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November 2012

Ryerson P.S.

749 Grand Valley Drive

Atte nd an ce Li ne : 519 -570 -812 3 5532 Principal: Mr. Peter Berndt

X 3 726

Schoo l L ine 51 9-65 3-

Office Manager: Mrs. Wendy Knowles

School Council President: Mrs. Amy Willard-Brown

Principals Message
Going into the beginning of November always brings about such a change in a school. Gone is the newness of a new school year as we find ourselves in our established routines. The weather twists from our summer experiences and the colder, wetter weather swoops down upon us, changing how we dress and our outside activities. Halloween always kicks off this time and then one cannot forget or hopefully you will not forget the time to turn back your clocks this coming weekend! Change is in the air! Recently, teachers have been working diligently on your child`s progress report cards for grades 1 to 6. All the staff is gearing up to meet with you during our parent teacher interviews on November 8th and 9th. This is such a valuable time for us to connect and share in the learning experiences that have been taking place over the past two months. It also provides an opportunity to work together to help shape what will take place during the future 8 months. We are looking forward to seeing you all over these days. We have celebrated a few great school events over this past month: our Thanksgiving assembly and special lunch, our staff vs student all-star football game and our Halloween Spirit Day. We have kick-started our character education program for the year and are now gearing for our Remembrance Day assembly. A lot of great things are happening at Ryerson to be excited about and to look forward to each day! We eagerly anticipate another great month ahead. Check out some of the upcoming events on our special dates list in our newsletter. Sincerely, Mr. Peter Berndt Special Dates
November 2 November 5 November 5 November 6 November 7 November 8 November 8 November 9 November 14 November 14 November 14 November 14 November 20 November 21 November 28 November 30 December 12 December 21 December 22 Picture Retake Day Progress Reports go home (Gr 1-6) Kindergarten Vision & Hearing testing Kindergarten Vision & Hearing testing Pita Lunch 1st NB Remembrance Day Assembly Interviews: 4 pm 8 pm Interviews: 9 am noon WE Day Event RMI lunch 1st NB Grade 1- 3 Peter & the Wolf play School Council @ 6:45 Grade 2 & 3s to Safety Village Pita Lunch 1st NB RMI lunch 1st NB Spirit Day: Loud and Bright Day School Council @ 6:45 Spirit Day: PJ & board game day Winter Holidays Begin

Arriving Late Please ensure you sign your child in at the office if they arrive after the bell. The student will need an admission slip to enter the classroom. Leaving Early When students are leaving early for the day, please write a note in the planner indicating the time you need to pick the student up, and you may meet them in the office at that time. All students leaving during the day need to be signed out in the office.

Parking Lot Reminder:

Mrs. Stewart

Parents are reminded that the parking lot is only available for school, board and daycare staff during our morning and ending times. Parents
who drive their children to school will be required to park on Grand Valley Drive or any of the side streets near the school. Parents who require access to the YWCA daycare will be able to enter and park in the designated YWCA daycare parking spots to drop-off/pick-up their child. The YWCA will provide parents with a parking pass that will be clearly visible to honour this access. If during the school day you need to pick-up or drop-off your child at school, you are welcome to drive into the parking lot and park your car. If you are only staying a few minutes you may use the bus bay right in front of the school to park your car and enter the school to sign-in or pick-up your child. We appreciate your support in keeping our parking area safe for our young learners. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Remembrance Day Assembly

Our Remembrance Day Assembly will be held on Thursday, November 8th at 10:30 am in our gym. All are welcome to attend this ceremony with us in remembering those who have sacrificed for the freedom and peace we benefit from today.

Pita Pit at Ryerson

By Mr. Grant, Miss Nichol and Ms. Bates


Ms. Knowles
A reminder for parents to please notify the school (519) 570-8123 ext 3726 if your child is ill or will be late due to an appointment. Please state your name, your childs name (spelling the last name), grade and teachers name and the reason for the absence. Please contact the school EACH day your child is absent unless you know they will not return until a certain date. If a student is absent and no phone call/note has been received a phone call home will take place to ensure the childs safety.

Yes indeed, Ryerson is offering Pita's once again every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month. If you didn't have the opportunity to purchase a pita through our first five-week run through in September to November 7th, sales will be coming up shortly for Wednesday's for the rest of November through January. Pita Pit offers nothing deepfried, battered or grilled in fat. They do not add salt (unless you want), and they do not stuff good-for-you, great-tasting fillings in big wads of bread. As their website states, "Welcome to fresh thinking and healthy eating at the Pita Pit, a proudly Canadian place to eat." Students may get any of a Turkey, Chicken, Ham, or Garden (Vegetarian) pita for just $5 each. If you haven't tried one, head out to your local Pita Pit and try one soon, or grab one from one of our Ryerson order forms coming soon!

Mark your calendars ! This years Night at the Cambridge Winterhawks is scheduled for Saturday January 26th.

Zehrs Tapes Mrs. Willard-Brown

Do you shop at Zehrs? Did you know that Zehrs` receipts last year provided our school with over $500 worth of supplies? How does this happen? Gather up your Zehrs receipts every time you receive them and send them into school with your child. Your child can then drop them off in the special box in the office where we collect them. We organize the receipts and total the amounts and then send them into the head office for Zehrs. We receive a percentage of money back to spend on sports equipment for our school based on how much we have submitted. Please consider becoming involved in this simple way to support Ryerson! Want to go even one step more in this direction? Consider collecting Zehrs tapes at your place of work or from your extended family. It is amazing what can happen when a few people work together to accomplish this collection and with all of us working together great things can take place in this area! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

For those who havent attended before, this is a fun night out to watch some great local hockey while socializing with fellow Raptor families and staff. This year we managed to secure the Skate with the Hawks night, so children can bring their skates and will have the opportunity to skate with members of the Cambridge Winterhawks after the game. Order forms for tickets will go home before the holidays in December and will be due back early in January in order to ensure that tickets are received in time for the game.

Book Plate Fundraiser Mrs. Willard-Brown The next fundraiser for School Council will be the Book Plate Fundraiser. This allows families to make donations that directly benefit our Home Reading Program. Each $10 donation receives a book plate that is placed in a new Home Reading book, indicating the fact that you made a donation. Watch for order forms in December!

Nutrition Note
Ms. Piraino-Crandon Foods with Maximum Nutritional Value: Whole wheat, whole grain and multigrain bread and grain products Vegetables and Fruit Milk (2% MF or less, white and chocolate


Thanks for all of the Ryerson families that supported our QSP fundraiser in October. Sales were approximately 3 times higher than last years QSP campaign! We do not have our final tallies in terms of how much School Council will receive from QSP, but based on last years numbers, we are well on our way to this years fundraising goals. Sorry! If you made a donation in September and indicated that you did not want to receive further fundraising information, you may have received QSP fundraising information. We apologize for this, but did not have time to verify all of our class lists and notify teachers. Rest assured that we will have your childs planner labeled shortly to avoid future confusion!

Foods with Moderate Nutritional Value White enriched breads, bagels Lower-fat muffins and fruit loaves Cookies whole grain, fruit bars, oatmeal, gingersnaps 100% fruit juice

Foods with Minimum Nutritional Value Hot dogs, salami, bologna Chocolate-covered granola bars Pastries, cakes Fruit drinks, punches, cocktails

Ryerson Night with the Winterhawks

Save the Date

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