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The Future of Workspaces and the Modern Economy: Some highlights of the Global Workspace Association Conference The

Paradigm of the office market is radically changing and the themes discussed on the 26th Edition of the Annual Conference of the Global Workspace Association, came to confirm that reality. At this meeting, made in September this year in Baltimore (USA), were debated the new workspaces market tendencies: the more recent concepts of offices, the growth of the virtual offices and the major bet of the moment: the Coworking. Several aspects were approached: from innovation strategies, conflicts management between operators and clients, until the future of work meetings, work spaces, passing through tips of how to improve the sales process, attract more clients and fidelity strategies. Despite the huge themes and speakers diversity, it was truly interesting to evidence all agree with on the market tendencies. Mobility and flexibility became the words of order to any business and work spaces are following these changes. Solutions such as the Virtual Offices and the Coworking spaces grow at a worldwide level in an exponential way. Companies such as Pfizer, Microsoft or Accenture, when restructuring their businesses, choose to put their workers in a telework regime, being this done from home or through Business Centers that offer coworking spaces. In the last case, these companies support the space costs, reaching significant savings facing the traditional model, being possible for workers to work in a more flexible basis and increase their performance level. The secret is on giving power to the people. For such, the creation and expansion of the Hybrid Business Centers, where clients can choose and move among several models without leaving the same space (office, virtual office and coworking), is being a success strategy. Also the development of mobile platforms such as the LiquidSpace, the DaVinci Virtual or the myOffice App wins more and more adepts. Besides allowing and international publicity for the Business Centers services, increasing the number of clients, also allow the booking of meeting rooms, Coworking spaces and other services in any part of the world. In 2011 there were around 1 billion mobile workers and it is estimate that in 2015 this number will increase to 1.3 billion. People choose where to work and, for the Workspaces industry, there is an increasing services demand, in particular of the more flexible models and of reduced costs, such as the Virtual Office and the Coworking. At a time where there are business areas which stopped making sense and others that, to keep up, have to adapt, the Workspaces win more and more relevance in the future of businesses to work anywhere, at anytime, maximizing the efficiency and increase personal satisfaction are the keywords of the modern economy. Raquel Santana Business Center Manager Avila Business Centers www.avilabusinesscenter.com