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Kundalini Awakening

image by Mynzah

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The night of my spontaneous Kundalini Awakening a friend had come over to my house to spend the weekend with me. She had brought, food, clothes and some alcohol with her, I dont drink alcohol now and really didnt drink it then but intended to since she had brought it. I joked around with her about all of the stuff she had brought because it looked like she was moving in with me. I asked her about the big bottle of vodka she brought and she said, If you smoked marijuana I would have brought that. I didnt smoke marijuana at that time either and it had been over 10 years since I had. Before I go any further I would like to share that prior to this night I had been a former U.S. Marine for 4 years from 1986 to 1990. Three years following my honorable discharge from the Marine Corps, I began working for the Sheriffs Department for almost five years. I resigned from the Sheriffs department and returned to school so I could earn a degree and begin teaching in High School and coach football and baseball. My intent was to get to the kids in school before the legal system did. While working at the Sheriffs department I befriended many young individuals that could have had an alternate path. They were like me when I was their age in so many ways and I truly felt that I could assist them in finding a better path for themselves that didnt include spending time in jail. At any rate, I went back to school and I received an A.A. degree in Liberal Arts, I then completed my Bachelors degree in Management and Organizational Development. I also began working for the Office of Education and began working on my Masters Degree in Education with an emphasis in school counseling.The point of me sharing this bit of information with You is to emphasize that smoking Marijuana was not something that I desired to do or condoned at the time that my friend came to stay the weekend with me. I had a corrupted awareness of marijuana, instituted by the various organizations who manipulate the collective consciousness. So I viewed marijuana as being detrimental to a career and also just bad for you all around. It wasnt until later that I realized the public conditioned reality of marijuana was propaganda to keep the masses under control and sick with alcohol, cigarettes, and pharmaceutical pills. Thats another story but back to the Awakening. After she mentioned smoking Marijuana, I thought about it for a couple of seconds and said, why not. She then became a bit excited and we ventured out to go get it from her friend. When we returned to my place, she rolled the Marijuana up and as we smoked I became very quiet and I began feeling the effects of the marijuana but this time it was different than how I had ever experienced it before. I began repeating slowly to myself, realityrealityrealitywhat is real, it was as if someone outside myself was speaking to me. At this time in my life I had not been spiritual. I had a variety of interesting things take place in my life and I questioned a lot of things but I was not aware of my inner voice but at this time in my life it was clear to me that I was being spoken to. My friend could sense that something was going on with me and she began asking if I was ok. I told her that I wasnt exactly sure

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what was taking place but that she had to leave. I could tell by the look on her face that she did not want to hear this. She proceeded to ask me if I was kidding and I told her that I didnt know what was going on but that I needed her to leave and I dont know why she needs to leave. She began collecting her things and it was very clear that she was upset with having to leave. I asked her to give me a call when she got home so I would know she made it home ok. As she gathered her stuff, she asked a few times if I was serious and I told her that I was but I dont know why it has to be this way. After she left I received a call from her and she stayed on the phone with me until she got home and that was about 15 minutes. Once I knew she was home safely I found the remainder of the marijuana and smoked it. After this I felt the need to lay down on my couch and listen to two songs by my favorite band TOOL. In hindsight, I now know that I had been guided this entire time this took placeall the way down to the music I was to listen to. The two songs that I now know I was guided to listen to were Lateralus and 3rd Eye (how appropriate for what was about to take place). After smoking the remainder of the marijuana, I got my mp3 player situated with the two songs to listen to and I placed it on a loop to repeat. I laid down on my couch and closed my eyes.the first song (Lateralus) had not finished playing when I began to feel a burning sensation in my lower back. A part of me wanted to open my eyes, sit up and check my back but I felt more driven to experience whatever this was that was taking place. The sensation in my lower back increased and the next thing that happened I am not sure how to explain because what I was feeling in my back I was also seeing. The burning sensation in my back began to rise and I saw two snakes that were on fire intertwining as they slowly rose up my spine. As they rose up my back I felt certain areas of my body light up as though I was a Christmas tree (I would later come to know that these were my chakra areas illuminating). As these snakes that were on fire climbed up my spine, when they reached the top of my head (Crown Chakra), I was suddenly out of my body and facing myself from above. At this moment I was in a bit of shock to witness myself above myselfI didnt know how that was possible. I wasnt frightened but I was definitely intrigued by what was taking place. The next thing that I witnessed was a split of myself laying there on the couch. As I am looking at my body from above, I see a part of me split from the original and it went to the left and then another part of me split and was peeking out to the right from my body that lay on the couch. Once this took place, I realized that these were separate parts of myself that were leaving the body. At this moment of realization I was moved from being about 3 feet directly over my body to being over in the corner of the room at the ceilingand I was there for less than 15 seconds viewing my body on the couchthe next thing I know I am through the roof and ascending at an extreme rate away from my homemy townmy countryand my planet. Once in space amongst the stars I saw that I was connected and ONE with everything. I saw how I had lived my life and that I wasnt who I thought I was but moremuch more. I felt myself being expanded beyond the physical reality and

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interconnected with everything that existsin fact I was everything that exists. I am not sure how long this took place but I was shown many things that would be difficult to explain with the limits of the vocabulary in this reality. When I came back into the body, I began to weep because I saw myself and the reality entirely different than I had before. I remembered about my child hood and my walk in experience. I was sad and upset that I had allowed myself to fall asleep in this reality and allowed myself to be manipulated by culture, religion, school, authority figures, etc I also was saddened by how I had raised my children to be materialisticthat I had indoctrinated my children into a system of separation, manipulation and fear. I had a number of thoughts scurrying through my mind and began attempting to write it down but it was just too much and I felt extremely exhausted and no longer felt the effects of marijuana and decided to just go to sleep. In the morning I checked in with myself to see if what I experienced was a reality and if I felt the same as I did last night and I overwhelmingly did. I sat on my couch for awhile pondering what to do and going over in my mind what I experienced and looking over what I had written down. I then decided to go to my computer and I began looking for pictures but I dont know what I am looking for. On the first page of my google search I see three picture of exactly what I experienced just that evening. I was bewildered because I couldnt understand how my experience is in a visual form of a picture on Google. So I click the picture to see the name of it and it says Kundalini Awakening. I had never heard of that before so I opened another window up and googled what that meant. As I am reading about the Kundalini it describes what I had just experienced that previous night. This is where my awakening began and from that point in 2008 to this present day it has been a continuous unfolding. This was a profound experience for me and one that I am blessed to have experienced. My Kundalini Awakening changed my life forever. It has transformed me mentally, physically, and spiritually. I began to remember what I had came here to do and awakening was one of them with the assistance of my guides Jaliel, Maz, Manzah, and Var. They reside in a ship in the upper atmosphere of Earth called VEMO, along with other star ships and star families. I myself am in a tube to contain my Light Body as I project into this reality from the ship. The tube is horizontal and is suspended above the floor of the ship. I am suspended within the tube and my arms are extended out from the center of my body. The tube is straight but rounded on the ends, fitting to how I lay and is rounded to my shape. and my feet are together The light which eminates from my body as well as other Light Bodies is greater than the Sun and when on ship must be contained. Within two weeks of me being shown and remembering myself being on the ship, I read in Dolores Cannons book Convoluted Universe about an individual here on Earth in human form

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yet also on ship inside of a tube. The difference between his and mine is that his is standing up and mine is horizontal to the floor. I shared this with my friend who was also aware of me being on ship and not long after this we went to see the movie Avatar and Jake in the movie is a Marine and is in a pod projecting into another form. When her and I saw this at the theatre we both looked at each other and she said, Thats what You saidand I said I know. There are many others with the same reality that are here and I have come into contact with them as well. Some have openly shared as I have and others choose to remain anonymouswe all have free will and can choose our own anonymity. I understand that many more are awakening to the expanded awareness of self and I am sharing this about me to let others know that they are not alone in their remembering. Thank You for taking the time to read my story and it is my hope that you will find comfort in it and perhaps it will assist You in your journey here. Peace, Light, and Love to You and to All that You know.

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