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Hotel Database Management System


Hotel Database Management System (HDMS) system is a system that specially built for the management department, the staff, admin at the hotel, and customer. The purpose to develop this system is to replace the manual system which does not have systematic record.
The Hotel Database Management System is developing to make a facility to customer that wants to rent the room in the hotel. This system is preferred to customer, staff and management in the hotel.

By using the system, customer can reduce time to booking the room that provided in the hotel without going to the hotel because customers can booking room using online system that use in the hotel.

The system also can reduce weaknesses in obtain information and data from the system. Staff and admin will maintain and always update the process in the system. By using the system, the works faster and not take a long time to check any data and information.

The system is developing to secure all information in the system from unauthorized user. Staff and admin that want to enter the system should enter the password and username before can view database in the system. The system will keeps all the data in the database that can be access or modified by admin and staff only.

The system also can take attendance for the staff using the application in the system. The staffs of the Hotel no longer need to use the manual attendance card. It is can save the time and the staffs no need to queue up in a long line to take the attendance. Through this system, the time taken will be accurately. If use the manual attendance card, maybe the information for a staff will lose if the card disappear. The system will keeps all the data about attendance syif in the database

Through this system, it also can categorize the staff whether the staff is senior employee or junior employee. Senior and junior employee have the different payment for their job. Thats why the system will categorize them in different table.

The system also can categorize the hotel rooms. As the hotel has many types of room such as Superior Rooms, Deluxe Rooms, Corner Suite King, Executive Rooms, Executive Suites, Grand Executive Suites and much more. The price for rent of each room is different according to the types of room. The system will count the price automatically according how many days the customer want to stays at the hotel. The system also can reduce any mistaken while payment process. Staff will key in all of the data about payment in the system and it can reduce problems in the process.


The Hotel database Management System is one of the systems that used to manage the hotel management and the system is an online system. Before this, the Hotel use manual system to manage the hotel process. There have many facilities in the hotel which include spacious lift, fully air-conditioned, wall to wall Carpeting, deluxe furnishing, TV, ample car park, fast food restaurant, telephone and courteous service. Therefore, the system are to efficiently support all its subdivisions, whatever multiple and specific might be and to provide for further business expansion possibility.

One of the function of this system is to give facility to the customer to booking a room using online system without going at the hotel or they can still use the manual way without fill any form. Function of this system is to make all process in current system is computerized and more systematic without wasting time and need high cost to develop.

Usually, most of the Hotel Management System will store their customer data manually, which means they will using paper as their instrument to make the process on registration, and payment. Furthermore, there is still some of the management use form to collect the details from the customer and the customer needs to hand in back the form in a good condition. This scenario shows the system is not systematically managed but it may cause lot of trouble because it needs to be done twice. First when the customer need to fill the form, the secondly the staff or admin of the management need to key in back to their system. At the same time, it is wasting the time just to complete the simple work.


Through the manually current system that control the Hotel Management, they may axist some critical problems :-

1. Difficult to handle data accurately and security because of the data lost, viewing by unauthorized people, cannot collect the data at the time. 2. Storage problems. (Update, Search, Delete, Edit), these types of methods are not accessible and not carry with the manual method. 3. Unable to analyze past data. Security wise is not guarantee to all information and datas. 4. Manual receipt making not efficient when the party is large. 5. Searching record of individual guest takes time. 6. Uneconomical due to the large number of manpower, stationeries, and time investment. 7. Record of guest and payment record can be inconsistent.


For this system, the objective for the Hotel Database Management System are as follows :-


To prevent information from lost, damage or cannot be achieve by the system. This objective is to make sure that all the data will be recorded in a secure database.

2. To ensure the information secure from any invasion. This objective to ensure the system provides a higher security and secures all information from unauthorized user.

3. To make the system user friendly. This objective to give some convenience to the user those uses the system because in manual system there have many problems like redundant data.


To manage the payment process. To avoid mistaken about payment calculation when use manual system.


To analyze information about ordering that made by customer.


For Users :There are two users that use the Hotel Database Management System:

1) Customer can browse the system to see information about the hotel rooms and at the same time customer can booking room that they want to rent using online system. The customers just fill the form that is available in the system to booking room in the hotel.

2) Staffs and admin can use the system to enter information about customer, maintain and update the system. 3) Staffs can take attendance (punch in/punch out) using the application in the system.

For system : All information in the database should be easily being updated when it is necessary to do so enable it easily to be access by staffs or admin.





Person in charge

Discuss topic

The group discuss about what must have in the system for this project.


Determine the project flow

The group will determine the flow how project move and make a Gantt chart to make sure the project run smoothly.


Identify the problem and find case study

Identify all the major problems in the existing database and make a case study as example and reference.

Nur Ainina

Make a proposal for the project

Brief explanation about the project and send to lecturer. Build the suitable interface for database and easy to use.

Nur Ainina & Syahriman Pirasannah, Nur Ainina & Syahriman

Build interface for the database

Build database

Prepare a database as design.

Pirasannah, Nur Ainina & Syahriman

Identify entity that related to the project

Search all entity in project and make the design works. Link the relation to all table.


Identify relations between Tables

Pirasannah & Nur Ainina, Amerullah

Link Coding with database

Link coding with database.

Amerullah, Syahriman


Make a report for the project

Make a report based the project that already finish.

Nur Ainina & Syahriman