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Djinn Again know by many name like Jinn, or Genie etc are also living beings mad e of Fire.

Another important thing about Djinns is that there are different type s of Djinns. 1) First one is MARID DJINN. These Djinn are most powerful of all and has the mo st and maximum powers and so invocation of Marid Djinn is little difficult, but if you can capture this djinn, then it will protect your 7 generations. Marid Dj inn has more element of water in it. 2) The second one is IFRIT or EFRIT Djinn, and after MARID this the second most powerful genie. IFRIT Djinn and is made of more amount of Fire 3) The third one is GUHL Djinn. It can transform into any shape and size in seco nds. 4) The last one is the SILA DJINN, this is the most weakest of the djinn, and if you are new or a beginner, then you may always go for DJIN SILA invocations , a s this is the safest invocation and you will get faster results if you will go f or SILA DJINN invocations Again need to conquer the jinn, here is a procedure as how you will be doing the invocation. I am writing here the procedure how to do the invocation, again you have to take lots of care and precaution while doing the invocation. The talisman and the invocation prayer I am not adding here as I don't want it t o be misused. If you want the invocation and talisman then I have to send it to you by post. You will need a full bag of sweets. And this full invocation should be done in t he forest.. You will need to wear white clothes and then on a Friday you need to go to the forest. I will be giving you a jinn invocation talisman and the jinn invocation chant or prayers that you will have to chant in the forest. What you will need to do is sit in the forest and then make fire in front of you . Then once this is done then you may chant the jinn invocation prayers and whil e chanting you will have to throw little little sweets in the fire after every 5 minutes. Jinns are attracted to sweets and will start coming in front of you an d will start asking for more and more sweets. Then see that the sweets don't get over as the invocation will be spoilt. Then after 40 days you will see that onl y one genie will remain in the end and he will follow you and will come with you as after the invocation he will be in your control Back To Genie Invocations This is another jinn invocation and if you can do this then jinn will be in your control. Again I will be sending you the jinn talisman and the jinn rituals. What you have to do is wait for a person to die in your neighborhood. Once the p erson is dead, then you have to wear the jinn talisman and you will have to foll ow him to his funeral and chat the invocation prayers while you are walking in t he funeral. Once the person is buried then you will have to stay there and conti nue the invocation full night . In the morning you will stop the invocation and come home, and while you are returning home, the jinn will follow you and will c ome to your house and will obey you. This Genie Invocation may be little difficult, but still I am writing the proced ure. This invocation should be performed in a cemetery. Also it is important the

you need to be very strong as you will need to spend the whole night in a cemet ery. You will need to find a place in a cemetery and do the invocation. First yo u will have to wear the genie talisman around your neck. Remember if you will no t wear the talisman and do the invocation then this can be fatal and you can be affected so you have to take proper care. Then you will have to find a very old grave, and do the invocation over there. You will have to wear the genie talisman first. Then put your right hand on the grave and chant the invocation words in the night. While doing the invocation, y ou may hear genie shouting at you and even crying, you will have to be strong an d continue the invocation. Also the genie may try to scare you as they are some times stubborn, you may not worry and continue the invocation whole night. The n ext day the genie will be in your control.

This invocation should be done in the Forest, You have to do the invocation for 40 days and during that period you will have to live in the forest, the concept of this invocation is that you have to live a separate life away from others for 40 days and so when you will return the genie will be with you. What you will have to do is where only white shorts. Then you will make a small place in the forest. Where you will be staying, also you will have to cook yours elf and no one should be with you. Then you will make a circle with any animals blood and in the middle of the circle you will sit and do the invocation. I will be sending you the talisman that you have to wear around your neck and I will b e sending you the genie invocation chant that you will have to say. You will sit in the centre of the circle and chant the words every night 300 times for 40 da ys. After 40 days you will see that a fire ball will appear in front of you. The n I will give you another invocation prayer that you will say so that the ball w ill turn into a human shaped genie and he will be in your control and will follo w you to your house. Charms are type of pendants, and if proper spell casting is done on them can do wonders. They can help you with money, they can help you in getting your love cl ose to you and more. You will need a star shaped pendant. On that pendant, write your name and birth date. Once this is done then dip it in saffron ink, and chant these words MERA P URA HOYE ZADAAN, 100 times. Then remove the pendant and sprinkle rose water on i t and keep it for drying. Once this is done the pendant will become a magical ch arm and when you will wear it around your neck, it will give you success in ever y thing that you will be doing. Are you having financial and money problems, also you fear that you will be out of job, or some one is trying to remove you from your job then you may cast this powerful Money Spell. You may cast this spell in the morning any time before sun rise. Take a parchment paper. On the paper you may write Your Name, and then write MAQ SAAD KAAMYAAB HO. Once you have done this take rose water and sprinkle on it. Th en hand the parchment paper in your room. It will always give you positive energ ies and you will be successful and will have lots of money. Having money problems or you need to have financial gains, increase in salary et c then try this simple and powerful money spell. You will need 4 Asian origin gem stones, rose quartz, crystal, Iranian agate and tiger eye. You may first carry all the gems in your right hand for half and hou r, so that they will absorb your energy and will get used to your energy and wil

l emit similar vibrations that will make you financially strong and will bring g ood luck when it comes to money. Then once this is done, you will need a black pouch or small bag and keep all th e gems in it, and then always keep them with you. Also if you are going for an i mportant job interview or an important meeting then keep the gems with you, so t hat you will be successful. Looking for Free and a Simple Money Spell, then try this spell, and be free from financial problems. You will need Horse Tail Hair, preferably Black in color. Once you have the hair then tie all the strands of hair with a black satin thread. Then catch it in yo ur right hand, close your eyes, and chant these words: SAARI MUSIBAT HAL HO. And while chanting you will have to meditate and keep in your mind that all your fi nancial problems should go immediately. After this you will have to take the hai r and keep it in your safe where you keep your money or costly things like jewel ry etc. You will have financial gains. Now days getting proper job is very important. If you have a job but if you are not happy with it, or if you are looking for a job since long and you are not su ccessful then you may try this spell. What you have to do is first you may take your spiritual bath with the help of r osewater and sandal perfume, once this is done, then you will need a Green Candl e. Before sunrise you may start the spell casting. You may burn the candle and t ill half the candle is burnt, you have to concentrate and meditate that you will get a proper job or if you are going for any interview you should get the job. After half the candle is burn, then on the other half you have to chant these wo rds MIKAN PISAN MONAM DINAM. Once this is over then you will have to collect the wax and keep it with you when you will be going for a job. You will be successf ul. Looking for a Simple and Easy Magic Spell for Money, then you may try this. Take a Coin, on the coin write AANA PAISE HAQ SE, once you have written this on the coin, on the other side of the coin, write your full name, your mothers name and also your date of birth. Once this is done, then every day at any hour of t he day, you may catch the coin with your right hand, and concentrate and meditat e that lots of money is coming to you and will come to you. After that you may k eep the coin in your safe or purse where you keep your money. Your money will no t only be safe but will multiply. Are you looking for simple and powerful money spell, then this is the best spell you can use. Take 2 green Candles. You may start this spell casting in the morn ing about 7. You may take your bath and then light the candles. Once this is don e concentrate and meditate that your money stars are becoming strong and more mo ney is going to come to you, only bring positive thoughts in your mind at that t ime. Once this is done then chant these words EEL MEEL PEEL PALAM and then blow the candle. Like this do this every morning and you will see that that you will be financially stable. Another simple spell that will help you with money and solve your money problems . You may bring this plant called Money Plant, that has lots of positive energy. O nce you have bough this plant in your house, then on the step of the plan write only your date and year of birth and in the mud of the pot take your hair and bu rry in it. The Money Plant will emit positive energies around you and lots of mo ney will come in your house.

Are you having financial problems try this simple spell. You will need a very ol d coin, specially a coin that is very ancient. Then clean the coin with rosewate r, after that you will take a green candle place it on the coin and light the ca ndle. While the candle is burning chant these words ANEE MONIEE POTIN CHAN, 50 t

imes and then again wash the coin with rose water and always keep it with you. I t will bring lots of money in your life. This is another simple spell that will make your purse always filled with money. You may take a 5 dollar note. On the note first write your name and after that write ANUM PONUM PAISE HO. Always keep the note in your pocket and don't remove it. Your purse will be filled with money and also it will help you getting lots of money. Need To Attract Your Lover, Need To Bind Your Love Back to you then you may try this powerful Love Talisman. Take a parchment paper, on the paper you may make a shape of heart with the help of a red ink. Inside the heart write your name and the name of the person you w ant back. After this is done then take a rose petal, on the petal write these wo rds PIYA MONA MILE THO. After this is written on the petal then put it on the he art shape that you have drawn the parchment paper. After that carefully cut that paper where you have placed the petal and then fold and put it in a metal box a nd where it in the form of a pendant. When you will wear the pendant around your neck, that person you love will get a ttracted to you and will come to you.

Need to protect yourself, try this powerful Black Magic Spell. You will need a coin that can be used as a talisman. You will need owls ink and on the coin your may first write your name and then below your name you may writ e DUSHMAN KO ZER KARE MAANUMAA. Once this is done then you may wear the coin as a pendant. The owl's blood by which you have written the words will emit vibrati ons and will protect you from any type of evil people. This is a very simple and affective Black Magic Spell that you can use to protec t yourself from some one who is trying to harm you or trouble you. If you feel t hat your enemy is troubling you and you need protection then you can use this sp ell so that you can be protected from this evil person. You will need seeds (beans). What you have to do is take about 15-16 seeds. Then you will need owls blood and dip the seeds in the blood. Then you may chant the se words KAALAA HUA SUB KAA MOL MILE MUJJHE. You may chant these words 100 times and then take the name so all your enemies or the person who is troubling you. Then you may place the bean outside your house, near your window and all other o pen places. Once this is done then that person who is trying to come and trouble you and harm you will be stopped and he will not be able to come to your house. Do you feel that you are affected by Black Magic, if you feel that there is no p rogress in your life and every thing good you are trying to do is turning into a total failure then you may use this spell and be free from all your worries. You may try this spell, if you don't know the name of your enemy. You will need chicken blood. You will have to go to a cemetery. Any person who has recently di ed and buried, near that place you will need to take the mud and mix with chicke n blood. Then with mud you will have to make small balls. Then you may go to you r house and outside your door you may keep the balls. No black magic or evil ene rgy will come to your house. Also no person will try to cast any spell on you or your family.

If you feel that you have been Cursed or Hexed by Black Magic or some one any of your enemy is trying to destroy you then you may try this simple and effective spell. You will need a goat skull for casting this spell. Then on the head of the skull with the help of owls blood you may write ____(your name) ZINGA BUMGA MANGA. On ce you have written this then keep the skull in your room. Also if you know the name of your enemy, the behind the skull write the names of your enemies with th e help of a black pen. Remember always keep the skull in your room. If any one i s trying to harm you or destroy you then with this spell you will be safe and pr otected and no curse will work on you. This is another simple Black Magic Spell, to protect your Money and remove Black Magic that is on your business so that you will have financial gains so that al l your money problems will be over. Take a Flower Pot. . Inside the pot, paint the inner side of the pot with owls b lood. Then take a parchment paper and on that paper write these words ZUMAN TURA ANI MOHAR ZAAN. Then bring mud from a cemetery and then flower a money plant in the pot. Remember that the mud should be from a cemetery. Then you may keep the pot in your office where you do business. You will see tha t all the black magic that is on you will be destroyed and all your money proble ms and financial problems will be gone. Again this is a very simple spell, where you will not need any type of ingredien ts or any thing you can cast this spell at home. If your enemy is doing some typ e of Dark Magic or Black Magic on you then you can use this reverse spell, not o nly to destroy the spell, but also destroy the person who is doing all this to h arm you. If you have Rudraksh with you , or if you have crystal egg with you, then they a re the most powerful sources for destroying the dark magic and black magic . But if you don't have them then take any type of bean, if you know the name of your enemy then write the name of the enemy on the bean and then grow the bean in sm all pots. One they are big enough then touch the plant with your right hand and say MERA DUSHMAN ZER HO, 50 times, and just put one drop of blood on the plant. Once this is done then put the flower pot outside the house of the person who is doing magic on you. He will be destroyed. Sorcery spells need lots of black magic rituals and so should be done only in ex treme conditions. As some times these spells can backfire and can be fatal. If you want to destroy some one then do this spell, but at your own risk. You wi ll need owl's nails, chicken blood, hair of a person who had died. Take a bowl, you will need hair of your enemy, mix is it the dead persons hair, then add chic kens blood and make a paste of it. Once the paste is ready then you will need fe w drops of blood of your index finger and mix it with the paste. Then you will n eed to go to a cemetery and chant these words YAA ANAMO TUMARO DEATH, 100 times and then burn the bowl in such a way that the full paste that is in the bowl is burnt. Then burry every thing in the cemetery and come back home. That person wi ll be completely destroyed. If your enemy is doing black magic on you and you want your enemy to suffer the same way as you are suffering then you do cast this spell and make your enemy re

alize the casting black magic is wrong. You will need a Black Doll prepared with Clay. This doll will represent your ene my. Then behind the doll you may write the name of your enemy. Then dip the head of the doll in chicken blood and chant these words 20 times ZER ZAMBOOR DUSMAN HO. After that you may go to a cemetery and burry the doll inside the cemetery a nd while doing this keep in your mind that your enemy should be destroyed. Once you feel that your enemy has suffered enough then you may go back to the cemeter y and dispose the doll in the sea or river. As I have said before that you may use Black Magic Spells for your own protectio n, Black Magic Death Spell is evil, as killing some one is evil and should be av oided. But yes if some one is harming you then you have the rights to take prote ction with the help of the Black Magic Spell. Again you may not try to kill him but you can put him in trouble with the help of a spell. Now here is a very simple spell. You will need a picture of your enemy. Then you will need pins. Take red ink and dip the pins in the red ink. Then you will hav e to pin the needles in the eyes of the picture. Once this is done then stick th e picture in your bath room and say these words every day 50 times. MERA DUSHMAN ZER HO. You will see that your enemy will be destroyed and will never think of harming you