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About us
- Computek International is a leading provider of technology solutions in Egypt and the Middle East. Our goal is to help our customers achieve their goals by providing them with the technology advice and products they need - when they need them.

Specially, Computek International has a strategic vision in implementing Modern Technology

to Improve Learning Outcomes (TILO).

Computek also designs and provides complete solutions for engineering, technical, medical and scientific institutions in addition to K-12

- Computek International represents some of the world's major manufacturers whose technologies are of the highest quality and reliability and whose commitment to customers is a top priority. The primary end-users of our products are governmental institutions, educational institutions (universities & schools), research centers, multinational companies, banks, hotels, hospitals, medical companies. Computek International is also committed to individual needs and maintains a showroom where any technology user can walk in to meet our dedicated sales and maintenance representatives.

- Computek International features dedicated account managers who help customers choose the right technology products and services to best meet their unique needs. The companys technology specialists offer expertise in designing customized solutions, while its advanced technology engineers assist customers with the implementation and long-term management of those solutions.

Area Of Business
- Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Dept. ICT Integrated Solutions, Desktops/Notebooks, Servers/Storage, Network Solutions, Presentation Solutions, Printers/plotters/ scanners, Power equipment, Security systems, all other general ICT components.

- Audio/Visual & Light Current (AVLC) Dept. Sound systems, advanced visualization, Video Conference solutions, E-podium, Smart meeting rooms, LED Displays, Web-Casting , Streaming and on-demand Solutions, Audio conference, Discussion System, Tour Guide System and Congress System.

- Educational Technology Solutions (ETS) Dept. Language Teaching Labs. Interactive White Boards, Learner response system, Visualizers, N-Computing solutions, Intel Classmate, Interactive educational software, projectors, Automatic Grading Systems (OMR) and general classroom technology supplies.

- Engineering and Vocational Training Equipment (EVTE) Dept. Engineering Training Equipment, Vocational Training Equipment, Technical Training Equipment, Software, Training Solutions for Engineering/vocational Education, Technical/Vocational school, curriculum Development.

- Medical Educational Technology (MET) Dept. Patient Simulators,

Surgical Simulation, Imaging Solutions, 3D Labs, Interactive E-content

- Scientific Education Technology (SET) Dept. Physics Labs, Chemistry Labs, Virtual Labs, 3D Labs, Scientific Equipment, Nanotechnology


Customer Satisfaction
Computek International aims to a total customer satisfaction, with an emphasis on Providing innovative, quality, on-time products and services, Strong technical and problem solving ability; working with our customers to ensure that the most practical, innovative and cost-effective solutions are achieved, The development of positive relationships with all customers through a professional attitude of courtesy and integrity.

Computek International was founded on the principle of quality. We therefore seek to provide quality in every aspect of our business. We represent quality products that impress and are easy to use and understand. We regard quality as a commitment.

To build a good business relationship with customers, Computek International always follows a Customer Focus Strategy in which customer satisfaction is always the first priority. Computek International stresses "reliable" and "professional" services throughout its marketing activities. The company believes that the main factor to win customers' trust and confidence is the company itself. This philosophy has led Computek International to provide customers with in-depth support including help with new products and updated techniques and on-time delivery, installation and training.

Computek International`s biggest asset is people. The team members comprises highly motivated, ambitious & professionally trained individuals. Our ambitious professional engineers offer the highest level of services to various sectors of society. The company provides an excellent work culture and is committed to the welfare of its people. The talent, hard-work, team spirit and dedication of our employees contribute towards the success of Computek International

Contact Information
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Mansoura Branch

: 23 Amer St., Off Messaha Sq, Dokki , Giza, Egypt : 12311 : +(202) 37602234 33355527 - 33491391 : +(202) 37614576 : 3 El-Sheikh Saleh St. , Off General Hospital St. : +(2050) 2260744 : 36, Sohag St., Ekhmim, front of Stadium : +(2093) 4609494 : 5 Abdel Salam Aref Str. - Shorouk Building - 2nd Floor - Suit 4 : +(2) 01099916032 General Manager 010-67399306 tarek@computek.com.eg 010-07788882 aghazi@computek.com.eg 010-67399351 abedwihy@computek.com.eg 010-673993330 nsales@computek.com.eg 010-00636838 a.lasheen@computek.com.eg 010-92525312 m.talaat@computek.com.eg 010-67399347 msamy@computek.com.eg 010-67399348

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