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DIAGNSTICOS DA AMRICA S.A. Public Company TAXPAYER ENROLLMENT NUMBER 61.486.650/0001-83 Corporate Registry NIRE 35.300.172.

507 PUBLIC CALL EXTRAORDINARY GENERAL MEETING According to decision taken during the Board of Directors Meeting, held on August 11, 2009, and in face of the Members resignation letters received by the Company in this date, which imply the election of a new Board of Directors, according to Article 141, Paragraph 3 of Law 6404/76, the shareholders of this company are called to attend to the Extraordinary General Meeting, in first call, to be held on September 1, 2009, at 10:30 a.m., in its headquarters in the City of Barueri, State of So Paulo, at 434 Juru Avenue, Alphaville, to discuss about the following agenda: (a) Election of all Members of the Board of Directors of the Company;

(b) Consideration and approval of the proposal for incorporation, by the Company, of the following institutions controlled by the Company (Incorporation) Laboratrio Imuno Ltda., Clnica Mdica Vita Ltda., Laboratrio Louis Pasteur Patologia Clnica Ltda., Maxidiagnsticos Participaes Ltda., Cedimax Diagnsticos Mdicos Ltda., Clnica Radiolgica Clira Ltda., Digirad Diagnsticos Mdicos Ltda. and Clnica Radiolgica Brafer Ltda. (Incorporated), and the further extinction of the Incorporated; (c) Consideration and approval of the Protocol and Justification for Incorporation of the Incorporated by the Company; (d) Consideration and ratification of the appointment by the Board of KPMG Auditores Independentes, a company specialized in evaluations, with headquarters in the city of So Paulo, State of So Paulo, at Rua Dr Renato Paes de Barros,33, enrolled as Taxpayer number 57.755.217/0001-29 and Regional Council of Accounting number 2SP014428/O-6; (e) Consideration and approval of Evaluation Reports of the Incorporated;

(f) Authorization for the management of the Company to adopt the necessary arrangements to formalize the Incorporation at the competent government offices. In case the following conditions were fulfilled, according to item (a) of the Agenda, the election of the Board Members will not be held by the process of electing a list of candidates and shall follow the procedure of adopting multiple vote: (a) the Company receives a written

requisition for the election of the Board of Directors by the process of multiple vote, subscribed by the shareholders representing at least 5% (five percent) of the capital stock (according to CVM Instructions 165/91 and 282/98), and (b) the abovementioned requisition is received by the Company at least 48 (forty eight) hours before the General Meeting. Furthermore, attending item (a) of the Agenda, the Company informs the Shareholders that the presentation of the list of candidates indicating the members to integrate the Board of Directors shall be directed, in written, to the Company until August 27,2009, being forbidden the presentation of more than one list of candidates by the same shareholder or group of shareholders. Upon the receipt of the proposal for the list of candidates, it shall be disclosed at the Company website. In any event, the minimum of 20% (twenty percent) of independent members in the composition of the Board of Directors shall be observed, according to definition of Bovespa New Market Listing Rule. Under the terms of paragraph one of Law 6404/76 Article 126, the Shareholders can be represented by nominees, provided observed the legal restrictions, and the Power of Attorney and other corporate documents stating the legality of the nomination shall be delivered at the Companys Headquarters up to 48 (forty eight) hours before the General Meeting. All documents related to the subjects to be considered during the Meeting are at the Shareholders disposal at the Company Headquarters, as well as in the site http://www.diagnosticosdaamerica.com.br (Investors Relations), in Bovespa website http://www.bovespa.com.br and in the Securities and Exchange Commission website http://www.cvm.gov.br . Barueri, August 12, 2009.

_______________________________________________________ Fernando Janikian Support, Finance and Investor Relations Officer