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Perfect Human Beings. There is a serious problem in my country, o problem that has to do with sexual identity.

There are some men and women that love people with the same sex filially and erotically. Of course, according to the ideology of my country this is very unnatural, so this has caused a war between opinions. We have a big issue here: the perfect human beings versus the abnormal ones. Both of them want to express themselves in their particular way. The problem is that the perfect ones are the majority of the population in Ecuador; this means that they are Catholics and follow the will of God. The abnormal ones are the minority of the population, and according to the holy Bible they are an abomination to God1, so perfection is on imperfection. This proposition homosexual are an abomination to God gives the perfect ones the right to do whatever they want so that homosexuals are under control. Due to this big issue I want to suggest some ideas to prevent an evil war between perfection and imperfection. These suggestions are going to lead our country into the light. Firstly, the perfect human beings have to find out how many homosexuals there are in Ecuador; to do that, Ecuadorians have to select a committee which will be named the H, and this committee has to be in charge of counting the amount of homosexuals. This committee will have the same characteristics of a rancher, because a good rancher is excellent at counting his cattle. In this process, the committee will also find the places where the homosexuals meet up. It is important that this committee treats the homosexual with respect because, at the end, they are human beings. All the country must pray for the homosexuals so that they understand and accept the changes that God and the perfect ones want to develop and accomplish. Secondly, when the committee gives the exact amount of homosexuals, another committee has to be created. This committee will be named the I. People who belong to this committee will convince the homosexuals that they are imperfect and abnormal human beings and in order to distinguish them, they will have to wear a red symbol on their right arm. Thus, the population will know who is homosexual. The main objective of this is to alert the

Genesis 18:22

population. Thus, the perfect ones will not approach them. A potential problem could be that some of the homosexuals dont accept this resolution, but there is another possible suggestion for that. Thirdly, the homosexuals that dont accept the previous suggestion, it is good to know that there is another option. To develop this option it is necessary to create a new committee which will be named the T. The Ts will be in charge of creating areas where the homosexuals that dont accept to wear the red symbol can live and behave in the way they want. These areas will have transportation, houses, parks, etc. In order to do that, the government must sell the lands cheaply, but these lands are located outside the city since the perfect ones occupy almost the whole places of the city, and there is no space for the homosexuals. Fourthly, because the government doesnt have enough money to provide the basic needs to the new areas, homosexuals will suffer a lot. This suffering goes against the dignity of the human being. To prevent this, it is an obligation to create a new committee which will be named the L. This committee will be in charge of giving a dangerous poison to the homosexuals that cannot satisfy their basic necessities: food, water, clothing, electricity, etc. Thus, these imperfect human beings will have the right to choose a terrible destiny or kill themselves. The next suggestion is merciful because it gives homosexuals the opportunity to chance and live a normal life. The human beings are capable of changing their behaviors, so the homosexual can choose to belong to the perfect race. This is quite complicated because there must be specialized people to observe the changes that the homosexuals are accomplishing; these changes will make the homosexual leave their imperfection and become normal men and women. A new committee has to be crated; this will be the E. People from this committee have to be psychologists because they have to verify the changes of the homosexuals. When a man or a woman is already cured, both of them must show their new transformation. In order to do that, the women must have sex with a psychologist, and the men must belong to some of the committees mentioned before. In this deep transformation some of the homosexuals will want to go further. Now that they are purified in their mind, some of them may want to be purified in their soul, and maybe they will become spiritual and religious beings. That is why a new committee has to exist, but

this one is going to be different because only a person (a man) has to belong to it. The R committee is known as the potato (papa in Spanish) which is going to set up some rules so that the homosexuals dont become soul bandages (curas del alma in Spanish). It is important to avoid this situation; a human being that was homosexual, even though he/she shows a big change, can never be part of the church, but he can pray and give alms. The HITLER committees will maintain the equilibrium in Ecuadorian society. The suggestions that I have just given are reasonable according to the belief of all the women and men that think they are the perfect ones.