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Healthy and Tasty

Taste of Korea Kimchi The Kimchi Talk

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12 Pen & brush the Sound of thunder by Kim Joo-young

16 People Spokesman for Korea Seo Kyung-duk

20 Great Korean Great Scholar and Calligrapher Kim Jeong-hui

22 Seoul a Walk through Koreas Cultural heritage Jeongdong-gil

26 Travel Lanterns Glittering on the Water Jinju

30 festival the hi Seoul Festival 2012

32 Now in Korea bus tour package for Foreigners K-Shuttle

34 Sports a hope for Korean Womens Volleyball Yang hyo-jin

36 Special Issue honored with the Golden Lion in Venice Pieta by Kim Ki-duk

40 Summit Diplomacy paves the Way for Success in International Diplomacy

42 Global Korea Reaching 100 million homes arirang tV

45 flavor Yukgaejang Spicy beef Soup

46 My Korea autumn Scenes of Jeollanam-do

49 Learn Korean hello, this is naoko.

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Few Koreans would ever want a meal without kimchi. Repulsive to many foreigners at first, but incredibly addictive after a few tastes, kimchi is rich in lactic acid bacteria. Kimchi undergoes two rounds of fermentation, by which it becomes full of more than 200 types of healthy lactic acid bacteria. It helps prevent high blood pressure and obesity, slows down aging, facilitates weight loss, and bolsters immunity. The popularity of kimchi is soaring worldwide as its health benefits become widely recognized. Its spicy kick is addicting to the palates of more and more people around the world. This healthy and tasty Korean traditional food has long been a source of strength for Koreans.

Healthy and Tasty

2 korea november 2012


titled "Kimchi: Korea's affordable

im Carmen of The Washington

Post wrote an article about kimchi

antioxidative effect of removing free oxygen radicals, which are believed to cause a range of adult diseases and accelerate aging. The American magazine Health called kimchi one of the worlds five healthiest foods alongside Spanish olive oil, Greek

once but twice. Kimchi is believed to vegetable dish.

be the worlds only double-fermented Lets follow the process of making

health care" after visiting the Gwangju World Kimchi Culture Festival held in northern Virginia, U.S. on September kimchi and used it to make "Grilled tomato as a football snack.

the most common type of kimchi.

14. He also told readers how he ate raw Kimcheese sandwiches" with a slice of Why do non-Koreans like this food

First, kimchi cabbage and radishes

yogurt, Indian lentils, and Japanese

are placed in a salt solution and then harmful microorganisms and forces out moisture, which in turn allows

natto. All five are good for preventing adult diseases and slowing the aging process.

rinsed, a process that gets rid of many

so much? Its in part because of its health benefits. The primary raw

the sauce called kimchi yangnyeom to

permeate into the vegetables. Now that the cabbage and radishes are perfectly conditioned for fermentation, a full added including ginger, garlic, array of yangnyeom and garnishes is chili pepper, and chives, and the

ingredients of kimchi are

fresh vegetables like kimchi

cabbage, radish, green onion, and cucumber, which are rich in Vitamin A, the B Vitamins,

and a variety of minerals, so it elasticity.

slows aging and improves skin Kimchi also helps counter

obesity and hypertension. The Rural Development

Administration of Korea and

bacteria are destroyed, and healthy for your digestive tract) proliferate.

through the vegetables, harmful

yangnyeom and garnishes percolates

progresses, what oozes out of the

absorption. As fermentation

the yangnyeom for better

massaged to evenly distribute

cabbage and radishes are then

Ajou University Hospital jointly on obese peoples weight, body blood sugar concentration,

lactic acid bacteria (which are good About one milliliter of the juice from 100 million lactic acid bacteria, up to

researched the efficacy of kimchi mass index (BMI), blood pressure, insulin level, and cholesterol level the maturity of the kimchi.

well-ripened kimchi contains roughly four times more than the same weight The species of lactic acid bacteria

according to their kimchi intake and

In cooperation with the Korea Kimchi Association and stylist Lee Chae-hyun

of yogurt.
The basic ingredients for making kimchi

Taste of Korea

world as a low-calorie diet food. Many types of kimchi contain chili pepper as a key ingredient, and capsaicin speeds up metabolism and helps

Kimchi is welcomed around the


in kimchi number more than 200,


and the major lactic acid bacterium


What makes kimchi so healthy? It is

changes along the maturation process. Leuconostoc mesenteroides abounds the a sour taste, while kimchi rich in most in kimchi that has not developed lactobacilli (lactic acid bacteria found in yogurt) tastes sour. Leuconostoc mesenteroids produces dextrin (which is often used as a fiber supplement), a potent fighter against Helicobacter ulcers, stomach cancer, and other helping prevent constipation. It is also pylori, which is known to cause gastric

(the active component in chili pepper) burn body fat. Kimchi also has a lot

mainly fermentation. Some countries of kimchi, such as Japanese kimuchi. They may look similar to kimchi, but there are major differences in

have tried to create their own versions

Kimchi is fermented twice, which makes it rich in lactic acid bacteria. Fresh vegetables are used as ingredients, so it is also full of a variety of vitamins, fiber, calcium, iron, phosphorous, and other nutrients. Lets delve into the health benefits of kimchi and see why so many people around the world go crazy over the dish once they develop a liking for it.
by Lee Jeong-eun, Im Sang-bum, and Chung Da-young / photographs by Lee Jin-ha

of dietary fiber. These facts and more has recently gained among young women in Japan. Other benefits of kimchi have

explain the sudden popularity kimchi

the ingredients and the fermentation process. Japanese kimuchi is made simply by pickling cabbage without

recently come to light including its

natural fermentation, but kimchi is first pickled and then fermented, not just

4 korea november 2012


by Yi Gyu-bo (1168-1241), Dongguk

isanggukjip in 13 books of 53 volumes, mentions pickled radish, an early type of kimchi. It was during the

affection for the country when he

admitted that he was a kimchi-lover.

Im addicted to kimchi. Im happy to more than 24 pounds of kimchi since I arrived in Korea, he said at a press became popular among the Korean press. The popularity of kimchi is now conference. After his visit, Peter Berg

Joseon period (1392-1910) when Koreans started putting chili powder, salted It was also most probably in the fish, and garlic in kimchi like today. Joseon period when Koreans started lot of kimchi for winter in advance.

eat kimchi every day. I think Ive eaten

1 Baechu kimchi made with cabbage is the most common type of kimchi. 2 Fermented shrimp is added to the kimchi yangnyeom for a richer flavor. 3 The three young chefs of Kimchi Bus Project travelled to 36 countries to promote kimchi and kimchi dishes.

doing gimjang, a custom of making a Back then, it wasnt easy to get fresh gave way to winter, Koreans made enough kimchi to last the winter.

global. The enticing flavor of spicy-yetsavory kimchi has long been loved by Koreans, but the taste was considered too strong for non-Koreans. However, the appealing taste of kimchi has world.

vegetables in winter, so when autumn

in early winter, the whole process in

Although the gimjang kimchi was made

finally won people over all around the Almost every Asian supermarket

York invited Korean chefs including a kimchi expert to the hotel to teach him how to make kimchi along with around the city.

KIMCHI ON THE TABLES OF GLOBAL VILLAGERS Kimchi is going global. More and more people around the world are craving it, and have begun to develop their

fact covered the entire year. Koreans

pickled fish in spring, prepared chili grew vegetables for more than half a was a major source of vitamins in winter as a main side dish.

pepper and garlic in early autumn, and year, all for gimjang. Gimjang kimchi

in major cities sells imported Korean kimchi or locally made kimchi. But the global popularity and demand supermarkets in the U.S., such as

seven other chefs from top-class hotels The Korean government initiated

for kimchi has been proven as major Whole Foods, Wal-Mart, and Safeway on their shelves. Kimchi can also be hotels in the salad section as more people ask for kimchi. In January, Executive Chef Toni Robertson at

various projects and events to improve awareness of kimchi throughout the world beyond big cities. One of the recent successes is the Kimchi Bus

own kimchi using new ingredients and eating it in different manners. As it is as a new variety of food. fused with other foods, it is recreated Korilla BBQ, a food truck that has

and it is a big family event. However, it is easy to get fresh vegetables in winter now, so the Korean dietary

The custom of gimjang is still alive,

have begun to stock packaged kimchi spotted at the buffets of major global

Project led by three young men. Last year, these men set off on a journey to 36 countries for 400 days in their

enjoyed explosive popularity in New

York City this year, tweets its location

lifestyle has changed. Not as many


mini bus to hold free tasting events. They introduced kimchi to the local kimchi and local ingredients. In people and cooked dishes made with addition to featuring kimchi dishes, they also promoted the nutritious health

so that people can come to the truck for its yummy delicacies. More than 18,000 twitter followers are crazy about the and Wonder Bird (a chicken taco with kimchi). Porkinator (a pork taco with kimchi)

families do gimjang anymore, especially as it requires a lot of time and effort to make enough kimchi for winter all at kimchi in small amounts every now and then. Many charity groups and

the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in New

gastric conditions.

werent also delicious, it wouldnt be ripened kimchi gives a refreshing,

Kimchi is certainly healthy, but if it

yeon, a master maker of kimchi and the chair of the Korea Kimchi Association. When freshly made kimchi is preserved at around 7C (which is the typical temperature underground in the cold Korean winter) for weeks, delicious. it ferments just right to become very

once. But, many households still make

on American TV food show Top Chef, sells kimchi fried rice, kimchi grits, and many other fusion Korean foods with kimchi at his restaurant Social Eatz. Jean-Georges Voongerichten,

Angelo Sosa, a popular chef cast

increasingly popular worldwide. Welltangy kick and has a strong umami

public offices do gimjang to give away as elderly people living alone, boys and girls who are the heads of households, and single-parent families. the gimjang kimchi to the needy such

aspects of kimchi and their trip in Europe

Hansik. They finished and are currently in the U.S., organizing taste events in New

flavor. Thats why peopleKoreans

and foreigners alikefind themselves so easily addicted to this fermented dish. The refreshing, tangy taste of

a world-renowned chef who has over

20 restaurants around the world, sells

GIMJANG: MAKING OF KIMCHI FOR WINTER When did Koreans start eating kimchi? The history of kimchi goes back to at least the Goryeo Dynasty (918-1392).


kimchi is compared to the sparkling

In April this year, the leading actors and the director of the Hollywood blockbuster Battleship visited Korea to

York and Washington, D.C. The Kimchi Bus Project will come to returns to Korea in late November.

kimchi hotdogs at Mercer Kitchen. His interest in Korean food is evidenced in his other culinary creations, including the steak with gochujang butter he sells

kick of soda pop thanks to Leuconostoc kimchi is fermented, says Lee Ha6 korea november 2012

mesenteroides, which proliferates as the

A vast collection of poems and essays

promote the movies world premiere.

an end when the bus

Director Peter Berg expressed his great

at Perry St. Dubbed one of the three greatest chefs in the world, Pierre


Gagnaire developed French dishes by adding his own less salty and spicy gras. version of kimchi to pigeon and foie Its not only non-Koreans who

developed bite-sized kimchi rolls such as mini roll bossam kimchi and kkaennip yangbaechu mari kimchi

aromas, and textures, depending on the degree of fermentation. Yes, Master Chef! Kimchi has great


(kimchi rolls wrapped with sesame and cabbage leaves).

potential for endless transformation. Different vegetables will render

Main Types of Kimchi

are rolling up their sleeves to make

new versions of kimchi to better suit applying their creativity to making

their palates. Koreans, as always, are kimchi with a novel appearance and taste. Kim Sun-ja, CEO of Hansung Food and a master maker of kimchi,

excellent fermented food for well-

Kimchi looks simple, but it is an

differences in taste and nutrients, but and you can fuse it with almost all Sooner or later, people around the kimchi to enjoy.

being, in which a variety of elements are intricately harmonized, wrote French chef Pierre Gagnaire in his can have a wide array of flavors,

you can use any ingredients for kimchi kinds of foods to develop novel dishes. world will have their own versions of

Some say there are hundreds of types of kimchi out there, while some claim that there are literally thousands of variants of kimchi because families in different regions of Korea have traditionally had their own recipes. Yet, there are still some basic types of kimchi, which are familiar to every Korean. Here is a short list of them:

TRY TO COOk kimChi BaEChu kimChi (CaBBagE kimChi)

IngredIents Napa cabbage, radishes, leeks, chili powder, shrimp sauce, garlic, ginger InstruCtIons

contribution for Korea Focus. Kimchi

Baechu kimchi (cabbage kimchi) Cut a whole cabbage vertically, brine it in salt, and rinse in water. Stuff kimchi sauce made of chili powder, fermented pickled fish, chestnut, pear, and so forth in between the cabbage leaves. You may eat the kimchi when its freshly made (this fresh kimchi is called geotjeori) or enjoy its differing tastes along the process of fermentation. This is the most representative variant of kimchi, so it is made in the greatest volume.

Chonggangmu kimchi (whole radish kimchi) Small, seven-to-eight-centimeter-long daikon radishes with a short white body and long stem are seasoned with a thick red sauce with chili powder and fermented salty fish. Chonggak means bachelor, and in the old days a bachelors hairstyle looked like the radishes of this variant of kimchi, hence the name. Chonggangmu kimchi is loved for its crunchy taste and bite size.

1. Cut the cabbage in quarters lengthwise and brine in salt water, made with 6 cups water and 6 tbsp coarse sea salt, for about 8 hours, until the stem part of the cabbage is flexible and does not break easily. 2. Cut 1 sprig of leek into 3cm slivers. 3. Season 2/3 medium julienned radishes with 1 cup chili powder, and thoroughly mix together with 4 tbsp shrimp sauce, 4 finely chopped garlic cloves, and 4 tsp finely chopped ginger for the stuffing. 4. Place the cabbage on a sheet pan. Starting with the outer leaves and working toward the core of the cabbage, insert the stuffing between the leaves, smearing it generously on each leaf. 5. Tightly press the leaves of the cabbage together, fold in half, and use the outer leaf to create a bundle. Transfer it into a container and store at room temperature for one day before moving it to the refrigerator.

Fusion dishes made with kimchi - kimchi pasta, kimchi burger, kimchi natto, and kimchi burrito

Kkakdugi (radish cube kimchi) The white roots of daikon radishes are cut into cubes and brined in salt before being mixed with other vegetables and a sauce made of chili powder, spring onion, garlic, and ginger, among other ingredients. Some maintain that kkakdugi was served in the royal court, while others argue that it was a humble food for commoners, simply brined in salt.

Baek kimchi (white kimchi) People usually think kimchi is spicy, but it was in the 17th century when Koreans first added chili powder to kimchi. So, there have traditionally been non-spicy kimchis that are only brined in salt. Baek kimchi is made without chili powder, so it is good for children whose palates have not yet become accustomed to the spicy taste and elderly people who want to avoid stimulating flavors.

8 korea november 2012


The Kimchi Talk

Curtis File from Canada is a fan of Hansik who enjoys cooking kimchi fried rice and spicy Korean dishes at home. He met Lee Ha-yeon, an artisan producer of kimchi, to talk about the profound world of the spicy dish.
edited by Chung Da-young / interview by Curtis File

(side dish) that is brined in salt water, be made with any vegetable that has gone through this process. kimchi?

seasoned, and fermented. Kimchi can

F: Have you invented any new type of L: I made a paprika kimchi when Korean table.

paprika was still fairly new to the

F: Has kimchi always been spicy? What did the first kimchi look like? L: The first kimchi in history did not have any spicy chili powder in the with cabbage. Chili powder was seasoning and it wasnt even made imported into Korea only 300 years because of its fresh crispy flavor after F: Is there a health benefit of each type of kimchi? L: The health benefits depend on the main vegetable and the seasoning. F: I get stomach aches from weak you recommend for me

fermentation, and also because cabbage other dishes.

kimchi can be used as an ingredient for

ago, and before that kimchi was white, brined, and seasoned with salt. The first kimchi were made with cucumber, eggplant, and radish. Salt was added for the taste and to preserve it.

F: I see that a lot of ingredients go into kimchi and that it takes a long time to prepare the ingredients. L: When I was young, my mother

digestion. What type of kimchi would L: Radish kimchi such as kkakdugi

F: When was kimchi first made?

would spend the whole night just

L: According to historical records,

chopping the ingredients that go into making kimchi. Do you how many different flavors of kimchi there are? F: No. How many are there? mothers in Korea.

digestive system.

or dongchimi. The radish helps the

Koreans have been making kimchi for but when chili came into the country, red chili powder was added.

1,000 years. The first kimchi was white, F (Curtis File): How long have you been making kimchi? L (Lee Ha-yeon): I helped my mother L: I learned everything from my

F: I should eat more radish kimchi from now on. I know that well-ripened or fermented kimchi is great for making kimchi jjigae or stew. How would you eat fresh kimchi? L: Just-made kimchi goes well with

mother. She was a great cook. She

L: There are as many kimchi as

make kimchi when I was young, but I

always made delicious food and kimchi for her nine children, and none of us mothers nutritious kimchi. ever got ill. I think it was all due to my

F: There are so many types of kimchi. Have any types of kimchi been lost over the years?

started to make my own kimchi when I got married. Making kimchi became a profession when I began my own kimchi business 30 years ago.

F: Ha ha. Thats clever.

L: Many types have indeed been lost. One example is kimchi made with a type of old squash called dongha.

L: Its similar to how every wine or

steamed pork. Just wrap the sliced pork with kimchi and add a bit of fermented shrimp sauce. F: Thats a great tip. I must prepare kimchi at home.

Lee Ha-yeon is the CEO of Bongwoori Chan Kimchi and also the president of the Korea Kimchi Association. Her company, located in Namyangju in Gyeonggi-do, makes high-end kimchi for her online store and features kimchi-making classes for visitors. Her kimchi can also be tasted at her Hansik restaurant, Bongwoori, in Yeoksam-dong, Seoul.

cheese made in France tastes different from one winery to another. Its the same with kimchi. Kimchi tastes

F: I think I need some of your mothers delicious kimchi. I wonder, what define kimchi? makes kimchi kimchi? How would you L: Kimchi is a vegetable banchan

F: Did you learn to make kimchi from make kimchi from?

10 korea november 2012

People dont make kimchi with dongha anymore. When cabbage was imported from China, it became the vegetable of choice in many cases. This is mainly

different at every household because are all different.

steamed pork when I make my first

another artisan? Who did you learn to

the ingredients and the amounts used




The Sound of Thunder, a novel by Kim Joo-young, is set during an excruciatingly painful part of Korean history. The sad, difficult life story of a lady named Kil-nyo is entirely representative of the trials and tribulations of the Korean nation during the mid 20th century: the social confusion in the wake of the Japanese occupation as well as the Korean War, ideological conflict, and grinding poverty.
by Lee Jeong-eun/ illustration by Park Hyeon-ju


Where is he?

babybut Hwang Chom-gae was

some food and just got back. Youre lying.

Ive been gone for eight days to get

still around to testify to that. And the second baby, a child still unnamed, was living evidence of her tie to Chi

it up in the air. No matter how long he examined it, the ring was not going to turn into a precious jewel. Still, he

I swear on my ancestors name. thatll save you? Ill kill you. . Swear on their name? You think

Sang-mo. And starker than any such

went on rotating the tarnished metal

physical evidence was the fact of her an incurable disease of some kind, penetrating to her very marrow. Compared to these traces of her

this way and that in the twilight. Then he put it in his mouth and bit, leaving Abruptly, he said, Try it on. What? a tooth-mark on the edge of the silver.

wretched fate itself, now had become

youd better do a better job than that. inside out. Among the men running Where have you been? Where did Inside, her mother was shaking her Hide who? I have no idea what Cha Pyong-jo. You know that As Kil-nyo moved over to the edge in search of food. So how is it youre coming back here empty-handed? I failed.

Listen, comrade, if you mean to lie,

You say youve been gone for eight days The Sound of Thunder The sun was nearly down when at last she arrived back in Hamyang. After the journey, Kil-nyo was skin and () amok, Kil-nyo spotted one who looked you hide Cha Pyong-jo? head back and forth.

shameful past, what the short man wanted from her was a mere trifle. Still, as the man said, it was a trifle that would determine whether her entire family lived or died.


You have to prove its not your own Kil-nyo felt her heart sink. Why had

she not thought of trying it on these

past four days? Since leaving Kanggu, her only thought had been to get back home as soon as possible.

familiar. It was the short man who had taken away. She recognized him first, but he was the one who first spoke to her. A cigar was in his mouth as he

come when her father was arrested and

a whim, did you? You had a plan. And here you are, eight days later, with you hide that bastard? nothing but empty hands. Where did I never hid anybody.

You didnt just walk out of here on

to do, Kil-nyo wondered. Would she want her to produce something to

What would her mother expect her

bones and her clothes were little better than rags. She pushed open the gate a wreck. Murderous looking men ransacking the house. and walked in to find the whole house wearing red armbands were busily What little furniture there had been

youre talking about.

prove she had hidden Cha away? Or would she accept the evidence that her daughter had gone off to see yet

mind during the journey. If only she

In fact, the ring didnt even cross her

had slipped it onto her finger just once, she would not have felt so utterly lost now. If it hadnt fit her finger, she could

emerged from the outbuilding where

her father had been staying. There was nothing out of the ordinary about the mans behavior. As soon as he saw Kilto her and, pulling the cigar out of his mouth, said, Youre the daughter of this family, arent you? Pointedly, as if to preempt her

reactionary, dont you?

of the wooden floor and sat down,

in the main room had been thrown into the yard along with all the

nyo come into the yard, he rushed over

the man summoned the others from

then. Youve got to have some evidence Proof. Who could have had more

Very well. Show me some proof,

another man? In the end, however, the predicament was not Kil-nyo but the short man.

inside to come out into the front yard. After sending them outside the gate, he continued, Cha Pyong-jo is your husband, isnt he? . Isnt he?

that you actually went out to get food. proof than she? But when pressed,

one actually in control of this desperate

now smile secretly to herself. Whats the ring finger of her right hand, she What Chi had said flashed back into

more, if it hadnt been the right size for might have tried her left hand, instead. her mind: show your left hand to the

kitchenware. As the men rushed about they kicked things out of their way. Kil-nyos mother, the baby held tight watching the house being turned

Kil-nyo couldnt come up with a single piece of evidence to satisfy him. Like a own nest, she had swallowed every bit of proof there ever was. If she had not, all those ragged bits crow pecking away at a hatchling in its

skirt, took out the silver ring and laid it down on the edge of the floor. The man looked down at it. Whats this?

She fumbled through the folds of her

in her arms, was sitting there vacantly

fabricating an alibi, he went on immediately.

bastards who like left hands, and if you run into a bastard who likes the right, put your left hand in your pocket and stick out your right.

You are Shin Kil-nyo, correct?

A silver ring, what else? You know what I mean. Kil-nyo knew.

nyo could see her seated mothers hand her feel calmer.

Through the wide-open door Kil-

and pieces of half a lifetime would her whole life up to that point had

patting the babys back. The sight made I am the daughter.

have hounded her til the end. In a way, been an endless series of struggles to bury the signs and clues of her past: to forget. There was not a single trace proud.
In cooperation with Galerie Gaia

to me. Times are so bad they were more willing to part with this than to give for my trip back. away any food. They told me to sell it The short man picked up the ring.

The family I went to see gave this

heard those words from Chi Sang-mo.

Only four days had passed since she

At the time shed paid them little heed,

of her past about which she could feel And yet, the monumental efforts she

He rubbed it against his pants and held

had made were all melting into air. To conceal the fact of her coupling with Cha, she had abandoned a newborn

12 korea november 2012



but now shed fallen into a fix she could neither ignore nor escape. A dead end: she hadnt the slightest idea whether left. the man wanted her right hand or her Chi must have been the kind of man

might as well go with both.

hands held out before him. Now it was he who had to choose. Suddenly he her right. raised his left hand and slapped down Take that away. No woman wears Then, like a blacksmiths helper

The short man stared at the two

just moments before. Disappointed, he to himself:

briefly glanced at Kil-nyo and muttered Well, seems the reactionary

reception and again encounter

Pyong-jo, who has been hiding there. Her father is suspected of helping Pyong-jo hide, but Chom-gae helps him dispel the suspicion and kills Sang-mo. Kil-nyo gives herself to

story about a marketplace of the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910). In order to author theses on the commercial history of marketplaces throughout Korea. naturally comes from the rural A huge part of Kims lexicon the novel, he had to read more than 100 the late Joseon period and visit all the

also, he believes, destroy the literary essence of his works. For example, foreign readers of The Sound of Thunder will know enough to realize that Kiland innocent to such an extent that and she does not know how to say nyo is a woman who is illiterate, naive, others can easily take advantage of her, I love you, but still knows true love. NOVELS SHOULD MOVE OUR HEARTS Kim Joo-young is now over 70, but his pen is still young. So are his feet, as hes still on the road much of the time studying life in the field. About three years ago, he found a path that used to in Uljin, a city on the east coast of the old writer still young at heart to add another volume to the already nine-

sneaked out of here at dawn today, after all. It was not until much later, long

who could sense which hand might be better to offer. But she, a woman who for revelation. To stick out your left but more to the point, there was no time to dwell on such things. If the

knew no better, could only wait in vain hand to another would be unseemly

rings on her right hand.

after the short man was gone, that Kilhim.

Chom-gae and hears about the death of Sang-mo. Witnessing the killing of a village leader by partisans, Kil-nyo feels in her bones the same fate will befall Chom-gae and hears a roar of thunder. calls him yeobo (my darling) in spite of herself.

working at a bellows, he tried the ring on every finger, slipping it on and off of each with astonishing speed. replaced the expression of smug

nyo realized he had taken the ring with Close the gate and come in, dear. Her mothers voice was soft. ()

marketplaces and mountainous

hamlets, where raw Korean sentiments are still alive and well, rendering his novels a kind of elusiveness that languages.

lifeline of the whole family depended

It fit none. A look of embarrassment anticipation plastered across his face

When Chom-gae is later killed, Kil-nyo

by Kim Joo-young

resists effective translation into foreign The late novelist Lee Moon-

on which hand she now extended, she

translated by Chun Kyung-ja

is from The Silver Ring, the sixth years after her husbands death, a chapter of the nine-chapter novel. goes into hiding in the home of Kil-nyos parents, and young

The excerpt at the start of this article

koo once saw my notepad crammed with handwritten memos in small letters and said, These are your He added, You and I are most

he Sound of Thunder is one of

representative works, along with

Korean novelist Kim Joo-youngs

servant named Pyong-jo rapes her and leaves in ambitious pursuit of success. She gives birth to a baby and hears a roll of thunder. The baby is secretly

Pyong-jo, who has become a rightist,

blood and capillaries, recalls Kim. probably two writers whose works are untranslatable. The Korean language itself has numerous ambivalent

be trodden by packmen in the old days country. The discovery motivated this

Tradesman, A Skate Fish, and Anchovy. and a revised version came out in

The novel was first published in 1986, 2000. It was translated into English in translated into Russian a decade later. Sound of Thunder is a period beset by last years of Japanese colonial rule. the Korean War, and ideological The historical background of The

communists scour the house in search of him. One of the young men robs given by Sang-mos wife. Kil-nyo of her silver ring she had been

raised by a butcher named Chom-gae

1990 and became the first Korean novel

and his wife. After national liberation leaves, and her mother-in-law passes away. During the mourning period, Pyong-jo returns from Japan, rapes

from Japanese colonial rule, Chom-gae

expressions that can be interpreted in any number of acceptable ways, and the novels and short stories he and I Kim says he has no intention of

volume Tradesman. The first volume of 30 years ago.

the novel was published in 1981, about Novels ought to be touching,


Kim Joo-young diligently goes out to

relentless turmoil beginning with the It then runs through national liberation, conflict, always under grinding poverty. painful part of Korean history in the life of the female protagonist named Kil-nyo, and whenever she suffers a

Kil-nyo again, and sells her to a tavern. She runs away with the help of Sangmo, a truck driver, but he also rapes her. To Kil-nyos shock, Chom-gae partisans, and she hears another

witness life first-hand in the field. He that his characters will likely also

write contain many such expressions. jettisoning his style of language to

says, Kim Joo-young. I experience as

exposes himself to real-life experiences experience, hence his nickname Writer on the Road. The novel Tradesman, a byword for this nomadic writer, is a

much as I can, give vent to what I have candor.

render it less untranslatable because from the uniqueness of the Korean language and sentiments. It would

experienced, and state what I vent with That must be the secret of the deep

doing so would be a serious departure

The author embodies this excruciatingly

returns as a leader of the North Korean rumble of thunder. When the Korean War breaks out, Kil-nyo comes back to her parents home only to get a cold

resonance his works have with the reader.

ABoUt NovEliSt Kim Joo-yoUNg

Kim Joo-youngs works fall into different genres, ranging from historical novels marked with wit, obscene volubility, and extensively detailed descriptions of scenes and customs, to novelettes on love pure as snow glittering with delicate sensibility, to fun short stories unfolding at a jaunty pace with witty, surprising twists. Kim was born in a small village in the mountainous region of Cheongsong, Gyeongsangbuk-do in 1939. He studied creative writing at Sorabol Arts College and debuted with A Period of Dormancy in 1971, which earned him the New Writer Award by The Literature Monthly.

shocking experience, the clouds above of thunder.

(or deep inside her) release a loud crack Kil-nyo is married to the son of the

His novels and short stories include Tradesman, The Sound of Thunder, A Skate Fish, Anchovy, Hwalbindo, Hwacheok, Arari Nanjang, and Ttongchin Makdaegi. He has received most of Koreas prestigious literary awards including the Korea Culture and Arts Award, the Yi Sang Literary Award, and the Daesan Literary Award. In 2007, he received the Eungwan Cultural Medal from the Korean government.

head family of a clan which is on the


Chun Kyung-ja is a professor emeritus at the Catholic University of Korea. Since 1986 she has translated many Korean literary works for English-speaking readers including Hwang Suk-youngs The Shadow of Arms, Kim Joo-youngs The Sound of Thunder, Choi In-huns A Grey Man, and Jo Jung-raes Playing with Fire. She won the Korean Cultural and Arts Foundation grand prize for Korean literature translation for her translation of Chae Man-siks Peace Under Heaven.

decline. She is soon widowed and must

live alone with her mother-in-law. Nine

14 korea november 2012



Spokesman for Korea

Seo Kyung-duK
While travelling Europe with a rucksack on his back, Seo Kyung-duk fell into shock when he realized that very few people knew about Korea. This experience prompted him to promote the Republic of Korea across the world. Now, 18 years later, hes still promoting Korea globally in many ways. By Lee Jeong-eun / photographs by Lee Min-hui

he year 1996 marked the 600 th anniversary of the designation of Seoul as the capital

World Cup, so he draped himself in the FIFA World Cup flag and attached the Taegeukgi (the national flag of the Republic of Korea) to

of Korea. In celebration, the Seoul Metropolitan Government decided to bury a time capsule to be opened in 2394. The time capsule was best represent Seoul and Seoulites in 1996. loaded with 600 items that were believed to One of the most conspicuous among the 600

his backpack, cap, and T-shirt. I was a walking PR board for Koreas success in its bidding to host the global event, recalls Seo. But, people asked me whether I was Japanese or Chinese. Famous museums and historic monuments didnt provide any Korean service. In shock, promote Korea by whatever means.

items was a table that predicted statistics on live in Korea 400 years later. Most people

the lifestyle of future generations who would naturally considered items that represented club named Fight for Survival came up what Korea would be like in the future.

this young man was imbued with a passion to To begin, Seo planned a small event to

Seoul and Korea of 1996, but a college student with the idea to include an item depicting This incident changed the life course of the professor at Sungshin Womens University, of the Republic of Korea.

celebrate Koreas National Liberation Day in

front of the Eiffel Tower on August 15. He sent a message to the Korean travelers he had met to the tower. Finally, the day broke, and his during the trip and encouraged them to come heart pounded. He went to the tower and was He led them in singing the national anthem of the Republic of Korea, circling the tower

leader of the student club, who is now a guest but prefers to go by his nickname Promoter Seo studied landscape architecture in college.

surprised to see more than 200 Korean travelers.

After graduation, he decided to work for the public interest. He started planning events

hand in hand. They also sang Arirang, a dearly loved Korean traditional folk song. Someone the Republic of Korea), and everybody else chanted Daehanminguk Manse! (lit. Long live followed suit. They developed a sense of unity and patriotism beyond words. Well, according patriot, and it was true. to one saying, Whoever goes abroad becomes a That was the first step he took as a devoted,
In cooperation with

that he thought would benefit Korean society as a whole, and years later he found himself spokesman for Korea. walking a unique life path as a self-appointed In 1996, when Korea and Japan were locked

in fierce competition to win the right to host the 2002 FIFA World Cup, he set out to travel across Europe, carrying only a backpack. He wanted

self-designated spokesman for Korea and is Korea.

to be a small help to Koreas bid to host the FIFA

16 korea november 2012

now opularly dubbed the expert promoter of



a delivery company in Canada made copies of

the ad and attached them to delivery boxes. In

scientific Korean writing system invented by King Sejong (r. 1418-1450). Ik-joong Kang, an artist born in Korea and living and working

fork out money to run

2008, Seo put an ad about Dokdo in the New York Times and the Washington Post with sponsorship by singer Kim Jang-hun, grabbing the attention of the worlds media. Seo also denounced Japans denial of what

his ads for Korea. He sent letters via post and email to 1,800 people including W. Bush, every member

in New York, donated his installation works

themed on Hangeul, which Seo permanently

installed at major buildings around the world including the UNESCO headquarters in Paris the Republic of Korea during World War II in and the office of the Provisional Government of Chongqing, China, in order to show the world renowned museums and galleries including

former US President George of the US Senate and the the governors of 31 US

the Japanese did to other Asians in the first half of the century by running an ad on so-called comfort women, who were de facto sex slaves for Japanese soldiers during World War II. He has placed ads in influential foreign media

House of Representatives, states, the heads of United Nations delegations, and professors who study East the restoration of human

how beautiful Hangeul is. He persuaded worldthe Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Museum of Modern Art, and the American Museum of Natural History in New York City to provide guide services in Korean. He headed the

outlets to call for the restoration of the human rights of old Korean ladies who were dragged apology and compensation for them. to battlefields as comfort women and Japans His ads entitled Error in NYT, Error in

Asian issues and history for rights of the Korean women who were forced to provide sexual service to Japanese soldiers in the name of World War II. comfort women during Whenever I was hit by a

WP, and Error in WSJ ran in the New York Journal and resonated very widely. The ads

publication of an English PR booklet about the Korea Gallery in the Smithsonian Museum of National History in Washington, D.C.

Times, the Washington Post, and the Wall Street refuted these newspapers referring to the East Sea (the sea off the east coast of the Korean Peninsula) as the Sea of Japan in their articles. BIBIMBAP, ArIrAnG, AND HANGEUL to historic issues. He placed ads for Korean foodsbibimbap and makgeolliin leading

Arirang (a dearly loved Korean traditional folk song, which is widely regarded as Koreas

When China allegedly attempted to register

unofficial national anthem) as a Chinese cultural

brilliant idea, I immediately put it into practice

Seos promotion of Korea is not only confined

newspapers and also on electronic billboards in Times Square in New York City and Piccadilly
Ad on comfort women, who served as sex slaves for Japanese soldiers during World War II in the Washington Post

It is to install a billboard exclusive for Korea in Times Square in New York City, as the first of its kind, and run ads on Arirang, Dokdo, the East Sea, and so forth 24-7, 365 days a year. Another idea is to place a surprise ad during a break in the Super Bowl.
property on the grounds that ethnic Koreans living in China sing the song, Seo responded and downtown Tokyo and uploading the ad file on YouTube and tweeting it in real time, world. by placing an ad about Arirang in Times Square regardless of whatever difficulties seemed to be waiting, says Seo.

Circus in London. It is through food that people AN ERROR IN YOUR NEWSPAPER naturally learn about a nation. Bibimbap (rice The year 2005 is unforgettable for Seo. He ran served with colorful natural ingredients, mixed before eating) and makgeolli (unrefined Korean rice wine) are especially loved by non-Koreans

an ad entitled Dokdo Is Korean Territory in the New York Times. Japan had enacted an ordinance to designate February 22 as Takeshima Day its sovereignty over Dokdo. Enraged, Seo (Takeshima is what Japan calls Dokdo) to claim decided to draw the attention of the worlds

Somebody said that was

and were selected as representative Korean fare to help the world better understand what Korea is about. In preparation for an ad on bibimbap, he

especially targeting young people across the

crazy, but I have a fearless

spirit of challenge, without

2 1 Ad on bibimbap in the New York Times 2 Ad on Hangeul in the Washington Post

which I couldnt have done so many things. more than 300 cities throughout the globe and Korea better-known to the world. Since his sophomore year, hes traveled to

media to the issue based on objective information and chose the New York Times as a vehicle to stoke Americans interest in the issue first and thereby pique global interest. He emptied his pockets to run that small ad, which helped bring together Koreans living abroad for the cause. A Korean who was running a laundromat in the the laundromat. A Korean who was operating
18 korea november 2012

learned that most non-Koreans dont like to


is a common practice in Korea. He featured a photo of bibimbap with a fried egg on it, and

have an uncooked egg on their bibimbap, which

For an individual who is plain in every aspect, running an ad in the New York Times and the Washington Post is almost as difficult as

attempted many fun and exciting ways to make I have a dream to achieve on a national level,

it was a success. The key take-away from this experience was that you can better promote your own culture when you understand and respect others cultures as well as your own. Seo also endeavors to promote Hangeul, the

reaching the sky to grab a star. Seo frequented the ad department of those newspapers with his ad drafts for months. Big businesses and

says Seo. It is to install a billboard exclusive for Korea in Times Square in New York City, as the first of its kind, and run ads on Arirang, Dokdo, the East Sea, and so forth 24-7, 365 days a year. break in the Super Bowl. Another idea is to place a surprise ad during a

government offices in Korea were also haunted promoter of Korea, who encouraged them to

United States printed the ad on plastic covers for

day and night by this persistent and passionate



Great Scholar and Calligrapher

and research and pursued factual truth with an unwaveringly upright scholarly spirit. His achievement in epigraphy is especially

you should do so) shows long, thin characters Sehando is one of Koreas official national

Kim Jeong-hui

with greatly varying strokes. His masterpiece treasures. The work features vertical lines of In the work, the composition of the painting

notable. He made rubbings of the inscriptions

Kim Jeong-hui was an outstanding scholar in multiple disciplines and a celebrated poet, calligrapher, and painter. Here is a brief look at his life and art.
by Im Sang-beom / photographs provided by the National Museum of Korea (NMK)

of stone monuments scattered far and wide and interpreted their content and determined when they had been created. His innate talents, tireless efforts, and

text, a scene of four trees, and a small house. and calligraphy is extremely well-balanced and strikes exquisite harmony, and the extensive blank space instills in the viewer a feeling of including Haedongbigo (a book on epigraphy
1 Bojeongsanbang, which means that Kim Jeonghui really values Chung Yak-yong, a contemporary scholar of the Realist School of Confucianism 2 A rubbed copy of Shilla Jinheungwang Sunsubi (monuments commemorating King Jinheungs tour) in Bukhansan Mountain 3 Sehando depicts moral duties among people.

discussions with foreign scholars together admired to this day.

made him a great scholar-artist, whose feats are

quiet solitude. He also authored many books based on his research). His disciples compiled his posthumous books including Wandangjip (a collection of his writings). compelled to lead a lonely Kim Jeong-hui was

SOLITUDE REFINES ARTISTS im Jeong-hui was born into a prestigious family in 1786, the late Joseon period.

In the Joseon Dynasty, calligraphy was believed

to be an act of expressing ones character and an

His genius was obvious even at a young age. calligraphy at the very tender age of three.

indication of scholarly caliber. Kims inner world, in his calligraphic style Chusache.

He is said to have held a brush and practiced He was given the best education of the time

character, and scholarly depth were all expressed His ten years of solitude in exile deepened

life in his old age in the midst of political strife, but his life was still full of books and

and rose to high government posts. For a long time, his life path seemed to extend endlessly upward, but the good times ended in 1840. That year, he was exiled to Jejudo, Koreas

him as an artist. Influenced by the art of Qing painting together in unity, he endeavored to like letters. Muksogeosajachan, one of his

China, which brought poetry, calligraphy, and write letters like paintings and draw paintings calligraphy works (which advises you to keep

ink. The masterpieces he left behind and the footsteps he took as a scholar-artist with

an unyielding noble spirit still have much to tell despite the since his time. many years that have passed

largest island off its southern coast, in the midst of political upheaval, and he spent almost a decade in exile there. He was exiled again in 1851 to Bukcheong, which is in modern-day North Korea, and released the following year. He passed away in 1856 in Gwacheon, which is just south of the Gangnam area of modern Seoul. Kim Jeong-hui is generally called Chusa

silent when you should do so and to laugh when

Kim Jeong-hui or simply by his pen name, called Chusache (lit. Chusas calligraphic

Chusa. His unique style of calligraphy is thus style) and has long been admired by Koreans. However, few Koreans know that he was also one of the best artists and scholars of his day. well as a multidisciplinary scholar who had geography, astronomy, and other fields. He was, in fact, a brilliant poet and painter as profound knowledge of epigraphy, Buddhism, As a young man, Kim travelled to Qing

China with his father, where he was exposed to a new culture and studies. Back home, he established a school named Chusapa (lit. Chusa school) where he emphasized experimentation
20 korea november 2012



by Chung Da-young / photographs by Hong Sang-don

A Walk through Koreas Cultural Heritage

The quaint street of Jeong-dong, popularly known as Jeongdong-gil, in downtown Seoul is full of cultural heritage and bears vestiges of Koreas long and storied history. A walk through Jeongdong-gil is sure to take you far back in time.

eong-dong is a small area in downtown Seoul across the street from Seoul City Hall that


stretches from Deoksugung Palace to the Seoul Museum of History. Despite its central location from the bustling streets of the city, escaping in the heart of Seoul, Jeong-dong is tucked away much attention from residents and visitors alike. And yet, the area is most popular for its narrow picturesque street called Jeongdong-gil (lit. wall of Deoksugung Palace. The beautiful Jeong-dong Street) that runs along the stone tree-lined cobblestone streets flanked by the

The quiet street of Jeong-dong, running

along the stone perimeter wall on one side of Deoksugung Palace up to where Seodaemun (Great West Gate) once stood, still resonates

with the history of early modern Korea. During the Joseon era (1392-1910) it was a residential area for court officials and yangban (the upper

class of the Joseon era) due to its close proximity to Gyeongbokgung Palace, the main palace of when the country opened its doors to the the Joseon royal court. In the late 19th century, Western world, the first Westerners settled in

stately palace walls and historical buildings are by the Seoul Metropolitan Government as the first Beautiful Street for Walking in 1999 only made it official. But it is the cultural and Jeongdong-gil so special.
22 korea november 2012

among Seouls most beautiful. Being designated

Jeong-dong and the area increasingly became Quarter.

known as Legation Street or the European Before 1880, foreigners could not live within
Running along the stone wall of Deoksugung Palace, Jeongdong-gil was designated as the first Beautiful Street for Walking in 1999.

historical heritage along the street that makes

the city walls of Seoul. The first American envoy to Korea was granted land in 1884. The opening


of the U.S. Legation brought a rush of foreign settlement to the area from France, Germany, and Russia, and two red brick buildings were constructed for the British Embassy

including Koreas first president and independence activist Ji Cheong-cheon.

Syngman Rhee, poet Kim Sowol,

Legation, and on the right is the Central Hall building remains the headquarters for the

of the Salvation Army. Completed in 1928, the Korean Salvation Army and houses a chapel, gallery, caf, and cultural center for visitors. The red-brick building with its sturdy

soon after. Along with the diplomacy Jeong-dong was where the country was first introduced to Western education, religion, and medicine. for Western diplomacy, the base

of the great world powers at the time,

of Art is Chung Dong First

Across from the Seoul Museum

Methodist Church built in 1898. Appenzeller, it was Koreas first Methodist church. The single-

Also founded by Henry Gerhard

symmetrical pillars designed in a neoclassical architecture.

style is one of Seouls finest examples of colonial The main section of Jeongdong-gil continues

The area gradually became the center for Christian missionaries, and the

story red-brick church, built in an American-Gothic style, was very symbolic of the introduction of

on the road to the right of Chung Dong First Methodist Church. The Canadian Embassy is located on the right, and right before the

birthplace of modern education. The rich architectural heritage of Jeongof early modern Korea. THE HERITAGE dong is still redolent with the history

American culture to Korea. It also published Koreas first monthly magazine, Gyohoe (lit. church), and opened Koreas first summer Bible school in 1922.
1 The white tower is all that remains of the original Russian Legation. 2 Small charming parks, such as the Jeongdong Park, can be found along the roads. 3 The Seoul Museum of Art was formerly the Supreme Court of Korea. 4 Ewha Girls High School remains as one of the most prestigious schools for young women in Korea. 5 Jeongdong-gil is visited by many locals and foreigners alike.

embassy there is a small sign that leads to the site of the former Russian Legation built in 1890. The Russian Legation was the scene of an of the Joseon Dynasty. When Queen Min was assassinated in 1895 inside Gyeongbokgung Palace., King Gojong and the crown prince and resided there for a year. At that time, fled to the Russian Legation for their safety pro-Japanese members of the royal cabinet were sacked and pro-Russian ones installed. After returning to Deoksugung Palace, King Gojong and proclaimed the country an independent

important incident during the political turmoil


Jeongdong-gil begins at the main gate of Deoksugung Palace, Daehanmun, and follows along the stone

the roundabout is a narrow road that is lined by old stone On the left is the

To the right of

walls of the palace. It is a

walls on both sides. U.S. ambassadors on the original

pedestrianfriendly street with wide sidewalks, and its curves and one-way roads limit traffic speed.

residence, still located site of the first U.S.

renamed the nation as the Great Korean Empire nation. The Russian Legation was a two-story most of it was destroyed during the Korean

The street leads to a small

roundabout with a fountain in the middle. To formerly the Supreme Court of Korea. Built Colonial Period, the Romanesque edifice

brick building built in a Renaissance style, but War. Today, only the white three-story tower modern Russian Embassy is located nearby. Back to Jeongdong-gil, pedestrians will

the left up the hill is the Seoul Museum of Art, in 1928 as a courthouse during the Japanese stands over the hill about six meters above its after national liberation and turned into the and national exhibits all year round.

remains on the site, as majestic as ever. The new


surroundings. It was used as the Supreme Court museum in 2002, now featuring international Further down the street is the original

come to a cluster of large red brick buildings

most prestigious in higher education for women in Korea to this day. Jeongdong-gil ends at the Kyunghyang Daily

to the left. This is Ewha Girls High School and first modern school for women in Korea, Ewha Hakdang. The school was founded in 1886 by Mary F. Scranton, an American missionary to Korea. The school opened with only one student and later expanded over the years

Simpson Hall, which are built on the site of the

News Building, where it meets a busy six-lane roadway. After walking along the quiet street

HoW to gEt tHERE

The neighborhood of Jeong-dong can be reached on foot from City Hall Station, Line 1 or 2, or from Gwanghwamun Station, Line 5. Look for the main entrance of Deoksugung Palace and just follow the road to the left along the palace wall.

shaded by ginkgo trees and bearing the solemn the sight of tall office buildings seem jarring and almost uncomfortable, making oneself

building of Paiehai Hakdang, a school founded by the missionary Henry Gerhard Appenzeller in 1885. It was the first modern school for boys. King Gojong himself named the school and wrote the calligraphy for the wooden sign at influential men in Koreas modern history,
24 korea november 2012

weight of history, the sound of heavy traffic and

into kindergarten, pre-school, middle school, on campus is Simpson Hall, built in 1915 as a school house for the growing number of

and a womens university. The oldest building

want to turn around and go back. Within this relentlessly modern city, the quiet peace and timeless comfort of Jeongdong-gil comes as reassurance and a very welcome respite.

its gate. The graduates were some of the most

students. The name Ewha remains one of the



Lanterns Glittering on the Water

Jinju has long been famous for its refined taste in the arts as well as its delicious cuisine. As if that werent enough, the city has even more to show every October, when the Namgang River becomes a long strip of gems strewn under the night sky. Lets look into the spectacular Jinju Namgang Yudeung Festival and other attractions to see and taste. by Lee Jeong-eun/ photographs by Moon Duk-gwan


26 korea november 2012



was an exception as the soaring cliffs raise the fortress well away from the danger of floods own right. and were excellent defensive structures in their

JINJUSEONG FORTRESS AND RAW BEEF BIBIMBAP Jinjuseong Fortress is a sacred site of Jinju,

encapsulating the history and culture of the

city. The fortress is where General Kim Si-min scored a major victory against the Japanese in 1592. Sadly, General Kim fell in battle at the soldiers, officials, and peasants when the head of an army of more than 70,000 Korean Japanese managed to breach the outer defenses of the city a second time. After this second battle, a lady entertainer named Nongae was called to a party for Japanese officers, where she embraced a Japanese general and threw
1 1 Jinjuseong Fortress was filled with various lights. 2 Jinjuseong Fortress keeps the tragic and bitter moment of history.

numerous different foodstuffs, and it naturally developed its own unique cuisine. One of the (lit. raw beef bibimbap). Topped with slices of representative dishes of Jinju is yukhoe bibimbap raw beef and mung bean sprouts, among other ingredients, yukhoe bibimbap is enjoyable both to the eyes and palate. The story of this dish begins with General Kim Si-mins first battle meals for the officers and were wise enough in each bowl to efficiently serve such a huge include Jinju naengmyeon (cold buckwheat

Jinju Namgang Yudeung Festival hosted various programs.

herself into the Namgang River, taking him with her. Both drowned, but she has ever patriotic deed.

inju in southwestern Korea has a long-

culture. Every October, the city glitters like a Festival. Marking its tenth year, this years

standing reputation as a center of arts and

Si-mins use of lanterns in October 1592 as a

The festival finds its origin in General Kim

after been remembered for her heartbreaking, The most conspicuous feature of Jinjuseong

against the Japanese. Ladies of the city brought to put all sorts of herbs and beef on top of rice number of men. Other famous dishes of Jinju noodles), Jinju Hanjeongsik (full course Korean meal), and Namgang jangeo gui (broiled eel).

gem when it hosts the Jinju Namgang Yudeung festival commenced on October 1. Some 12,000 yudeung (lit. floating lanterns) floated on the Namgang River (a river running through Jinju). The area along the river assumed an air of a seen before. fairy tale land like no other place you have ever

means of communication with assisting forces of defense during a raging battle against invading Japanese forces.

outside Jinjuseong Fortress and also as a means

Fortress is Chokseongnu, which is considered one of the three best pavilions of Korea together with the Yeongnamnu Pavilion of Miryang and the Bubyeongnu Pavilion of Pyongyang. Chokseongnu is one of the 50

year is even larger and features more colorful, intricate lanterns. It is even being held for two more days, lasting a full two weeks. This year, Traditional and modern Korean lanterns as well as lanterns from 31 foreign countries

The Jinju Namgang Yudeung Festival this

must-see destinations in Korea recommended by CNNGo. Uiam (lit. Rock of Righteousness, and the Japanese general into the Namgang) is enshrined) are both highly recommended sites for your visit to Chokseongnu. a 400 m2 rock from which Nongae threw herself and Uigisa (a shrine where a portrait of Nongae

tRAvEl iNfoRmAtioN
what to eat Jinju Naengmyeon The stock for the Jinju naengmyeon (cold buckwheat noodles) is made by simmering cow bones and such seafoods as anchovies, shrimp, hwangtae (pollock naturally freeze-dried in the cold of winter through repeated freezing and thawing), mussels, and short-neck clams. The clean and light taste of Jinju naengmyeon has long captivated countless gourmets. This dish is garnished with beef Seoul slices coated in egg wash and pan-fried. how to get there Bus Buses run between Seoul Nambu Terminal and Jinju Intercity Bus Terminal at 20-minute intervals. The trip between Seoul and Jinju takes three and a half hours. Car Seoul Gyeongbu Expressway Daejeon-Tongyeong Expressway Seojinju Interchange. It takes less than three and a half hours.

the festival features more than 12,000 lanterns.

made the festival a true feast of art. Both the filled with light.

Namgang River and Jinjuseong Fortress were The Namgang is a river that represents the

Jinyangho Lake was formed in 1970 when

Jinyangho Park is another must-see in Jinju.

city of Jinju. Finer than the texture of silk and deeper than indigo blue, the Namgang River snakes its way below the walls of Jinjuseong Fortress and along rocky cliffs until it meets

Namgang Dam was built. Despite the fact that banks and has been featured in many Korean movies, TV dramas, and commercials.

it is an artificial lake, it is beautiful with curvy

Chokseongnu, a pavilion majestically perched on a sheer cliff that affords a sweeping view.

was the center of the southwestern region of mountains, lakes, and plainsall within a

During the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910), Jinju


Few Korean fortresses were built near rivers due to the risk of flooding, but Jinjuseong Fortress

the country. It had easy access to the sea, rivers, one-hour distance. It was a major producer of

28 korea november 2012



Project (PPP; a joint puppet project by Snuff

Puppets of Australia and residents of Jongnocolorful procession by Vernisseurs of France).

gu, Seoul), and Merry Urban Mess (a cheerful and At 8 p.m., the night air of Seoul bloomed with

fireworks and the spectators were bewitched by Magic Night, a street performance by the Xarxa Teatre of Spain. This dynamic performance

covered every nook and cranny of Taepyeongno and featured unique fireworks, flaring to the spectators in wonder and emotion. exciting percussion rhythms and enthralling the At 9 p.m., Seoul Plaza hosted the official

opening ceremony of the tenth Hi Seoul

Festival. It commenced with Seoul Fantasia Project Nalda of Korea, a choir of more than

jointly performed by Transe Express of France, 200 citizens, and some 200 Korean traditional

percussionists. The grand finale of the opening

ceremony was Ganggangsullae, a representative and foreign alikejoined hands in a big circle

Korean folk activity where participantsKorean and swirled around under the moonlight,

chanting the chorus, ganggangsullae, to the exciting performance of Korean traditional percussionists.

Korea while working with Koreans, says

Ive had a wonderful time observing

A Street Festival of Art

an artist with Snuff Puppets. Working with local communities, weve had a really good experience helping and learning from one another.

3 Children enjoyed the performances as well as adults. 4 Magic Night, a street firework performance by the Xarxa Teatre of Spain

The Hi Seoul Festival 2012

The tenth Hi Seoul Festival unfolded in the autumn of 2012, transforming the streets of Seoul into mobile stages and turning the city center into a work of art. by Lee Jeong-eun

A FESTIVAL TO WATCH AND TO BE PART OF For the seven days following the opening strewn with 41 performances by Momggol and Creative Grou

ceremony, the streets of downtown Seoul were Korean groups including Theatre NONI as well as 24 performances

Parker from the United States. Every

The artists were fantastic, said Sienna

performance was brilliant and dynamic.

1 A scene of Looking for the Fairy Wings, a large-scale puppet play by Art Stage SAN of Korea 2 A poster of the Hi Seoul Festival 2012

eoul hosted a grand street festival of art for Seoulites and global villagers alike,

year, this years Hi Seoul Festival was themed

mingling in vitality and jubilation. One could hardly be faulted for believing that this was Dresden, Firenze, or Paris, all renowned global for one and all to enjoy!

on Gestures That Set the City in Motion and including parades, street theatre, circus acts, and dances.

by foreign groups such as Generik Vapeur of France and La Fura dels Baus of Spain. The 2012 Hi Seoul Festival

featured many different types of performances

centers of art. The Hi Seoul Festival 2012 was on Co-organized by the Seoul Metropolitan

six in the evening with a cheerful parade led by amateur percussionists from Seoul. At 7 p.m., the street of Sejong-daero became saturated

The festival began in spectacular fashion at

was especially unique, featuring

many participatory performances in which spectators could mingle with the professional artists as the performances unfolded. in nine projects including the

Government and the Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture, the Hi Seoul Festival 2012 took place in downtown Seoulin and around Seoul Plaza, Cheonggye Plaza, and Gwanghwamun Squarefrom October 1 to 7. Marking its tenth
30 korea november 2012

a Korean traditional percussion band of over 200

in a festive mood as crowds gathered to watch

Looking for the Fairy Wings (a large-scale puppet

Some 3,000 Seoulites participated opening and closing ceremonies.


play by Art Stage SAN of Korea), Peoples Puppet



Travel to Gyeongju by K-sh

K-Shuttle has been well rece ived by the 50 visitors who ha 0 foreign ve used it.

on the Suncheon course


Jeonju, Yeosu, and Busan, Southeast Course A to Busan, Gyeongju, Andong, Wonju, Gangneung, and Pyeongchang, and Southeast Course B to

with any questions or problems that they

may have. When the bus stops at a city, the

the same cities as Course A but in reverse order.

passengers are free to explore the area on their the departure time.

ahoe Folk Village in Andong, Gyeongpo Beach in Gangneung, and the 1,500 year

All three packages depart from Dongwha Duty Free Building in Gwanghwamun, Seoul and return to the same location. At KRW 290,000 or around USD 260 per

own. They only need to return to the bus before Another great feature of the K-Shuttle is

old astronomical observatory Cheomseongdae in Gyeongju are just some of Koreas popular tourist destinations. But for those who are new to the country and have limited time, it can be quite difficult and confusing to find the right local transportation and accommodations in rural Korea.

the flexible boarding option. At a lower fee, of a route of their choice or get off at any

person, the packages include the shuttle bus two breakfasts), and admission tickets to

passengers can purchase bus tickets for a part stop they want. So far, the K-Shuttle has been well-received by the 500 foreign visitors who have used it. The Seoul Metropolitan Government and

fare, accommodations for two nights (including some of the tourist attractions. A professional English-speaking tour guide will accompany the passengers on the bus all three days. The tour guide is also emergency first response (EFR) certified to ensure the safety and wellbeing of travelers at all times. The guide not only provides detailed explanations of the

Bus Tour Package for Foreigners


offering the K-Shuttle service, the perfect

The Seoul Metropolitan Government began

regional government offices offer the K-Shuttle service as a safe and convenient travel option for foreign visitors to see the less-frequented parts of Korea, and they hope that it boosts
For more information visit

transportation travel package for such foreign tourists this past July. Together with the Visit Korea Committee, the Seoul Metropolitan

Would you like to explore the southern parts of Korea but only have a few days to spare? We suggest you travel with K-Shuttle, the all-inclusive bus tour package offered by the Korean government, so you can relax all the way.
by Chung Da-young / photographs provided by Visit Korea Committee

Government created an all-inclusive bus tour

locations en route, but also helps the travelers

tourism and the economy in provincial areas.

package to the three cities mentioned above and several other popular tourist hotspots in Korea such as Busan (Koreas second biggest city) and Jeonju (the gourmet capital of Korea). The
Route Southwest Course Southeast Course A Southeast Course B

K-SHUttlE SERviCE iNfoRmAtioN

Departure Day Tue, Thu, Sat, Sun Tue Sat Itinerary Seoul Buyeo Jeonju Yeosu Suncheon Busan Seoul Seoul Busan Gyeongju Andong Wonju Gangneung Pyeongchang Seoul Seoul Pyeongchang Gangneung - Wonju Andong Gyeongju Busan Seoul

K-Shuttle packages take travelers to six must-see cities in three days, letting them enjoy the trip without having to worry about transportation and accommodations. There are three routes that travelers can

choose from: the Southwest Course to Buyeo,

32 korea november 2012

* All buses depart from Dongwha Duty Free Building in Gwanghwamun, Seoul at 8:30am. Ticket Price: KRW 290,000 for full package Reservations : K-Shuttle website: telephone reservation: +82-1899-2508



outh Korea had long struggled in

demonstrated through a series of thrilling

womens volleyball, but its national team

let alone whether she even liked volleyball.

Today, volleyball is her only life pursuit. She E&C Hillstate Volleyball Team in 2007. She

matches at the London Olympics this summer

went pro when she joined the Suwon Hyundai received the Best Blocker Award at the 2009 She was dubbed the player of the year in

that the country was making a strong comeback. The womens national volleyball team of South the Japanese team in a preliminary round at the 2004 Olympics in Athens, though this was followed by 22 defeats by the Japanese. The Koreans had long been underdogs, but they went up against traditionally strong teams like the Americans, Brazilians, and Italians. The Koreans scored one win after another and advanced to the Olympic semi-finals for the a medal, but they impressed volleyball fans worldwide. Yang Hyo-jin (22) was on the team. Only first time in 36 years. The team failed to win Korea tasted the joy of victory when it defeated

FIVB Womens World Grand Champions Cup. womens volleyball by the 2010 DongA Sports Awards. Her solid performance coupled with Whenever the name Yang Hyo-jin is her cute appearance has won her plenty of fans. mentioned, the phrase, a hope for womens not, which clearly shows how well she is

volleyball of Korea, follows more often than actually faring. Committed to playing her role perfectly on any team she belongs to, Yang make that dream come true, she is keen to hopes to play on a foreign team someday. To make herself stronger and wait for the right

ten centimeters shy of two meters, this tall

center played her role to the fullest in every

time to come, when she will feel ready not to be disappointed even if such an attempt ends in failure.

match she fought in London. Yang was also on the team when it failed to secure a spot in the in the Olympics for the first time in her life, Beijing Olympics in 2008. This year competing her determination was as firm as ever. Simply touching enough for a young athlete like her; she felt as if she had achieved her life dream. The cheering spectators and breathtaking

2013 Asian Games to be held in Incheon, Korea. The South Korean team clinched silver at the 2010 Asian Games in Guangzhou, China, and she hopes to win gold in 2013. Fans out there, will bring volleyball glory to Korea. cheer for her so that this young, hopeful player

For the present, she is spurring herself for the

1 Yang Hyo-jin shows her transcendent blocking abilities at the London 2012 Olympics. 2 Yang Hyo-jin is emerging as a new hope for womens volleyball in Korea.

playing on the Olympic court was exciting and

matches with the worlds top teams stirred her fighting spirit. The team as a whole showed were also determined to make up for their four years ago.

perfect teamwork, as the other team members failure to break into the Olympic tournament At the London Olympics, Yang keenly sensed

her weaknesses as an athlete, and she will train with even greater focus on her offensive skills and agility to respond better to unexpected situations in the future.

A Hope for Korean Womens Volleyball



During the London 2012 Olympics, the volleyball court witnessed a series of incredible matches between the South Korean womens national volleyball team and the traditional volleyball powerhouses. Team center Yang Hyo-jin, who blocked numerous attacks, says her life is only about volleyball. by Im Sang-beom/ photographs by Ha Ji-yeong and Hyundai E&C Hillstate Volleyball Team
34 korea november 2012

When Yang was in school, the volleyball coach spotted her because of her height. Her family didnt like the idea of her playing volleyball,

and she wasnt sure whether she was talented,



movie Pieta with rapt attention when Korea

he film industry worldwide watched

Korean director Kim Ki-duks controversial

was still beset by scorching summer heat, and it was September 8 when the film was finally announced as the winner of the Leone dOro (Golden Lion) for Best Film at the closing

Festival. This was the first Korean movie to

ceremony of the 69th Venice International Film

receive the top honor at any of the worlds three major film festivals, held in Berlin, Cannes, and mother-son relationship, also garnered three Venice. The movie, telling the story of a twisted

Honored with the Golden Lion in Venice

collateral awards: the Leoncino dOro Agiscuola (Golden Lion Cub), the Mouse dOro (Golden Mouse), and the P. Nazareno Taddei.

Pieta by Kim Ki-duk

Korean director Kim Ki-duks shocking movie Pieta won the Golden Lion for Best Film at the 69th Venice International Film Festival in September this year. Here is the story of Kim Ki-duks life and films and the implications of Pieta to the world of Korean movies.
by Yang In-sil

movie Birdcage Inn was screened as an opening film in the Panorama section of the 1999 Berlin Isle won the Netpac AwardSpecial Mention The same year, his Real Fiction was presented in the competition category of the Moscow International Film Festival. His 2001 movies Address Unknown and Bad Guy were invited to the competition category of the Venice International Film Festival, respectively. International Film Festival and the Berlin In an interview after winning the Leone International Film Festival. His next movie The at the 2000 Venice International Film Festival.

Kim debuted with Crocodile in 1996. His 1998

and wrath, feelings that in turn damage and and bitter tragedy.

destroy human beings, giving birth to a brutal Kims films have been well-received abroad,

but they have not generally fared so well at

home. Using biting symbols and metaphors and delving deep into uncomfortable truths, his films feel unfamiliar to Korean audiences and make them feel ill at ease, especially after all Kim has largely been ignored by the Korean public, but remains as committed as ever to these years of conditioning to commercial films.

dOro this September, Kim said that he could feel the intense interest and affection of both audiences and critics for Pieta since its premiere and that the Leone dOro was not only for him but also for all those involved in the movies in supported him.

his chosen course. Certainly, he must consider this Septembers Leone dOro a validation of lonely as it may be. his decision to walk his own way, as solitary or Even if Kim has garnered many awards

Korea. He then thanked all the people who had


from prestigious international film festivals, of the Korean film industry because of the idiosyncratic nature of his movies and the multiplex theatre chains and distributors.


he has always been outside of the mainstream

The film Pieta is a story about todays extreme capitalism. One day, a woman appears to a devil-like man named Gang-do and claims that while a terrible secret gradually comes to light. According to Kim, the film shows how money,

oligopolistic dominance by a handful of large In Chungmuro, the Korean counterpart to

she is his mother. The two experience confusion

Hollywood, Kim is called an outsider. Both Korean society and the Korean film industry are tightly closed and only embrace mainstream

the heart of capitalism, creates mistrust, hatred,

36 korea november 2012


conviction that theatrical screens should not

be monopolized by successful movies, wanting to share the opportunity with less successful movies. This declaration was not completely

realized because 22 theaters ran the movie 46 more times, adding another 1,511 to the total number of tickets sold nationwide. At the 2012 on October 3, Pieta was screened five times at

Busan International Film Festival which opened five different theaters on five different days, and all were resounding successes. All 1,100 seats of the Sohyang Musical Center, the largest of the five theaters, sold out.

Pieta was produced according to a very tight schedule and on an even tighter budget. Its USD 136,400), the shooting was done in a

Now, brace yourself for a surprise. The movie

Korea rushed to give it more showings, though they did not do so out of a newfound love of and Me, which premiered on September 27, theaters across the country. independent films. The documentary film Jinsuk managed to secure show-time slots at only five Another low-budget film, Grape Candy, has

Leone dOro, multiplex theater chains in

Following Pietas winning of the

of screens.

investment and the number

opportunities in

films more


The Korean government is rolling up its

sleeves to provide more support for low-

budget, independent art films. They will be

Still shots from low-budget films Two Doors and Grape Candy.

shown at more than 150 cultural and art centers across the country, and they will receive more funding. The Korean Film Council (KOFIC), promoting Korean films by the Ministry of an organization charged with supporting and Culture, Sports and Tourism, announced at a

production cost only KRW 150 million (approx. month with only 15 people on staff. The male in Korea, but not exactly major draws at the

press conference on September 19 that it would the KRW 17 billion today to KRW 50 billion by 2015. KOFIC also announced that it will invest

and female protagonists are quite well-known box office. Actress Jo Min-soo, who played the part of the mother in the film, was soaked in emotion and well-earned pride when she said she was overwhelmed with joy and gratitude to hear that the film had been seen by nearly received at the film festival.
Kim Ki-duk poses with the main actors of Pieta at the 69th Venice International Film Festival.

increase the funds it manages for art films from

managed to sell 1,000 tickets nationwide since popular actors and actresses including Park Nae-sang and received the Artreon Award Womens Film Festival in Seoul last year.

its premiere on September 6, though it features Jin-hee, Park Ji-yoon, Kim Jeong-nan, and Ahn and Audience Award at the 13th International

heavily in films that are produced on budgets of less than KRW 2 billion. In fact, Pieta received KRW 400 million from the councils art film fund for marketing and promotion. KOFIC

600,000 Korean movie-goers and was so well

Produced on a stringent budget of KRW 200 million, the film was first screened in more than 20 theaters, but in the second week the each. This cold reception at home contrasts markedly with its myriad invitations from

has primarily invested in films that are in the

making or are already made, but it now plans

culture. Kims winning the Leone dOro has shaken both to their very foundations.


to invest more at the stage of ideation in order to

Those involved in the Korean movie industry believe that Kims Pieta not only raised the stature of Korean movies globally but also

number was below ten with one show a day

facilitate the realization of creative ideas into real stage funds from the current KRW 36 billion to KRW 70 billion by the end of 2015. The councils support program for the

films. To this end, the council will grow the early

LOW-BUDGET FILMS WHIP UP A STORM of the worlds movie-goers and critics because right. However, nobody could be assured that the Korean film would succeed in Korea, and happen.

Kim believed that Pieta would arrest the hearts

posed stern challenges to them, considering

the film was so Korean, and he turned out to be

what the low-budget film has achieved. Voices demanding the diversification of the Korean film market are getting louder.

international film festivals. Grape Candy has Film Festival (October) and the competition section of the Tokyo FILMeX, a film festival films (November).

been invited to the 28 Warsaw International

production of independent films will be more substantially funded next year to provide support for more films. The budget will grow from this years KRW 700 million to KRW 1.2 films will benefit, about ten more than the 40 films this year. billion next year, and more than 50 independent

many were watching closely to see what would The film premiered in Korea on September 6,

films will receive more interest and support

Kim also expresses his hope that independent

aimed at the promotion of Asian independent The documentary film Two Doors addresses

from the Korean movie industry. Many of the now work with major studios worked on lowsays Kim. We were all poor and hungry, but

attracting some 200,000 movie-goers in eight the breaking-even point, in ten days. It then that he would end the theatrical run of the film on October 3 in order to honor his
38 korea november 2012

famous directors and actors and actresses who budget, independent films with me years ago, full of passion. Thinking of the Korean movie

a tragedy that happened in January 2009, in

days nationwide. The number rose to 300,000, surpassed 500,000 in 18 days, and Kim declared

the process of evicting residents from an area slated for redevelopment in Yongsan, central Seoul. Kim Il-gwon, head of the distributor of the film, feels the bitter reality of independent films in Korea once again as the 72,000 tickets sold are widely viewed as a mark of unexpected success.

enjoy independent films and art films, the 14

In order to help people living in remote areas

regional video media centers and more than 150 municipal cultural and art centers throughout the country will be used as theaters for such films.

industry of a century later, investors and movie theaters should give low-budget, independent


SUmmit diPlomACy

take the lead in global green growth efforts ranging from financing and strategies to technologies, with both the Global Green

Growth Institution (GGGI) and the Green

Technology Center (GTC) located in the nation. SOUTH KOREA JOINS UNITED NATIONS



On October 19, 2012, South Korea won a nonCouncil (UNSC) for the second time since it begin in January 2013.

permanent seat on the United Nations Security joined the UN in 1991. The two-year term will The UNSC consists of five veto-wielding

permanent members including the U.S., UK, permanent members with two-year terms. The council is responsible for maintaining

France, China, and Russia and ten elected non-

international peace and security and has the

South Korea Paves the Way for Success in International Diplomacy

This October, South Korea celebrated two major international triumphs, the hosting of the headquarters of the United Nations Green Climate Fund and joining the United Nations Security Council, as well as meeting the president of Myanmar to forge economic ties. by Julianna Chung

power to set up peacekeeping operations,

implement economic sanctions, and authorize military action that threatens global peace or Korea is expected to have a stronger voice on the UNSCs sanctions. engages in acts of aggression. As such, South North Korea security issues that are subject to South Korea became a UN member state

reciprocate President Lee Myung-baks visit to Naypyidaw in May. During his visit, the Myanmar leader

The GCF will launch the official secretariat in Songdo next year.

expressed great interest in learning from Seouls development history. The first place he visited in Korea was the Central Training Institute of Saemaul Undong, which focuses on training foreign officials in charge of the agricultural

at the same time as North Korea in 1991 and served as a non-permanent member on the UNSC for 1996-1997. South Korea held the

sector and modernizing rural villages. Sein also visited the STX shipyard in Jinhae and had a soo to discuss business cooperation in areas meeting with STX Group Chairman Kang Duksuch as energy development, power generation, and shipbuilding. STX Group is one of South Koreas major industrial business groups.

Myanmar President Thein Sein met President Lee Myung-bak to build economic relations between the two countries.

outh Korea hosts the headquarters of the United Nations Green Climate Fund.

on Climate Change (UNFCCC) conference to December 7.

First proposed in 2009 and established in

be held in Doha, Qatar, from November 26 to It is said President Lee Myung-bak played an

Presidency of the 56 Session of the General Assembly in 2001. In 2006, former Foreign Minister Ban Ki-moon was elected as the 2011.

December 2011, the 190-member Green Climate Fund (GCF) aims to help developing countries reduce greenhouse gas emissions and fight problems associated with climate change. The by 2020.

extensive role in winning this bid. He placed

Secretary-General of the UN and re-elected in The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade

phone calls to other heads of state in the run-up been Lees key initiative from the start of his presidency.

GCF is projected to reach above USD 100 billion On October 20, 2012, the 24 board members

to a GCF board meeting. Green growth has also

stated the results of the election reflect the

Sein agreed to launch negotiations to forge an investment guarantee pact between the two countries to lay the foundation for greater a framework agreement on grant aid.

On October 9, President Lee and President

international community's high expectations for South Korea with the country's past efforts and contributions to UN peacekeeping operations and world peace.

of the GCF voted for Songdo International Business District in Incheon as its the

of the GCF in Bonn will move to a 33-story

Starting next February, the temporary bureau

economic cooperation. The two sides also signed About three times the size of the Korean

headquarters. Korea beat strong competitors

building in Songdo that is being built specifically for use by international organizations. Using 15 floors of the building, the GCF secretariat will launch next year. By hosting the GCF secretariat, Korea will

such as Germany, Switzerland, Poland, Mexico, and Namibia for the seat. The selection will be endorsed at the UN Framework Convention
40 korea november 2012

Myanmar President Thein Sein made a three-



Peninsula, Myanmar has one of the worlds of iron ore, zinc, nickel, and other mineral an emerging market for investors.

largest natural gas reserves and big deposits resources. The resource-rich nation is viewed as

day visit to Seoul from October 8 to 10, 2012, to


gloBAl KoREA


The landscape of the broadcasting industry in

gugak (Korean traditional music) from a novel perspective, and Rock on! Korea, which shows the footsteps rock music has taken in Korea. Talk shows on Korea such as Heart to Heart, INNERview, and Insight are also popular. FORWARD-LOOKING

Korea in the mid-1990s was already beginning satellite broadcasting. Back then, the demand for a channel to promote the country across the world reached a fevered pitch, leading to the establishment of the Korea International Broadcasting Foundation in April 1996. In March 1997, Arirang TV launched a

to transform with the introduction of cable and

The Korea International Broadcasting

Foundation has invested in its equipment for years in order to incorporate high-definition (HD) technology into its broadcasting system in tandem with the convergence of broadcasting and communication and the accelerating transition of broadcasting from analogue to HD TV services by the end of this year.

domestic cable TV channel, and in August

1999, it embarked on overseas broadcasting

for the Asia-Pacific region. In September 2000, it established a true global reach by sending In January 2012, the Korea International signals to Europe, Africa, and the Americas. Broadcasting Foundation launched a channel named Korea Today through Sirius XM Radio, an American satellite radio platform that has

digital technology. Arirang will start providing The foundation is also keen to air the same

content through multiple channels via social

more than 200 paid channels and 22.5 million

networking services (which are being fervently embraced as a new type of media) and smart phones. In particular, on the four YouTube channels (YouTube Arirang World, YouTube

subscribers in all 50 US states. The foundation companies in 50 countries to boost bilateral exchange.

has also inked agreements with 76 broadcasting

Arirang News, YouTube Arirang Korean, and more than 4,000 videos which are enjoyed

YouTube Korea Today), Arirang has uploaded by more than 140,000 subscribers around the

Reaching 100 Million Homes


ArirAng TV

The Korea International Broadcasting

Foundation has achieved many important feats. It has been the main broadcasting company for the overseas promotion of major international events including the 2010 G20 Seoul Summit and the 2012 Seoul Nuclear Security Summit.

world. Smartphone users can watch and listen

to Arirang TV & RADIO programs by installing

1 Arirang News has been sending Koreas perspective across the world for the last 16 years. 2 Arirang TV news program department. Staffs are busy with delivering Korean news to all around the world.

The Korea International Broadcasting Foundation was founded in 1996 to promote Korea to foreigners at home and abroad. Arirang TV now has a worldwide viewer base of over 100 million homes. by Yang In-sil / photographs by Lee Min-hui
overnments around the world are heavily promoting their countries through the Broadcasting Foundation reported that 103

Its crews have accompanied top leaders to cover their diplomatic activities at the APEC, G8, and OECD summits. It also produced and aired

media, and the competition between them is

million homes in 188 countries, or more than 330 million viewers around the world, were watching Arirang TV.

programs on national policies and international issues. The two flagship English programs of Arirang are Arirang News (a news show that

fierce. They capitalize on global broadcasting in their interest and improve their national

channels in order to lead international opinion image. Some of the examples of national media outlets are France 24 (France), Russia Today (Russia), CCTV News (China), and NHK World (Japan). Koreas leading counterpart is Arirang TV.

that reaches more than 100 million homes

Now that Korea has a broadcasting channel

has broadcast Korean perspectives on current events to the world for the past 16 years) and Korea Today (a live news magazine program that gives a glimpse into todays Koreaits

around the world, it can better promote its

culture and spread news about Korea. Global

fans of Hallyu, or the Korean wave, can more

economy, industrial trends, cultural trends, and more). Showbiz Korea, Pops in Seoul, and Simply K-Pop are all must-see programs for Hallyu fans note include The Sensation, a music program on

easily hear the latest news about their favorite Korean stars and see more of their shows and performances.

In October this year, the Korea International

at home and abroad. Other Arirang programs to

42 korea november 2012


gloBAl KoREA


app developed by Arirang.

Foundation plans to develop programs for all quality through a program assessment

The Korea International Broadcasting


Country Singapore Japan Hong Kong UAE France Germany Italy Spain United States Brazil Argentina Chile Service Provider StarHub Inter Local TV I-Cable DU(TELCOM) Canal Plus Kabel BW Sky Italia Digital Plus KXLA(LA) WRNN(New York) TV Coreia do Brasil Cablevision&Multicanal GTD manquehue

kinds of viewers and improve its broadcasting system and surveys on the effectiveness of its broadcasting. It seems that you may get your hopes high for Arirang as a promoter of the Korea brand and a window through which global villagers look into Korea.


Spicy Beef Soup

This spicy soup is a mix of beef, gosari (bracken fern), spring onions, and oyster mushrooms simmered together for a long time in a beef brisket broth. With white rice, it is the perfect hearty meal for a chilly day in November. Yukgaejang is also a popular summer time dish for


SOHN JIE-AE, CEO OF ARIRANG We wonder what changes you are making to Arirang as a young and energetic female CEO perspectives. with your leadership and I worked as a CNN

broadcasting only in French, but after the

Gulf War, it established France 24, an English more loudly in the international community. The success of Al Jazeera, the Arabic broadcaster, is very telling. The age of the

days (the three days of the Lunar calendar that mark the heat, which means control and soothe heat with more the heat is rejuvenating and cools down the body.

enduring the sultry, oppressive chobok, jungbok, and malbok

channel, in order to make Frances voices heard

hottest days of summer). Like the saying fight heat with heat, it is believed that eating hot soup and sweating from To make yukgaejang, beef brisket is boiled in water for

absolute power of Western media has gone. In the world watch the CCTV English channel of and Japan to establish FTAs and the issues

order to hear Asian perspectives, people around China. In light of the mad dash by Korea, China, like Dokdo, we shouldnt simply sit back and of the world through news and programs on

at least an hour. The liquid is set aside as broth, and the boiled beef is torn into small pieces and seasoned with chili powder, light soy sauce, sesame oil, chopped garlic,

correspondent for 15

and spring onions. The seasoned beef is added to the broth with julienned spring onions, gosari, and mushrooms and boiled until all the ingredients are well cooked.
by Chung Da-young photographs by Lee Jae-hui food & styling by Kim Young-bin

years and served as a spokesperson for the Presidential Committee

watch, but communicate with the other parts Korea, including Hallyu. By doing so, Arirang will cement its status as the major promotion channel for Korea.

for the G-20 Summit in Seoul. In doing so, I

developed my own opinions and knowhow

in promoting Korea through the media. Since I took office, Ive addressed a range of issues through communication with employees. We have bolstered its function to convey current events news and information in order to better Were also reinforcing our K-culture programs including an innovative gugak show and a K-pop programs. program about Korean rock music as well as

Tell us why peopleKoreans and non-

Koreans alikeMUST watch Arirang TV?

fulfill the fundamental raison-dtre of Arirang.

What are the unique merits of Arirang TV? Korea is rising in stature in the international community diplomatically, economically, and culturally. This is a strong enough reason for everyone to take note of Korea. Arirang TV is community can look into Korea. It is also an effective vehicle for Korea to promote itself to the worlds since Arirang has produced broadcasting content for foreigners for the

like a window through which the international

You said Arirang TV will take the lead in the diplomatic competition among nations in the media to represent Korea. What roles do you envision for Arirang TV? What do you hope Arirang TV will achieve internationally? The international competitors today include Russia Today, NHK World, CCTV News, and many more. France had long clung to

past 16 years. A range of programs on Arirang TV are useful means for foreigners in Korea and abroad to learn about the nation. Arirang TV has the best experience and knowhow in the unique strength of Arirang TV. making Korea known to the world, and thats

44 korea november 2012


my KoREA

AuTumn SceneS of JeollAnAm-do

Jeollanam-do, the southwest of Korea, is full of beautiful attractions and scenic spots to enjoy all year round. But it is during the autumn months when you can appreciate the true beauty of this region. Derek Stelma thought so too as he journeyed to Hwaeomsa Temple and Suncheonman Bay last November.
by Derek Stelma / illustrations by Yoon Joo-ya

N Seoul Tower, Cheonggyecheon Stream,

heres no shortage of great tourist

attractions in the greater Seoul area.

and must see attractions. Two of the stops and highlights of the trip were Hwaeomsa Temple and Suncheonman Bay. Hwaeomsa Temple is located inside Jirisan

Gyeongbokgung Palace, the Kimchi Museum, a few to name. If youre someone that enjoys of the countryside, then perhaps you should and Suncheonman Bay in Jeollanam-do. In locations.

and the Myeongdong shopping district are just the peace, quiet, uniqueness, and pure beauty consider paying a visit to Hwaeomsa Temple November last year, I had a chance to visit both My trip down south was all part of a trip to produce an episode of a program called of the many programs Korea Top 10. Korea Top 10 is one produced by Arirang TV.

Mountain National Park which is located in

Jeollanam-do. The main temple of the Jogye

Order of Korean Buddhism, it was originally Unfortunately, the temple was burned down it has been rebuilt and undergone several

constructed during the Silla Kingdom in 544. during the Imjin War in the 1590s. Since then renovations. Some parts of the temple area

were under renovation when I visited. Ive been to several Buddhist temples throughout Korea, but Hwaeomsa Temple stood out to me more than others. Hwaeomsa Temple doesnt have the largest marble statue of Buddha that can be found at Seokguram in Gyeongsangnam-

stops were made along the way for famous

places where one can ride a bike in Korea,

While the main focus was based on

was bicycle tours in Korea.

The theme of the episode

do, nor is it the largest Buddhist temple in all

of Asia like the Yakcheonsa Temple that can be found on Jejudo Island, but it does offer a very unique arrangement and overall layout and beauty that other temples just dont have. Upon entering the temple area, one will

notice that the layout is very similar to a giant staircase. As you make your way towards the inside and back part of the temple area, you On each of the levels are buildings, statues, continue to go up level after level after level. and monuments. Over the past several years, much of the temple area and buildings have been renovated and restored, giving it all a very are available for people who want to experience the life of a Buddhist. Moreover, one can also sample the green tea that grows wildly in the area surrounding the temple. I had the honor

fresh new look. Like other temples, temple stays

46 korea november 2012


my KoREA


Hello, THis is naoko.

Have you ever called a friend in Korean? Lets call and answer the phone in Korean!
A: . B: . ?

Hello? yeoboseyo.
A: , . ?

Hello, is this a Yeong-sus home? annyeonghaseyo. yeongsune jibijyo?

B: .

Yes, it is. May I ask who is calling? ne, geureondeyo. nuguseyo?

A: , .

This is Naoko, Yeong-sus friend. jeoneun yeongsu chingu naokoindeyo.


Yes, hold on a second, please. ne, jamsiman gidariseyo.

May I speak to Yeong-su? yeongsu bakkwo jusigedtsseoyo?

and privilege to have a cup of tea and a nice conversation with Monk Moon. All of these other Buddhist temples in Korea. things make Hwaeomsa Temple stand out from If you are a bird- and nature-lover then

spotted at Suncheonman Bay. To get up close and personal, wooden walking paths have been constructed inside the reed fields which allow visitors to see and feel all of the reeds. The reeds, bay, mountains, and wildlife offer

-()/ -()/ has the effect of making the sentence sound a little softer than - or - when explaining the situation. Its also used when the speaker expects a response from the listener. - is attached to the adjective stem ending in a consonant, and is attached to the adjective stem ending in a vowel. - is attached to the verb stem, /.
more formal -/ I want to know. algo sipsseumnida * Yes, it is. geureosseumnida He is not in now. jigeum an gyesimnida more informal -/ I want to know. algo sipeoyo Yes, it is. geuraeyo He is not in now. jigeum an gyeseyo softer -()/ I want to know. algo sipeundeyo Yes, it is. geureondeyo He is not in now. jigeum an gyesineundeyo

Suncheonman Bay located in Jeollanam-do is

Derek Stelma is a Korean American born to a Korean mother and American father. He originally came to Korea in 2008 to study Korean and teach English. For two years he taught at a small English academy in Seoul and is currently finishing his second year of teaching at Chung-Ang University. Last year he began doing small roles as a reporter working with several broadcast networks and has also made several cameo appearances in Korean dramas. Next year he hopes to do more work as a reporter and an actor.

a must-see. Before entering Suncheonman Bay, youll first walk through an ecological park full of trees and grass. As an American I truly

photographers excellent opportunities to take a drama or movie.

pictures fit for paintings and scenes right out of I rode with the Korea Top 10 main producer

enjoyed that sight, as trees, grass, and lakes are some of the things I miss the most about home and Suncheonman Bay helped cure a little of that homesickness. Suncheonman Bay is most famous for the huge reed fields that surround that migrate to that area. The whole area is a the bay and also for the large number of birds large wetland that covers almost 5,500 acres.

and cameraman in a car together, though

there are several means of transportation that one can take south to Jeollanam-do. Highway buses are readily available that depart both from Gangnam Central City and Dong Seoul to Suncheon can also be taken from both

Bus Terminal roughly every 20 minutes. Trains Yeongdeungpo and Yongsan stations. Bus rides to Suncheon will take approximately four and take roughly three to four and a half hours a half hours, while train rides to Suncheon will depending on whether you take the KTX or

* Some verb or adjective that ends in dont go by a regular conjugation rule. When adjective are followed by an ending beginning with a vowel, is delete.

Boat rides are available and will allow you to

Lets practice

Lets call your friends home as the upper conversation

To Yeong-su yeongsuege To Mi-ra miraege

take in the beautiful sites of the reed fields, bay, surrounding mountains, and migrating birds. Due to the abundant resources of food and droves.

proximity to the sea, birds flock to this area in According to one park guide, on any

Mugunghwa. The next time you visit Korea, you may want to consider getting away from the hustle and bustle of the city and experience the peace, quiet, uniqueness, and sheer beauty that to offer. Hwaeomsa Temple and Suncheonman Bay have

given day, one can see up to 400 birds in

Suncheonman Bay area. Several species of birds including herrings, ducks, and cranes can all be

Yeong-sus father yeongsu abeoji


Mi-ras mother mira eomeoni

48 korea november 2012


ne pas affranchir

Priority / Priorilaire By airmail / Par avion

ibrs / ccri n : 10024-40730
no stamp required

rePly PAid / rPonse PAye koreA (seoul)

kocis 15 hyoja-ro, Jongno-gu seoul (110-040) republic of korea

Jeongdong-gil, A WAlk through koreAs CulturAl heritAge

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