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Senpet Families Theban, standard +1 Void. Libral, +1 Stamina.

The Libral live in a land that would be unfamiliar to most of their Senpet brethren; the High Steppes are an unforgiving landscape of hills and plateaus with little plant life, nearly the opposite of the flat landscape that many Senpet are used to. For all that difference however, the Libral are incredibly loyal to their Empire, and even now are one of the strongest resistors to Yodotai rule. This is not to say they are all adamant in their resistance, there are many who remember the tales of how they once resisted the Senpet when they first arrived, and they wonder if these new rulers will be as the old. Kishan, +1 Strength. The Kishan lost the most in the war against the Yodotai. Living east of the Capital, the Kishan were in the direct path of the Yodotai war machine and as such the majority of the 20 year long war occurred on their lands. Entire towns were destroyed in the fighting, but the Kishan do not blame the Yodotai alone for their troubles, the Senpet who were all to eager to throw Kishan lives into the battles take their fair share of blame as well from the Kishan. The survivors are a rough lot that are mostly more interested in rebuilding their homes and their lives than fighting for one side or the other. Pent, +1 Awareness. The Pent are a nearly nomadic group of people living at the Southern edge of the Senpet Empire. It is the Pent that have had the most contact with Medinaat alSalaam, and therefore it is little surprise that they have been the most corrupted by the reign of the Immortal Caliph. Ghul servants have become, while not common, an accepted thing. Furthermore rumors abound that many Khadi are being hidden by the Pent in return for power. It is impossible to say if such allegations are true, but it has been enough to keep the Pent under a watchful eye. As with the Yodotai, I felt that the Senpet needed more "families" so they wouldn't be so monolithic. Senpet Schools

Senpet Marksman (Warrior)

The Senpet Marksmen are some of the premier archers in the Burning Sands, and some would argue in the world. The Archer has focused upon honing their skills with an arrow, nearly to the exclusion of all other weapons, usually only carrying a knife to defend themselves with on the slim chance an enemy gets close enough to strike at them. The Senpet Marksmen have served for hundreds of years and during the war against the Yodotai they featured prominently. In the end it became apparent that it would not be enough. Some Archers defected to the side of the Yodotai, others simply disappeared into the shadows, and the rest died in battle or were taken captive. Since the Yodotai conquest of the Senpet, the Senpet Marksmen have mostly been working as mercenary troops for their new lords but some units still remain with the resistance. Benefit: +1 Reflexes Integrity: 2.5 Skills: Archery (Composite longbow) 2, Defense, Hunting, Knives, Theology, any one skill.

Outfit: Composite longbow and one hundred arrows (any type), Sikin, Adaga, Chain shirt, tunic and sandals, traveling pack, 10 copper. Techniques Rank 1: The Gods Hands The bowmans hands are guided by the hands of the Ten Thousand, as the temples of the Senpet preach. You may roll an additional number of dice equal to your School Rank on all Defense and Hunting rolls. In addition, you may add your Theology skill Rank to the total of all attack rolls. Rank 2: Sting of the Gods The Archer needs to be fast in order to serve the gods best. You may make an additional attack per round when using a bow. In addition, before your attack you may sacrifice rolled damage dice to roll an equal amount of attack dice on this attack roll. Rank 3: Divine Guidance Senpet Archers feel the guidance of the Ten Thousand at all times, assisting them in their battles. When you spend a Void to enhance an attack roll, you gain an additional free raise. When you raise to make an additional attack, you may make the extra attack against a different opponent, rolling against the higher of the TNs to be hit. Rank 4: Yoroths Arrow The deity of the bow, Yoroth, is known for never missing his mark no matter what gets in his way. You may now raise two fewer times for any effect that requires Raises when using a bow, to a minimum of one raise per effect (damage raises are exempt). Rank 5: Ten Thousand Arrows A true master of the bow can empty his quiver as quickly as the blink of an eye, according to Senpet doctrine. You may make an additional attack per round. You may now spend multiple Void to activate Divine Guidance. It took me awhile to figure out how to do this one, I tried to get the feel of the Senpet in there and it still feels a little like a Bounty Hunter clone, but a lot less than it did before.

Senpet Assessor
Before their fall, the Senpet used slave labor to complete many of their grand works. It was the job of the Assessors to go out into the world and buy the proper slaves, ensuring that the glory of the Senpet Empire continued. The Assessors also served as valuable diplomats, keeping ties between the Senpet and their neighbors cordial, even as they bought them as slaves. When the Senpet fell upon hard times it was the Assessors that came to Medinaat al-Salaam and worked out deals with the Immortal Caliph, and when the war with the Yodotai began, it was the Assessors which tried valiantly to hold the Yodotai at bay with threats of allies, but for the crime of enslaving those with the same blood as the Yodotai unknowingly, they were offered no quarter. Since the fall of the Empire, the Assessors have been forced into the world at large, desperately searching for allies that might help them take their home back.

Benefit: +1 Awareness Integrity: 2.5 Skills: Courtier (Manipulation), Commerce (Appraisal), Deceit, Etiquette, Theology, any low skill, any one skill. Outfit: Fine Tunic, Knife, Sandals, Traveling Pack, 15 copper. Techniques Rank 1: A Careful Eye The Senpet Assessor must always have an eye out for a useful slave, and an Assessor that cannot is looked upon poorly by their fellows. You may make an Awareness/Commerce (Appraisal) roll with a TN of 5 on a person. Success results in learning one fact about the opponent. Raises may be made on this roll to learn more information by one per raise. You may only learn a persons Traits. Rank 2: Assurance in Duty You are so certain of your superiority over those you are negotiating with that they begin to doubt themselves. Opponents in a contested Commerce or Etiquette roll must make an additional raise (for no effect) in order to make the roll. Rank 3: 10,000 Words An Assessors faith in the 10,000 is absolute, strong enough to affect their words. You may spend a Void point to add half your Theology skill rank, rounded down to each die of a Social roll. In addition you gain a free raise when using A Careful Eye and can use raises to determine skills in the same manner as Traits. Rank 4: Speaking for All The Senpet sometimes make use of cats-paws, getting others to do their will while they remain in the clear. By counseling a person for ten minutes, you may grant them the effects of 10,000 Words for one day. You may do this for a number of allies equal to your Air ring. You may now add twice your Void to Commerce and Etiquette skill rolls. Rank 5: Know the Enemy By the time an Assessor has gained this much knowledge, they can, with a glance, know what their competition will say before they even know themselves. You may call five raises when using A Careful Eye against someone. If you succeed you may spend one void point to gain an additional number of rolled and kept dice equal to your school rank for all contested social skill rolls against that person for the rest of the day. You may also use A Careful Eye to determine advantages and disadvantages, with each raise being worth three points of advantages or disadvantages, the GM determines what advantages and disadvantages are learned. A Senpet diplomat school! Hurray! I tied in their slave trade with the school, plus I figured "Hey, the ability to examine someone's stats doesn't get enough love." Thus, the Assessor.

Senpet Architect
The Great Eye of the Desert ranks among the largest cities in the entire world, and it is not by chance that this occurred. At the beginning of the Senpet Empires birth, the

Pharaoh declared that The Great Eye would be the most spectacular city to have ever existed. The architects of the city took his challenge and did extraordinary things. Pillars were built high enough that it seemed they almost touched the clouds; giant paintings covered the extensive walls of the vast pyramids meant to entomb dead pharaohs. Everywhere you looked in The Great Eye of the Desert there were signs of the glory of the Senpet. Since the Yodotai have come in, the city has fallen into disrepair. The great drought left the city wallowing in thirst, with little time for maintaining what had already been built, let alone expanding further. Furthermore when the legions of the Yodotai took the city, many citizens fled to the South. The population of the city has shrunken dramatically and though the drought has let up some, the current population is barely being supported by the water available. Through all this disaster, the Architects have survived. Many still live in The Great Eye, trying desperately to recapture the spark that was there. Others though have moved on, some to Medinaat al-Salaam where they are attempting to build a new home that is grander than the last. Some have even gone to the Yodotai, bringing their artistic talents to the already rather spectacular engineering feats of the Yodotai. Benefit: +1 Intelligence Integrity: 3.5 Skills: Calligraphy, Theology, 2 points in a chosen artisan, craft, or engineering skill, one high skill, any two skills. Outfit: Tunic, sandals, crafting tools, traveling pack, 15 copper. Techniques Rank 1: The First Stone When a Senpet citizen joins the Architects, he focuses on his first specialization. Each specialization is represented by a particular skill. This may be an Artisan School (Painting, Sculpting, Weaving, Pottery), a Craft Skill (Masonry, Armorsmithing, Weaponsmithing, Bowmaking), or Engineering. Each specialization has its own technique. Painting/Sculpting - These are great works that will, if treated right, survive both its maker and the recipient. As such it is a great honor to receive such an item. Paintings and Sculptures take a minimum of one week to complete and require an Awareness/Artisan: Painting or Awareness/Artisan: Sculpting roll against a TN of 15. You gain a Free Raise for each additional week you spend on the piece. When you present your art to another, they typically reward you with an amount of copper equal to half your Rank in the relevant Skill, plus 1 copper for every Raise made during its creation. You may also make raises to decrease the cost to buy the recipient as an ally at one point per raise, to a minimum of one point. Weaving - The Senpet Empire was well known for its fantastic textiles and beautiful clothing and rugs. Textiles require an Awareness/Artisan: Weaving roll against a TN determined by the size of the Textile (10 for a piece of clothing, 20 for a large rug, 50 for a giant wall tapestry, etc.) This requires a number of days equal to a third of the TN (round down) to create the work. You may make raises on the roll to increase the quality of the work. The recipient of the work receives a number of free raises equal to a tenth of your TN (rounded down) on all social rolls he makes in the presence of your work. Pottery - Anyone who wishes to display their wealth and status within the Senpet Empire often does it with unique and awe inspiring pottery. Pottery takes a minimum of one week to complete and require an Awareness/Artisan: Pottery roll against a TN of 15. You gain a

free raise for each additional week you spend on the piece. Your Reputation and Status are considered to be one rank higher in areas where your work is displayed. Raises may be called to increase Reputation by 1 per raise, or you may call two raises to increase Status by one. You cannot raise your Status above six through the use of raises. The effects of one displayed piece of work lasts for two weeks. Masonry - The Senpet are best known for their expansive buildings that reach high into the sky, but their less visually impressive buildings are built to last just as long. The TN to demolish a building you have built is increased by 5. You may call raises during the building process to increase this by 5 per raise. You may examine a completed building for two hours, after you do so you make an Intelligence/Craft: Masonry skill against a TN of 20. If you succeed you gain a Free Raise to all Stealth, Investigation, Trap, and Locksmith skill rolls while inside the building. Raises may be called during the roll to gain an additional free raise in one of the related skills. This effect lasts for one week, after which you must examine the building again to regain the bonuses. Armorsmithing - Before their fall, the Senpet had an expansive military force, easily the largest within the Burning Sands and perhaps large enough to rival the armies of Rokugan. Armor crafted by an Architect is the finest within a thousand miles. You may spend one hour working on light armor, followed by an Intelligence/Craft: Armorsmithing roll against a TN of 15, or spend two hours working on heavy armor followed by an Intelligence/Craft: Armorsmithing roll against a TN of 25. If you succeed, TN penalties for the armor are reduced by one for one week. You may call raises to reduce the TN penalties by one more per raise. Bowmaking/ Weaponsmithing - The Senpet are archers without peer in the entire world, this is in part due to the Architects diligent work at making their weapons better. You gain a number of free raises equal to your school rank when making an Intelligence/Craft: Weaponsmith or Intelligence/Craft: Bowmaking roll. These free raises are only usable to increase the quality of an item. Engineering - The cities built by Architects are said to reach into the heavens themselves, they are so tall. Construction times and construction costs are reduced by 10% on any project you are involved in. You may make two raises on the Skill roll to decrease time and cost by an additional 10%. You gain a number of free raises equal to your School rank on all Engineering rolls that are only usable to increase the size of what you are building. Rank 2: 10,000 Careful Eyes An Architect never makes a mistake on what he is working on, for the gods are watching over him. You roll and keep an additional die on rolls for your chosen specialization. You may make a raise on a contested social skill roll to learn one disadvantage relating to a strong desire for something. Rank 3: The Foundation You may now select a second specialization from The First Stone; all previous techniques apply to this second specialization. In addition, you may make a special raise on social skill rolls to regain a Void point. Rank 4: To Make a Name The Artisan has by now grown so talented and popular that they can make or break someones name in their medium of choice. You now roll and keep two additional dice on all rolls for your chosen specializations; this replaces the Rank 2 technique. In addition,

when rolling to create your piece of work you may make a raise to increase or decrease someones reputation by a number of points equal to your Theology. Rank 5: The Keystone You may now select a third specialization from The First Stone; all previous techniques apply to this third specialization. In addition, you may spend two void points when revealing your work to guarantee making a favorable impression upon all who see it. Still sort of working out the kinks on this one. Borrowed heavily from the Kakita Artisan while still trying to make it unique. Of course, having techniques that relate to more militarily focused characters rather than all artistic pursuits caused a bit of a rift. Senpet Paths

Brothers of the Black Shield

The Brothers of the Black Shield are an elite unit of guardsmen whose duty it is to protect people of importance within the Senpet Empire and to protect the ideals of the Empire. This group was founded in the Seventh Century by an enigmatic duo of brothers who saved the Pharaoh from a coup attempt by a traitorous general. Since that time, the Brothers of the Black Shield have defended Senpet citizens from high nobility to lowly peasant. After the fall of the Empire, the Brothers stayed, continuing to defend those who cannot defend themselves. Technique Rank: 4 Path of Entry: Senpet Legionnaire 3, Charioteer 3 Path of Egress: Relevant School at one rank higher. Technique: You may guard an ally against a number of opponents equal to your Insight Rank. In addition, for every raise you make to Guard an ally, that allys TN to be Hit is increased by 10. I'm not sure if this is completely canon, but in the cards they reference two Senpet as "Brothers of the Black Shield", it might have just been referring to those two, but I liked it so much I decided to run with it.

Priest of the 10, 000

Religion is all important to the Senpet people, and this path emphasizes this importance among all their citizens, from the mighty warrior to the talented sahir. In an age where each Senpet must be able to both wield a sword and be capable of gathering allies, the Priests have become a powerful way to do this as well as remind each Senpet of the gods they refuse to let fade away. Technique Rank: 2 Path of Entry: Any Senpet School at 1. Path of Egress: The same School at 2. Technique: You gain a number of Free Raises equal to your Void Ring every day. These raises may only be used for attack, spellcasting, and social skill rolls. Once used the raise

is gone until it refills the next day.

Pharaohs Guard
The Pharaohs Guard are a broken and shattered group. More than any other Senpet in the army, they have failed. The Pharaoh is dead. Her last orders ring in each surviving Guards ears though. They have failed to protect the Pharaoh, but they will not fail to protect the last hope of the Senpet. Technique Rank: 5 Path of Entry: Senpet Legionnaire 4, Charioteer 4, Marksman 4 Path of Egress: Relevant School at one rank higher. Technique: Damage inflicted to a person you are guarding is automatically dealt to you instead; this damage is divided in half, round up.