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Business Logistics IE317 Logistics & Transportation IE345 Teacher: Office Mary Dempsey Block S +353 91 492258 mary.dempsey@nuigalway. Semester II: Tues 2pm to 4 pm Block S

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Learning Objectives The Business Logistics course will equip students with a solid foundation in logistics basics. It illustrates that logistics is a major component of the supply chain process covering all the bases of logistics including technology, customer service, packaging, transportation, warehousing, inventory, procurement, controls, systems analysis, international issues, social responsibility etc. The course includes real-world examples and cases are based on real business situations and include both national international challenges. Specific objectives include: To develop an understanding of the state of the art strategic management thinking as it applies to firms with global operations. To develop a capacity for analysing logistics problems on a functional, business, and company-wide basis. To develop an awareness of the organisational structures used in logistics and their strengths and weaknesses of those structures. To develop an understanding of the key criteria utilised in multi-national location site selection, global scale facilities configurations, and international sourcing networks development. To become acquainted with some of the realities of running different types of production/distribution firms.

Logistics and the Supply Chain The Supply Chain Management Concept Logistics and Information Technology Demand Management, Order Management and Customer Service Protective Packaging and Materials Handling Transportation Transportation Management Distribution Center, Warehouse, and Plant Location Inventory Management Warehousing Management Procurement International Logistics Logistics Systems Controls Organizing and Analyzing Logistics Systems You will need to have an account to access the course material on the Blackboard system. Your account is set up automatically when you register. You user name is your 8 digit ID. Your password is EITHER your 8 digit student ID or the computer generated password given to you by Computer Services. Recommended purchase: Contemporary Logistics, 10/E Author: Paul R. Murphy,Jr., Donald Wood ISBN 10: 0132479036 ISBN 13: 9780132479035 Publisher Prentice Hall 2010 Examination: Written examination (75%): Two Hour Duration, 5 Questions Answer 3 Project Work (25%)