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Specification Quantity of Evacuated Glass Tubes: Diameter of Evacuated Glass Tubes: Length of Evacuated Glass Tubes: Tank & Evacuated Glass Tubes Capacity: Polyurethane Insulation Layer Thickness: Inner Tank Material: Structure: Evacuate Tube Specification: Material: Glass Thickness: Length: Single tube weight Outer Tube Diameter: Inner Tube Diameter: Thermal expansion Freezing Tolerance Stagnation Point Emmitance Heat Loss Absorptive Coating Vacuum Absorptance: Hail Resistance: Start-up temperature: Borosilicate Glass 3.3 1.6 mm 1.5 Meter 1.5 KG 47 mm 37 mm 3.3x10-6 oC -10o C >250o C <8% (80oC) <0.8W/ ( m2oC Aluminum Nitride 510-3 Pa >92% (AM 1.5) 25mm hail 25o C 15 & 1 (as Spare) 47mm 1.5M 135 L 60mm SUS 304-2B Food Grade Quality Powder Coated Color Steel

Products Materials Solar Geyser is made of three components: Vacuum Glass Tubes Solar Collector, Hot Water Storage Tank and Support Frame. 1. Vacuum Glass Tubes Solar Collector: are made of borosilicate glass, with a concentric dual tube structure and vacuum stuff. There is Al-N/Al coating at the outer area of the inner tube, which has a property of high absorptance, low emittance and good temperature keeping. 2. Hot Water Storage Tank: it includes stainless steel inner tank, temperature keeping insulation, outer Jacket and silicon rubber seal rings. Stainless steel inner tank: SUS-304/2B stainless steel, anti rust and anti corrosion, which make it long life. Temperature Keeping Insulation: Polyurethane Insulation layer maintain its temperature. Tank Jacket: Gray Color Steel plate with two bake and two overlays. Email: office@solar-geyser.com www.solar-geyser.com 3

(Seal ring: high quality silicon rubber, with good elasticity, endures high temperature; endure age, nonpoisonous, tasteless, safe and reliable). Support frame: its an important part supporting water tank and tubes, Zinc Coated Steel. With high intensity structure with high strength and endure corrode.

Plumbing Mechanism:

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Safety first A few careful preventative measures will ensure the safe operation of this solar hot water heating system. Always wear gloves and long sleeve overalls when working with the glass tubes Mount the system to ensure people/children cannot inadvertently run/walk into the tubes The system should be mounted in such a way as to deter accidents The system must be bolted down at the 4 feet position so that strong wind cannot blow it over.

We appreciate you are keen to assemble your system and no doubt have assembled it on your front lawn full of boiling water. Do not do this - give a thought to the potential hazard. A child running into this system would be seriously cut and burnt with scolding hot water. Do not let this happen. Please ensure you erect this system in a safe place such that this will never occur. Safety tips Wear gloves and overalls. Erect in a suitable place out of reach of adults/children. Do not over pressurize the system. Read the instructions prior to assembling. If a tube breaks, give some thought to where the 200 liters of boiling water may end up? Into a rainwater system - not onto your head off a roof without any spouting. Ensure that if this system is using water that is not treated, then the water is heated to 60 degrees Celsius to avoid the risk of Legionnaires disease. Boiling water will cause serious burns. Make sure it is plumbed in correctly and secured. Ensure the system is full with water during sunlight hours. Do not fill the system with cold water if you have accidentally left it in the sun empty. Cover the tubes and in the evening fill slowly with cold water to prevent possible breakage.

Safe temperatures Water tank storage systems are currently required to reach 80 degrees Celsius to ensure that the water is hot enough to kill unwanted organisms that might establish in your hot water tank. It is recommended that this temperature is reached every day, but in practice, this is not possible in solar hot water heating systems without electric backup, typically the case with off grid homes. The requirement for how often the temperature should be raised to 80 degrees Celsius is not currently specified in Pakistani law. A minimum of once every week would be prudent. Many users of such systems ensure that the tank Email: office@solar-geyser.com www.solar-geyser.com 5

temperature reaches 80 degrees Celsius once every as a compromise. You should buy a temperature probe so you can check this. Generally, this will not be a problem on hot summer days but temperatures might not get above 70 degrees Celsius during poor weather conditions. In situations where the system is preheating swimming pools, hot tubs and as a pre heater for an existing house/farm hot water system then the water will be heated above 80 degree Celsius and/or is being chemically/UV treated. Intended use of this system This system is a low cost system common in China. As such, it will generally capture sufficient energy to pay for itself in 2-4 years (excluding all installation costs). Spare parts are common and held in stock at local Solar Geyser distributors. Solar Geyser has completed accelerated high temperature test for over 12 months without any leaks to date. This is with the unit containing boiling water almost all the time. The intended use is for: Hot tubs Swimming pool heating Domestic hot water heating Users should note that hot water heating systems normally require a building consent. Such systems are normally required to be installed by a plumber. This system does not meet all these requirements but can be legally used in certain applications or as the user wishes to use them, accepting any liability themselves.

Solar Geysers view is that an affordable solar system is much better than no solar system and these systems have many applications. Please take good notice of the warnings we have given you, as Solar Geyser will not be liable in the event of inappropriate use of this equipment. Low-pressure systems This is a low-pressure direct system. The water being heated by the sun is inside the glass tubes; hence the system is not able to withstand much pressure. The tanks are therefore made from very thin stainless steel, resulting in a very cost effective product. The warmed water rises naturally into the tank by convection flow. These direct systems are also very efficient as there are no heat exchangers required. As such, this low cost system will outperform most other more expensive systems. This system is capable of boiling water after two clear winter days.

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Frost protection The solar systems can withstand frost conditions provided minimum night time temperatures do not go below -10 degrees Celsius. Powder coated frame parts: Check to make sure all components are present as detailed below.

2 vertical legs 2 diagonal legs 2 leg & tank joiner 1 tube holder 4 short diagonal bars 1 short diagonal bar flat end 2 long diagonal bars 2 long horizontal bar with one flat end 1 long front bar 1 bag of bolts and nuts 1 bag of bolts, nuts and reflector fixings

You should also have a tank, 16 (15 required, 1 spare included) glass tubes, a packet of plastic seals and plastic tube trims. Assembly instructions:

Assemble diagonal legs with Leg & Tank joiner.

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Arrange outer 2 diagonal legs so the flat side is outside, link the 2 vertical legs with the tube holder and the long bar on the front as shown below.

Tube Holder & Diagonal Leg

Two Vertical Legs arranged with Tank Joiner and 2 horizontal bars assemble with both vertical legs.

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Assemble 4 short dioganol bars

Join 4 feet

Place Tank on the tank joiners.

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Place the plastic caps in the tube holder.

Lubricate tank seals with soap.

Lubricate tube by spreading soap or detergent and put trim seal over tube, flat side is pointing towards tank.

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Caution: It is strictly prohibited to pour cold water suddenly into the dry vacuum tubes exposed in the sun to avoid blowout of the evacuated collector tubes. Please use sunshade or input water into the tubes in case of installation under the burning sun. Rotate tube carefully (wear gloves) while pushing tube upwards into the tank. Be careful not to knock the other end of the tube on the fame.

Prepare the reflectors beforehand and fit by twisting clamps 90.

The installation of reflector panels should go in step with the installation of vacuum tubes.

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Insert Stainless Steel pipe nipple as hot water outlet in the upper hole.

Insert pipe nipple in the lower hole as cold water inlet.

Top riser vent A plastic vent is provided so that steam can vent from the system. This vent can be extended up to 1.0m in height by gluing a suitable extension piece onto the fitting supplied. You will need to support the extended vent with stay wires. What to do if you break a tube. If you should accidentally break a tube after the system has been in service for some time, it can be difficult to remove the old broken tube, due to scale build up on the tube surface. The best way is to spray silicon lubricant on the top of the tube with the trim removed. Push the tube up, rotate slightly, then pull and twist the tube out. Replace with a new tube. Spare tubes, frames and tanks are available from the local distributor or Solar Geysers nearest office.

Email: office@solar-geyser.com www.solar-geyser.com


Warrantee: This system has a full 12-month warrantee and Solar Geyser will hold spare parts for as many years as possible, ensuring a good supply of spare parts and product support. Any defective part or parts that fail inside the warrantee period must be returned to Solar Geyser at the customers expense. The customer may collect or arrange for transport (at their cost) any replacement parts. Goods are sold on a collection from site basis only. Tubes are all inspected prior to collection and one spare tube is supplied. The buyer is invited to check all the tubes and other parts for any defects at time of collection. In the event of more than one tube being cracked when the system is installed, the buyer will have to collect a replacement tube from our premises or pay for the freight on any tubes sent. Customers wishing to have the goods freighted to them must pay for and organize the freight themselves; any damage in freight is for the customer to resolve with the freight company not Solar Geyser. Goods are sold for collection only to the customer or for collection by their nominated agent. Leaving this solar system in the sun without it being filled with water will void this warrantee. Do not attempt to make any new openings into the tank; this will void your warrantee. Do not overpressure by extend the vent pipe this will void you warrantee.

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