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Holiday Clearance

They say the day after Thanksgiving is the best day

to shop, but now's the time to get a some great
deals! Take advantage of post holiday mark-downs in
stores and online. Why not get a jump-start on
shopping for 2013?!
Dates: Tuesday 12/25 - Monday 12/31,
Price: All Stores
Register/info: rei.com
Used Gear Sale
Join us for our multi-day Used Gear Sale. REI Co-op
members are invited to visit and grab great deals on
used outdoor wear, footwear, cycling, and camping
gear; everything will be at least 30% off! All
merchandise is purchased "as is" and is
non-refundable. Come check out this unique
member benefit!
Dates: Sat 12/1 Downtown - Fri & Sat 12/7-12/8
Round Rock, Doors open at 10am
Price: Members only
Register/info: facebook.com/REIAustin
Budapest & Beyond
Come learn about 16th century Turkish baths, the
preserved hand of St. Stephen, and cheap tickets to
the Opera. Budapest, the breathtaking European city
straddling the Danube, has all this and more! Sarah
Iverson spent two exciting years living in Hungary,
traveling around the country and visiting
neighboring nations. Now she will give fascinating
history and insider tips on this magnificent capital.
Dates: Tuesday 12/4 - Downtown, 6:30pm
Price: Free
Register/info: rei.com/austin_downtown
Exploring India
Always wanted to experience India? Wondered how
more than a billion people manage to live happily in
country about one-third the size of the US? India
offers lots of history, adventure, luxury, spirituality,
wildlife, leisure... and a few things that you would
never expect! Discover the India that you want to
and learn how to survive the culture shock from a
local. Join us for a free travel education class with
Radhika Srinivasan. Radhika loves the outdoors,
architecture and history; and she's been travelling to
various parts of India over the last 20 years.
Dates: Monday 12/10 - Downtown, 6:30pm
Price: Free
Register/info: rei.com/austin_downtown
Bartholomew Park - Creek
Alex Duncan of the Watershed Protection
Department and Bill Stout of Austin Parks
Foundation will once again lead a creek restoration
project at Barholomew District Park.
Dates: Wednesday 12/5, 4:00pm
Price: n/a
Register/info: austinparks.org
Zombie Preparedness
Imagine a viral outbreak has occurred wiping out a
majority of the local population and other major
cities throughout the globe. The fatal virus is to be
considered highly contagious and dangerous. We are
now facing a full fledged attack. Those of us left alive
must now ask ourselves, Where do we go from
here? How will we survive and maintain the
existence of the human race? You are invited to
attend the Zombie Preparedness Class at REI, where
you will learn valuable survival techniques that could
save your life. These same techniques could be
invaluable in the event of any natural disaster in an
urban environment.
Dates: Mon 12/3 - Round Rock, Sun 12/9 - Downtown,
Wed 12/19 - Gateway, Mon 6:30p, Sun 4p, Wed 6:30p
Price: Free
Register/info: rei.com/roundrock,
rei.com/austin_downtown, rei.com/austin
Northern Tier Prep
Join us for an evening dedicated to the experience
of Northern Tier High Adventure Base, scoutings
gateway to adventure in the Great North. From
Northern Tiers three bases, Scouts can explore
millions of acres of pristine lakes, meandering rivers,
dense forests, and wetlands in northern Minnesota
and Canada. This presentation will help you prepare
for your trek with details of what to expect, how to
prepare, and the gear that will make the experience
Dates: Sunday 12/2 - Round Rock, 3:00pm
Price: Free
Register/info: rei.com/roundrock
Texas Outdoor Family Workshops at
Enchanted Rock
This park is so ideal and so family friendly, we have
to visit twice! Enchanted Rock is a site familiar to
many Texans. It is time for your family to consider an
overnight camping adventure at the base of the
one-billion year old enormous granite dome. It is an
evening you are sure to never forget! Best of all, no
experience is necessary and you get all the help and
advice you need from highly skilled Texas Parks &
Wildlive outdoor specialists and trained volunteers!
Dates: Sat-Sun 12/1 - 12/2 & 12/8 - 12/9, 9:30am
Price: $65 per family (up to 6 individuals)
Register/info: tpwd.state.tx.us
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30 31
Used Gear Sale
REI - Round Rock 10am
Texas Outdoor Family
Enchanted Rock 9:30am
Hanukkah Begins
Kwanzaa Begins
Zombie Preparedness
REI - Gateway 6:30pm
Bike Maintenance Basics
REI - Gateway 6:30pm
Used Gear Sale
REI - Round Rock 10am
Hands-on Bike
Maintenance Basics $
REI - Downtown 6:30pm
Service Project :
Bartholomew District
Park Creek Restoration
Hands-on Map &
Compass Basics $
REI - Gateway 6:30pm
Used Gear Sale
REI - Downtown 10am
Texas Outdoor Famiily
Enchanted Rock 9:30am
Budapest & Beyond
REI - Downtown 6:30pm
Zombie Preparedness
REI - Round Rock 6:30pm
Northern Tier Prep
REI - Round Rock 3p
Hands-on Intermediate
Bike Maintenance $
REI - Round Rock 6:30pm
Exploring India
REI - Downtown 6:30pm
Camp Cooking Basics
REI - Gateway 4pm
Zombie Preparedness
REI - Downtown 4p
Camping Basics
REI - Round Rock 6:30pm
Christmas Day - REI
Store's Closed
Holiday Clearance Sale
Holiday Clearance Sale
with rei
Did you know that RLl leads active vacations
all over the world? See more ol our ^0+
exciting trips at RLl.com/adventures.
RLl is a registered seller ol travel in the lollowing states:
Washington (WS1 57802700^): lowa (89): Calilornia
(CS1 207608050). Registration as a seller ol travel
does not constitute approval by the state ol Calilornia.
Camping Basics
Have you wanted to try camping but don't know how
to get started? Join REI to learn what you need to
take your first (or second or third) camping trip. We
will cover the basics including: how to be warm, dry
and comfortable camping, gear and equipment
necessities, ideas for fun activities; and great local
areas to give it a try. Camping is a fun and affordable
way to take a vacation - let REI help you get outdoors!
No experience necessary!
Date: Monday 12/17, 6:30pm - Round Rock
Price: Members: Free / Nonmembers: Free
Register/Info: rei.com/roundrock
Camp Cooking Basics
Do you want to make easy and fun meals at camp but
feel unsure how to cook them? Would you like tips on
what to bring and how to make the most of cooking in
the outdoors? Join REI for an introductory class on
campsite cooking. We have years of experience to
share, and we'd like to help you learn how to create
easy and fun meals your way to tasty eating outside.
No experience necessary!
Date: Sunday 12/9 , 4:00pm- Gateway
Price: Members: Free / Nonmembers: Free
Register/Info: rei.com/austin
Hands-on Map & Compass Basics
Come learn basic navigation skills using map and
compass to find your way. In this in-store class you'll
learn the parts of a compass, how to read a
topographic map and how to use them in tandem.
You'll learn how to pinpoint your location through
triangulation and then navigate to new locations by
following a bearing. This is a hands-on in-store class
with some lecture components. Maps and compasses
are provided, but bring your own if you prefer. Class
size is limited to 10.
Date: Wednesday 12/5, 6:30pm - Gateway
Price: Members: $15 / Nonmembers: $35
Register/Info: rei.com/austin
Join us for Fitness!
Look for new classes in the areas of Fitness: including
Trail Running Basics, Triathlon Basics - Try a Tri?, and
Minimalist Running Basics.
Date: 2013
Price: Members: Free / Nonmembers: Free
Register/Info: rei.com/learn
Bike Maintenance Basics
Routine maintenance on your bike can keep you
riding smooth and prolong the life of your bike. This
class is an informative presentation that will teach
you how to lube a chain, fix a flat tire in record time,
and make other minor adjustments to your bicycle.
No experience necessary! Please note this is not a
"hands-on" class, therefore bringing your own bike is
Date: Thursday 12/13, 6:30pm - Gateway
Price: Members: Free / Nonmembers: Free
Register/Info: rei.com/austin
Hands-On Bike Maintenance Basics
Whether you are a road biker, mountain biker or
commuter, this hands-on class will teach you
everything you need to know to keep your two wheels
rolling smoothly. An REI Expert Mechanic will teach
you how to lube a chain, fix a flat tire in record time,
and make other minor adjustments to your bike. No
experience necessary! To keep the class interactive,
seats are limited to 8. Participants are welcome to
bring their own bikes.
Date: Thursday 12/6, 6:30pm - Downtown
Price: Members: $20 / Nonmembers: $40
Register/Info: rei.com/austin_downtown
Hands-on Intermediate Bike
So, you know how to change a flat tire, but the rest of
the bike is a mystery? This intermediate-level class
teaches students about bike parts, basic repair
techniques and when to seek professional repair help.
Topics include cable systems and adjustments to your
brakes and derailleur. Seats are limited to 6. It is
recommended that you take the Hands-On Bike
Maintenance Basics prior to taking this class.
Date: Tuesday 12/11 - Round Rock
Price: Members: $30 / Nonmembers: $50
Register/Info: rei.com/roundrock
South Africa Ultimate
Adventure and Safari
New for 2013! In providing the active
adventure traveler with an alluring mix of
breathtaking scenery, stirring cultural
history, immense biodiversity, and a variety
of exhilarating muscle-powered activity
options, few destinations on earth can rival
amazing South Africa. For our exciting new
multisport trip, we've crafted an itinerary
that showcases many of the highlights of this
remarkable country, incorporating
memorable opportunities to discover the
land, its people, and even its wildlife during a
three-day safari in one of Africa's most
famous game reserves.
Trip length: 11 days
Dates: Mar-Apr; Nov-Dec
Price: $6,399 members / $7,050
Ice Climbing Basics
New England winters create the perfect
conditions for world-class ice climbs to form
consistently each season in the idyllic White
Mountains of New Hampshire. For those
wishing to discover the thrill of this
exhilarating and fast-growing sport, this
introductory course features a great
environment, furnishes all the necessary
technical equipment, and boasts outstanding
instruction from experienced guides in
technical ice ax and crampon use, handling
rope systems, understanding ice protection,
selection of clothing and food considerations
for ice climbing and much more.
Trip length: 3 days
Dates: Jan-Feb
Price: $450 members / $485 nonmembers
Find out more at REI.com/adventures.
events & volunteer opportunities
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Visit PEI.com or any oI our !00+ stores, and you'll hnd qreat selection,
expert advice and people who love the outdoors as much as you do.

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Interpreted Events
All free classes and presentations, at the
REI-Downtown store, are interpreted into ASL
thanks to a partnership with ACC's Interpreter
Training Program. Register for events at:
Find us. Find out.
Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates:
Ausitn Parks
The Austin Parks Foundation (APF) is a
non-profit organization devoted to building
public/private partnerships to develop and
maintain parks, trails, and open space in
Austin and Travis County. APF takes a
hands-on approach to making improvements
to over 19,000 acres of parkland. We help
the City of Austin Parks & Recreation
Department by organizing volunteer labor
and we believe that public/private
partnerships are one of the best ways to
preserve public lands for future generations.
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