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Registration Documents Checklist (Entity Accounts)

Email to: accountid@oanda.com Please scan the following identification documents and email them to accountid@oanda.com. Please use only "JPEG", "GIF" or "PDF" formats when sending your identification. To improve processing time, please fill out this form, scan it, and include it with your identification. OANDA will process this information within one business day after receipt and contact you if we require further information. Upon approval of your account, we will send you an email confirming that your account is ready for funding. To comply with government regulations to prevent money laundering and the funding of terrorism, financial institutions such as OANDA are required by Federal law to obtain, verify and retain information that identifies each person who opens an account. In addition to the information you provided when you applied for your OANDA account, we also require copies of the following identification documents before we can approve your application. If you registered online, please include your new account username, and account number: Account Username: __________________ Account Number:________________

OANDA requires one copy each of:

Acknowledgement and Agreement form. (Download the form at http://fxtrade.oanda.com/register/forms) Entity Certification. (Download the form at http://fxtrade.oanda.com/register/forms) A legal document verifying your corporate entity: ___ ___ ___ For Partnerships, the Partnership Agreement (the first page and signing page will suffice). For Trusts, the Trust Instrument (the first page and signing page will suffice). For Companies and other corporate entities, the Certificate of Incorporation or Certified Articles of Incorporation.

One document confirming the address for the entity, such as: ___ ___ ___ Utility Bill (name the utility): __________________________________________________ Bank Statement (name the bank): _____________________________________________ Other (please specify): ______________________________________________________

Please ensure that the address on the document matches the address you provided when you applied for your account. Please note that we require a document confirming the physical address of the entity (we cannot accept P.O. Boxes).

One piece of valid government-issued photo identification for the principal listed in the Entity Certification, such as: ___ ___ ___ Passport # ________________________________________________________________ Drivers License #___________________________________________________________ Other Government Photo ID (please specify) _____________________________________

The identification number, date of issue and expiry date must be clearly visible. For Partnerships or Trusts, the photo identification must be from the managing partner of the partnership or trustee of the trust listed on the Entity Certification. For Companies and other corporate entities, the photo identification must be the officer or director of the Company listed on the Entity Certification.

Please sign the following:

I am a director and/or officer or partner or trustee of the entity applying for an fxTrade account and have authority to act on behalf of the entity, and I hereby confirm that the entity has read, understood and agreed to the Forex Risk Disclosure Statement (http://fxtrade.oanda.com/shared/documents/pdf/account/risk_disclosure.pdf) and the fxTrade Customer Agreement (http://fxtrade.oanda.com/shared/documents/pdf/account/customer_agreement.pdf).

_______________________ Signature

_____________________________ Print name and title

_________________________ Date

Note: If you cannot scan and email this information, you can fax it to +1 (212) 208-4356 or 1 (877) 264-2220. Please complete this form and include it as your FAX coversheet. Set your copier or fax machine to a light setting or the fax may be too dark for us to read. We will require you to fax your documents again if we cannot read all of your ID information.
September 2011