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Energy harvesting Shock Absorber (EHSA)


Project Proposal
The piezoelectric effect describes the relation between a mechanical stress and an electrical voltage in solids. It is reversible: an applied mechanical stress will generate a voltage and an applied voltage will change the shape of the solid by a small amount (up to a 4% change in volume). In physics, the piezoelectric effect can be described as the link between electrostatics and mechanics.

This technology is already being used in a variety of common tools such as cigarette lighters and push-ignition barbecue grills. Piezoelectricity has the potential to provide us with a great source of green energy if it is properly utilized. As with many other renewable energy sources, scientists are diligently working to find the best possible ways to harvest piezoelectric energy.

Our target is to make a shock absorber in car suspension system using piezo-material to get piezo-electricity through vibration of the car. It can then use a secondary (backup) power source for the car.

MSES 5030 Product Design and Development

Mission Statement
Product description: Shock absorber with energy harvesting capability Maximizing the smoothness of the vehicle driving Benefit Proposition: Secondary battery source Key business goals: 10% battery coverage for the car Much less price than current market price approx. $500 First product introduction will be mid 2013 Primary Market: Environmentally friendly Contribute to the renewable energy sector Secondary Market Casual consumer Light-duty professional Assumptions: New product platform Energy harvesting technology Compatible with all motor vehicles Constraints: Need extra space in the car for battery system Upper and lower arm of the suspension system may be bulky Too high and too low temperature might be a problem

Stakeholders: Customers Manufacturer Distributor and reseller Government

MSES 5030 Product Design and Development

Customer statement: The EHSA does not last long The EHSA creates much noise The EHSA effects the regular shock absorber The EHSA unable to work while turning the vehicle The EHSA has to much weight The EHSA is less efficient The EHSA structural material effected by environment The EHSA is hard to fix The EHSA creates extra bump during driving The EHSA takes extra space Sometimes generate less power than required one. The EHSA becomes too hot within couple of hours driving.

Interpreted Need: The EHSA lasts a long time The EHSA has noise reduction capability The EHSA has no negative impact on the regular shock absorber The EHSA is easy to control (suspension system) while turning the vehicle The EHSA has less weight than regular shock absorber. The EHSA is efficient The EHSA operates normally in any environment. The EHSA is easy to fix. The EHSA operates normally like regular shock absorber. The EHSA produces required power. The EHSA protected from unwanted heat.

MSES 5030 Product Design and Development

Target Specification

No 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14

Metric Spring Length Spring dia. Total mass Top casing length Bottom Casing length Impact Load Peizo-material volume Unit manufacturing cost Time to disassemble/assemble for maintenance Car mileage to store electricity Lateral Stiffness Power generation per shock absorber ASME standard test Special tools required for maintenance

Imp 5 5 2 2 5 4 5 4 2 5 2 5 4 4

Units mm mm Kg mm mm Kg mm3 US$ s km KN/m W Binary List

Value <160 40 <1.4 <170 <170 >40 15000 <400 <900 500 >75 15 Pass Hex

MSES 5030 Product Design and Development

Concept Generation


Mechanical Process

Electrical Energy conversion

Hydraulic Piezomaterial




There are three ways to get electrical energy from the piezomaterial: 1. Using Hydralic pressure 2. Using Pneumatic presuure 3. Using spring vibration Among them most convenient and cost efficient procedure will be selected for the project.

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