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The president of the Committee of IFW, Volkan Atik, described that many significant purchasers, including Aishti from Lebanon, La Mode Zone from Kuwait, Lux&B from Paris, NBK and Modakey from Qatar, Janor Imports from Canada, Aksal from Morocco, Pirnia Collections from England, Chaloub Group from Dubai and a committee of 10 people from Chicago, the third greatest city of the America, participated in Istanbul Fashion Week and founded business relations and he said that Turkey could easily surpass its aim of exportation of marked products of 10 billion dollars in 2023 with this trend. The correspondents of renowned French television channel, TV5 and the editors of Snob Al Hasna, Sayidati, Living Well Magazine and Haya magazines, which are some of the most favourite magazines in the Arabic-speaking countries, followed the style week very nearly. The achiever that Istanbul Fashion Week (IFW) reached helped Turkish apparel industry to take one step closer to its aim of exportation of branded products of 10 billion dollars in 2023. Istanbul lived the joy of fashion to the fullest with IFW organized between February 8 and 11, 2012 in Tepeba, Taksim under the leaders of Istanbul Union of Exporters of Ready Wear (HKB) in collaboration with the Clothes Designers Association (MTD), United Brands Association (BMD) and Istanbul Fashion Academy (MA). Volkan Atik, the president of the Committee of IFW said that 100 purchasers from 18 countries including United States, Republic of South Africa, France and Kuwait traveled to the 6th of Istanbul Fashion Week and that they settled orders. He said that IFW, which was put under the scope by significant purchasers such as Aishti from Lebanon, La Mode Zone from Kuwait and Lux&B from Paris, made a important leap. Volkan Atik highlighted the fact that IFW, which gathered the concepts of project, style and brand under one umbrella, undertook an significant mission for the increase of the sector based on brand economy and stated that with the vogue that was reached, the exportation of branded products, presently 1 billion dollars, would easily reach 10 billion dollars in 2023. Atik stated that IFW gave a serious level of dynamism to the apparel industry and to the city economy with the big of the formation and he shared with us the following designs in relation to IFW organized this year: 1,5 billion Turkish Liras were spent for IFW coordinated in Taksim Tepeba. The clothes designers coordinated 17 fashion parades, three of which were mixed. What is more, Giovanne Gentile, Avva and Berinza marks made style parades. IFW lasted 4 days and had 15 thousand followers. 304 fashion models in total took part in the fashion parades During the organisation, 28240 liters of fuel oil was used in order to heat the tent that had two parts. 100 purchasers from foreign followed IFW. 250 local, 50 international -from 11 countries- media members and 100 bloggers shared the evolutions in IFW directly with their readers and followers. The local guests spent closely 150 dollars daily on average and international guests spent 300 dollars each day and 1200 dollars in four days on average. During the organization our local and abroad guests added more than 10 million dollars to the city economy.

In IFW, a team of 1000 people acted in the style parades, organisation of the events, cleaning and security; putting up of tents and forming the technical infrastructure.