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NewGrid IPsec Gateway Solution

Need for Security

3G/LTE Small Cell Security

Gateway (SeGW)
LTE Security Gateway (SEG)

Following the introduction of the smartphone, the way we saw and used mobile data changed forever. With the deployment of Long Term Evolution (LTE) networks, our mobile data experience became faster and opened new doors to more services. But the rapid adoption by subscribers has brought new challenges to the operator. In order to satisfy the needs of their subscribers, operators are rushing to expand the capacity of their wireless networks by integrating other LTE, small cell and WiFi access networks. This means transporting sensitive subscriber data across untrusted (open and public) networks and allowing all sorts of traffic into their core. So how can the operator ensure that their subscriber traffic remains private and secure while protecting their vulnerable core from questionable traffic and malicious external attacks.

Feature Highlights
Enhanced security features Extensive encryption

algorithm support
High Scalability up to 180 Gbps Robust and Resilient

Carrier-Grade Solution delivering five-nines (99.999%) availability

Introducing NewGrid IPsec Gateway

The NewGrid IPsec Gateway enables operators to securely transport subscriber traffic across public IP networks and protect the core network from malicious attacks in small cell and LTE deployments.

Network Configuration
MME LTE Small Cell B HeNB Mobile Packet Network




Open IP Network

3G Small Cell



NewGrid IPsec Gateway

Extensive Security Suite
The IPsec Gateway establishes IPsec tunnels between access nodes (such as small cells and eNodeBs) and the core network, offering a variety of encryption algorithms to ensure the privacy of the subscriber traffic while employing IKE authentication protocols to allow access to only authorized data traffic.

With NewGrids purpose-built packet blades, the IPsec Gateway is able to process up to 30 Gbps of IPsec encrypted traffic and support up to 300,000 sessions per blade. Available in a variety of standards-based AdvancedTCA (ATCA) chassis, the NewGrid IPsec Gateway is a highly scalable solution that can seamless range up to 180 Gbps of throughput. A NEBS3 compliant solution, the IPsec Gateway offers fully system redundancy assuring no single point of failure and guaranteeing five nines (99.999%) high availability.

With its extensive security suite, the IPsec Gateway enables operators to secure their LTE and small cell network deployments, ensuring the security of their subscriber traffic and network. Offering best-in-class IPsec processing performance, the NewGrid IPsec Gateway provides comparable performance to larger solutions available on the market, meaning a significantly reduced early stage initial investments (CAPEX). And its efficient design cuts down on the cost of operation (OPEX).

The NewGrid IPsec Gateway is the ideal solution for operators seeking to a cost-effective solution to secure their small cell and LTE network deployments.
Feature Features Function Internet Key Exchange Encryption IKE Client Authentication AAA Interworking QoS Description IKEv1, IKEv2 DES-CBC, 3DES-CBC, AES-CBC, AES-CTR, NULL PSK, X.509, EAP-MD5 / AKA / SIM / TTLS DIAMETER / RADIUS support DSCP based QoS enforcement 5 tuple based QoS enforcement 3 level hierarchical priority / bandwidth control Ingress bandwidth control per VLAN Static / OSPF / BGP Graceful Restart MOBIKE IPinIP* / GRE CLI, SNMP(v2/v3), EMS 30 Gbps per packet blade Up to 300,000 per packet blade * Optional Feature

Routing Mobility & Tunneling Management Performance Throughput (max) Concurrent IPsec sessions (max)


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