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Snoopy's Stories 10-12 script Charlie Brown Charlie Brown I can't believe it...

She must think I'm the most stupid person alive Come on, Charlie Brown I'll hold the ball and you kick it Hold it? Ha You'll pull it away and I'll land flat on my back and kill myself But Charlie Brown it's Thanksgiving What's that got to do with anything? Well, one of the greatest traditions we have is the Thanksgiving Day Football game And the biggest most important tradition of all is the kicking off of the football Is that right? Absolutely Come on Charlie Brown It's a big honor for you Well if it's that important a person should never turn down a big honor Maybe I should do it Besides, she wouldn't try to trick me on a traditional holiday This time I'm gonna kick that football clear to the moon

AUUGH... Isn't it peculiar Charlie Brown? How some traditions just slowly fade away "A CHARLlE BROWN THANKSGlVElNG" What's the matter big brother? Nothing I was just checking the mail box What did you expect a turkey card? Holidays always depress me I know what you mean I went down to buy a turkey tree And all they have are things for Christmas For Christmas? Already Anyway, why should l give thanks on Thanksgiving? What have I got to be thankful for? All it does is make more work for us at school Do you know what we have to do now? We have to write an essay on Stanley Miles You mean Miles Standish I can't keep track of all those people What's all the commotion? We've got another holiday to worry about...It seems Thanksgiving Day is upon us I haven't even finished eating

all my Halloween candy Sally, Thanksgiving is a very important holiday Ours was the first country in the world to make a national holiday to give thanks Isn't he the cutest thing? What are you gonna do on Thanksgiving Charlie Brown? My mother and dad and Sally and l are all going over to my grandmother's for dinner Why don't you come along, Linus? We could hold hands under the table Argh Hello? Hi, Chuck? This is Peppermint Patty How've you been, Chuck? Ok I guess Do you kind of miss me Chuck? Well...I... That's o.k., Chuck I know you probably can't talk because someone's listening We'll keep these intimate things to ourselves O.k., Chuck? Well...I... Listen, I really have a treat for you My dad's been called out of town

He said I could go over to your house and share Thanksgiving with you, Chuck Well...I... I don't mind inviting myself over because I know you kind of Iike me Chuck Well...I... O.k. That's a date See you soon You sly devil Oh, brother Now what? Peppermint Patty's coming to Thanksgiving dinner We won't even be home Hello? Hi, Chuck, listen I have even greater news Remember that great kid Marcie? Sure I just talked to her and she kinda would like to see you again and her folks said it would be okay if she joined us... so you can count on two for dinner, Chuck But I just don't know... This will be okay with your folks Won't it, Chuck? Well, the problem is... Don't worry, we won't

make any problems we'll help clean up the dishes and everything Just save me a drumstick and the neck okay, Chuck see you Chuck How do I always get into these things? Now she's bringing Marcie too It's your own fault because your so wishy washy Hello? Hey, guess who just walked in over here? It's Franklin I told him about the big turkey party you're having and he's sure his folks will let him come Hey Chuck this is gonna be the biggest bask of the year See ya I think I'm losing control of the whole world Now what's wrong? Now she's bringing Franklin too Peppermint Patty has invited herself Marcie and Franklin over for Thanksgiving dinner, and I'm not even going to be home I'm going to be at my grandmother's Why don't you just call her back and explain it to her? You can't explain anything to

Penppermint Patty because you never get to say anything I'm doomed Three guests for Thanksgiving and I'm not even going to be home Peppermint Patty will hate me for the rest of my life What time are you going over to your grandmothers Charlie Brown? We're supposed to be there by 4:30 Okay, that makes it easy You simply have two dinners You cook the first one yourself for your friends and then you go to your grandmother's with your family for the second one I can't cook a Thanksgiving dinner All I can make is cold cereal and maybe toast That's right I've seen you make toast You can't butter it but maybe we could help you Snoopy, you go out to the garage and get a table that we can set up in the backyard We don't have any time to play Snoopy please get some chairs around the table What are we going to wear to this

big Thanksgiving party sir? And what time do we go? Well, kid I'm gonna go like this Old Chuck is pretty cool about dates He always wears that striped shirt of his I just talked to Charlie Brown And he said the dinner would be served a little earlier Great, we're ready Do you think I should wear a tie? Nah...You can come as you are Franklin old Chuck won't mind Besides, he didn't say it was formal O.k, Snoopy that's pretty good Come on inside we need some help with the food What? Oh, hi, Snoopy Come on in Snoopy how can you serve food in that ridiculous outfit? How about your chef's hat? Come on Snoopy We don't have any time for this playing around The guests will be here pretty soon So please get ready and help serve them Hi, Chuck Hi Peppermint Patty Hi, Franklin Hi, Marcie Hi, Chuck

Are we going to have a prayer? It's Thanksgiving you know Before we are served shouldn't we say grace? In the year 1621 the pilgrims held their first Thanksgiving feast They invited the great lndian chief Massasoit who brought ninety of his brave lndians And a great abundance of food Governor William Bradford and Captain Myles Standish were honored guests Elder William Brester who was a minister said a prayer that went something like this 'We thank God for our homes and our food and our safety in a new land We thank God for the opportunity to create a new world for freedom and justice' Amen What's this? A piece of toast? A pretzel stick?Pop corn? What blockhead cooked all this? What kind of a Thanksgiving dinner is this? Where's the turkey, Chuck? Don't you know anything about

Thanksgiving dinners? Where's the mashed potatoes? Where's the cranberry sauce? Where's the pumpkin pie? You're kinda rough on Charlie Brown aren't you, sir? Rough?! Look at this Is this what you call a Thanksgiving Day dinner? Did we come across town for this? We were supposed to be served a real Thanksgiving dinner Now wait a minute, sir Did he invite you here to dinner or did you invite yourself and us too? Gee, I never thought of it like that Do you think I hurt old Chuck's feelings? I bet I hurt his feelings, huh? Golly, why can't I act right outside a baseball game Marcie, maybe you can go to old Chuck and patch things up for me? Maybe you can tell him how I really feel... Tell him that I didn't mean it the way it sounded Marcie, you can do it you go see him and tell him that I really like him and that the dinner is ok with me

Well, I don't know but I'll try I think maybe you should go to Chuck and tell him yourself No Marcie, I'll just ruin everything You know I'm too brisk and rough You go and speak for me Well, ok This is not unlike another famous Thanksgiving episode Do you remember the story of John Alden and Priscilla Mullins and Captain Myles Standish? This isn't like that one at all Don't feel bad Chuck, Peppermint Patty didn't mean all those things she said Actually she really likes you I don't feel bad for myself I just feel bad because I ruined everyone's Thanksgiving But Thanksgiving is more than eating Chuck You heard what Linus was saying out there Those early pilgrims were thankful for what had happened to them and we should be thankful too We should just be thankful for being together I think that's what they mean

by Thanksgiving Charlie Brown Come here See you later Charles Charles? He's all yours, Priscilla Priscilla? Priscilla? Apologies accepted Chuck old boy? Sure There's enough problems in the world already Chuck without these stupid misunderstandings Let's not play lovers games, Chuck I agree You're holding my hand Chuck You sly dog Good grief it's 4 o'clock We're supposed to be at grandmother's house for Thanksgiving by 4:30 I better talk to her and explain my dilemma Hello? Grandma? This is Chuck I mean Charlie Brown We're gonna be a little late You see, I invited a few friends over and they are still here Well, it's just Linus and a girl named Marcie and a girl named Peppermint Patty

She's a great baseball player and a boy named Franklin No ma'am they haven't eaten As a matter of fact they've let me know that in no uncertain terms What?! You mean it? Hey, Peppermint Patty great news We are all invited to Charlie Brown's grandmother' for Thanksgiving dinner Hooray... Isn't there an old song that goes over the hills and through the woods to grandmother's house we go? Sure, only this is the way it goes, over the river and through the woods to grandmother's house we go the horse knows the way to carry the sleigh through the blinding of Christmas snow over the river and through the woods... Well, there's only one thing wrong with that What's that Charlie Brown? My grandmother lives in a condominium The End www.veryabc.cn

It's A Mystery,Charlie Brown(www.veryabc.cn) I'm doomed What's wrong Sally? I'm doomed What's the matter? She's out to get me she's out to get me What are you talking about? My science teacher Every week she makes me bring in a new exhibit I'm going to have a nervous breakdown before I'm six years old Well I don't see what the... This week it's gonna be something from nature Why don't we have nature alone? It's not bothering us Why do we have to bother it? Now look Sally But I'll show her I won't crack I refuse to crack I'll get the best exhibit she's ever seen Good grief What's going on here? What are you doing? A nest? I don't know what you're talking about What nest? I haven't seen any nest I refuse to confess to something that I don't know anything about

He's finally flipped Cough...cough...cough... He's gone crazy Linus stop him Stop him He's going to ruin the house Cough, cough, Ahgh... Ashes to ashes and dust to dust Snoopy will find it and find it he must That's a broom straw So what? Ashes to ashes and dust to dust when there is a problem in Snoopy we trust If that beagle can find anything I'll be very surprised Ashes to ashes and dust to dust Proof to the pudding is under the crust AUGH... I don't understand, sir I don't understand you, sir You don't make any sense, sir I don't understand you sir Good night, sir Snoopy How are you? I haven't seen you for quite awhile How have you been? Nice talking to you Come again I DON'T HAVE TOO MANY VlSlTORS

Snoopy what a surprise What in the world are you doing? Is this some kind of a game? Hey, cops and robbers Great Boy, I like cops and robbers wait here I'll be the robber, ok? Stick them up Bang Bang I gotcha Ok. Sherlook Now I'll hide and you find me, ok? Your money or your life you dirty rat All right copper It's your money or you get cement shoes Avast your lily livered copper You'll never take me alive I won't squeal, copper no one's taking me in to the wall I won't be taken alive argh Hey, kid Come back We didn't finish the game Come back, Snoopy I've been robbed I've been bugged I've been betrayed Now what? I brought in the best exhibit in my entire first grade career Somebody stole it They're after me They're all after me

Get my lawyer Get my bookkeeper What was your exhibit, Sally? A prehistoric bird's nest Do you understand how valuable that is? Get my accountant Get my lawyer What do you mean prehistoric? I found a nest that was so ridiculous it had to be prehistoric No self respecting modern bird could have built it Sally, you took Woodstock's nest That's terrible Snoopy and Woodstock were up all night looking for it I found that nest and the nest is mine I demand justice I demand restitution I found the nest and the nest belongs to me I want my nest back I demand you give me back my exhibit Now look Sally I don't want you to fight with Snoopy and Woodstock Let's settle this in a civilized manner Let's find an objective person to settle this We have a dispute to settle here, Lucy Perhaps you could help us

solve the problem It's a matter of establishing ownership It's a legal matter then right? Yes You've come to the right place One moment De dum dum... Oh yes, oh yes the court is now in session The stenographer will please take down all events pertaining to this case Seven cents, please But you haven't done anything yet It's a well known fact that silver and the scales of justice have great affinity Oh... Ok, I said court was in session Present your case I haven't got all day I found a bird's nest and it's mine Hold it, hold it Bird, do you have someone to represent you? Whereas the party of the first part hereafter known as Woodstock and whereas the party of the second part hereafter known as Sally Brown therefore

And heretofore were, are, and will be parties to or there from to this agreements ipso facto Quod 1 st landum and whereas in subsequent parties of value and pluribus cum laudf and hereto... Oh good grief And you who is representing you? I'm acting in my own behalf All right let the blame rest on whom the law decrees You, bird State your defense To the court in perfect accord we ask for a decree nisi nunc tro tunc for trover and reflevin or else the parties of first part charge barratry of the court ipso facto... Oh good grief State your case I say finders, keepers losers, weepers A very strong case indeed hmm... Stenographer please read back the plaintiff's last statement Uh...uh... Actually I just got past the oh yes oh yes, and then... Uh...what came after oh yes? Good grief Hmmm...Iet's see...

You said trover and replevin and then threw in a nunc tro tunc... And you said that stuff about 'weepers' ...hmmmm... He also threw in a barratry ...hmmm... hmmm...hmmm... The court finds in favor of... The bird Bird it's your nest Keep it I've been robbed I'll appeal I'll take it all the way to the supreme court Another such outburst and I'll clear the court Court is adjourned I'm ruined I'll get a failure on my experiment This does it, my career grind to a halt before I even get started Don't worry Sally maybe we can help I need an experiment We'll see what we can come up with I won't do it But it's the only thing to do And besides, it'll be a good experiment I don't even know who the man is But Snoopy says he'll do it And if he's willing to do it you ought to be

Oh, all right I'm stuck I have to do something For my science exhibit I want to talk to you about Ivan Petrovich Pavlov Who is he you ask? I will tell you He is a great Russian doctor He studies our nervous system And you all know why we have a nervous system So we can get nervous making these stupid reports Anyway he once did a very famous test with a dog He wanted to prove a dog would drool if you run a bell and promised him food I'll now recreate the famous experiment The End www.veryabc.cn It's The Easter Beagle,Charlie Brown(www.veryabc.cn) I got the eggs sir just like you asked Great come on in, Marcie But please quit calling me sir I'll show you how we color eggs You get the eggs ready and I'll mix up all the colors Uh...Sir? How do we color the eggs after we fry them?

Ugh...Uh...Gulp Argh... "lT'S THE EASTER BEAGLE CHARLlE BROWN" We've got another one of those great holidays coming up where boys have the opportunity to give presents to pretty girls You know, big bags of candy and eggs and all sorts of things It's a great time of the year to start getting things It's not a time for getting It's a time of renewal The start of spring Wrong It's the gift getting season What's the matter with you? All you think about is gimme, gimme, gimme Get, get, get That's called survival, baby It's almost Easter and I have nothing to wear Look at these shoes... How can I celebrate Easter properly in these shoes? We're on our way to the store we gotta get ready for Easter you know... We need Easter baskets eggs, candy, the works Wanna join us?

I told you it's a waste of time The Easter Beagle does all that Oooooh Linus you drive me crazy Easter Beagle? Sure Sally we don't need to go into all this trouble On Easter Sunday the Easter Beagle passes colored eggs to all the good little kids The Easter Beagle? Are you sure Linus? Of course Come on, Sally I thought you wanted to get some new shoes Hey, it's Chuck and his team Hi Chuck what are you up to? We're here to get some eggs to color for Easter Marcie, here fried the last batch This kid isn't quite with it, Chuck I think it's a waste of time to buy and color eggs 'cause the Easter Beagle will do all of that Hey Chuck what's all this about an Easter Beagle? Has your friend here got all his Marbles? Well...

He did say Beagle didn't he? Well... Yes... Boy Chuck you sure have some strange friends Come on Chuck Iet's go in and buy some eggs Easter Beagle, indeed It's Easter and they already have the X'mas decorations up Good grief I can't believe it I told you It's the gift getting season Ha ha ha ha ha... Ok, you two... Let's get on with it It's shoes you need not hats Aren't those shoes sort of out of date Sally? That's why they're on sale Besides, I like to be different anyway Ohh, good grief Ohh Well, so long Chuck It was sure nice shopping with ya We got ourselves another dozen eggs I gotta show Marcie how to color Easter eggs the right way Don't say it more near The Easter Beagle does all that Are you sure are you certain? I'm positive

Well, I don't know now that I got my shoes I feel better about it Oh good grief he's crazy Sally There's no Easter Beagle Every Easter the Easter Beagle comes dancing along with his basket full of eggs Which he hands out to all the good little children That sounds faintly familiar I remember sitting out in a stupid pumpkin patch all night waiting for the Great Pumpkin to come That was the worst night of my life This is different that was Halloween this is Easter Well, I don't know I really want to believe you because I like you and l really respect you But I just don't know The Easter Beagle will never let you down I know he won't but how about you? AAAHHHH... Hi...Where are you two going in such a hurry? We keep running out of eggs I'm still trying to show Marcie here how to color eggs for Easter Sunday You're making a mistake

all this is a waste of time the Easter Beagle will take care of it all Really? Sure, on Easter Sunday the Easter Beagle brings eggs to all the little children Sir, is this right? Perhaps we don't have to go through all the trouble of making colored eggs if this 'Easter Beagle' is going to do it Look, I'm having enough trouble without your fantastic stories Come on Marcie, let's go get another dozen eggs It's a waste of time Hey here's old Snoopy Hi Snoopy We're going in to get some eggs Look Marcie here's old Snoopy You don't mind if he joins us do ya? He's a cool kid Old Snoopy won't get in the way right Snoopy? Boy, that kid really can dance and he sure knows how to make a girl happy He sure is a funny looking kid though He has a very strange nose doesn't he sir?

Now look kid... these eggs are not to be fried nor are they to be roasted toasted or waffled Yes sir These eggs gotta be boiled You boil them and then I'll show you how to paint them Yes sir I'll boil them sir and you'll paint them When the water comes to a boil Iet me know Put the eggs in now Ok sir, in they go Ok sir all the eggs are in Good Marcie Iet them boil a good long time and then I'll show you how to paint them They look done sir wanna look at them? Ok, Marcie, let me look That's funny... It smells like soup Argh Marcie You've made egg soup ARGH.... Chuck, I just don't know what to do We've ruined 3 dozen eggs And we yet don't have any colored eggs I've run out of money and

can't buy any more eggs How am I gonna teach my friend here about Easter and coloring eggs when I can't get any eggs to color? Don't worry about it the Easter Beagle will come And you'll see He'll bring Easter eggs to all the little kids Kid, I hope you're right I don't want my little friend here to be disappointed She won't be on Easter Sunday the Easter Beagle will brighten everyone's day Everyone will feel the free warmth and friendship It's really a waste of time The Easter Beagle does that Leave me alone Don't bother me with your stupid ideas Easter is very simple you paint the eggs you hide the eggs and you find the eggs And you know Who's going to find the eggs? Me Because I'm the one who's going to hide them

Well Marcie I'm really sorry Here it is Easter morning and we don't have any colored eggs I'm the one who's sorry sir I guess I'm not much of a cook I've seen this happen on holidays before you look forward to being real happy and then something happens that spoils it all You've done it again haven't you? I've been sitting here since dawn waiting for the Easter Beagle Where is he? I don't know why I always listen to you I never learn You said the Easter Beagle was coming Well, where is he? I know why they have holidays They have holidays so people can get together and have fun So why am I alone? This is going to be the greatest Easter egg hunt ever and I'm going to find them all I'm the laughing stock of the neighborhood You've made a fool of me Why do I always listen to you?

'Trust me' you said 'trust me' 'trust me', now I've been burned again Never trust the man with the blanket Get me my lawyer I've been humiliated Is it? It is He's coming He's coming The Easter Beagle is coming Thank you, Easter Beagle Thank you Thank you very very much Thank you See, Linus was right There is an Easter Beagle Some Easter Beagle He gave me my own egg What do we do with the Easter eggs now that we have them sir? We eat them We put a little salt on them and we eat them Tastes terrible sir Still moping? I can't believe it But that was almost ten weeks ago I can't help it I'll never get over it Never Well, why don't you go over and talk it over or something? I guess I will Alright Beagle come down

and we'll have it out Come on Beagle put up your dukes Ahh... the Easter Beagle The End www.veryabc.cn