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1- Scientific Creativity Award: Doctor Mohamed Ghonim

Dr. Mohamed Ahmed Ghonim was born in Cairo in 1939. He graduated from the Urology department in Mansoura Faculty of Medicine. He is one of the pioneers of kidney transplants in the Arab Republic of Egypt and in the world. Director of the first specialized kidney transplant center in the Middle East, he was awarded the National Encouraging Prize for Medical Sciences, in 1978 and the King Faisal International Prize in 1999. He succeeded in performing the first kidney transplant surgery in Egypt in 1976, with minimum resources, thanks to the help of 'Section 4' specialized kidney and urinary diseases doctors. 2- Artistic Creativity Award: Artist Abdulla Muharraqi

The Bahraini artist Abdulla Muharraqi, was born in Manama in 1939, and is one of the art pioneers not only in Bahrain, but in the Arab region. He organized during his long artistic journey several art exhibitions in London, Bahrain, Kuwait, Abu Dhabi, Oman, Algeria, Kuwait, Paris, Madrid, Singapore...Winner of several local, Arab and foreign awards: to name a few; the leading award at the Fine Art Exhibition for Bahraini Artists in 1973, the Grollo Doro International award in Italy, 1980, for his painting titled 'The Tragedy of Divers, the Gold Medal Award from the French Art Society in 1983. He was the first

recipient of the State of Bahrain Award for Arts in 1985 and won the Jury Award in the 26th Exhibition of Fine Art in Bahrain in 1997, Al Dana Award in Bahrain's Art Exhibition in 2006, and recognition for his work as an artist and cartoonist at the Arab Businessmen Award in the World Economic Forum in Sharam Al Sheikh and Davos. He is also the recipient of the Royal skill Decoration from His Majesty, the King of Bahrain in 2007, the Media Creativity Decoration and Award from the Arab Media Gathering in Kuwait in 2008. He was appointed as art adviser to Bahrains Ministry of Culture since 1963 and has been granted Bahrains State award for Arts. 3- Media Creativity Award: National Center of arts of puppets, managed by Hala bint Saad , Republic of Tunisia

It is a children oriented cultural institution created in 1993 through the efforts of the City of Tunis Puppet theater troupe founded in 1976. It plays an important role in educating the youth artistically. By providing cultural and entertainment material for a large segment of children, it occupies a leading position in Tunisia visual arts map. It is worth mentioning that this important center seeks to bond again with the art of puppet tradition in order to bring back the general public of youngsters and grown-ups towards it. 4- Economic Creativity Award: Doctor Mohamed Saeed Al-Lootah, United Arab Emirates

Hajj Saeed Lootah is a leader in the domain of Islamic banking in UAE. He founded Dubai Islamic bank in 1975, the Islamic Arab Insurance Company in 1979. He is member of Dubai Municipal councils for several years and served as Chairman of the Dubai Industrial City Construction Board. In 1983, he founded the Islamic school for Training and Education, then Dubai Medical College and Dubai Pharmacy College for girls. Furthermore, he founded medical research laboratories and Al Lootah International University. At the social level, Mr. Al Lootah established an orphanage and is author of several books. He was awarded the Gold Medal from the Arab League Education Science and Culture Organization (ALESCO) and an honorary doctorate from the UN International Academy of Informatics, Russia, and from Parkton University in the U.S. 5- Social Creativity Award: Kuwait Society for the advancement of Arab children

Established in 1980, Kuwait Society for the advancement of Arab children strives for the advancement of specialized knowledge in the field of development of young children and the advancement of education in the Arab world. The Society is also dedicated to the development of new researches regarding this early age. It provides as well analytical, diagnostic and technical materials to highlight what governmental institutions and schools failed to address in contemporary education. The society secured the first place in the 2006 Sheikh Salem Al Ali Al Sabah sixth annual Informatics Award for the category of best website for civil society institutions.