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AIM: To learn the architecture, programming, interfacing and rudiments of system design of microprocessors and microcontrollers. Course Objective: To introduce microprocessors and basics of system design using microprocessors. To introduce h/w architecture, instruction set and programming of 8085 microprocessor. . To introduce the peripheral interfacing of microprocessors To introduce the h/w architecture, instruction set, programming and interfacing of 8051 microcontroller. Name of the Faculty:T.SIVARANJANI AP/BME Text Book/ Reference Book R1 R1 R1 R1 BLACK BOARD Activity Planned for Learners Memory design and practice of timing diagram for different instructions

Lecture Hours

Portions to be Covered UNIT-I 8085 PROCESSOR

Teaching Methodology planned BLACK BOARD OHP BLACK BOARD

L1 L2,L3 L4 L5,L6,L 7 L8,L9 L10,L11 L12 L1 L2 L3,L4 L5 L6

Introduction to microprocessor Functional block diagram Signals Memory interfacing

I/O ports and data transfer concepts R1 Timing Diagram R1 Interrupt structure R1 UNIT II PROGRAMMING OF 8085 PROCESSOR BLACK Instruction format, Addressing modes R1 BOARD Assembly language format, Data transfer OHP BLACK instructions, Data manipulation instructions, R1 BOARD Control instructions BLACK Programming Concept R1 BOARD Loop structure with counting & R1 BLACK Indexing,Look up table, BOARD Subroutine, Instructions stack UNIT III PERIPHERAL INTERFACING

Assignment -simple programs and seminar on simple programs in 8085


L1 L2 L3 L4 L5 L6 L7 L8 L9,L10

R1 Study of Architecture and programming of ICs R1 8255 PPI R1 8259 PIC R1 OHP BLACK 8251 USART R1 BOARD 8279 Key board display controller R1 8253 Timer/ Counter R1 Interfacing with 8085 R1 A/D and D/A converter interfacing R1 UNIT IV MICRO CONTROLLER 8051 Introduction to microcontroller 8051 L1 R2, R3 OHP BLACK BOARD L2 Functional block diagram R2, R3 L3 Instruction format R2, R3 BLACK BOARD R2, R3 L4 Addressing modes L5 Interrupt structure R2, R3 L6 Timer R2, R3 L7 I/O ports R2, R3 L8,L9 Serial communication R2, R3 UNIT V MICRO CONTROLLER PROGRAMMING & APPLICATIONS BLACK L1 Introduction to micro controller programming R2, R3 BOARD L2 Data Transfer instructions R2, R3 OHP BLACK BOARD L3 Manipulation instructions R2, R3 L4 Control & I/O instructions R2, R3 Simple programming exercises key board and L5 R2, R3 display interface BLACK L6 Closed loop control of servo motor R2, R3 BOARD L7 Stepper motor control R2, R3 L8 Use of C compliers for 8051 R2, R3

Introduction to peripheral interfacing

Discussion and quiz on possible usage of various interfacing ICs

Discussion on developing a small application using 8051

Assignment simple programs in 8051 and GSM interfacing with 8051 & A/D converter interfacing program

Total No. of hours required to complete the syllabus: 45 Content Beyond the syllabus Lecture Hours L1 L2 Portions to be Covered Interfacing ADC & DAC with 8051 RS232 R1,R2 L3 Simple 8051 based projects BLACK BOARD Text Book/ Referenc e Book R2 Teaching Methodology planned BLACK BOARD Activity Planned for Learners Assignment Seminar on interfacing RS232 with 8051

Electronics for you Total No. of hours required to complete the content beyond the syllabus: 3


REFERENCES: 1. S. Gaonkar, Microprocessor Architecture Programming and Application, Penram International., New Delhi, 2000 2. Muhammad Ali Mazidi & Janice Gilli Mazidi, The 8051 Micro Controller and Embedded Systems, Pearson Education, 5th Indian reprint, New Delhi, 2003 3. William Kleitz, Microprocessor and Micro Controller Fundamental of 8085 and 8051 Hardware and Software, Pearson Education, New Delhi, 1998.

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