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Tom Nicholson

293A Eversleigh Road, Battersea, London SW11 5XS Tel- 07883 408 666
Education LLB Law, Kings College London !
Projected grade- 2:1!!


3rd year modules include Media Law:

Covers the study of statutory and industry forms of regulation and self regulation in both old and new media

QEGS, Wakeeld! !


A Levels: English Literature (A), French (A), Religious Studies (A), General Studies (A) AS Level: Classical Civilisations (A) 9 GCSEs (A*-A) including English (A*) and Mathematics (A)

Relevant Professional Experience Intern, Welcome to Yorkshire (Yorkshire Tourist Board) !! ! June 2012

Writing creative content - created press releases and copy for magazine articles promoting tourist board members which led to publication in theYorkshire Evening Post (daily circulation of 36,500), generating an editorial value equivalent of 9,000. Combining independent working with collaboration - undertook individual research and preparation for a Calendar Girls press launch, before forming part of a team to ensure the smooth running of the event.

Cannon Hall Farm Ltd!


Commercial Awareness - have worked in various areas of my familys tourism and retail enterprise for the majority of my life which has fostered within me a strong work ethic and an entrepreneur-like drive for and understanding of business. Consisting of a childrens farm park, cafe and farm shop, the company has an annual turnover of 4.5m and the site sees over a million individual visits every year. Interest in branding and marketing - spent a year between sixth form and university (2009-2010) working full time, playing a pivotal role in the restructuring of the farm park experience offered to customers and its branding and marketing which resulted in a 35% rise in annual turnover from farm park entry, increasing from 709,000 to 963,000. Personal initiative - built on the companys online presence by creating and helping to run social media accounts, providing a tool for connecting and communicating with customers. The company currently has 5,000 followers on Twitter and over 8,500 likes on Facebook. Communication skills and leadership - supervised a team of people in a fast-paced, highpressure retail environment, inuencing and motivating those around me in order to achieve increased sales and efciency. Problem Solving - implemented a response to new Health and Safety guidelines issued specically for farm parks, ensuring that the company was conforming with the new standards of best practice whilst also taking care to minimise the potential impact on the customer experience.

Secured Relevant Professional Experience Intern, Redroute Agency!! ! ! ! Expected Late 2012/Early 2013

A Soho based brand communications agency. Clients include the UKs leading spa brand, Champneys and BMW.

Other Skills
Intermediate Level French - studied Introduction to French Law and French Legal System modules as part of my degree which are taught and examined wholly in French Commercial Fundraising - worked with three other group members of the French Law Society to secure funding by meeting with and presenting to representatives from Clifford Chance solicitors IT and New Media - intermediate level in all aspects of Microsoft Ofce and Apple iWork. Experience running Facebook for Business and commercial Twitter accounts. Charity Fundraising - devised and organised special events, such as free late night opening of the farm park and a Christmas festival for the benet of charities including Barnsley Hospice and Weston Park Hospital Cancer Charity. Writing and Research - blogging about popular music- The Sound Edit

Available on request