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60th Foundation Anniversary

University of La Salette, Inc., College Department celebrated its 60th founding anniversary with a theme:. It has been 60 years that the University is existing in the eyes of many. A lot of great and fun activities were prepared especially for this 60th celebration. The whole University really prepared for the upcoming 60th founding anniversary celebration. The College of Accountancy Departmental Council made sure that the preparations were executed properly and that there are representatives for the different prepared activities. The College of Accountancy sponsored the Novena Mass on the 15th day of September 012 and it is fulfilling that the students of the college attended the mass. During the first day of the celebration, September 16, 2012, the community gathered in ULS High School chapel for a Eucharistic Celebration in commemoration of the 2nd Death Anniversary of Rev. Fr. Romeo B. Gonzales, MS. The candidates for the Mr. and Ms. University went to Southern Isabela General Hospital and BJMP for sick and jail visitation. Meanwhile, at ULS College Department campus, the school conducted blood screening and letting activities. The second day of the foundation celebration started with an aero taebo participated by the students, followed by a Triduum mass and the blessing of 60 booths took place after. The College of Accountancy participated in the booth operation and the colleges booth was the Jail Booth. Around 9:30 am, various literary contests were held simultaneously. The contests held were Brain Blitz Challenge, Impromptu speech, oratorical speech, Spelling Bee and Story Telling of the La Salette History. In the afternoon, Pop Icon Dance Contest took place in the new gymnasium. The representatives of the College of Accountancy during the contest imitated the performance of the Korean group Wonder Girls with the song Like This. Zumba was conducted after the contest at the new gymnasium. Reconciliation Rite marked the beginning of the third day of the foundation celebration, followed by a triduum mass at the new gymnasium. Kata Exhibition, Group Cate-Quiz Bee and Group painting contest were held at the new gymnasium, audio visual room and batibot respectively. In the afternoon, its the teachers time to shine as they star in the choir and pop dance competition. The finals of X-Factor followed, also at the new gymnasium. On the 4th day of the foundation day, the whole La Salette community celebrated together a Eucharistic Mass for the Feast Day of Our Lady of La Salette in front of the ULS Dormitory. After that, the whole La Salette Family had a parade around the city. The students wore their sweet big smiles showing everyone and feeling the unity and success of the school for reigning for 60 years here in Santiago City. After the parade, the candidates for Mr. And Ms. University had their closed panel interview at the audio visual room. Meanwhile, each college prepared their tables and meals and clean hands for the boodle fight.1! 2! 3! Fight! was the yell of the students before eating and consuming all the food served. When all the students were done

eating, it seemed like there were no food served because the students ate it all. Ball games were held simultaneously with the Talent portion of the Mr. and Ms. University in the afternoon. The Talent Portion of the Mr. and Ms. University took place in the new gymnasium. But before the contest proper started, the history and journey of La Salette and the 9 months preparation of the school were presented. The program started with a prayer, national anthem, and opening remarks. The emcees of the program were Miss Christine Julian and Mr. Kevin Agcanas. The crowd went wild when the candidates went out and started greasing the stage and the red carpet as they ramp in their school uniforms. The talents of the candidates were then presented one by one. Every after five talent presentations, infomercials from the different colleges were presented portraying the events which took place for the 4-day celebration of the Founding Anniversary. After all the candidates talents and colleges infomercials were presented, the candidates ramped with their black and white casual attires making the crowd grow wilder. Casual interview followed and the announcement and awarding of winners for the float competition, infomercial, best in uniform, casual wear and talent took after. The whole gymnasium roared loudly when Sir Ben relayed the good news from Fr. Frank, University President, that there are no classes until Saturday as a gift to the students for the well done preparations and presentations for the foundation day celebration.