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A courier delivers messages, packages, and mail. Couriers are distinguished from ordinary mail services by features such as speed, security, tracking, signature, specialization and individualization of express services, and swift delivery times, which are optional for most everyday mail services. As a premium service, couriers are usually more expensive than usual mail services, and their use is typically restricted to packages where one or more of these features are considered important enough to warrant the cost. Courier services operate on all scales, from within specific towns or cities, to regional, national and global services. Large courier companies include DHL, FedEx, TNT, UPS, and Aramex. These offer services worldwide, typically via a hub and spoke model

"Considering the role of couriers in the present economy, opening up the letter mail sector to them will not only accord legitimacy to the private operators but also would be recognition of market reality ," said an official in the department privy to the cabinet note. Courier companies are not celebrating , though. They say the transition regime proposed is too harsh and could end up killing the over Rs 7,000-crore domestic industry that engages nearly one million workers and pays Rs 1,200 crore in service tax.

In the run-up to the complete deregulation , the draft bill has proposed to open the express mail segment (EMS) with a "reserve area" of 50 gm for all articles at a price multiple of twice the government EMS rate. That is, a courier firm will have to charge at least Rs 50 for a package weighing up to 50 g, which is twice the Rs 25 charged by India Post for its Speed Post service for a similar package. At present, couriers are allowed in the EMS segment without any restriction or price, making the market fiercely competitive. The reserve area regulation will give India Post time to prepare for a more competitive regime.

"The proposal to have a reserve area for EMS is unfair and will lead to anti-competitive behavior by the postal department," said Vijay Kumar, chief operating officer, Express Industry Council of India . It could lead to the extinction of the courier industry, he said. Introduced in 1986, Speed Post is the only EMS service provided by India Post. The department has strongly defended the proposal to impose a reserve area by citing international examples. Globally, postal deregulation has been in phases and exclusive rights for state-run postal business still exist in many countries. In India, the courier industry has run ahead of the postal laws because it was allowed under the foreign direct investment regime, which allows 100% overseas investment in the business. International courier companies, such as DHL, TNT, FedEx and UPS, secured FIPB approval under the 100% FDI route.

The bill will now recognize them under the postal law, but the proposed transition turns the clock back somewhat by imposing restrictions that did not exist earlier. "Over 60% of the business for small- and mediumsized courier business in India is dependent on document delivery, which is typically within the 50 gm weight segment ," said RK Saboo, deputy managing director, First Fight Couriers. The proposal was retrogade and would force small courier firms to close down, he said.

The private industry is also not enthused by the entry in the normal mail business, or letter mail segment , where the draft bill has fixed a reserve area of Rs 150 gm for all registered couriers at a price multiple of Rs 2 times the postage of letter mail. The industry says India Post service is highly subsidized , which industry says will make it difficult for it to compete. The bill, which is likely to be introduced in the forthcoming monsoon session of Parliament, has also proposed to simplify registration and licensing of couriers without charging any fees. Most large domestic courier companies in the country like DTDC, First Flight and Skypak are all registered with the Registrar of Companies


Indian courier industry has undergone large changes in recent past. Industry which was once dominated by Indian postal department is now dominated not only by a few large multinational players but also comprise large multinational players and small regional and local players.

India Post to lose its monopoly; govt. forces courier cost to charge double rates:NEW DELHI: A planned overhaul of a 113-year-old postal law proposes to end government monopoly completely in the next decade and a half, but, ironically, sets the clock back for courier companies, which are governed by a different policy at present. The draft Post Office Bill 2011 aims to open the letter mail segment to the private sector in 15 years by withdrawing all exclusive rights to India Post and removing all pricing curbs on private courier companies. The Department of Posts has sent the draft bill for cabinet approval to replace the archaic Indian Post Office Act 1898. The amendment will also provide greater legitimacy to the courier industry

Advantages to the Customers

o o o o o o o o Door collection on time Door delivery on time Cell phones provided to mobile vans for easy access Toll free phone call facility Tracking of consignments in web Back up of highly reputed and trust worthy company Proximity of booking and delivery centres Carrying business documents


Blue Dart Express:Blue Dart Express Ltd. was incorporated on 5th April. The company was converted into a public limited company on June 15th, 1994 and the certificate of incorporation on change of name was issued on June 17th, 1994. The Company is engaged in the courier business for carriage and door-to-door delivery of commercial documents, samples, panels and printed matter in India and throughout the world. The Company was promoted by Tushar Jani, Clyde Cooper and Khushroo Dubas The Company was promoted by Tushar Jani, Clyde Cooper and Khushroo Dubash. The name of the firm was changed to Blue Dart Express on October 1st, 1990 and the firm was registered as a private limited company on April,5th 1991. The Company acquired, developed and set up a centralised international and domestic super hub with computerised links to all it major centres. The Company also plans to link its major centres by satelite very small Aperture terminals. The Company proposes to add to its existing fleet of light commercial vehicles and pick up vans at various places to cater to the growing business needs.

o Some of the new products include:

- (i) Voice Dart: This is 24hr. hotline available to the customer in selected cities of the country. It is an interactive voice response computer system that enables customers to access key information regarding the range of services offered by the company, to track the states of their consignment and leave messages via a mailbox all in a voice form; - (ii) Power Dart: a software-run-system which is installed at the customer premises. Through a dial-up computer modem installed at the customer premises, he can directly access the company's database and retrieve relevant information of his shipments; - (iii) Dart Collect: Offers the overseas consignees receiving shipments from India, the facility to pay the freight changes in foreigncurrency

- (iv) Dart Apex: This is a day definite door-to-door product for shipments above 20 kgs. travelling to select cities within the company network; - (v) IXF-2: This is a day definite door-to-door service for international shipments weighing above 45 kgs. to destinations in the USA.

- The Company finalised negotiations with Federal Express International Inc. in respect of Global service program contract and with federal Express Corporation in respect of Trademark use Agreement and End User

Agreement for cosmos software.

- The Company introduced barcode scanners and bar coded Air waybills to enhance the quality of tracking operations. The company has more than 400 users who communicate through E-Mail. - The Company was appointed as General Sales agent in India of Gederal Express enabling the company to pickup heavy weight Commercial shipments for door-to-door delivery.

- A New product `Dart Apex' for door to door shipments above 20 kgs was launched. Other systems installed to offer greater reliability to customers are oracle platform, bancode technology etc. The CosmatII has enabled decentralisation of Company's operation.


- The Company acquired premises in Bangalore for provision of warehousing facility. - 60,50,000 No. of equity shares of Rs 10 each issued, subscribed and paid-up (1,00,000 shares to promoters on 5.4.1991; 1,00,000 Rights equity shares in proportion 1:1 on 11.10.1993; 24,00,000 bonus equity shares allotted on 6.1.1994 prop. 1:12; 32,50,000 bonus equity allotted on 3.6.1994 in prop. 1:1.25; 2,00,000 shares to employees/directors/associates on 13.6.1994); 25,50,000 No. of equity

shares of Rs 10 each were issued at a premium of Rs 140 per share to the public in September 1994. (25,50,000 shares partly paid up). - The Company has established computer installations at 38 major offices.

- VSATs were installed at eight locations across the country to help E-mail networks in India as well as the Domestic (Cosmat-2) and international (cosmos) tracking system and central aviation load booking systems (SMART). - Two software packages viz. `Powerdart' using which the customer Can log into the Company's database and access data relating to his shipments and the other one `Faxdart' is a tool to automatically fax to the customer relevant information about his shipments was developed during the year. - The Company acquired 2 Boeing 737-200 aircraft offered by Indian Airlines. The aircrafts were sent to USA for conversion from Passenger to cargo version and named as vision I and vision II. - The Company proposed new ATA (Airport to Airport), DTA (Door to Airport), and ATD (Airport to Door) Products. - The Company signed an agreement with Federal Express International Inc. through which it became the official GSA of Fed Ex in India. - The Company entered into an agreement for purchase of 35,000 sq. ft. of land situated in the vicinity of International Airport for constructing Superhub & Technology centre for housing the company's communication and data processing facilities. - Blue Dart Aviation Ltd. is a subsidiary of the Company and Launched door-to-door domestic express cargo aviation system. - The Company signed an agreement with Federal Express International Inc., through which it became the official GSA of FedEx in India for air freight products. - FedEx has taken a significant step forward to receive the ISO 9001 certification and is the first Express Company in the world to have received this certification.

- The Company has developed two software packages - namely `Powerdart' and `Faxdart.' - The Company has entered into an agreement with its wholly owned subsidiary company for lease of the 2 aircraft. - The Company has received a `AA-' rating for its proposed issue of Rs.15 crores Non-convertible debentures to be issued on a private placement basis from Credit Rating Information Services of India

Limited for this instrument. - The Company has entered into a commercial understanding with its wholly owned subsidiary Blue Dart Aviation Limited whereby the Company has hired the entire aircraft payload capacity of two B737-200 cargo aircraft of approximately 16 tonnes per aircraft. - 2,50,000 shares issued (prem. Rs 35 per share) on conversion of warrants.

- The Company has signed a new 5 year Global Service Program Contract with Federal Express (FedEx), which became effective from 1st October. - The company has entered into various strategic alliance with regional/express courier companies in lieu of expanding its market share. - Blue Dart recently became the first Express Company in India to Get the ISO 9001 Certification. - Federal Express Corporation (FedEX), the world's largest express transportation company, will enter the Indian air express market through a new agreement with Blue Dart, India's express company. - The Company has launched its Smart Box in the eastern region to cater to the needs of small business.

- The Company had undertaken with the set up of the aviation system, was completed during the financial year under consideration. - The Company has set up customs bonded warehouse at Chennai, Mumbai and Calcutta and transhipment facilities at all the 5 major domestic airports through which it operates. - The Company has entered into appropriate interline agreements with 9 international carriers viz. Air India, Air France, British Airways, Emirates, Singapore Airlines Swissair, Air Canada, Cargolux and FedEx for movement of interline cargo. - The Company has issued 23,00,000 debentures of the face value of Rs.100/- each aggregating to Rs. 2300 lakhs to Newfields Holdings Limited. - The Company has subscribed to the Rights issue of 100 lakh shares Of Rs. 10 each, aggregating to Rs. 1000 lakhs of Blue Dart Aviation Limited - a 100% subsidiary. - The Company has entered into lease agreements for the rental of property, vehicles, computers, equipment and other assets.

- Blue Dart Aviation, a subsidiary of Blue Dart Express Limited has introduced India's first load and trim software for their Boeing 747 flights. - Blue Dart Aviation Ltd, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Blue Dart Express Ltd, is to establish a hangar facility at Chennai airport. - Blue Dart has already signed an agreement with Lufthansa Cargo. - Debentures were converted into 3,066,667 No. of equity shares of Rs 10/- each at a premium of Rs 65 per share.

- The Company has launched its services in the Kashmir Valley. The company has entered into a regional service participant (RSP) agreement with Priority Courier Services to service the Kashmir Valley. - The company hasreceived A+ rating from Crisil for its proposed non-convertible debentures. - The Company will be setting up its Business Logistics designs. 2000 - Duff and Phelps India has assigned a D1+ rating to the Rs 10 crore CP issue of the company. - BDEL claims to be the largest express company in the country. - Blue Dart has a tie-up with Federal Express for this business. Blue Dart is the leader in the domestic courier industry with a market Share of around 36 per cent. - The Company has entered into a strategic alliance with Super Fast Courier Service in the east as part of its move to expand its reach In the secondary markets. - The Company, the country's largest integrated air express company, has tied-up with China Airlines.

- Domestic courier major Blue Dart Express has declared a 1:1 bonus. - Blue Dart Express Ltd., India's leading integrated air express and logistic service provider has signed an exclusive agreement with Crown Couriers, a leading courier company. - Blue Dart Express Ltd, integrated air express and logistics company, has opened its office in Bangalore, strategically located close to the airport.


-Company has high load factor of 86% on its aircraft. -Ties up with DHL Worldwide Express which is a five year sales alliance. -Llyod's Register Quality Assurance certifies the company's new global standard ISO 9001:2000 for all its products/services. -Enters into an interline agreement with South African Airways.

-Begins customer satisfaction standard 'net service levels' . -Acquires 4th aircraft, Boeing 737 as part of its fleet expansion plans. -Mr Kushroo Dubash, Director along with his family members purchases 6415 shares. -Places 90-day Commercial paper at 5% with a state run bank for Rs.5 cr. -Bhiwandi emerges as a warehousing hub for the company. -Blue Dart inks pact with Sri Lankan Airlines

-Blue Dart joins hand with Hayleys

-Blue Dart Express Ltd has informed that Mr. Thomas Murphy as a Director of the Company with effect from September 03, 2007. - Blue Dart Express Ltd has informed that the Board of Directors approved the appointment of Mr. Daniel J McHugh as an Additional Director of the Company with effect from December 23, 2008.

- Blue Dart Express Ltd has informed that the Board of Directors approved the appointment of Mr. Christopher Ong as an Additional

Director of the Company with effect from June 02, 2009.

DTDC(DESK TO DESK COURIER):DTDC is Indias Largest Express Delivery Network, comprising of over 5800 Channel Partners spread across the country and a strength of 22,000 professionals enabling deliveries of 11 million consignments per month across over 10,000 pin-codes in India. Started in 1990 and headquartered in Bangalore, today DTDC also has a significant global footprint and services 240 international locations including USA, UK, Canada, UAE, Hong Kong, Australia, China and all ASEAN countries, through its own operations, joint ventures and business associates. It offers products that address all Logistics-related needs of its clients, ranging from Express Documents to Heavy Cargo, from Domestic Premium Products to International Delivery, and from Supply Chain Solutions to Warehousing. DTDC aspires to become Indias most preferred end-to-end Logistics, Express and Retail Services conglomerate with comprehensive global reach, by the year 2020. The companys vision is propelled by values of focus on quality of service, power of network and encouragement to entrepreneurial thinking. Mr. Subhasish Chakraborty, Founder, Chairman and Managing Director of DTDC, with these values as his guiding principles, pioneered DTDCs unique franchise-based business model that is not only the first of its kind in the Industry but also has been emulated overseas and studied as a business case by leading management institutes. This distinctive model has facilitated the creation of the organizations formidable reach in India, as well as cultivated entrepreneurship opportunities for its partners. DTDC is an ISO 9001:2008 company, as certified by Bureau Veritas Certification (BVC) India. DTDC has strategic equity participation by Reliance Private Equity, a division of Reliance Capital, a group company of Reliance & Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group (ADAG). Reliance Capital, apart from its investment, also endorses DTDC's unique business model. DTDC is committed to providing excellent customer experience. A caring employee, and a community builder, we are proud of our unique business model that provides jobs and entrepreneurial opportunities for thousands, including the first-time businessmen and the underprivileged. A business with a heart, we integrate passion and social awareness into the fabric of our business.


More Than 350 Company owned containerized vehicles. More than 120 routes spreading across eight states. 216 lakhs kilometers running per year. More than 500 stations spreading across eight states namely Tamilnadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Pondicherry, Goa, Gujarat and Maharashtra today. 6 Lacs tonnes handling of goods per year. Rs. 2400 Crores value of goods booking per year. 1 Crore No. of articles being booked per year. Company owned warehouses in all District headquarters. Dedicated team of employees. Richly experienced Agents Network. Trained Drivers Own Workshop TATA trained technicians Computerised operations at Branches . Computerised central tracking of cargo. the proof for the company's strength is that the company is making growth even in the highly challenging economic recession during the last four years when many companies are finding very difficult even to manage.


DHL commits its expertise in international express, air and ocean freight, road and rail transportation, contract logistics and international mail services to its customers. A global network composed of more than 220 countries and territories and about 275,000 employees worldwide offers customers superior service quality and local knowledge to satisfy their supply chain requirements. DHL accepts its social responsibility by supporting climate protection, disaster management and education. DHL is part of Deutsche Post DHL. The Group generated revenue of more than 53 billion euros in 2011.

DHL operates under four specialized divisions: o o o o Express Global Forwarding, Freight Supply Chain Mail

ICS(INDIAN COURIER SERVICE):Founded in 1998, Indian Courier Service International is well known and leading courier company offers courier and cargo services to the doorsteps of our valued customers across India and rest of the world at very low cost. As a customer-friendly organisation, ICS is dedicated to understanding and fulfilling customers needs and doing whatever it takes to provide customers with the highest level of reliability and service quality. Service excellence plays the major role for our survival and growth through the years. Indian Courier Service is well known as "ICS International".

Our efficient International network spans over 240 countries across world supported by own offices in UAE, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Singapore and Malaysia. Head quarter in Chennai has its regional offices in Cochin, Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkatta with the support of franchise across the country.

Vision and Strength : With the vision and convictions of service needs of Indian expatriates employed in abroad and customers expectation of service needs across the world Over the years ICS International has grown into a strong, reliable and customer friendly courier. Delivering Fast Affordable Cost Safety Reliability

AFL :AFL is one of the leading Integrated Logistics companies in India. Our business operations cover a range of services from Supply and Distribution Chain Management, Domestic and International Courier, Air, Sea and Multi-modal Freight Forwarding to Corporate Travel Management.

Abyss Connection:Offering services such as courier services, freight services, exhibition courier services, exhibition express services, seasonal services, sampling services, universal mail, international mail and international education counselling.

Abyss Connection:Engaged in providing services which includes courier services, freight services, seasonal services, exhibition services, cargo & freight services, international freight services, domestic freight services, air freight services and mango express.

Air State Couriers :Air State Couriers is one of the leading couriers in the courier Industry having a well spread Network of BRANCHES though out the country.

Airlinkers Courier:Airlinkers has a state-of-the-art indigenously developed system for track and trace. Over the years Airlinkers has adapted itself to instantaneous updated electronic communications. The business world calls Airlinkers as a faster and dependable courier for their daily activities.

Amrit Seair Express Pvt. Ltd :Amrit Seair Express is in the business of Air freight forwarding and cargo clearance

Anishka Graphics :Manufacturer and supplier of rollers like gravure printing roller, anilox rollers and coating rollers.

Aramex :Aramex is a leading global provider of comprehensive logistics and transportation solutions.

Bagdalam Courier & Cargo Services:Service provider of packers and movers services, cargo services, parcel booking services for international, packers and movers (outside India), packers and movers (within city) and packers and movers for household item.