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Ca rolina Nery Alvarado

Task: Pedagogical Grammar Highlight the correct answer for each of the statements.

1. Rules of prescriptive Universal generative descriptive - formal grammar make statements about how people ought to use language. 2. Prescriptive - Universal Generative Descriptive - Formal grammar suggests that all languages have underlying principles of grammar. These underlying principles are said to be innate to all human beings. 3. According to generative prescriptive Universal descriptive - formal grammar, someone who composes sentences in accordance with rules like: Don't end a sentence with a preposition, Use whom, not who, as the object of a verb or preposition, Don't use an object pronoun for a subject pronoun in a conjoined subject is said to have good grammar, whereas someone said to have bad grammar doesn't apply the rules when they ought to be applied. 4. Rules of prescriptive Universal generative descriptive - formal grammar have the status of scientific observations, and they are intended as insightful generalizations about the way that speakers use language in fact, rather than about the way that they ought to use it. 5. Descriptive - Prescriptive Generative Universal Formal grammar is based on the idea that there is a single right way to do things. 6. In the everyday sense, Linguistics Grammar Sociolinguistics Psycholinguistics refers to a collection of rules concerning what counts as socially acceptable and unacceptable language use. 7. The rules below may be Lexical/Descriptive - Prescriptive/Descriptive Formal/Prescriptive, it depends on how they are taught: 1. Articles precede the nouns that they belong with. 2. Relative clauses follow the noun that they modify. 3. Prepositions precede their objects. 7.1 These rules are known as Formal/Prescriptive/Descriptive if the rule is given as the presentation of the lesson, after the examples, and finally the practice.

Ca rolina Nery Alvarado 7.2 These rules are known as Formal/Prescriptive/Descriptive if in the grammar presentation, plenty of examples containing the rule to work with, then the practice, and finally learners are supported in figuring out the rule. 8. The Grammar-translation method uses reference - prescriptive generative descriptive - formal grammar. 9. Noam Chomsky is the creator of the Functional Grammar -TransformationalGenerative Grammar - Traditional Grammar Formal Grammar. 10. The Transformational-Generative Grammar is considered to be prescriptive generative descriptive - for