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AYALA LANDS VISION We dont just build homes. We build communities.

Our vision is to enhance our standing and reputation as the Philippines leading real estate developer, and to be a strong partner in nation building. By developing integrated, masterplanned and sustainable mixed-use communities in vibrant growth centers all over the country, we strive to continually elevate the quality of life for all of our customers. We shall be a responsible corporate citizen and act with integrity, foresight and prudence. We shall empower our employees to deliver products that exceed our customers expectations and build long-term value for our shareholders. HISTORY & HERITAGE


When you're looking for an investment in the Philippines, you would look at the profile and the background of the company. We understand how you feel. This FACT SHEET is your guide as you do your homework about Ayala Land, Inc. and its US office, AyalaLand International Marketing (ALIM), located at Seasons Marketplace at Landess in Milpitas, California. Soon, we will have three other offices to serve you: Southern California (Los Angeles), Mid-West (Chicago), and East Coast (New Jersey). When we meet, ALIM will provide tips about investing in the Philippines. You will also get an economic "snapshot" from analysts and industry commentators, explaining in bite-size talking points why the Philippines is considered an excellent investment. You will be able to compare real estate values of Ayala Lands properties in the past 40 years. You will have a selection of choices on how to maximize your real estate investments for additional income generation, a second home, preparing for your retirement, or other lifestyle goals. SOME FAST FACTS According to Bong Gutierrez, ALIMs Country Manager and Chief Financial Officer: Ayala Land is number 2 in the whole world in terms of rental income return and yield, at an average 11% return per annum. President Benigno S. Aquino III, during his October 11, 2012 keynote speech in the 38th Philippine Business Conference & Exhibition at the Manila Hotel, announced that the growth of the country's economy this year has been robust, with average Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth for the first semester exceeding expectations at 6.1 percent. He believes that the country would be able to achieve the projected GDP growth of 5.0 -- 6.0 percent this year. He also noted that the 2011 debt-to-GDP ratio was marked at 50.9 % which is lower than the 52.4 % recorded in 2010.* * http://bit.ly/investinayalaland

As the real-estate arm of Ayala Corporation, one of the largest and most respected business houses in the Philippines, we at Ayala Land are proud of the 175-year old tradition of excellence the Ayala brand has to offer. Like our parent company, we are committed to innovating continuously and to pioneering the future of land and property development in the country. For over 80 years since the establishment of a real-estate department in Ayala Corporation, we have strived to maintain our position as the premier developer in the Philippines. Beginning in the 1940s, we transformed what was deemed a marginally useful tract of agricultural land into the thriving, green, and cosmopolitan Makati business and cultural district of today. Today, we continue to pursue our passion to develop sustainable properties and communities that will continue to generate greater value over time, helping Filipinos and investors worldwide to achieve their dreams.


AyalaLand International Marketing USA The Seasons Marketplace at Landess 1535 Landess Avenue, Ste. 134 Milpitas, CA 95035 408 620 - 7687 office AyalaLand.Intl@gmail.com