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It has just come to light that Obama had nothing to do with the Bengazi attack. Obama is just a puppet...this was clearly, a typical black operations attack. Yesterday, on Alex Jones radio show, author Joel Skousen said this: First of all, this was not a Consolate, or an Embassy; this was a small Compound that had a couple of small temporary warehouses chock full of weapons that various militias had collected from Gadafi, when they took over, that the US was starting to sell off, or give away, to the Syrian opposition, via Turkey, and the Bengasie people wanted to keep the US from shipping them off to other groups. It was clearly a stand down order to allow the Ambassador to be killed. The story of the Neocons supporting this operation is that they did not want to offend the Moslems so they were going to let Americans die [be killed] rather than directly attack the insurgents which they had been supporting. This really story doesnt hold water because they could have come in and inserted troops to drive the attackers off, and held a truce, and sorted things out. They purposely let the Ambassador die [be killed]! And unfortunately, three other American died [were killed] too. Two Navy Seals who disobeyed orders and another guy who was there at the time. There were five security people there with the Ambassador and they abandoned him! and they survived. And thats against protocol, whether Marines or CIA to protect the Ambassador, and they abandoned him, thats the only way that they all survived. It was the dark side of government in command of this. Obama didnt give the orders. This was not done to take Obama down, because the dark side of him has an intrinsic relationship with the media, so they didnt follow this up. This was in fact a hit, or elimination, of someone who was getting cold feet. The government is in denial that they are supplying arms to the Syrian offensive; and thats a lie. Christopher Stern knew it was lie. Thats what happens. Look what happened to those two Generals who argued with the Pentagon. They did not want to stand down they had live feed they knew what was going down they wanted to go in with a Delta team; they had a laser designator with them. This means that they had an armed drone overhead and a 130 gunship up there, that was going to devastate this opposition; and they were told to stand down. That order had to be heard by the Generals who were on these satellite communication wires, and they went hopping mad to the Pentagon and they were both relieved, on the spot, because they were balking to what was going on. Here was a weapons cache with an unarmed security force and a Commander with cold feet, so they sent in the Alkada force to kill their own people because the Ambassador wasnt going to go along with sending missiles to Alkada. He had gone along before, so this was assumedly getting cold feet. This is not the first shipment that has been made from Bengasie to Syria, via Turkey; it was clearly and attempt to clean out the situation, and make it go away, and thats why the entire warehouse has been emptied, and how the operation was done. They use Black operations all the time, but they dont get rid of them unless they get cold feet, and they end up in prison, or dead, and thats what I believe. They finally say No; and thats when they get rid of them.

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