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CCNA Security Skills Based Assessment-1

1. Implement the network using IOS firewall routers.(Hint: you may need to troubleshoot the network after you configure above addresses) 2. In Each Router firewall, Set the minimum password length as 8 characters 3. Enable console login using local login username admin with a Secret password cisco12345 4. Configure a 45 second login shutdown, if two failed login attempts are made within 30 seconds 5. Log every 3 failed attempts 6. Make firewall as IPS Device and un-retire the echo request signature, enable it, change the signature action to alert, and drop and reset for signature 2004 with a subsig ID of 0 7. Show how to enable CBAC Feature in the Firewall and how to enable ZBF in the firewall(No need to configure) 8. Why EIGRP must be separately enables when CBAC is up and running