second house and read the interpretation below and you'll have a much better idea of how to manage this essential area of your life: Sun You're likely to earn money from your radiant creativity, yet you're also a bit too tempted by luxury. Your wealth may be 'easy come, easy go' until you learn self-control. Moon The moon rules emotions, so it's likely that emotional security trumps everything else for you. However, you may try to find emotional security through your material possessions, and this leaves you vulnerable. Transform your need for security by developing a trusting relationship with yourself and those important people in your life. Mercury Your quick mind is your fortune, whether you use your ability to communicate verbally, visually or through writing you'll go far. Venus Venus is at home here, as she naturally rules the second house. Lucky you, she also lives here. That translates into real abilities with aesthetics: interior decorating, design or the arts, and that is where you'll find your wealth. Mars Independent, decisive, active Mars in residence in your second house grants you a bent for entrepreneurship or leadership. You're competitive and confident - your fortune will find you as long as you follow your true interests. Your only weakness is impulsiveness, which you'll have to learn to rein in or you'll lose financially. Jupiter The planet of good fortune has settled in your house of resources,

making you lucky with money but also likely to overspend. After all, when it comes so easily, it's hard to believe that won't always be true. Yet, rainy days come for everyone. Manage your money conservatively and you'll never have to worry about the poorhouse. Saturn Ambitious and skittish, the planet of drive and ambition lives in your second house. Yet this powerhouse is plagued with dark thoughts and fears - use your ambition well and you'll prosper, let it turn grasping and fearful and you won't. This is your challenge this lifetime. Uranus The planet of radical change, revolutions and sudden opportunities is a mixed blessing in the second house. You'll have to develop the ability to ride out booms and busts but if you learn to manage unexpected change and reversals you'll live a life of unique opportunity. Neptune Whoops! The planet of dreams, illusions and creativity has taken up residence in the area of your life governing resources. If you find a way to harness your intuitive flashes, your deep, unique creativity and your soulfulness in right-livelihood, you'll be blessed with fortune. If you idle away your time dreaming of wealth to come, you'll find yourself older and poorer than your fertile imagination could have ever pictured. Pluto What a mixed bag! Pluto lends you his depth of insight, his incomparable powerful magnetism, and unfortunately, his tendency to destroy everything in one passionate sweep of the arm. The lesson for you this lifetime is to see yourself as a resource, not to cling to others for security. You'll need to learn to merge your talents with the efforts of others without becoming dependent or resentful. You also have to learn to manage a tendency to be lazy, stubborn and

argumentative. If you learn to navigate these challenges, Pluto's depths, insights and passions will be the fount of your fortune.

Rags to Riches: Suze Orman

Astrology of a financial guru
by Cortney Litwin

How did a struggling waitress from a working-class family become a wildly successful financial guru-- with a net worth of $10 million? It's all revealed in the chart of Suze Orman, the financial advisor and TV personality who is best known for her popular books on building wealth. Let's take a peek at her astrological influences to discover the secret of her success. Destiny born of hardship Born on June 5, 1951, Orman has Sun, Mars and possibly the Moon (depending on her time of birth) in Gemini. The twins are the brainiacs of the zodiac because Gemini rules learning, information and communication. So you would think that having an abundance of brainy influences would have made learning and self-expression a breeze for Orman. Not so. A childhood speech impediment and difficulty with reading made learning and self-expression a chore. Saturn, the planet of discipline and hardship, was to blame. A repressive square aspect between her Moon and Saturn in Virgo depleted her self-confidence, well into adulthood. Saturn strikes again The second blow from Saturn occurred after she had finally graduated college, only to find herself suffering from low selfesteem again - and back to waitressing. Then along came a windfall... She told a man who frequented the restaurant where she worked about her dream of opening up a restaurant of her own. This man became her benefactor. He immediately wrote her a check for $2,000, and then gathered more checks from other customers, totaling $50,000. The checks were accompanied by a note that read:

"This is for people like you, so that your dreams can come true. To be paid back in ten years, if you can, with no interest." Losing it all Unfortunately, an unscrupulous Merrill Lynch broker, who Orman had hired to invest her money, lost it all from risky investments. Within three months she was broke again. (Eventually she made enough money to pay back the loans.) Obviously, Orman had to overcome tremendous internal and external obstacles to fulfill her destiny as a communicator of financial know-how. So how did she do it? Twin destinies One good thing came out of the investment fiasco: Orman went to work for Merrill Lynch, which is where her financial career was launched. However, one of the most interesting things about Orman's chart is her strong Neptune, which trines her Sun and Mars. Spiritually oriented Neptune is the anti-materialism planet. It's certainly not an influence you'd expect in a successful financial advisor. Plus, part of her karma is indicated by the North Node in Pisces, the sign ruled by Neptune. This reinforces her spiritual destiny. So perhaps the key to Orman's success is her ability to share her combined financial and spiritual knowledge. It's the two faces of the Gemini twins. Her practical "twin" manifests through Mercury in Taurus, the sign of money, and Saturn in Virgo, the sign of service, which give her a talent for finances and the desire to help others. With the guidance of her Neptune "twin," Orman has written books that offer practical information along with life lessons and spiritual insights that can improve your ability to attract prosperity. Also, much of her own prosperity comes from being a pioneer in her field, as indicated by Jupiter in trailblazing Aries. The feminine factor Another unusual aspect of Orman's work is her focus on financial issues unique to women. She discovered early on in her career that women are often hesitant to handle their own money. Orman's

Venus, the planet of love and money, is in Cancer, the sign of food, family and women. You can see Orman's Cancer influence in both her desire to own a restaurant and in her work teaching women about financial planning. And, being a lesbian, women obviously play an important role in her love life as well. Living your destiny brings emotional, spiritual and material fulfillment. Orman may have had a rough road to travel, but she finally fulfilled her Gemini destiny by sharing her knowledge and wisdom with others. Now she is one of the most admired financial and spiritual role models to all - male or female!

Your Prosperity Potential

Astrology can reveal your talents
by Cortney Litwin

Are you headed in the right direction to create prosperity? Does money come to you easily, or is it an uphill battle to stay financially afloat? In your astrology chart, the 2nd House is your earning indicator. The planet(s) in that House, along with the sign on its cusp, reveal many of your moneymaking talents and opportunities. These influences point the way to creating wealth through your own efforts - in the most natural way for you. By knowing your 2nd House - you can learn by getting your astrological chart done - you can identify which endeavors will most likely lead to your financial success. Needless to say, this gives you enormous power over your finances. Of course, the 2nd House isn't the only financial indicator in a chart. But becoming familiar with your 2nd House is the best first step to creating prosperity. First, you'll need an accurate chart based on your date, place and time of birth. When you have your chart in hand, check to see if you have any planets in your 2nd House, and which sign is on the cusp. Then read the pertinent influences below to

discover which activities will most likely open doors to financial success for you. Sun in the 2nd House (or Leo on the cusp): This is one of the best indicators for having your own business because you like to be in charge. Taking the lead in projects, especially ones that use your creative gifts, will bring financial gains. Look for opportunities through the entertainment field, party planning, casinos, upscale enterprises, management, politics, motivational speaking, children's activities or products and the hospitality industry. Moon in the 2nd House (or Cancer on the cusp): Realizing your earning potential is connected strongly with activities that provide emotional fulfillment. Look for opportunities through catering, restaurants (and other food-related enterprises), hotels, women's activities or products, family-friendly activities, domestic endeavors, plumbing, dealing with the public, counseling, interior design and products for the home. Mercury in the 2nd House (or Gemini or Virgo on the cusp): Capitalizing on your logical side and developing your communications skills will bring financial gains. Look for opportunities through writing, journalism, public speaking, radio, telecommunications, teaching, advising, advertising, marketing, clerical work, research, libraries, engineering, the travel industry, transportation and the healing arts (if Virgo is on the cusp). Venus in the 2nd House (or Taurus or Libra on the cusp): Your creativity attracts financial opportunities, which can come through the arts such as music, acting, painting, graphic design, web design, jewelry, interior decorating, and clothing design. Also, cultural activities, the beauty industry, public relations, mediation, matchmaking services, marriage counseling, landscaping and retail. Mars in the 2nd House (or Aries on the cusp): You're a go-getter when it comes to making money. Look for opportunities through kinesiology, physical therapy, sports, martial arts, yoga, sales,

promotion, physical labor, automobiles, manufacturing, the defense industry, military and working with machinery. Jupiter in the 2nd House (or Sagittarius on the cusp): You always seem to attract what you need financially, although money may also burn a hole in your pocket. Look for opportunities through professional pursuits such as college-level teaching, law, politics, medicine, publishing and counseling. Also, foreign affairs, import/export, philanthropy and religious/philosophical endeavors. Saturn in the 2nd House (or Capricorn on the cusp): You're willing to work hard for what you get and are adept at stretching your money to the max. Look for opportunities through business, management, efficiency work, governments, corporations, accounting, real estate, mining, gemstones, archeology, architecture, environmental activities, physical labor and construction. Uranus in the 2nd House (or Aquarius on the cusp): You prefer to do things your own way and are talented at finding unusual financial avenues. Opportunities can come through computer programming, graphic arts, web design, television, science, human relations, community affairs, psychology, electronics, electrical engineering, astrology and antiquities. Neptune in the 2nd House (or Pisces on the cusp): You have an idealistic approach to money and need to align your financial goals with your spiritual values. Look for opportunities through the arts or healing, such as music, photography, filmmaking, acting, charity work, spiritual endeavors, counseling, nursing, holistic healing, yoga and pharmaceuticals. Also, oceanography, ships, and cruising. Pluto in the 2nd House (or Scorpio on the cusp): You have a strong entrepreneurial drive and work best on your own. Look for opportunities through medicine, psychology, research, business, banking, financial advising, insurance, law enforcement, mass production, sex products, the death industry, archeology and undercover work.

Mix Up Your Money!

More investing tips from experts

Studies show that it's not the specific stocks or funds that determine a portfolio's performance over time, but rather the combination of stocks, bonds and cash. Sound complicated? It doesn't have to be. As part of their 10 Finanical Resolutions, CNN Money experts advise people to mix it up when it comes to moolah. And the first thing they say is "Getting the right mix is not rocket science." Whew! 1. Begin by asking yourself the following questions: How far away is the goal? In the long run, stocks will most likely make you the most money, but they're a riskier choice. Do research to find out the specifics, but keep in mind when you begin that the sooner you'll need the money you've put in, the less you should hold in stocks.

How much risk can I handle? Assess what you're comfortable with in terms of risk. Afterall, some investments fluctuate and a lot depends on when you decide to cash in on them. Know what you're getting into and how much up and down you can expect. For instance, fixedincome investments will smooth out short-term highs and lows, but give you lower returns over time. What else do I own? One of the most important things to consider when deciding how or where to invest is the total mix of investments you already hold. For instance (but not solely) your 401(k). 2. Use these rules of thumb: Armed with a complete picture of your goals and expectations, determine what percentage of your portfolio should be in stocks. If you want to be safe/conservative with your investments: Subtract your age from 100. If you want to invest with moderate returns (a little riskier than the conservative option, but not terribly aggressive): Subtract your age from 110. If you want to invest aggressively (bigger fluctuation, potential for biggest return): Subtract your age from 120. Once you've done that, adjust your mix for when you plan to retire. The longer you can wait to tap your savings, the more aggressive you can be. So, CNN Money experts suggest increasing your stock allocation by one percentage point for every year you expect to work after the age of 65. For the specifics of how to invest consult your finanical advisor.

Ways to Get Unstuck

5 steps to get life's juices flowing again

by Maryam Henein

Do you feel like you're spinning your wheels, digging a hole deeper and deeper, because you're stuck in a rut? Perhaps life's demands or disappointments have prompted you to collapse into exhaustion void of any psychic or physical energy you try to move, but it's like you're wading through drying cement. Whatever is causing it - plain and simple - you're blocked. You feel trapped, as though suddenly your world is no bigger than the size of a postage stamp. But have no fear, when stuck happens, hope is just around the corner. Become one The Japanese have a concept called "Wabi Sabi" or the art of imperfection. Being stuck is part of the process of life - it's normal. The first thing you need to do is acknowledge that you're stuck and accept it. It's important to accept this state without judgment so whatever is holding you back can lose its power and slowly dissolve. Learn to stay present with the feeling. Take a deep and slow breath and stop pulling your hair. The solution to getting unstuck begins with awareness. Ask yourself: "What is really going on?" If you're just momentarily stuck, go back through your day and get in touch with the incident that upset you. The important question isn't "Why am I stuck?" because getting stuck is a part of the human condition. Instead it's, "What is keeping me stuck?" Shake, shake, shake If you're in a rut, you have energy that needs to move. Shaking things up a bit will help you get some movement into all that stale energy that's holding up your happiness. So, consciously try to do something outside of "your own box" every day. If you usually drive to your nearby grocery store, bike there instead. If you always go to the same place for lunch, walk or drive a little further and try out another eatery. If you always talk to the same psychic, call another one for a change. Remember: the object in motion tends to stay in motion and even gain momentum.

Clean up If you feel cluttered or trapped on the inside, it may be time to do some cleaning on the outside. Remove items from your home, your drawers, your files that no longer serve you and streamline the rest, says Kerul Kassel, author of Stop Procrastinating Now. Moving energy this way, is in effect, a way to Feng Shui yourself to fluidity! While you're at it, ask yourself if you have limiting beliefs that you can get rid of too. Rethink those worn out ideas that may be keeping you in that rut. Do you really believe that you need to be thin to join a gym rich to treat yourself to a new wardrobe or ten years younger to find a new love? Meditate on the possibilities that can shift your mental energy. Vibrate One of the best ways of getting unstuck is to connect with the energy of your desired outcome, says Terri Levine, life coach and the author of Magnetizing: The Guidebook To Achieving Financial, Emotional, and Spiritual Abundance. You may want a new career, a satisfying relationship, or a consistent exercise program, but can't seem to get moving towards your goal. She recommends asking yourself what energetic qualities your goal represents. A new career may represent creativity, or making a difference in the lives of others. An exercise program may represent self-nurture. Tune in to the single word or short phrase that best describes the energy of your goal. Imagine Now think of ways to create that energy in your life today. If your hope for career represents creativity, do a little redecorating or a simple art project. If an exercise program represents self-nurture, get a massage. "By creating the energy of your goal right now, you are actually bringing yourself into vibrational resonance with what you want for yourself," says Levine. Rather than focusing on accomplishing the goal itself, find ways to capture its energetic qualities in ways that are comfortable for you. You will find that

within a week or so, the goal itself suddenly becomes more attainable and taking forward steps becomes easier. Good luck!

A Little Bit of Change

50 ways to improve your life
You know the feeling... You've fallen into a routine and life feels less than exciting. While there's something comforting about knowing what to expect each day, without a little in the way of a shake up, somehow, it's easier to get shaken up. Sometimes, stress (or more likely, depression) arises from boredom - even when you're seemingly busy as can be! If you're looking for a jolt to help you perk up and feel more alive, take these tips from U.S. News & World Report. From your body, mind and spirit to your home and your wallet, they're likely to get your motor running and put you straight on course to a more energized and exciting you For your body... Two of the top three tips include upping your daily vitamin intake (specifically Vitamin D) and including Omega-3 oils in your diet. The omega-3's are found in fish (most commonly Salmon) and nuts (walnuts are particularly good) and will help your heart stay healthy as well as improving your skin, nails and joint mobility and helping any depression you're experiencing (the fatty supplement is currently being used to treat depression and Alzheimers)! The Vitamin D will also help your bones and reduce your risk of skin cancer whether you're exposing it to the sun regularly or simply the glare of your computer. Naturally, the better you look the better you feel... in fact, most likely the feeling good is what makes you look good in the first place! Third on the physical improvement suggestions is obvious. Upping your exercise will undoubtedly improve your well being. And if

you're sitting there saying you just don't have time, there's great news: adding as little as ten minutes to your workout burns an extra 75 to 100 calories! Doing this just three times a week over a year will add up to an extra four pounds of weight loss over the year. Really pressed for time? Up your current workout intensity. The little bit of push will make a big difference! For your mind... While we sometimes forget it, our bodies aren't our only parts that need exercising! Research indicates that if we don't use our brain power regularly, it's harder to access our thinking and reasoning skills when we need them. In order to ensure we're functioning at maximum capacity and feeling sharp, U.S. News & World Report recommends learning to apply scientific reasoning to our daily lives. This may sound convoluded, but it doesn't have to be - thinking scientifically is not a skill solely for the laboratory or research library. It's important to learn to differentiate between what's real and what's phony. When you think critically, analyzing whether or not something you've read/been told/heard can be true and actually testing if it's true, your results will be more scientific - or, in other words, tried, true and tested. Apply this the next time a chain email tells you something that sounds preposterous and you're a lot less likely to forward false information! Another way to do this is to master the skill of arguing. Sound strange? The next time you're involved in a debate, make your point nicely, with a sincere smile and see how much further it gets you (and how much more on top of your game you feel when you're done)! In addition, the publication recommends a skill we've been touting for ages - meditation! Clear your mind and experience its full capacity. It's an ancient practice and it works! For your spirit... While the Report offers several suggestions for ways to improve

your spirit (including Cliff's Notes to some hot movies and books to save you time and keep you in the cultural loop), the most valuable from our perspective are: be wary of lying, don't rush to racial judgments and make room on your Ipod for Marion (late gospel singer Marion Williams, that is). The first two have obvious benefits: it's a very, very rare occasion when one can feel good at all after lying - and there's no point in doing so in almost any situation, and snap judgments based on race have never lead anywhere positive we're all human beings, after all. But if you're wondering what the perk to adding some soulful gospel to your rotation (or whatever your personal musical uplift may be)is, give it a go. You may find yourself feeling recharged almost instantly. Music can reconnect you with yourself and the world around you, and in the case of Marion, as U.S. News and World Report puts it, "her glorious, four-octave voice had the power to soothe and inspire." And who couldn't use a little inspiration? For your home... Feeling controlled by your television? It's a common scenario (you know, the old "I'm sorry, I can't make dinner tonight - 24 is on"). But believe it or not, U.S. News & World Report includes upgrading to a DVR or Digital Video Recorder (Tivo is one name brand) on its "50 Ways to Improve Your Life" list. With a DVR, not only will you be able to pause your program when the phone rings or to tuck the kids in, but you can watch your favorite shows and movies at your own convenience (and as many times as you want)! Never worry about forgetting or missing an episode - you can record the whole season with a single press of a button. For just ten bucks a month, you can keep up with your shows and keep up with your life - what feels better than that. For your wallet... Ah, the neverending quest to master your finances. You know it well and so do most of us. But if you want to feel in control of your money instead of controlled by your bills, U.S. News & World

Report has some great ideas. Amond them: choosing the right credit card. While it's easy to assume that credit card debt is bad (and it can be, if you don't manage it properly), establishing and maintaining good credit is only possible when you have debt. However, if you get the lowest interest rate possible, always pay on time (more than the minimum whenever possible) and never let the grace period fool you, you'll get the most out of your credit rather than letting it get the best of you! Also recommended: setting up online bill payments. By training your mouse to pay your bills as the Report puts it, you remove the effort from staying on top of your expenses. In addition, the magazine suggests giving to charity - once you've done the homework and know which charities suit you. Visit give.org and get the skinny on your causes - then contribute what you can afford! Sounds a little like Karma if you ask us!

The Art of Mindful Walking

Steps to change your life
by Calliope Hart

Taking a walk to clear your head - putting some distance between you and the things that are stressing you out, at home or at work even if it's just a quick jog around the block, is a simple way to ease tension. Add some focus to your meanderings (like breath awareness, affirmations, walking meditation or meaningful conversation) and you'll find that you can stretch your mind while you're stretching your legs. Mindful walking can help you take giant steps towards greater emotional awareness. It can enhance your personal problem solving ability, boost creativity, ease tension and help you build better connections with family and friends. And since walking (like vitamins and your nutritional intake) has its own daily recommended guidelines (10,000 steps per day - that's about 5 miles total), why not reap even more mind/body/spirit benefits while burning up calories

and keeping your health in check? You can do it simply by taking those steps mindfully! Walk your troubles away Take your problems for a walk, a long one, (a mile or two, if you can) where there's little to distract you from doing a little emotional healing. Pick your issue before you leave, suggests Thom Hartmann in his book Walk Your Blues Away. Give it a storyline - just a sentence or two - like: "I can't believe my oldest friend would betray me," or "He left, two years ago, and I'm still crushed" and catch the reaction you have to the story. Next, take it outside and focus on it throughout your walk. Think of ways you may have learned from the experience. Put your questions to yourself more than one way. As you head back, consider how you might tell the story to someone since you've "walked on it." Has your reaction changed? Do you feel better? When you get back, write down any change of perspective to help make it stick. Walking meditation Meditation doesn't have to be done sitting down. Some people find it easier to clear their mind when they're not sitting still. In walking meditation you reconnect your mind and body by losing yourself in the rhythm of the movements of walking or in your breath. To "breath" walk, which is based on yoga breathing techniques, you'll be breathing in and out through your nose. Simply walk naturally and match your pace to your breath. Next, change it up a bit and take two to four steps per one long inhale or exhale. Vary your breaths and your steps. Stay focused and it won't be long before you lose the chatter in your head in the rhythm of the synchronized movements To take a meditative walk, first pay attention to how your feet move along the ground. Focus from your feet up to your head gaining an awareness of how your body feels in motion. Concentrate on relaxing each area as you scan your body. Then pay attention to your feelings. Finally, connect your inner experiences to your outer ones.

A sense of calm, happiness and clarity are the rewards. Stop and relax or stretch slowly, before you move on to other activities. Family talk-walks Just as meditation can be easier on foot, so can a meeting of the minds when matters of the day need some attention. Many couples walk together for exercise and find that it also eases their communication and helps keep family ties stronger and eases household tensions. Walking with a spouse or children is a mindless way of drawing them out, allowing them to speak their peace, get them to listen, or make plans without household distractions. On this walk, the focus is on each other. (Leave cell phones and iPods at home!) Creativity walks All that blood flowing to the brain from a walk, amps up your mental acuity and makes it the perfect time to practice speeches or presentations, affirmations and to release creative blocks, with it's relaxing effects. You can mix in some breath walking or meditative walking at the beginning, and when your head is clear, take on your project. Things always seem better after a good walk. Add mindfulness to your strolls and you may have just the motivation you need to get in your daily 10,000 steps in.

All Emotions Are Good

Turn the table on depression, fear and sadness

by S. K. Smith

As humans, we tend to place our feelings into two categories: good and bad. Also known as acceptable and avoidable or the light side of existence (where happiness, amusement, excitement and a myriad of other positive sensations live) and the dark side (home to depression, anger, fear and hurt just for starters). Based on these categorizations, we usually want to live on the light end and steer clear of the dark - like the emotional plague! Yet, no one ever manages to be happy, amused, excited and in love all of the time. Why is that? The answer, believe it or not, is reasonably simple. Our emotions are our guide, our instincts, the senses we're given in order to make our way through the world. We need them and they ALL have value. In other words, all feelings are intrinsically good (or at least good for

us), whether our experience of them seems that way or not. Does that mean it's healthy to live in a state of anger, fear or depression? Of course not! A healthy dose of the downs isn't a perpetual one But if it seems that way, be aware that you may be fostering it. So, the next time you're feeling out of sorts (in other words, afloat in a sea of negative feelings), consider that you - and only you - can shift your perspective and your experience. Here are some ways to re-frame your negative feelings and reclaim your life! Cry and cry some more We all get sad sometimes. Life is not all sunshine and roses. If it were, you'd get bored! And while it can be difficult to handle the blues, they're a necessary part of existence. Since sadness usually makes us reflective (or we should allow it to anyway) it allows us to grow, change and appreciate the happier times. At best, it can lead us to make better decisions that don't lead to the same sadness in the future. So while you're sad, focus on how you're going to make things better - and purge yourself of your negativity. Prepare for catharsis.That's what this emotion is for - a cleanse. After all, let's face it, sometimes nothing feels better than a good cry! Don't get mad, get energized If someone or something has pissed you off to the point of anger, you're probably energized - anger is nature's amphetamine. While it doesn't necessarily feel good, and it's certainly no place to stay for the long-haul, it will feel good to dispel it. Much like sadness, anger may actually mean you've let some things build up and you need a purge! Rather than give into your more self-destructive (or worse, violent) inclinations when you're angry, have a good workout session. You'll get the emotion out and probably have some time to think. All the endorphins you release will help you to solve your situation - or at

least get to the bottom of it. Sum up your fears... and face up! When you get down to it, fear is the base of most negative emotions. Whether we fear someone will leave us, that we'll end up alone, that we'll never have enough money, that we just don't measure up it all leads to depression, insecurity, anxiety and a host of other un-fun stuff. But why is it so powerful? At its root, fear allows us to sense when we're in a dangerous situation. As such, fear is usually our mind and body's way of predicting future events - not experiencing the present. If you're afraid, odds are, you're not too late to make sure your fear doesn't come true. The best way to defeat fear, and kick it from your long-term experience, is to face it. So what is it you're afraid of? And would it be the worst thing in the world if it happened? How can you prevent things from taking that turn? No matter what the feeling, you are the master of your experience. And taking your emotions - good and bad alike - as your cue to create even more positivity is the first step to a more balanced and happy existence!

Appropriate Anger

How to blow off steam in a healthy way

by Maryam Henein

There's nothing wrong with anger. In fact, it's a natural emotion that can be healthy when it alerts us that something is off and needs to be tended to. To deny your emotions can only cause more distress, both physically and mentally. How you express your anger, however, is another story. You can't head butt the chest of every person who makes you mad. Therefore what are appropriate ways to simultaneously honor yourself and deal with anger? Underpinnings First off, you have to acknowledge that you have anger issues. Many angry people have a tendency to blame. "If only the driver hadn't cut me off, I wouldn't have punched him in the nose... if only he hadn't called me a jerk, etc." Don't rationalize your actions in this way. Instead of seeing yourself as a victim, own it! It's not what happens to you but what you do with it that counts. Once you take

responsibility, you can move on and understand your anger and yourself on a deeper level. Roots There are two psychological needs that fuel anger, according to Robert Allan, Ph.D. author of Getting Control of Your Anger. "Beyond basic needs for food, clothing and shelter, the needs most frequently embedded in anger-provoking situations can be broadly grouped into two categories: 1) respect or a desire to be understood 2) territory - either physical or psychological." Anger is triggered when we feel disrespected or when our turf is being encroached upon. People also use anger - probably unconsciously - to cover up and deal with sadness and hurt. Grasping this can help clarify precisely what needs of yours must be fulfilled. Allan offers some questions to ask yourself to better hone in on your needs: In what way do I feel violated right now? Is it a lack of respect or a violation of territory that's making me angry? How would I change the situation if I could? What is my need at this moment? What would have to happen to make me feel that my needs for respect or territory are once again intact? What is my goal - not just for the moment, but in future interactions with this person or future occurrences of this situation? Do I feel hurt right now? Am I using anger to disguise my true feelings? Hooks

You must figure out what your hook is. Do you lose it when you're sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic or facing delays on public transportation? Or when you find out that your HMO won't cover your condition? Injustices such as these trigger anger as well. Then there's incompetence. Aye, aye, aye, that's a biggie! For instance, you wait 30 minutes to get routed to the computer tech support person and then after all of that the technician "accidentally" hangs up on you instead of placing you on hold. Or you order a decaf latte and the Barista brews you a caffeinated drink, but you only realize this later when you're climbing up the walls and unable to sleep. Oh, the list can go on and on. "We have a tendency to "bite," or get angry, whenever we encounter a circumstance that we perceive as unfair or a situation that puts us at the mercy of someone inept," says Allan. We can express our anger in a more subtle mature way once we know what hooks set us off. Ask yourself Have I encountered this particular hook before? When, with whom and under what conditions? If this feels like a familiar hook, what happened when I encountered it in the past? Did I get really angry? Did any damaging or enduring consequences occur? The idea is to ask yourself the questions before you get hooked, or as soon as possible thereafter. Responses The key is to respond not react. "There is no passion that so shakes the clarity of our judgment as anger" - so the saying goes. Ideally you should allow your anger to wash over you like a passing storm. Unfortunately, many people blow their top off instead.

"It's far better to think things through before blasting someone, to be certain that you understand the circumstances not only from your perspective, but from the other person's as well. Directly expressed anger is the emotion that generally makes a bad situation worse," adds Allan. Pauses So breathe deep and manage your anger rather than directly expressing it, since your judgment is clouded. Take a bath, go for a walk, see a movie - in short do whatever it takes to remove yourself from the anger-provoking scenario, advises Allan. Here's another suggestion- if the circumstances allow, try writing a letter in the heat of the moment and then tearing it up. "The technique is designed to help you collect your thoughts, sharpen your focus and hopefully express your rage in a harmless way." And by the way emails are a no-no. Before you know it, you'll press send, only to regret it later. In his book Anger, the Vietnamese Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh, suggests regarding your anger as your baby. Treat your anger with the sensitivity and gentleness you would an infant. Easier said than done, right? "Thinking of your anger as a baby can be an extremely helpful thought when you are about to blast someone, thereby throwing the baby out with the bathwater," suggests Allan. If you don't, the other person will likely respond to your anger rather than the issue that's at hand. After all, anger is contagious just like an insiduous virus. Think of expressing your anger in an appropriate manner as hard work. "You are trying to adopt a new way of responding and retooling the habits you've developed over a lifetime," says Allan. So go easy on yourself. Undoubtedly there will be times when you will lose it. Take a step back and have a laugh. Then try, try again!

Positivity is Possible

5 steps to a brighter life

You can't be happy everyday. Each and every one of us goes through ups and downs and that's normal. In fact, there's an entire school of thought devoted to the idea that without the bad times, we couldn't appreciate the good. Whether you believe this or not, one thing is for sure, most of us could think more positively most of the time. And if we did, we'd be happier more often! Here are five practical steps to becoming a more positive - and thereby more satisfied - person! Cope with stress How do you cope with stress? Do you head straight for the chocolate when things get you down? Or perhaps that glass of wine to unwind turns into three? Whatever your stress-reactions are, make note of them. Only when you're aware of a behavior can you take steps to replace it with another. After all, stress is a part of life - you may be able to reduce it, but you can't remove it altogether. So, you'll need new coping mechanisms - the kind that make you feel better, not worse, in the end! Remember your joy One self-help expert talks about creating a memory bank. This is a place where you write down things that bring you joy as they happen. Then, when you're feeling down, you can look back on them and you'll find you experience a sense of calm - a little bit of the happiness associated with that moment returns. This is a great thing to start doing - but in the meantime, make a list of some people or experiences that make you feel good and calm. Think about your favorite vacation spots, or your last workout high. Consider a pet you adore, or an aunt that made you feel particularly special. The next time you feel particularly stressed, turn your focus to one of these uplifting thoughts. Make a conscious effort to do this instead of reaching for that ice cream or a cigarette.

Be aware of negativity This one sounds easy, but it's not. It requires a shift in perspective.The next time you find yourself feeling particularly negative, whether your boss has pissed you off, you're stuck in what seems like endless traffic, or you're simply experiencing the desire to tell the entire world to stick it where the sun doesn't shine, stop yourself. One of the most important things we can do to improve our quality of life is realize if everything is making us angry, we're probably the problem. Not that we've necessarily done anything wrong, but it's useless to be controlled by external occurrences. Take a breath and consider the situation. Is it a chance to practice patience or communication skills? Is your energy better spent somewhere else - other than stressing about this? The answer is probably yes to both of these questions. Remain calm, refocus and recognize that negativity will get you nowhere. Give yourself credit Each day, make a list of what you've accomplished. The word accomplishment should not be reserved for huge projects, but rather, give yourself credit for doing the things you need to do to take care of you. You got up on time and had a calm morning - big accomplishment. You washed off your makeup before bed and took the time to use face cream - you're taking care of you. You made the kids' lunches and still had time to eat breakfast yourself - amen. If you begin to see the little things you do through the eyes of accomplishment, you'll feel the urge to accomplish more, and you'll feel more productive without actually adding anything to your plate, except maybe a little "me" time. Express your love There's an ideology that says we're all part of the same energy - a universal flow. A simplified, redux explanation of Taoist philosophy is that if we go with the flow we will find peace. Part of this flow is accepting that love is energy.

Contrary to cultural obsession, true love is not simply romantic love. It is loving yourself. It is taking glory in each moment of your day. It is feeling and being loving - not in a phony, "paste on a smile when you want something" way, but in a "we are all one, and what's good for me is good for the whole" kind of way. This does not mean being selfish - sometimes what is good for you is not necessarily what you desire (anyone who has spent time chasing the wrong mate knows this one)! What it does mean is being free with your love - your happiness - your energy. Don't be afraid to pay compliments. Hug the people that mean something to you. Smile at that guy on the street for no reason other than that you feel like it. As you express the positivity you do feel, the amount you experience will grow. And it will spread to everyone around you.

The Pursuit of Happiness

3 simple steps to be content

by S.K. Smith

It seems like everywhere you turn these days, someone is discussing the idea of happiness. Gurus - spiritual and otherwise - promise to help you achieve it. Books outline strategies for finding and maintaining it. Surveys seek to answer who is happiest, where they live and what they do for a living. The Secret proposes that you simply have to think positively and positivity will follow. And yet, with all these methods for determining/ensuring your own well-being - specifically, a happy state of mind - floating out there in the greater consciousness, few of us describe ourselves as being genuinely happy. Why is this? The good news is It's not because some of these theories/methods/strategies aren't

effective or don't work. They can! It's just that happiness is defined individually and there are many individual paths taken to get to it. Their lack of effectiveness can simply be attributed to our inability to escape rational thought. That's right - logic (the very thing we spend time trying to cultivate in order to solve our problems) can get in the way of contentment - no matter how you define it or seek to achieve it. Denial Of course this doesn't mean you should abandon all reasonable, rational thought if you want to find your so-called nirvana. Life, after all, does require some logic. However, those who report being happiest often attribute their overall state to something altogether different - they say they're happy because they have faith. Not in any specific spiritual tradition or religion, necessarily, but in the fact that ultimately, everything is going to be okay. In the moment Happy people worry less about the future and dwell less frequently in the past. As such, they live their lives in the present. An ancient goal and a difficult task - whether you're seeking money, peace, a partner to share your life with, a combination of these things, or anything else for that matter. But one common factor reported among those who say that they are in fact, happy, most of the time is the ability to stop - occasionally at least - and smell the roses. The answer So how then, in the hustle and bustle of modern life - where the bills are rising, wages are stagnating and people seem to be growing more and more disconnected thanks in part to technology and our misplaced emphasis on material acquisitions - can you put fear aside and settle into something divine?The answer(s) may be easier said than implored, but the following steps will definitely help put you on the path to an easier - and happier - existence. The best part is, you've already got all the tools you need at your immediate disposal.

1) Listen to your gut - not your head. Now, granted, not all of us are psychic, but all of us do have a certain amount of intuition. And part of being happy entails learning to listen to it. Rather than getting caught up in the rat race inside our own heads (bills to pay, responsibilities to heed, rules to follow trying to keep it all straight is enough to stress anyone out!), cultivate your gut feelings. Then abide by them. You will never steer yourself wrong, once you've mastered telling the difference between outside influences and inner-wisdom. Call it god's gift, a sixth sense, whatever you want. Animals have instincts for a reason - and we human animals do too. 2) On that note, breathe. While it's easy to make note of our link to other living things, unlike most animals (who exist in their natural environments) society and its demands have muddied human processing powers in this department. So, if you're going to learn to interpret your instincts, you've got to start by connecting to yourself. Happy people, after all, report a strong sense of self as well as a fundamental connection to the universe. The easiest way to cultivate both of these connections, believe it or not, is to just breathe. It may sound simplistic, but the very breath that gives us life also has the power to center us. It's at the core of yoga and meditation and has been scientifically linked to overall well-being. If you practice some form of attention to breath (through yoga, meditation, guided relaxation or simply taking a few minutes out each day to clear your mind and feel the air you breathe as it goes in and out of your nostrils), you will find yourself more grounded, which brings clarity. Things rarely seem so bad when you're operating from a place of calm. 3) Separate your negative thoughts from reality and let them go.

Now that you're calm and connected (in your natural state - or at least what it should be!), it's time to take an inventory. You may need to do this frequently with the rapid pace of daily life. With your head clear and your breath even, zero in on the thoughts that recur for you. Make a list. What are your fears, your worries, your desires and the doubts you experience about them? From these things, what rings true and what is the result of external experience? If you grew up being told you couldn't do something - is that true, or based on someone else's fear or thought pattern? For better or worse, we often let ourselves become the sum total of our experiences. But if we take what we can from our experiences and then let them go - choosing to live in the energy of pure possibility (what we were before external life got to us!), we open ourselves up to a different kind of existence. While it cannot, by the very nature of life, be absent from practicality, it need not be dictated by it. Which is the very place from which hope and in hope, happiness grows.

7 Essential Life Lessons

Master these and find purpose and joy
by Martine Jeanne Craughley

Living your life well is living with purpose and joy. Not there yet? There are seven big ways to waste and deplete your energies without even noticing. If you're feeling dark, down and drained it'll prevent you from reaching your dreams. To see your energy rebound dramatically; here are seven important things to address: Cancel Regrets The past is irreversible; it's forever gone. Many people, instead of licking their wounds and moving forward a little wiser, torture themselves by staying fixated on "what might have been, if only" There is no surer way to prevent yourself from having the energy to move towards your dreams than by allowing yourself to stay mired

in the past. Indulging in regret roots you in the past and limits your energy today. Stamp Out Repeated Patterns If you've ever heard yourself say, "I don't know what it is, I always pick such losers" or "This always happens to me" then you've got a repeating pattern. This means you've got some learning to do. Start by writing down a list of the similarities in every reoccurrence of your pattern. Then write down the first moment you began to wonder if it was happening again. Next, figure out how you convinced yourself to stick with it despite your intuition that something was amiss. You should see a point in each situation, relatively early in the process, where you noted something and yet still convinced yourself to stay the course. If, for example, it's the bad boyfriend situation, and each time it started with you waiting in vain for him to show up. Write down on a card, "Stood up = No go", leave it where you'll see it everyday. Tell your best friend and ask her to remind you if it happens again. Just taking this small action to unravel your patterns will make you more in charge of your life. When you're in charge of yourself; you'll feel on top of the world! Unmask Your Anger Do you erupt with anger when you're cut off in traffic? Or do you 'flame' people on blogs, usenets or internet forums? Have people accused you of being self-righteous, difficult or confrontational more than twice? Then your anger is telling you that you need to do something. If you spend too much time cleaning up after your co-workers and kids, it's a sign you're not setting appropriate limits. If you're allowing yourself to work 70 hours a week, you're not giving yourself adequate rest and recovery time. It usually only takes a few minutes to unearth the causes of boiling frustration. However, if it's something big from the past, then your anger is telling you it's time

to get professional help. Anger is hard on the body and mind; it erodes your health, saps your energy and damages your relationships. Get a handle on your anger and your overall energy should skyrocket. Make an Attitude Adjustment Quick, grab a pen. What areas of your life are bothering you? Make a list. Then, without thinking, write down the first song lyric, proverb or clich that pops into your mind. Say that you're having turbulence in your love life, and "Love it or leave it" is what comes to mind, then that's how you really regard the issue. This is a direct way of accessing your subconscious wisdom. Once you know your inner wisdom on the situation, act on that knowledge and it will release an enormous amount of stored energy. Kick Down the Bully No, not the kid that picked on you on the school grounds. The bully that drains your energy and stamps on your dreams is much, much closer. The next time you make a mistake listen to how your mind reacts. If it's something like, "I'm such an idiot" then your mind has let in the bully. First, you need to catch the bully in action. Notice what you say to yourself. And when it's bullying, replace it with the truth. For example, instead of invective about being stupid, tell yourself, "Next time I'll spend more time preparing my presentation." Eventually your bully will get sick of being blindsided by the truth and will leave you alone. And your mind will be free to be creative and playful again, which will energize your entire life. Curb Negative Energy Pay attention to when you feel blame or envy and complain about others. This often shows you where you're letting yourself down either by not speaking up for yourself, by not letting your light shine, or by not honoring your own values. If your co-workers work habits drive you to distraction, is it that you hate to watch procrastination in action? Are you a procrastinator yourself? Be honest, act on what you learn, and you'll find your energy levels surge.

Be Here Now This is the hardest to remember and the easiest to do. No matter what's happening, good or bad, take a moment to feel your weight on the floor or in your chair. Take a long, slow deep breathe starting from your belly, and then push it out slowly using your abdominal muscles. Do this when you're not stressed and it'll come more naturally when you are. Settling into the present moment frees up so much energy, so much focus and so much joy that it's amazing how little time we spend there. Clearing your energy by using the seven habits of mind should do wonders for you.

Ways to Increase Your Creativity

Feed your soul so your spirit can soar!
by Martine Jeanne Craughley

Here come the holiday festivities, ready or not! Whether you're filled with holiday cheer or grumpy as a Grinch, making time for something that feeds your soul will make this holiday enjoyable and memorable for you. If you need more encouragement, soon the New Year will follow with its attendant resolutions, so now is the best possible time to start making disciplined use of time. For this holiday season it means: be very assertive with your calendar - mark time off for yourself, steal moments, double purpose tasks - make creativity your hard and fast priority. In other words, if you have to go Christmas shopping, plan to take 20 minutes at a gallery or at a coffee shop in addition. That way you'll be treating yourself as an artist, not just a fulfiller of lists (and this applies no matter what you do for a living!). To become a more productive, creative person the key is in the little mental shifts in attitude and shifts in how you spend time that will make this goal a reality. Here are 7 ways to increase your creativity:

Make creative time sacrosanct Write it in your calendar and honor it. No excuses, no exceptions, unless it's a big enough accident to demand a visit to the hospital. If you treat this as your job, and an important job, you'll become more creative. Guaranteed. Use creativity to make holiday goods There are a lot of things that really do have to get accomplished over the next few weeks. Is there a way to use your creative abilities to make unique gifts, or specialized gift wrap, or holiday cards? If so, dig in. Do something different While you're on your gift purchasing holiday rounds, slip into to a fabric store, an art store, a gallery, a design or a garden store. Even a few moments looking at unusual things will stimulate your senses and get your creative engine purring. Take a sensual break A little sensory stimulation does wonders for the soul and the creative spirit. And it's easy to do, just add a splash of vanilla to your bath, burn chocolate scented candles, and bring a glass of champagne or nibble on gingersnaps. Throw in some rose petals and just enjoy yourself. Take a deep breath... And then another! Repeat for 5 minutes. There's almost nothing more refreshing and simple than stopping for a few moments and just breathing deeply. It stimulates the mind, oxygenates the blood and makes you more receptive to the still, small voice that is the source of your creativity. If you want to derive maximum benefit from this type of exercise, read about Pranayama, the ancient yogic form of breathing that powerfully changes the body and mind. Do something badly (seriously!) Go somewhere alone and dance as inelegantly and spastically as possible - grab a fat crayon and scrawl something ugly and

shapeless. Slop some paint around a sheet of paper choosing the most jarring, clashing colors you can find. Give yourself permission to do things without judging them. Give yourself the freedom of being bad at something. This can be one of the most creatively freeing things a perfectionist can do. It's often the only way to begin recovering the spontaneous creativity you had as a child. Find a child Any child 7 or under will do. Offer to babysit for a family member or a friend with children. If you're in a situation that allows you to watch them draw or paint, note their total absorption in their activity. They don't judge or question their talent, they just do it. They are like Buddhas in our midst - follow their example and your Muse will alight on your shoulder. Every human being has creative abilities and it's time to let yours out to play. The world needs more creativity in a thousand ways to solve the problems that beset it. Let your creative journey lead you into a better New Year and inspire everyone around you.

Is That My Gut Talking?

How to tell if it's fear or intuition
by Red

"Follow your gut." As a psychic, this is a piece of advice that I have given to many people over the years. Why? Sometimes it is just as simple as my gut telling me it is the right thing to do. I've learned to trust mine do you trust yours? When you walk into a room or situation and you have that physical reaction, that "gut feeling," pay attention to it! With a bit of consciousness and practice you can learn to understand the whisperings of your gut, and use this phenomenon to your advantage. Instinct vs. intuition An instinct is an unlearned behavior or reaction to stimuli, usually

geared toward the sole purpose of survival. Much like animals in the wild, we are all born with our natural instincts intact but we can learn, or be taught, to override these natural instincts. Intuition is different than instinct. Intuition is more of an emotional response the ability to feel or know something without logic or reasoning. Personally, I believe that when we get that stirring in our abdomen, it is a combination of one part instinct, and one part intuition. Either way, our gut is talking to us, and it may have something very telling to say. I've got a hunch We are taught to use our head, tap into the resources of our brain, and utilize logic and reasoning to weave our way through life. It makes sense the more facts we have, the better decisions we can make based on what is tangible and provable. Most of us logically know that playing the lottery is statistically stacked against us. The odds of winning big are rather unlikely, but we've all heard the stories of someone who just "had a feeling," bought a ticket, and won - simply because they followed their gut. Most of us will have at least one relationship in our life that began simply because we met someone who gave us "butterflies" in our stomach. Likewise, many of us avoid potentially bad situations because of a "sinking feeling" in the pit of our stomach that caused us to take a different course of action than what we originally set out to do. While these examples of actions and reactions may not be logical at the time, they usually prove to be beneficial. A cold knot of fear Every one of us has experienced the physical manifestation of fear in our gut, the sense of danger lurking in our midst. Getting called into the boss's office for reasons unknown, the response to the ring of a phone when a loved-one is hospitalized, footsteps behind us in an empty parking garage... All of these things are prone to set off a physical, or gut reaction, as a response from our logical mind. There are also those days we just wake up with that uneasy feeling twirling

in our abdomen, and spend the entire day trying to figure out what is or could be wrong. Sometimes this feeling is validated, other times it's written off as an over-reaction. If you really take the time to think about it, that uneasy feeling probably served its purpose. I'm willing to bet you did something differently because of it, even if that something was only as minor as paying closer attention to the details of your day. "Nothing" may have come of that feeling, simply because you averted the danger because of it. Sometimes, you'll just never know. Understand the whispers of your gut We all do things and make some decisions simply because it "felt" right. That doesn't always mean that we have made the "correct" choice, but sometimes that is intrinsically hinged on your personal definition of what is correct. When your gut is talking to you, try and listen to what it is really saying. Look at what caused the feeling, or what caused you to notice it. Is your gut having a reaction based on past experiences or memories? Does the feeling in your gut change or fluctuate with your thought processes? Can you logically understand and apply a reason for the feeling? Have you had this particular feeling before, and how did it help or hinder you? Did you get the message it was sending, or did you misinterpret the feeling? The mind and body are more connected than most of us realize or understand, but they work together to try and guide us. When you have a gut feeling, check the rest of your body while you are thinking about it. Are your muscles tense or relaxed? Are you breathing deep and easily? Is your pulse racing, or slow and steady? Paying attention to the subtleties of body, mind, and gut working together can help you learn to interpret what you are feeling and to use those sensations as a guide to a better life.

Dealing With Fear

Psychics share ways to control it

There's that old acronym people love to use to define fear, which is "False Evidence Appearing Real." But that doesn't mean that fear should be approached as silly or unimportant just because it's often based on old trauma or a long-gone relationship. All of us have experienced life-stopping terror, and whether it is real or perceived, our team of psychics agree that all fear needs to be pinpointed, faced, challenged and phased out, in order for us to live to our fullest potential. If we don't face our fears, they can keep us from traveling a more meaningful life path for years and years to come. Our psychics advise that before we can begin to change the pattern of negativity that fear attracts, we must see what fear is actually doing to our lives. 3 fear-releasing tips Time alone isn't enough to release emotional baggage that causes fear according to one psychic. "If it is a person who is causing this pain then I suggest clients visualize this person in front of them. Then I tell them to say, 'I release you from my energy field and I wish you well.' See the person walk away and then actually pull your energy back into yourself with your arms. Do this visualization as often as needed. Whenever you fall back into a negative/fearful thinking mode, catch yourself and repeat the visualization as needed." She adds, "Next, focus on what you want, not what you fear and don't want. I also recommend some great reading material which reinforces these ideas in more detail: The Heart of Soul by Gary Zukov and The Law of Attraction by Ester and Jerry Hicks. "Imagine yourself collecting all of your fears relating to any situation (past and present) in a bag," explains a California Psychic. "Then see yourself picking up this bag and feeling its weight. (When I do this with clients, they tell me they are shocked at how heavy

their bag is.) Next, close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and visualize yourself lugging your bag out to the trash or even driving it to a dump. Disown any bad feelings related to the garbage you had collected. Repeat until the exercise allows you to feel lighter emotionally. Then, focus on what you would like to see yourself do now that all you have feared is no longer with you." "The challenge is to keep fear away from you," says Serafina (ext. 9407), "so you don't dwell on it and attract even more of the negativity that comes with fear. I recently helped a woman who was having dreadful repetitive depressing dreams. I had her focus on her energy just before she went to sleep. I had her sort out the negative and positive thoughts, asking her to release the negative ones and spend time meditating on the positive ones. I use this on myself. It's amazing how well it works." Leveling the fear field "In the event there is a serious threat such as losing kids in a custody case or stalking" explains another psychic, "I suggest that you look for ways to regain your strength and personal power. In situations like this - where you're not dealing with a fear that has been blown out of proportion in a person's mind - creating a fully researched plan of action will help you redirect your personal power. Taking action has the wonderful effect of shutting off that terrifying tape loop in your head." "Weigh your fearful situations by writing down the pros and cons," says Frances (ext. 9389). "Then do some serious meditation to find what's necessary for you to prepare to make the necessary changes that will release you from your fears."

Nothing Stays The Same

How to embrace change
Change is the one true constant in life. It has no boundaries, it challenges us all and it frightens many of us. But without change life

is static - we cannot grow and we cannot learn. There is no progress and we will not evolve, according to our psychics. But change is often challenging, so embracing change takes courage. The force of change shakes up our comfort zone and puts pressure on us to reexamine long held beliefs that force us to let go of the things in life that no longer work for us. Death, divorce, job loss, financial difficulties are formidable changes to wrap our heads and hearts around, yet the more we resist, the more difficult the changes become. "The future belongs to those who not only accept change, but embrace it," states Yvonne ext. 9883. "Though being on the front end of change isn't for the faint of heart," she aptly describes. Resisting change will only make you miserable over the inevitable. "I have worked hard with the phenomenon of change myself," tells Paisley ext. 9661, "finally realizing that there isn't a thing I can do to stop it. I now look at change as transformative and as constant as the seasons. My perspective has evolved from pure fear to a sense of adventure." One of the most productive ways to embrace change is to approach it positively, believing that the outcome will be for the highest good, whether we want to change or not, our psychics concur. "Open your mind to contemplate what benefits could come of the new reality," Skylar ext. 9887 suggests. "The more optimistic we are, the more the universe allows us to experience new opportunities in life. Change keeps us evolving toward our highest goals and enlightens us as to why we are here on this earth." If you are able to see or intuit changes coming your way you can grasp and work with them more effectively. "More often than not the winds of change are breathed to us through gut feelings, dj vu, synchronistic events, as well as readings," Cheryl ext. 9778 lists. "When you listen, you are rewarded with possibilities. When we

ignore these signs we run the risk of suffering circumstances that are dumped into our lap. "Callers who are encountering extreme difficulty may be experiencing astrological activity that is moving their energies," Verbena ext. 9615 reports. "When I communicate this in readings, clients feel better especially when they understand that cooperating with the energies rather than fighting them, can help guide the changes in the direction of their choice." Some find embracing change tougher than others. Astrologer Alison ext. 9885 knows that the more water signs that are present in a chart, (like the moon in Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces) the more resistant one may be to moving forward. She has guided clients, like her caller MaryEllen (with her moon in Cancer) told by her husband that he was in love with another woman, into making choices rather than being paralyzed in the presence of change. He offered MaryEllen their house and enough money to get by for a year. Because of the forces in her chart, the psychic knew that by nature her client might let the challenges of change fall where they may, instead of taking the bull by the horns. "I helped by showing her two possible outcomes. She made the choice as to what to do next. She put her house on the market and used the money to start over. Two years later she was married again and had a great job in the medical field." When unexpected change seems too merciless to even contemplate, Sophia ext. 9882 tells clients to look for support. "Find a role model or a personal change hero, who is going though or has done what you need to do. Make a collage of this person and yourself surrounded by images that represent the changes and positive words or phrases. Look at your collage daily, reflect on the good things that have happened in the past, to regain trust that your future will include more positive experiences." Shelby ext. 9040 promotes meditating on potential positive outcomes instead of worrying about worst case scenarios, when change forces its way into your life. Psychic Yvonne suggests,

wallowing in the information for a while, to insure that decisions made in the face of change lead to a preferred future reality. When fate steps in and rocks your life, get excited about the possibilities, our psychics advise in conclusion, use your sense of adventure, look for the joy of growth, because in the end, Jesse ext. 9027 concludes, "Change always takes us where we need to be!"

Amp Up Your Foreplay!

Tips on how to get what you really want
There's nothing worse than a lazy lover, one who's perfectly willing to skip the main course to go directly to dessert! What your partner may not realize is that foreplay is an essential part of lovemaking. In fact, long and sensual foreplay is a prerequisite for steamy sexy sex. The more build up you create, the more pleasure both of you will feel come Oh-time. Here's how to guide your lover to the ultimate roll in the hay. Foreplay 24 hours a day There is no such thing as definitive foreplay. It's not about pressing the right buttons in a particular order. It's about giving pleasure and creating anticipation - actually seducing your mate all day long. Start building the passion even before the evening begins. Use mental stimulation to make your lover yearn for you sexually. Place a note in their pocket in the morning telling them of your fantasy for the evening. Leave a text message to tell them how much you're looking forward to their, kiss, their caress, the feel of their skin next to yours. Den of seduction Make sure your place is clean, with candles burning (day or night), fresh bed and bath linens, and a fridge stocked with bubbly water, champagne, wine, beer - all can be served in slender, crystal stemwear - cheeses, grapes, figs, pate and other finger food to feed your lover. Put on some Nina Simone or sultry house music. If

you're really ambitious, serve dinner (try broiled salmon with mango salsa accompanied by asparagas and endive salad) in your best lingerie. Communication If you've had trouble communicating your intimate needs to your partner, messages, images, notes on their plate, sexy cards, post-it notes on the refrigerator or their computer can describe the intimacies you're looking forward too. Get what you want by leading by example. The obvious clues of a planned romantic encounter - a chilled bottle of wine, flowers, sensual music, an aromatic candle that you both enjoy - can set off the promises of good things to come any time of day. Welcome mat Greet your love at the door showered, fresh and naked under a robe, or wearing just a top or bottom. Put together that simple meal that doesn't require stress or energy to prep or clean up. Make the evening more about your quality time together. Discuss subjects that are light rather than going over the problems of the day. And, whether you plan to watch a movie or television before you settle in for the night, move through your evening taking a pause to give your mate a touch or caress that says you want more. Keep it slow When the actual intimacy begins, be responsible for taking it slow. Make love to each other with your eyes first. Or, begin with a massage, a string of light kisses from head to toe, or a fantasy play. Ask your partner to kiss you again, and again, then again. Tell them what feels good to you and where you'd like more. Ask them what would arouse them even further, before actual intercourse begins. If they're rushing to a finish, tell them that you want this moment to last and slow them down in ways that only you know how, until you are both ready to come to completion.

Ask for an encore After your evening has come to a perfect ending, don't be blas about how well your lovemaking went. Thank your partner for their foreplay by describing the specifics of the mind-blowing erotic moves that drove you wild. Then ask for a replay tonight or tomorrow. Even if your lover isn't an old-hand at leisurely arousing foreplay, the first time around, giving them a lot of opportunities to practice, will most definitely lead to great pleasure.