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GEODe II - Geologic Explorations On Disk "Read Me" file (Windows 3.

1/Windows 95/Windows NT) STARTING GEODe II: -------------Note that this software has no installation or setup program, as there is nothing that needs to be installed on your computer's hard disk specifically for this software's operation. Also note that this software will use your entire monitor display only if your monitor is set to display 640 x 480 pixels. Otherwise, a black border will surround program screens. WINDOWS 95/NT USERS: Double-click "My Computer", double-click the CD-ROM icon, double-click the "GEODe" folder, then double-click the "GEODe32" icon that looks like a film projector to begin. If your CD-ROM drive supports tray notification, GEODe II starts automatically when you insert the CD into your CD-ROM drive. WINDOWS 3.1 USERS: Using the File Manager, click on your CD-ROM drive icon (next to the floppy and hard disk icons), click on the "Geode" folder on the left of the screen, then double-click the "GEODE16.EXE" program listed on the right side of the screen to begin. See the end of this document for information on creating an icon for this program. OTHER NOTES: ----------For help maneuvering around GEODe II, click the "How To Use This Program" button on the Main Menu screen. You can also control sound volume on this screen. You can skip the opening credits and go directly to the Main Menu screen by holding down your Shift key after starting the program from Windows and the screen goes black. Note that if you hold down the Shift key *before* the screen is all black, Windows may force GEODe II to display everything in black & white, rendering most graphics unviewable. In this case, simply click the Quit button and relaunch the program. When using the Fast Forward and Fast Rewind buttons, you can hold down your shift key to force the program to go as fast as possible (normally, the software will constrain these movement keys to a reasonable speed.) Note that for computer systems with slower CD-ROM drives, "as fast as possible" may be no faster than the normal program behavior. This CD-ROM contains a version of GEODe II appropriate for use on computers running Macintosh OS as well. CREATING A WINDOWS 3.1 ICON --------------------------You can use Program Manager to create an icon for GEODe II: (you need only follow these instructions once) A) In Program Manager, open the group you wish the icon to appear in. B) Select "New" from the "File" pull-down menu. C) Click "Program Item", then click "OK". D) In the Description field, type "GEODe II". E) Click the "Browse" button. F) In this standard Windows file selector, select the GEODE16.EXE program inside the Geode folder and click "OK". G) Click the "OK" button. Windows will warn you that since this icon refers to a program on a CD-ROM, it won't always be available (i.e., if the CD-ROM isn't in your drive, the icon will still be there, but will not work.)

That's it. You should get an icon that looks like a film projector. ________________________________________ Tasa Graphic Arts, Inc. Albuquerque, New Mexico USA Phone: (800) 293-2725 TOLL FREE in the U.S. (505) 293-2727 (505) 293-4242 Technical Support Fax: (505) 293-5757 email: tasagraph@aol.com web: http://www.swcp.com/~tasa