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Turn Your Lift Truck Into The Profit Centre

The experience of the LTL freight carriers who currently have freight check weighing programs indicates that you may expect to recover additional revenue amounting to about one percent of your gross revenue. The procedure ensures that all shippers are treated equally, with like commodities moving at the same classes and freight weight charges.

Wise Business Investment

To verify your customers freight weight and be able to detect and correct under declared weight you must use lift truck onboard check weighing systems from pure logistics prospective. If the freight weight The ED2 is within the acceptable company level then the skid load can move to the1,000 pounds per recovery program of only destination trailer, variance Series SkidWeigh system is general application, etc. fully automatic microprocessor forklift, per working day; your company revenue holding area, electronic device that measuresover the acceptable level then the skid load is moved to the Legal per the load weight can increase approximately $ 25,000 for If the freight weight variance is on any floor scale truck or loader. The and creation of a scale ticket.per year. type of lift for final verification system can operator, Trade be installed on any lift truck, regardless of the This equates to a return of ten times your vehicle, make, model or operating voltage having investment cost for the first year. Payback can Review for management a maximum lifting table based up to 50,000 kg or weight be as little as four per 100 depending on with capacity of on typical freight As per enclosed charges of $10.00 weeks, pounds and the lbs. shipping practicestruck, per working day, your systematic freight weight recovery program of only 1000 pounds per lift of your customers and your timing and approach to year. operational loading dock revenue will increase approx. $25.000.00 per operator perrecouping these lost Every time a skid load is picked up, the increase revenues. in hydraulic pressure on the vehicle will Examples and Note:* Various automatically activate the weighing cycle of the ROI forDepends on commodity, service level and distance convert it to Daily Detection / Correctionis Under Declared Freight Weight a load weight measurement that of visually presented to the operator via a five digit Daily Detection / CorLED display. rection of Under Daily Increased Estimated Estimated Yearly InDeclared Freight Revenue ($) R.O.I. creased revenue Weight (lbs) (Days) ($) Benefits and ROI Analysis * 500 $50.00 A. If the load weight variance is within the acceptable company level, then the skid load can 1000 $100.00 move to the destination trailer, holding area, etc. 2000 $200.00 B. If the load weight variance is over the 3000 $300.00 acceptable company level, then the skid load is moved to the Legal for Trade floor scale for final 5000 $500.00 verification and creation of a scale ticket. 80 $12.500.00 Obviously the more forklifts equipped with onboard 40 check weighing, $25.000.00 the the greater potential return. 20 $50.000.00 If it takes 10 forklifts to handle your cross dock 13.3 $75.000.00 volume and you have only one vehicle equipped with a SkidWeigh unit, you will be 8 $125.000.00 missing out on 90% of your potential freight weight recovery revenues.
* See the article from National Freight Traffic Association Weighing and Research Programs for Trucking Companies

Review for Management

Example: Freight Transportation Facilities

Based on typical freight weight charges of $10.00* per 100 pounds and with a weight