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The Touareg TDI

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Issue: October 2012
Technical specifications and features may change without prior notice.
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1) The fuel consumption and emission figures have been determined in accordance with the measuring method stipulated (the versions of Euro 4: directive 80/1268/EEC and Euro 5:
regulation [EC] 715/2007 which are currently valid). Note in accordance with the version of directive 1999/94/EC which is currently valid: the figures do not refer to a particular vehicle and
do not constitute part of the offer but are purely for comparison purposes between the various types of vehicle. In addition to the fuel efficiency of a car, driving behaviour as well as other
non-technical factors play a role in determining a cars fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. CO2 is the main greenhouse gas responsible for global warming.
Technical specifications
180 kW
3.0L 245PS TDI Iufbochufged dIfecI In|ecIIon common
rail V6 diesel engine
8-speed uuIomuIIc geufbox
3-poInI IfonI seuI beIIs wIIh heIghI ud|usImenI und
seat belt tensioner
3-spoke IeuIhef muIII-IuncIIon sIeefIng wheeI wIIh
paddle shift control
4 'LvefesI` uIIoy wheeIs 8.5] x I9", Iyfes 265I50 BI9
4-cumefu 'Afeu VIew` on fudIoInuvIguIIon sysIem
4MOTION pefmunenI uII-wheeI-dfIve
AnII-Iock bfukIng sysIem ABS
AuIomuIIc heudIIghI ucIIvuIIon, wIIh 'ComIng Home`
und 'LeuvIng Home` IuncIIon
BI-xenon heudIumps Iof Iow beum und hIgh beum,
IncIudIng bendIng IIghI und sepufuIe LLD duyIIme
running lights
'BIuck PIuno Lucquef` decofuIIve InsefIs Iof dushboufd,
door trim panels and centre console
'CIImuIfonIc` uIf condIIIonIng sysIem wIIh 2-zone
temperature control
CfuIse conIfoI
CufIuIn uIfbug sysIem Iof IfonI und feuf pussengefs
including side airbags at the front
DfIvef und IfonI pussengef uIfbugs wIIh IfonI pussengef
airbag deactivation
LIecIfIc punofumIc IIIIIsIIde gIuss sunfooI
LIecIfonIc dIIIefenIIuI Iock LDL
LIecIfonIc sIubIIIsuIIon pfogfumme LSP
LIecIfonIc vehIcIe ImmobIIIsuIIon devIce
IfonI seuIs wIIh eIecIfIc I4-wuy ud|usImenI,
memory function for drivers and front passenger seat
HeudIIghI wushef sysIem
InIefIof feuf vIew mIffof wIIh uuIomuIIcuIIy
dimming function
'KeyIess Access` IockIng sysIem wIIh push-sIufI buIIon
MobIIe devIce InIefIuce MLDIA-IN wIIh IPodIIPhone
adapter cable
PunofumIc IIIIIsIIde gIuss fooI
Pufk dIsIunce conIfoI PDC Iof IfonI und feuf
BegenefuIIve bfukIng sysIem
'BesI AssIsI` dfowsIness deIecIIon sysIem
'BNS 850` fudIoInuvIguIIon sysIem
BoII-up sun scfeen Iof feuf wIndow gIusses
SeuI uphoIsIefy In 'VIennu` IeuIhef
SIIvef unodIsed fooI fuIIs
SIeefIng coIumn wIIh eIecIfIc heIghI und IongIIudInuI
ud|usImenI und memofy IuncIIon
Sun vIsofs wIIh IIIumInuIed vunIIy mIffofs
TfucIIon conIfoI sysIem TCS
6-cylinder diesel engine
Common fuII dIfecI In|ecIIonIIufbochufgef
Euro 3
8-speed automatic gearbox
approx. 85
5-doof SUV
8.5] x I9
265I50 BI9
Engine, gearbox, electrical system
Engine type
Cubic capacity, litres/cm
In|ecIIon meIhodIIufbochufgef of IwInchufgef
Mux. ouIpuI, kW (PS) uI fpm
Mux. Iofque, Nm uI fpm
Emission category
Gearbox, standard
IueI Iunk cupucIIy, IIIfes
Weight, kg
Gross vehicle weight
UnIuden weIghI (kefb weIghI)
Top speed, kph
WIIh uuIomuIIc geufbox
Acceleration from 0-100 kph, s
WIIh uuIomuIIc geufbox
Fuel consumption, litres/100 km
WIIh uuIomuIIc geufbox
Exterior dimensions
Body Iype
LengIhIwIdIhIheIghI, mm
WheeIbuse, mm
Track front, mm
Track rear, mm
WheeI sIze
Tyfe sIze
Turning circle, m