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Turnkey projects and integrated services delivery At the core of ROMVEC INDUSTRIE capabilities are our on site construction

/ installation / erecting / repairing / commissioning and maintenance services. Unlike many of our competitors, ROMVEC INDUSTRIE is a multi-discipline contracting company capable of self-performing large-scale projects and turnarounds from the ground up. We continue to add complimentary construction capabilities that allow us to offer a unique single source contracting option to our clients. Imagine the savings available from the elimination of multiple overlays, management redundancy, scheduling conflicts and many of the other challenges associated with managing multiple contractors. Our construction services are complimented by our in house engineering expertise giving ROMVEC INDUSTRIE a unique technical component adding great value to our project management teams. We believe the greatest compliment a construction organization can receive is repeat business. Our in house construction combination of mechanical, expertise:

capabilities include a unique electrical and instrumentation

Civil Construction Structural Steel Installation Pipe in shop pre fabrication Piping System Installation Boiler erection, installation and Repair Containerized boiler house installing, commissioning and start up Containerized co / tri generation units installing and commissioning Steam and gas turbines installing Pressure vessel Erection / repairing Code Work (ISCIR, SR EN ISO 15614 / 1 : 2004, EN 287/1 :2004) Electrical Instrumentation Fieldbus Systems Distributive Control System Installation Calibration Loop Check Commissioning thermal power stations Maintenance of steam systems and boiler house equipment Any kind of welding jobs with high skilled and qualified / authoriyed welders

Technically Sound
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Our staff of experienced Automation and Electrical engineers has years of combined experience in the design and installation of process control and automation systems. From Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) to Distributive Control Systems (DCS) and to Safety Shutdown and Security and Surveillance Systems, we have the hands-on knowledge necessary to evaluate, design, configure and install.

PROCUREMENT AND ON SITE INSTALLATION Bi-Drum Water Tube Package Boilers Steam Capacity : Operating Pressure : 5 tons/hr - 100 tons/hr Up to 110 bar

Steam Up to 5400C Temperature : Fuel Oil / Gas or Dual Fuel

Suitable for: Chemical refinery, food processing, Petrochemical plants, cogen plants, sugar refinery, edible oil plants, textile factory, pulp & paper. General Description Bi-drum D-Type with membrane tube construction. Convection bank superheater with superheat temperature up to 5100C. The unit can be installed with feed water economizer or air pre-heater to improve further the boiler efficiency. Depending on site accessibility and transport limitation, most units can be fully assembled in our suppliers partner factories and deliver as a unit, so on site installations works shall be reduced.

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PROCUREMENT AND ON SITE INSTALLATION Fire Tube Package Boilers 1,000 to 5,000 kg/hr 5 tons/hr - 31 Steam Capacity : tons/hr Operating Pressure : Up to 20 bar Fuel fired : Fuel Oil / Natural gas / Dual fuel

Suitable for: Wood processing, hotel, laundry, edible oil, packaging, plastic factory, textile factory
Reverse Flame Series RF Series are smaller range capacity boilers of reverse flame design. It is fully factory assembled package boiler. Standard burner installed is monobloc gas burner or liquid CLU fuel pressure jet burner. Wet Back Series WB series are high efficient larger capacity boilers of wet back design. It is equipped mainly with high efficiency fully automatic control rotary cup burner of Saacke make. Single burner for boiler capacity up to 18 tons/hr. Above 18 tons/hr are of twin furnace and twin burner. Boiler feed water economizer can be installed to the

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PROCUREMENT AND ON SITE INSTALLATION Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSG) Steam Capacity : 3 tons/hr - 50 tons/hr Operating Pressure : Up to 50 bar Steam Temperature : Saturated / Superheated

Suitable for: Gas turbine exhaust heat recovery, industrial incinerator flue gas exhaust Natural circulation single pressure Exhaust Gas Steam Generator design. Each unit is individually Hot flue gasses from engines and turbines, and designed base on gas inlet conditions exhaust air from catalytic processes offer high and customers requirement on the temperatures and large flow and so high pressure final steam condition. Application steam can be generated in an Exhaust Gas S.G. includes gas turbine exhaust heat The EGSG is working like a normal steam boiler, recovery for cogen plant and oil-fired or gas-fired - and is consequently incinerator exhaust heat recovery. The equipped with steam boiler armatures, safeties unit consists of steam & mud drum. and instrumentation. Only difference is that the Tube bank consists of high quality fin heat load is adjusted in controlling the tube or combination of plain tube and fin tube. Smaller units are factory by-pass, internal or external. assembled and ship as a EGSGs are complete package. Optional superheater and feed water delivered for saturated 28 /

economizer can be installed.

steam, or for superheated steam .


Flash coil steam boiler

Steam Capacity : 150 to 3.000Kg/h Operating Pressure : Up to 12 bar Steam Temperature : Saturated Suitable for: hotel and hospitals laundries and small industries where steam production is needed prmptly The main reliable suppliers: FULTON and BONO ENERGIA

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Flash coil steam boiler type for the production of saturated steam, from 150 to 3.000Kg/h and design pressure 12 bar, forced circulation, evaporation coil, compact design, maximum efficiency, high reliability, steam production from cold start up - 3 minutes after ignition, supplied as packaged units, complete with all necessary equipment ready to be connected to site, up to 92% with air preheater Rationality of the construction, Easy installation High thermal efficiency, n regulation 2 Stages version: the regulation of air/fuel ratio is progressive and realized through on/off valves fitted on the fuel feeding lines Modulating version: realized through an electronic control system acting on the burner output by means of a modulating air/fuel servomotor

Fulton standard efficient gas or oil fired combination gas/oil fired steam boilers. They come in a wide range of sizes from 100kg/h to 4t/h and up to 20 bar. Fulton steam boilers construction is based on the invention of the vertical tubeless boiler. A vertical tubeless boiler is of relatively simple design offering years of trouble free operation. Fulton boilers over 30 years of age are still in operation today. There are no tubes or coils to rust or burn out periodically, therefore, no retubing costs, no down time. Fulton features its own design and manufactured top mounted down fired forced draft burner which is far superior to most other burner designs. They offer the highest fuel efficiencies possible. These complete packaged boilers are fully assembled, trimmed and test fired at the factory.

PROCUREMENT AND ON SITE INSTALLATION Waste heat recovery boilers suitable to be used with Gas Turbines from 1 to 7 MWt
Capacity : up to 15 MWt Operating Pressure : Up to 15 bar Steam Temperature : Saturated / Superheated up to 2800C Suitable for: Waste heat recovery boilers are suitable to be used with Gas Turbines from 1 to 7 MWt. The main suppliers: BONO ENERGIA Italy and Cochran Boilers - UK

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Waste Heat boilers are versatile steam or hot water boilers designed for operation in conjunction with a wide range of heat generating equipment, such as gas turbines, reciprocating engines, incinerators, gasefiers and other process heat plant. As well as unfired boilers, the Waste Heat range features composite boilers which incorporate additional firing to give better flexibility and security of steam or water supply. A wide range of control and auxiliary plant solution are available to support the range. Uses range from CHP schemes through to hospitals, petrochemical sites and marine applications. Ratings: Steam up to - 65000 kg/hr; Hot-Water up to - 32000 kW ; Standard Working Pressures: 10.34 bar g and 17 bar g (Designs available up to 35 bar g) Total Package: The boiler is supplied complete with inlet and outlet ducts, control panel and all necessary valves and fittings for safe operation. The boiler is designed to maximise the output from the waste heat source, be that a turbine, engine or incinerator. When output in excess of that available from the waste gas source is required the boiler can be fitted with auxiliary or Steam / hot water/ supplementary firing equipment. warm

water and CHP container units

Steam Capacity : Operating Pressure :

1 tons/hr - 10 tons/hr Up to 20 bar

Steam Up to 3500C Temperature : Fuel

Oil / Gas / LFG / biogas or Dual Fuel

31 / Suitable for: Chemical refinery, food processing, Petrochemical plants, 72 cogen plants, sugar refinery, edible oil plants, textile factory, pulp & paper.

Biogas CHP Container Units - Compact all-in-one facilities for capacities <1,364kW el. incl. booster, CHP, flare, analysis system, and control elements

All-in-one facilities for capacities <1,364kWel. available! These Compact Energy Centres include booster, CHP, flare, analysis system, and control elements all fitted into just one container.
Biogas CHP container units are fully fitted and ready for operation. They only need to be connected on site. All output ratings according to DIN ISO 3046/1. Different ambient temperature and higher location may cause adjustment to output. Thermal output includes heat from engine cooling water and exhaust heat from cooling down to 180C. Tolerance on thermal output is +/- 8%. Electric output rated at cos phi = 1.0 Output ratings apply to biogas (65% CH4, remaining CO2) and landfill gas (50% CH4, 27% CO2, remaining N2). Engine manufacturers emission limits to be observed. Gas purging may be necessary. Limit for nitrogen oxides NOx is 500mg/m3 for all engine models, acc. to TA-Luft guidelines. Custom-made containers available on demand. Container dimensions exclude rooftop installations.

Steam / hot water/ warm water and CHP container units Steam Capacity : Operating Pressure : 1 tons/hr - 10 tons/hr Up to 20 bar

Steam Up to 3500C Temperature : Fuel

Oil / Gas / LFG / biogas or Dual Fuel
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Suitable for: Chemical refinery, food processing, Petrochemical plants, cogen plants, sugar refinery, edible oil plants, textile factory, pulp & paper. ROMVEC INDUSTRIE can supply and on site erect / commission in the shortest installation time ever dreamt by a customer, the most competitive containerized thermo / power units, which can deliver steam, hot water, electricity, and even cooling energy , separately or all together, tailored exactlly for the customers needs.
A containerised steam boiler room is completely fitted with machinery and electrical equipment housed in a transportable container. The boiler room includes a water treatment plant with a corresponding capacity of treated and thermally deareated water with regards to the respective rate of the condensate-return. (In the standard modification, the water treatment plant is designed for 80 % condensate-return). The boiler room is fitted with the respective electrical installations and system of measuring and control for automated operation. The set also includes a self-supporting steel chimney. Containerized modules with co-generating units based on gas engines or diesel generator sets or the containerized modules with steam turbo-generators, added to the containerised boiler room, generate power to be supplied into the distribution network or used to supply the boiler room operation in the case of non-stable electricity supply or at locations without access to the electricity supply system. If necessary , modules are added to the main container boiler room to assure the boiler room "island" operation. Waste heat arising during the operation of these units can be used for heating utility water or within the heating system. The unit is supplied in a separate container of the same type. The supply includes a gas regulating station and condensation water heating system. The outputs range up to 10 000 kg/hr. ROMVEC INDUSTRIE, however, is able to supply and on site install & commission containerized boiler rooms with outputs up to 30 000 kg/hr.

Boiler Room Modulation

The required thermal power unit may be obtained by combining individual containerised boiler rooms of a modular system. A containerised boiler room is supplied as a unit, including a case (boiler, water treatment plant, system protection, operating heavy current wiring, system of measuring and control) and a container with a co-generating unit, including a self-supporting steel chimney.
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To facilitate transport, the chimney is supplied in dismantled state, in sections approximately 6 m long.

Container Boiler house components

KK boiler room Units KK


Boiler house components on a modular basis for simple planning, fast assembly and fully automatic, safe operation round off the boiler range in the best possible way. The individual modules are assembled completely at the factory and provided with electrical wiring. The ready-to-use modules only need to be connected to the supply lines and joined up to each other. ROMVEC INDUSTRIE as specialised erection company for modular technology considerably reduces the number of interfaces required, thus increasing the benefit to the customer. Complete boiler house, ready to operate, installed in ISO containers or in containers for specific requirements. Installation of chimneys/extension chimneys is possible. On site, only a foundation is needed and supply and discharge The integrated control system for the containerized boiler houses consists of two sections: an integrated control system and the user panel (Human Machine Interface). The integrated control system performs many functions usually carried out by several components such as steam pressure, water level, alarm data acquisition, and it sees to thermal efficiency with the aid of the most advanced control systems: combustion control through electronic cams, control of the oxygen trim, of the flue gas re-circulation and of the air fan by means of an inverter. The automation system features are: synoptic screens with multilanguage texts; high-resolution colour touch screen display; realtime and historical tracking of selected process trends; alarm reports log; navigator system; multilanguage editor. Automation system connects to the modern communications systems: it sends SMS and e-mail in case of alarms event; it is displayed on both the Intranet and the Internet; it connects to supervision systems via OPC server. Automation system's main benefits are: 34 /

the performance equivalent to the most advanced DCS systems at a lower cost, the optimised combustion, the reduction of environmental impact, of fuel and energy consumption, and of the time for starting and checking the boiler.

Portable steam / hot water/ warm water and CHP container units Steam 1 tons/hr - 10 tons/hr Capacity : Operating Pressure : Up to 16 bar

Steam Up to 350 0C Temperature : Fuel

Oil / Gas / LFG / biogas or Dual Fuel

Suitable for: manufacturing plants Manufacturing plants sometimes have : - seasonal needs ; - work to do in the boiler house ; - requirements for additional safety equipment ; - planned shutdown for a routine maintenance ; - unplanned shutdowns ; - or any other snag which might interfere with the plant production process. o ROMVEC INDUSTRIE offers a selection of more than 10 types of mobile boilers and boiler houses from 90 kW to 12000 kW, new and recently equipped, entirely automatic, fully serviced and controlled by the approved organisations and tested before each new use. o ROMVEC INDUSTRIE, based on its supplier / collaborators technical support , also offers complete solutions : boilers, burners, technical aid, water treatment, spare parts, training. ROMVEC INDUSTRIE is able
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to organise & perform , according to customer needs', the installation of the boiler house, its start-up, the technical aid and the staff training. o ROMVEC INDUSTRIE can supply for customers needs even trailerised mobile boilers for emergency or long term hire. Both steam and hot water boilers are available, in outputs up to 18000 kgs/hour for steam and 10 Gcal/h for hot water. o Boilers can be quickly connected to existing services to minimise production losses if the existing boiler has failed. Self drive units can be supplied for use on remote sites with fully self contained boiler plant installed in a box van. Both steam and hot water versions are offered and can include fuel tanks and generators. Widely used for "no dig" pipeline technology and also provision of hot water for showers etc in

remote locations.

Gas turbines- Combined Heat &Power Generation Units Capacity : 0,5 1,2 MW


Natural Gas / LFG / biogas or Dual Fuel

Suitable for: co / tri generation units

The Altek 1.2MW AT1200 is a state of the art package generator capable of electrical operating in various climates, using both liquid and gaseous fuels of many types. package providing It is fully capable of continuous duty applications. The unique design facilitates efficient heat recovery for a multitude of applications in addition to the generation

Industrial gas turbine Compact, integrated ease of installation

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performance test capability

Factory tested, with certificate Liquid or gaseous fuel

On-skid PLC control system

This aero-derivative engine has an impressive 40 million hour history of excellent performance and reliability. The engine has been built with all engineering and adaptation carried out by the Orenda division of Magellan Aerospace of Canada. Its Description is as follows: Split-shaft design with a five-stage axial compressor One-stage centrifugal compressor Two-stage gas producer turbine Two-stage power turbine with onboard reduction gearing Output of 1200 KW at ISO conditions Sub-


Steam turbines- Combined Heat &Power Generation Units from SIEMENS

Pre designed steam turbines Capacity : 45 kW 10 MW Main steam pressure: 3131 bar abs. Main steam temperature: dry, superheated stea m, up to 530 C Exhaust steam pressure: 0.08 29 bar abs. Speed: 500 23,000 rpm

These innovative but economical machines have a simple modular design which facilitates optimization of performance for the required application. For optimal configuration to meet customers needs, ROMVEC INDUSTRIE can install different but fully compatible design series, personalized procured as to match the customers requests as exactly as possible. The special rotor bearing design allows extremely rapid startup times to reach full load, even from cold start. These SIEMENS pre-designed steam
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turbines operate in diverse applications, for example, in power generation such as combined heat and power plants (CHP) and renewable energy plants, primarily biomass and geothermal plants. For the conventional SST-050 single-stage steam turbine design with external Capacity : 45 kW 10 MW gearbox, the gearbox is Single casing, two rim action turbine located between the Single-stage turbine, pre-engineered bearings. The design of including blading the SST-050 with integral Reduced number of wearing parts gearbox is exceptionally Low gland steam leaks compact, and available with external and with integral approximately half the gearbox size of the conventional design. With this overhung design, the turbine, gearing and oil reservoir are all combined in a single unit, with the turbine wheel mounted on one end of the shaft.

SST-100 Steam Turbine

Capacity : up to 8,5 MW

Single casing, multi-stage steam turbine providing geared drive to 1,500 and 1,800 rpm generators packaged in a base frame-mounted design Exhaust flange on side, bottom half of the casing

It can be used for: Generator and mechanical drive, Cogeneration, Industrial power plants for e.g. sugar industry, textile industry, steel works and mines. Back pressure or condensing turbines, where the steam path is adapted to the needs of the individual customer, provide an optimal solution when medium pressure and temperature conditions are available.

Gas turbines- Combined Heat &Power Generation Units from SIEMENS

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Small scale industrial gas turbines Capacity : 4,35 kW 50 MW Turbine types: SGT 100 800 Exhaust gas: 17,9 131 kg/s at 5440C Electrical efficiency : up to 37,5 %

Speed: 3450 13,000 rpm

NOx emission (with DLE, corrected to 15% O2 dry): 15

Fields of Application: simple / combined cycle power generation ideal for combined heat and power (CHP), because of its excellent exhaust heat data
Siemens Gas Turbine SGT-100 Power output: ISO 4.35 MW(e) up to 5.25 MW(e) Fuel: Natural gas / liquid fuel / dual fuel and other fuels capability on request Frequency: 50/60 Hz Electrical efficiency: 37.5 % Heat rate: 9,597 kJ/kW-hr (9,096 Btu/kWh) Turbine speed: 6,608 rpm Compressor pressure ratio: 19:1 Exhaust gas flow / temperature: 131.5 kg/s, 544C (287 lb/s, 1,011 F) NOx emission capability (with DLE, corrected to 15% O2 dry): 15 The SGT-100 is an industrial gas turbine with a power output range from 4.35 to 5.25 MW. It offers simple construction along with the latest technology in a compact package. The SGT-100 is available in both single- and twin-shaft configuration.

Siemens Gas Turbine SGT-500 The three shaft industrial gas turbine SGT-500 is a light weight, high efficiency, heavy duty machine. It operates reliably in the 15-20 MW power range and can handle a variety of fuels. For both, industrial power generation and mechanical drive, the SGT-500 is a proven unit. The SGT-500 is available as a factory assembled package and provides an excellent power-to-weight ratio. Moreover, the SGT-500 has successfully undergone a comprehensive test program on heavy fuel oil for marine applications. Power output Base load: 17.18 MW(e) / Peak load: 18.60 MW(e) Fuel: Natural gas / liquid fuel / dual fuel and other fuels capability on request Frequency: 50/60Hz Electrical efficiency: 32.2% Heat rate: 11,180 kJ/kW-hr (10,597 Btu/kW-hr) Turbine speed: 3,600 rpm Compressor pressure ratio: 12:1 Exhaust gas flow / temperature: 92.3 kg/s, 375C (203.7 lb/s, 707F) NOx (with DLE, corrected to 15% O2 dry): 42 ppmV

Siemens Gas Turbine SGT-800

output: ISO 47 MW(e)


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Designed for continuous, heavy-duty operation, the SGT-800 is the obvious choice where reliability, harsh environments and low life-cycle costs are key factors. SGT-800 has a power output of 47 MW. It offers easy on-site maintenance and a wide fuel range capability from liquid fuel to natural gas. Its powerful heat production capability in cogeneration installations makes it the ideal choice for the process industry.

Gas turbines- Combined Heat &Power Generation Units from SIEMENS

The SGT6 gas turbine serie is now an established high performance gas turbine for G-class applications. It provides maximum power output at high efficiency and low life-cycle costs, based on proven expierence SGT-1000F is based on proven SGT5-4000F technology. This single shaft machine with low-loss gearing can be matched to 50 Hz or 60 Hz grids. The SGT-1000F is designed for high-efficiency power generation in industrial and municipal applications - and for island grids. The machine is characterized by high reliability, availability and serviceability.

Annular combustion chamber with 24 hybrid burners Ceramic-coated heat shield 17-stage axial-flow compressor for optimum flow distribution Four-stage turbine Turbine blades with thermal barrier coating and film cooling Advanced cooling technology Inspection of hot-gas-path components without cover lift Optional multiple fuels capability Low-NOx combustion systems

Power Output Efficiency Heat Rate

68 MW 35,1 % 10.265 kJ/kWh 9.730 Btu/kWh

The SGT6-4000F is a proven gas turbine for the 60 Hz market, based on the efficient 4000F technology platform. Since 1997 over sixty units have been installed world-wide and enable economical power generation at long maintenance intervals. Together the fleet has more than 1.100.000 EOH. Technical features Annular, walk-in combustion chamber with 24 hybrid burners Ceramic combustion chamber tiles 15-stage axial flow compressor with optimized flow distribution (controlled diffusion airfoils) Single-crystal turbine blades with thermal barrier coating and film cooling
Power Output Efficiency Heat Rate 186 MW 38.3 % 9.384 kJ/kWh 8.894 Btu/kWh 40 / 72

Advanced cooling technology Optional multiple fuels capability Low-NOx combustion system

Procurement & installation / commissioning Industrial burners / burner systems procurement, installation & commissioning
ROMVEC can design, procure, install and commission a completely compatible new burner installation for any customers old boiler in order to revitalize the boiler performances. The burner system replacement provides maximum power output at high efficiency for the boiler and low life-cycle costs

Weishaupt gas, oil and dual fuel burners with multiflam technology
. Low NOx emissions: it reduces NOx emissions from large plant by up to 60%. Optimum combustion: Combustion takes place via a primary nozzle and

concentrically arranged secondary nozzles. Safe and simple principle: The primary flame guarantees a stable, reliable overall flame over the whole control range. Great versatility: from 3,750 kW to 12,000 kW available on oil, gas and dual fuel burners. Digital combustion equipment: State-of-the-art equipment controls the feed of fuel and air, and thus guarantees optimum combustion figures. Long life: Only the best materials are used in manufacture.

Riello industrial oil, gas and dual fuel burners

The TI 10 14 series of burners range from 930/3000/5200 kW to 6000/8500 /13000 kW The industrial burners TI series are designed for big civil installations and industrial processes

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with a remarkable thermal demand. These series allows to realise a modular and flexible combustion system adding a preparation fuel unit (regulation pressure group set, preheating/pumping oil station), a gas train, a control panel and a fan. It can also be used a preheated air as in the oil diathermic generators and other heat recovery systems. The modulating regulation, with a variable geometry head combustion, always allows to reach a wide modulation ratio and optimal fluid-dynamics conditions for a good combustion.

Industrial burners / burner systems procurement, installation & commissioning

PBS - Automatic gas burners APH - M type Designed as o monoblock burner to burn natural gas, propane butane, biogas, landfill gas and mine gas. The burner works fully automatically. Range of powers: 140 kW7000kW. The connected regulation of heat output and low access of air during combustion ensure highly efficient operation. The starting cycle (ventilation of the combustion chamber and valve tightness control), the regulation of heat output and all safety functions are controlled (after receiving impulses from operating sensors) by MA-2 or MA-3 microprocessor automatics. The MA-2 automatics can be placed directly on the burner or on a special stand. Communication of the automatics with the environment is possible manually by the operator or by a superior computer, or by remote control through RS-485 interface.

SPECIAL BURNER SISTEMS For large energetical steam boilers units ROMVEC can supply and erect specialized burner types as the Unique low NOx coal burner with center air jet for use with overfire air (OFA) systems Babcock Wilcox Design features:
Developed exclusively for use with OFA systems for the lowest NOx emissions. Designed to accelerate coal ignition and intensify combustion for very rapid achievement of fuel rich conditions in the burner zone the key to minimizing NOx emissions. Secondary air is drawn from the windbox to produce an axial air jet, which is surrounded by the coal stream. The coal stream is, in turn, 42 /

surrounded by two air zones. This "inside-out / outsidein" ignition and combustion of the coal produces a very stable, intense flame. Ceramic materials provide long wear life for the core pipe and coal nozzle. A one-piece shop-assembled burner facilitates quality and simplifies installation. In retrofit applications, generally plugs into existing wall openings.

NOx removal efficiencies: Compared to other advanced low NOx burners in use with OFA, the AireJet burner further reduces NOx by up to 30% with lower excess air for improved boiler efficiency.

ON SITE WORKS / SERVICES Our company had started in 1998, and carried out to date several mechanical and electrical erection works, in the reconstruction and reppairs of Steam Boilers in Thermal Power Plants and other Industrial Enterprises. Over more than (10) years, we have mastered the requirements of boilers, burners, furnaces, soot blowers, air and fuel distributes, condensers, heat exchangers, high pressure vessels, tanks, steam / hot water pipe systems, steam and gas turbines, HRS and co/ tri generation units in addition to steel structures and supports, insulation and lining, together with all associated piping and valves, also we have a good experience in erection and maintenance of the air conditioning system with all associated piping , valves , pumps, control system and the electrical supply, also we can make a good jobs in Water treatment system , erection and operation of demi water system, softener system, and water supply system. All works we have executed so far had met with our clients satisfaction. All works were executed with best engineering standards and high skills featured by our technical teams in the jobs we were entrusted to perform. Our company possesses an excellent technical department consists of consulting engineers with high level of expertise & knowledge coupled with long experience gained in power plants, refineries and chemical plants, cement plant sites with specific qualifications in projects construction. This technical department carries out very careful and meticulous studies of tender documents and plans the implementation procedure and schedules and makes out comprehensive quality assurance and supervision of works until their handing over to our clients.
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We are the erection subcontractor executing the mechanical works required to rehabilitate boilers turbine Units in CET WEST Bucharest Power Station under the supervision of SIEMENS POWER GENERATION SERVICE. Our Company handed over last February to the client (CET GRIRO SA) the turn key project of a OKP 40 t/ h - 35MW (manufacturer of the boiler is CKD Czecs Republic) superheated power steam boiler completely engineered, erected and commissioned by our company; We are installing two cogeneration gas turbine units of 5 MW at West Energo - Bucharest under the supervision of the vendor SIEMENS POWER GENERATION . Currently, we are erecting a turnkey district heating unit of 2 Gcal /h at Obregia hospital in Bucharest. Our company can handle complete projects on turn key basis including civil work , mechanical and electrical erection, and can take care to supply necessary equipment & auxiliaries. Experience & Qualifications Extensive Management, QA/QC and Supervision experience with the welding, construction, erecting, maintenance and fabrication industries comprising: Pressure Vessels and piping Boilers and burner systems Automation systems field instruments installation Gas and Steam Turbine installing Gas and steam turbines driven compressors, generators and pumps Steam and hot water pipelines Steel structures Fabrication and Erection Plant Construction Maintenance and Upgrades Power Stations Onshore pipelines

The scope of maintenance / repairs / service works on site include:

General maintenance in Thermal Power Plants, in Boilers, Air heaters, air ducts gas ducts.
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Replace boiler-burning systems consisting of burners, valves and soot blowers, automation instruments and controls. Maintenance of Attemperaters and Economizers Maintenance of thermal cycle valves including control valves and three ways valves Replacement of condenser tubes in power plants. Rehabilitation steam boiler units in Thermal Power Plants. Our work include: i) Chemical washing / cleaning of boilers, pipes, tanks and heat exchangers ii) Erection of scaffolding inside boilers furnaces to height of (30 m). iii) Replace burners for multiburner boilers type. This job consists of removing / replacing air boxes, burners injectors / guns, reconstruction of refractory masonry apertures for burners, replacing the valves, registers and controls from automation system of the burner units. iv) Replacement of water walls. Water wall panels made of 2.5 O.D high pressure tubes replacement needs Inert gas welding employed. v) Replacements front and rear water walls and screen for

the boiler units in thermal power plants. Experience & Qualifications Supplying ROMVECs specialised working teams as local skilled manpower to our abroad colaborators (as SIEMENS POWER GENERATION ) to carry out jobs under their
responsibility in Romania, when the case. The tasks carried out by our manforce shall be: i) Setting out, cutting and welding of plate work for boiler / equipment parts and ducts, according to fabrication drawings of the contractor, then transport & erect in position for the unit.
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ii) Remove & dismantle old boiler / equipmant parts and install & erect the new ones. iii) Replace of Re-heater and super-heater tube coils iv) Replace soot blowers including gas /fuel valves and all thermal cycle valves. v) Maintain & replace air-heating coils if neccessary. vi) Clear old fuel leakage around various units of Thermal Power Plant.

Within the scope of repairing / maintenance & service works ROMVECs technology covers also design, on shop boiler / pressure vessels component parts manufacture, on site demolition and after repairs / replacements reerection and recommissioning of all types of smoke or water tube boilers for solid, liquid and gaseous fuels as used in the process, technological lines and power industry. ROMVEC Management staff dealing with repairs / maintenance / service works are experienced professionals in the contracting industry in Romania and overseas, including staff with accumulative experience in the boiler industry exceeding 30 years. ROMVEC staff has been involved in boilers repairs / maintenance ranging from 600 MW power station units to boiler units of 35 t/h to 110 t/h for industrial users as many of them have been selected from the prestigious boiler construction / erection / repairing companies as VULCAN , IAMRCT, ENERGOMONTAJ which use to be the biggest profile companies in Romania before 1990. With respect to the imported boiler units and related equipment from the boiler houses which are in use in Romania and need repairs / maintenance works, ROMVEC have formed different types of associations with OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturer) including personnel specialised training to successfully handle the repairing / maintenance works for the local industrial market for almost all the types of boilers and related appliances imported and still in use in Romania. For some producers delivered equipment, as Altek Power Co small size gas turbine units, we are able to provide repairings / maintenance works for customers located anywhere in Europe as the canadian producer does not have yet an european settled service department and found us as truthfull in the field. ROMVEC INDUSTRIE staff, arranged in a task force approach are well qualified to design with In-House technology and execute repairs / maintenance works as an ISCIR
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authorizated company for industrial boiler plants and CHP units in a highly competitive and professional manner. ROMVEC INDUSTRIE has experience repairing in many alloys from hot rolled carbon steel to Hastelloy, Inconel, Monel, etc. Whether you need boilers, incinerators, burner assemblies, tanks or pressure vessels, pipe and ducts repairings or modifications, your specific requirements can be turned by ROMVEC into custom oriented designs

Experience & Qualifications ISCIR approval, according to technical prescriptions in foree, included which then can be applied including all manufacture works in shop and all erection works on the site. We supply the job with top workmanship and pride to render the customer the repaired / modified equipment as good as brand new. We have the facilities and codeings to fabricated install, test and commission piping systems ranging from small bore low pressure instrumentation and heat tracing pipework to 36" NB process lines with test pressures up to 132 barg in the following materials; Carbon Steel, Low Temperature Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel (all grades), Kunifer, Inconel 625, Hastalloy, Chromium Molybdenum, Duplex, Polypropylene, P.T.F.E Lined Carbon Steel, High and Medium Density Polyethylene, PVDF, PVC, A.B.S. Our squad of time served mechanical fitters and Mechanical Engineers have the skills and experience to assist clients in overhauls and maintenance of mechanical equipment ranging from valves and pumps to more specialized equipment such as steam turbines and boilers. Our squad of platers and steel erectors have all the skills and knowledge to fabricated and erect structural steelwork ranging from pipe supports to loading gantries and pipe bridges. We can also sub-contract large steelwork fabrication and erection projects and manage there operations to produce a quality service. With decades of experience we have the facilities and infrastructure to
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manage any customer project to the same standards as adopted in-house. Our team of project managers are fully conversant with ISCIR regulations and PED essential requirements and their expectations when dealing with anything in the scope of boilers and pressure equipment, from small maintenance projects to turn key erection contracts. Our aim would be to deliver the project safely, efficiently and within budget policies adopted throughout our everyday operations. Outstanding repairings works we can provide Pressure Vessels repairings Tanks repairings Stacks and Transitions Autoclaves repairings Incinerators Combustion Chambers steam / hot water pipes Steam pipes and fittings Assemblies Boiler Parts

In shop and on site specific works for repairs

TUBE BENDING We bend and fabricate from 1/8" tubing to 20" pipe in carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum and many other metals to repairing project specifications. Pipe and tubing with single or multiple bends, coils of all shapes and sizes also in any size or type of metal. BOILER REPAIRS High and low pressure boilers, condensers, tanks and heat exchangers repaired and reerected. Tubes provided just in time for most boilers repairings. Tubes bent and plate work fabricated in our own shops for faster service. Certified welding. Service trucks equipped and ready to service the customer needs. PLATE FABRICATION Plate fabrication works, for replacements within the repairing design of a boiler / equipment, are performed in carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, and many other metals to repairing design specifications. Facilities to roll, bend, 48 /

assemble, weld and test the fabricated replacement parts for the boiler / equipment which is under the repairs, are available in our workshop . We bend angles, tees, flat bars, channels, beams and structural tubing to repairing design specifications. We provide for every particular repairing contract: Material joining solutions Welding procedure development and qualification for the specific repair Welding procedure evaluation Welder evaluation and qualification Welding inspection - visual Welding administrative operational procedure development Review of repairing design specifications, procedures and drawings All necessary and required reports, written procedures and qualification records, customized to reflect the conformity of our execution of the designed repairing works both with the customer requirements and with the design / ISCIR technical prescriptions requirements Repairing works / Erection inspection & verification and surveillance inspection during the works, troubleshooting, and investigation of weld failures Ascertain compliance to codes and repairing design specifications All repairing contract works are conducted / surveyed by the two ISCIR authorized responsibles : RTS (welding works technical responsible / co- ordinator) and RSL (repairing works supervision responsible) Our core competency in boiler / thermoenergetic equipment repairs lies not only in the manufacturing and replacement of the boiler damaged components but in the minute analyze of the underlying causes which produced the destructions. This drives us up to the right repairing solutions and prevent further boilers running problems and down times. Many times an appropriate boiler repair means also an appropriate operating instructions review. And it is our pride to perform the ordered repairings in this responsible approach. All repairing works for boilers, pressure vessels and steam pipes are performed under third party inspections (ISCIR), according to design provisions and customized to clients requirements.

In shop and on site specific works for repairs

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The company prides itself on its level of service to customers both large and small when it comes to the repairings / maintnance works requests. From the original enquiry through the planning and design stages of the repairs to the actual manufacture of the replacements parts and reinstallation of equipment, the management takes a 'hands on' approach. Close supervision and a wealth of experience guarantees a repairing project completed to the highest quality standards to the customer's exact requirements and on time. ROMVEC INDUSTRIE construction personnel specialize in the erection, alteration, and maintenance and repair of boilers, boiler auxiliaries, and related equipment for industrial and utility steam and power plants. ROMVEC INDUSTRIE's construction expertise has been built on many years of experience in the installation layout designs / repairing designs and erection / commissioning / repairing of various types of boilers and auxiliary systems from shop assembled package units to field erected power boilers (including co generation units) and recovery boilers. This includes boiler pressure parts, casing, refractory, sootblowers, fuel systems, stokers, burners, air heaters, economizers, ductwork, fans, steel erection, air pollution control systems, ash systems, feedwater systems, power and process piping, and cogeneration facilities. ROMVEC INDUSTRIE has established a reputation of providing quality in the total erection / commissioning / repairs & maintenance effort while maintaining an outstanding safety record within the industry. Working in boilers and pressure vessels, steam / hot water pipes and other high risk running thero-energetical equipment, safety excellence is a continuous goal at ROMVEC INDUSTRIE and is achieved through employee safety orientation, training, and incentive programs. ISCIR technical prescription requirements for repairing works in boiler, pressure vessels and steam / hot water pipes are monitored by the ROMVEC Quality Control Program which includes dedicated packs of operational working 50 /

procedures, continuously revised and improved in order to be complete updated quidances for repairing / maintenance works performed in strict accordance with the applicable ISCIR Boiler and Pressure Vessel prescriptions - the National Boiler, Pressure vessels and Hoisting equipment Inspection Body, and any jurisdictional requirements that may apply.

ROMVEC INDUSTRIE currently holds the following ISCIR Certificates of Authorization, for repairing works performing:

ISCIR Certificates of Authorization, for repairing works performing:

C1 r: for performing repairing works for any type of steam and hot water boiler

(including power boilers) which are designed and manufactured by others, within the range: Steam boilers: Dmax = 525 t/h, pmax = 196 bar; Tmax = 540 C Hot water boilers: Qmax = 100 Gcal/h, pmax = 25 bar; Tmax = 160 C C1 rp: for the repairs design, alteration design, manufacture boiler replacement parts design, and for the compliance verification / validation of the boilers repairing designs, within the range: Steam boilers: Dmax = 525 t/h, pmax = 196 bar; Tmax = 540 C Hot water boilers: Qmax = 100 Gcal/h, pmax = 25 bar; Tmax = 160 C C9 r: for performing repairing works for any type of warm water boiler and low pressure steam boilers which are designed and manufactured by others, within the range: Low pressure steam boilers: Dmax = 10 t/h, pmax = 0,5 bar; Tmax = 110 C Warm water boilers: Qmax = 10 Gcal/h, pmax = 10 bar; Tmax = 110 C C9 rp: for the repairs design, alteration design, manufacture boiler replacement parts design, and for the compliance verification / validation of the boilers repairing designs, within the range: Low pressure steam boilers: Dmax = 10 t/h, pmax = 0,5 bar; Tmax = 110 C Warm water boilers: Qmax = 10 Gcal/h, pmax = 10 bar; Tmax = 110 C C4 r: for performing repairing works for any type of pressure vessel within the range: Vmax = 100 m3; pmax = 100 bar; perature: - 50 C T + 440 C; Fluids = air, steam, water, H2, oxygen, nitrogen, argon, CO2, LPG, acetylene, liquefyed chlorine or sulphur dioxide, other technical gases / liquids used in industrial processes C9 rp: for the repairs design, alteration design, manufacture pressure vessels replacement parts design, and for the compliance verification / validation of the pressure vessels repairing designs, within the range: Vmax = 100 m3; pmax = 100 bar; Temperature: - 50 C T + 440 C; Fluids = air, steam, water, H2, oxygen, nitrogen, argon, CO2, LPG, acetylene, liquefyed chlorine or sulphur dioxide, other technical gases / liquids used in industrial processes
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C10 r:

for performing repairing works on steam and / or hot water pipes, within the range: Steam pipes: pmax = 190 bar; Tmax = 540 C; max. = 800 mm Hot water pipes: pmax = 25 bar; Tmax = 200 C; max. = 1 500 mm C10 rp: for the repairs design, alteration design, manufacture steam / hot water pipes replacement parts design, and for the compliance verification / validation of the steam/h.w. pipes repairing designs, within the range: Steam pipes: pmax = 190 bar; Tmax = 540 C; max. = 800 mm Hot water pipes: pmax = 25 bar; Tmax = 200 C; max. = 1 500 mm

C11 r:

for performing repairing works on automation systems for boiler houses equipped with Steam boilers: Dmax = 525 t/h, pmax = 196 bar; Tmax = 540 C Hot water boilers: Qmax = 100 Gcal/h, pmax = 25 bar; Tmax = 160 C - Automation systems for boiler houses equipped with boilers without constant supervision (24h or 72h) C11 rp: for the repairs design, alteration design, manufacture automation systems replacement parts design, and for the compliance verification / validation of the automation systems repairing designs, within the range: boiler houses equipped with Steam boilers: Dmax = 525 t/h, pmax = 196 bar; Tmax = 540 C Hot water boilers: Qmax = 100 Gcal/h, pmax = 25 bar; Tmax = 160 C Automation systems for boiler houses with boilers without constant supervision (24h or 72h)

On site installing / erecting works provided by ROMVEC INDUSTRIE ROMVEC INDUSTRIE is a full service contractor which specializes in the construction, alteration, maintenance and repair of boiler and power plant equipment ROMVEC SERVICES on site Services include:

Installing / erection planning Installing management Mechanical equipment erection Pipe fabrication and installation Planned shutdown and emergency planning Maintenance and repair

Shutdowns and rebuilds Boiler repair Pressure vessel repair Modifications and retrofit of steam generators Maintenance and inspection services Instrumentation calibration and installation
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ROMVEC INDUSTRIE's commitment to construction quality is backed by a staff of experienced construction professionals. Extensive construction planning is conducted before the project installation begins. This assures maximum productivity, on-

time project completion and outstanding quality in every project.

Engineering ROMVEC INDUSTRIE's engineers are dedicated to providing engineering and consulting services to the steam and power industry. Over the years, the engineering effort has expanded to cover a wide range of special projects, with steam and power engineering remaining the firm's primary focus.

ROMVEC INDUSTRIE has gained experience on a wide range of steam and power plant projects. The majority of these projects has enabled us to understand the special requirements of fuel handling, ash handling, and environmental control and also to get extensive experience with conventional boiler design and fuels including natural gas, fuel oil, and coal.
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We have established a highly motivated, experienced, and multi-disciplined engineering staff specializing in mechanical, civil, structural, piping, electrical, estimating, process instrumentation, and control disciplines. Our engineers utilize advanced engineering and management tools to erect / repair thermo-energitical plants that provide high efficiency and availability. Each project phase is carefully planned to develop the best approach from detailed scheduling and cost control, to carefully monitored material purchasing and expediting methods, to detailed installation / erection / commissioning and testing procedures. Our engineering staff, through interaction with our on sites working organizations, understands the significance of value engineering and the importance of including spare parts and maintenance considerations as part of the design. Engineering Services Include: Project Management Installation Power Plants Design Project Development Engineering ISCIR installation Permit Support Performance Engineering Plant Renovation Operation Manuals and Operator Training Equipment and Material Procurement Troubleshooting / periodic inspection support Project Scheduling Repairing Power Plants Design Design Build / Detailed Design ISCIR operatimg Permit Support Power Plant Optimization Control System Upgrades Equipment and Material Specifications Start-Up Assistance Condition Assessment


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We have well trained Engineers in Boiler Installations, to provide Inspection and Site Supervision support to Customer Companies in case they decide to contract project works with other specialised erection companies. As beneficiary of a thermo-energetical plant, a customer, who ordered such a plant for his own

companys energetical needs, might have no specialized personnel in the field to assure the project progress on the site supervision and the final reception. n such cases ROMVEC can provide specialized asistance because the main objective of ROMVEC is to provide comprehensive services for all possible customers from the energy, industrial building and other enegineering / construction fields. Our engineers are well specialised in heat & power plants and individually boilers design manufacturing assembly maintenance refurbishment service and they have experience with most of types of machineries supplied by prominent producers in these branches: steam boilers gas and steam turbines pumps & compressors pressure equipment steam / hot water pipe systems safety valves steam traps and control valves gas regulating stations fittings and filters fans and blowers water treatment units automation systems instruments & controls

All on site Inspection and site Supervision activities shall be carried on according to proven efficient procedures as ROMVEC has been certified for the SR EN ISO 9001:2001 and SR EN ISO 14001:2005 standards in the field of designing, installing, erecting, assembly, commissioning, repairs, reconstruction and service of power engineering and metallurgical equipment.

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Our company specialists passed out many training and courses, they obtained official qualifications in virtue of which we are able to provide high specialized activities within the area of specified technical equipment.


ROMVEC INDUSTRIE can provide specialized surveillance and periodic verifications services (RSVTI services) for all customers who owns and operates boilers, pressure vessels, steam / hot water pipes, process pipes, lifts and cranes and any other equipment which are used under ISCIR prescriptionscompulsory runing authorization, periodical controls and supervisions. Acording to Romanian lows ( Chief State Instectors ORDER No. 333 / 28.06. 2006 and complementary orders no. 147/2006 and no. 253/2006) any owner of a pressure equipment (boiler, vessel, pipe system) or / and hoisting equipment who operate it, must have a nominated ISCIR authorized staff for supervision, periodic technical verifications of the said equipment and operating personnel periodical training and competency reendorsment. This staff is called RSVTI (Technical Responsible for Surveillance and Periodic Verifications of the Own Equipment under operation) and must be ISCIR authorized. If the Owner of such equipment (which is from ISCIR domains) has not his authorized RSVTI, ROMVEC INDUSTRIE can provide professional authorized services in this field. The RSVTI services include:

Inspection of tubes, tube sheets and shell in Fire tube Boiler Testing of Stem drum, Mud Drum, Headers, Fire box and economizer tubes, efficiency of Water tube Boiler Leaking or malfunctioning verifications for shell and tube Boilers Scheduling Repair works and shutdowns for tube replacement or plugging Surveillance for Safety violations & Accidents Periodic examinations to evaluate boiler integrity. Evaluation Report include color coded tube sheet layout with indication of damage in the tubes, Tables and recommendations

RSVTI services are as follows:

a) Identification and recording of all the equipment / installations owned by the customer which are from the ISCIR prescriptions domain and the communication of the recorded data to the local ISCIR district branch for registration according to ISCIR prescriptions. a1) Supervision of the equipment procurement when the equipment are from ISCIR domains; 56 /

a2) Checking on the existence of the CE mark on the equipment from ISCIR domains, and of all the other markings which are compulsory to be applied on the equipment needed to be continuously techically supervised by the owner as long as they are in operation, according to the legal provisions; a3) Checking on the existence of the associated documents of the equipment from ISCIR domains, owned and operated by the customer, and conformity verifications of the said documents against the applicable legal provisions; a4) The Communication to ISCIR of all hunted out nonconformities ; a5) The Communication to the local ISCIR branch (where the equipment/installation are registered) of the cancellation / wipe out from the inhouse records of the annulment equipment. The communication shall be made at maximum 15 days after the annulment date, and the communication must be accompanyed by the equipment annulment documents;


a6) In written form communication to the local ISCIR branch (where the equipment/installation are registered) the identification data for the new owner of the equipment / installation in case of property or operation rights transfer for the said ISCIR registered equipment / installation; a7) Yearly organization of an examination session of the owner operating staff for the equipment and the elaboration of the examination results reports; b) Scheduling and supervision of the maintenance and repairing works performed on the equipment / installations from ISCIR domains. These works shall be performed only by ISCIR authorized companies and they must be executed according to ISCIR technical prescriptions; c) Supervision of all rehabilitation works (parts replacement, retrofittings and refurbishments) carried on the equipment / installations from the ISCIR domains, in order to be executed according to ISCIR technical prescriptions and only by ISCIR authorized companies ; d) Take up work of Preparatory services ( including required men & material) for annual inspection of HRSG and IAEC make Package Boiler including obtaining operation certificate from ISCIR Boiler Inspector and completion of boiler inspection as per the ISCIR prescriptions and fulfillment of recommendations of the ISCIR Inspector to comply with the regulations. This activity is done every year. e) ROMVEC can provide in addition skilled personnel to carry out HP TIG welding and radiography and other NDT for repair & maintenance works and also minor modifications for improvement of plant performance, as and when required, to comply with ISCIR prescriptions procedures and shall have to obtain certificate/clearance from the concerned authority. f) ROMVEC INDUSTRIE arranges for hydro testing and /or NDT as applicable of Static
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vessels , Heat exchangers as per the requirement of statutory / regulatory ISCIR prescriptions g) Operational spares inventory. h) Proper management of the Plant. i) Recommendations for improvement in Operational parameters and procedures. j) Preparation of O & M manuals and revisions of the same. k) Perform scheduled and preventive maintenance to minimize equipment shutdown time, minimize equipment failures and reduce maintenance expenditures. l) Monitor performance & efficiency of the plant, systems and sub-systems included in the scope of the work regularly and work out action plan to improve.

Hydrostatic Test

Expanding Inspection

Painting Inspection

Also, as an ISCIR authorized RSVTI services provider , ROMVEC INDUSTRIE shall undertake supervision of all pending jobs completion and the accomplishement of all disposal ordered by ISCIR officials on the occasion of the periodical inspections carried out at the customers place for removing all nonconformities found on the equipment inspected.

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