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1. For all intents and purposes, a marvelous bunch of people…….…..page3

2. BIKER Rabbit………….……. page 8

3. Preltznauts…………….…. page 12

4. A Bright Idea………….……. page 15

5. Festival of May.................... page 19

6. Misadventure....................page 22

7. The Great Desert .................... page 28

8. Grunions!! ..................... page 36

9. The Cave…................. page 44

10. The rest of the island…………….….page 47

11. The hills are alive…………….…. page 53

12. Pies....................page 56

13. The Deathray......................page 61

14. Split Island……………….…… page 64

15. Someone else’s turn.....................page 64

16. The Reds.....................page 65

17. Things get a little interesting………..……….page 81

18. The hills are alive again....................page 85

19. Home…………….….page 88

20. Leaving……………..….page 91

21. About the author

For all intents and purposes, a marvelous bunch of people

Blackjack Preltz live in a land that has for all intents and purposes been forgotten,

except by me.

It is a wonderful land in a time not far from our own, where Preltz live peaceably

with the Rabbits. The Rabbits are friends, neighbors and co- workers.

Blackjack Preltz are a strange looking people and they have a characteristic that is

shared by no one else in this world. They are antigravity beings….yes, I said

ANTIGRAVITY, can you imagine what this means? What fun this could be and

what problems it causes?

Firstly they have feet with suckers and a lot of little toes to grab onto everything as

they walk about. Every Blackjack Preltz has a fishing rod which is used to cast

down and catch something on the ground when they lose their footing. It is not

uncommon to see a Blackjack Preltz floating through the air winding the reel

furiously as he comes back to Earth.

Every Blackjack Preltz knows the story about the one Blackjack Preltz who went

into the desert. Of course on the loose sand he could not use his suckers and the
loose sand would not hold his toes either. There were no trees to catch with his

fishing rod and he simply floated off into space, never to be seen again.

For this reason all Blackjack Preltz are very careful with their footing and teach

their children the same.

One of the strangest sights to see is a mother Blackjack Preltz taking her children

for a walk, Blackjack Preltz ,always, always have four children at a time. On one

occasion a Blackjack Preltz had twins but that was a very long time ago and an

ancient painting exists as supposed proof that this did in fact happen.

Nowadays no one believes this and they think it was someone’s practical joke.

When a mother takes her litter for a stroll and you would laugh if you saw it. They

are like a bunch of helium filled balloons, bobbing about mom’s head on leashes,

just like you would look like with four balloons and a fishing rod at a fair.

Particularly funny is when they start to fight, they bounce about in a very odd

fashion with the mother trying to calm them down. Moms with little children must

be especially careful not to loose their footing as the four little ones provide quite a

strong extra lift.

You will also immediately see a home where there are children as it will have a big

net spanned over the house to catch any stray kids. The children stay as free

floaters until about the age of 4 years old. At this point they get their FIRST

FISHING ROD and for Blackjack Preltz this is a big deal.

Then it is training time…… Preltz Academy for Youngsters (also for injured

Blackjack Preltz who need re-training). This centre is also known as PAY for short

(pronounced “pay”…..surprised?).

This is a huge centre where the most valuable of all life skills are taught; How to

not float off into space like the one in the desert. Six months of intensive training

is enough, actually one month would be enough, but they can’t be too careful you

know. This centre has cushioned walls and a mock up of the Blackjack Preltz’s

surroundings. There are trees and paths, grassy patches and a piece of desert.

I think to continue calling them Blackjack Preltz is a little tiresome, so if you don’t

mind, I think we should all call them Preltz for short and it is also easier to say and

that is also how they refer to themselves. For Preltz there is no plural, like one

sheep many sheep, so we have one Preltz, many Preltz.

What exactly is a Preltz?

As I said, they are antigravity beings with feet like I described before. They all wear

similar style clothing which is a dress style garment, usually down to the floor.

Some times they wear trousers especially when they go fishing at the seaside.

Needless to say, Preltz are extraordinary fisher folk. Naturally they can cast their

bait very, very far; of this ability I am quite envious.

They use the very same fishing rod that accompanies them as they walk around

with to catch fish with. Fish seems to be an ever popular meal amongst Preltz and

so to see them in a pair of fishing trousers is not an uncommon.

Most Preltz like to wear hats that sit on top of their pudgy warty heads. They have

very little hair and some have said that they are quite ugly; I don’t thinks so,

especially since they are so friendly. Their skin is a light tan to pink color and their

eyes are jet black. Their tummies are mostly round in shape. I guess if a hippo wore

a dress and walked on their back legs…then they might be their same shape and

with similar shaped feet.

Their arms are very strong and they stand about as tall as you and I. They do speak

beautifully well and treat language with respect. They don’t speak English but I will

translate anything that they have to say so as to avoid confusion.

Fine…but then what about the Rabbits?

Rabbits here are the same as anywhere, just bigger. Actually a lot bigger, if they sit

on their haunches, they are about the size of a man. They speak the Preltz language

too as it is the only language they know.

Rabbits are also a friendly people and they school together and work together, with

the Preltz, in a society not unlike our own. There is no money and all goods are

traded, “I’ll give you an apple for that fish” was one trade I heard in the market,
“Two Roundstone chestnuts for a basket of peas!” was the cry of another active


The only difference between the Preltz and the Rabbits’ diet is that Rabbits don’t

eat fish; well I can only say that I have never met any who did.
BIKER Rabbit

Now this is a true account of what occurred one day in this strange land.

Incidentally, no one ever told me the name of this land and it would be good if you

could give it a name in your own head. This is the only land Preltz know and I did

hear a Preltz refer to the ground as “Gom” but never to their land.

Well it seems as if a container had fallen off of a stray ship somewhere and it

landed on the shores of………um, this place. A Rabbit found it and managed to

open this giant box. The next day the spring tide took the box away and it sank in

fairly deep water.

The Rabbit (a young Rabbit) had found a great, great treasure and one that I

immediately recognized as a Harley Davidson motorcycle, after the damage was


How this Rabbit figured out how this complex machine works is anyone’s guess.

(Someone once asked “How could a Rabbit ride a motorcycle?”, “Well, just like

any other Rabbit would” was my reply).

This crazy little Rabbit must have thought he was a biker gang member, he roared

up and down the streets of Jacktown scaring the dress and fur off of all the

residents. Preltz went flying, Rabbits went bounding. Children popped out of

houses left right and centre. What a state the town was left in. Four Preltz totally
lost it and were nearly lost to space and would have been if it had not been for the

PRA, the Preltz Rescue Agency.

In a town as quite as Jacktown, the noise of the motorcycle was deafening. I think

when the container landed on the shores of this land, the exhaust was damaged. A

bit hard to tell as that crazy little biker Rabbit crashed the Harley into the statue of

the town’s founder, Nappy Dale Preltz and wrecked the bike. Thankfully no spares

are to be found to repair it. The impact broke Nappy Dale’s arm and head right

off, so he looked very odd. Amazingly enough, his fishing rod survived the impact.

This is the first and only road accident ever recorded in the land of the Preltz.

The PRA, who are these mysterious heroes? Well no mystery actually or at least

not after I tell you. These are Preltz rescuers who fly upside down rescue

helicopters. Why upside down? You may ask. Good question, since helicopters lift

people off the ground, it is only sensible, that if you are antigravity, then you must

have something that pushes you back down to Earth.

How do the PRA rescue helicopters work. Since they are not the usual type they

work slightly differently to our versions.

Their rotor is below the seat, so it must be stopped before anyone can get off.

They have special parking bays that hold the helicopter down when the Preltz pilot

gets in. A boom holds the helicopter in place and then lifts up and away, allowing

for take off.

On top of the helicopter they have a net shaped like a wind sock. The small end is

joined to the back seat of the helicopter. As they fly under the ascending Preltz,

they catch them in the open ring of the net and the net redirects them into the

back seat of the helicopter. Ninety percent of the time they land on the seat on

their head, but that sure beats a trip to space. Rescue helicopters come in a variety

of colors and are decorated according to the pilot’s personal taste.

The PRA pilots train continuously but they don’t catch volunteer Preltz as that

would be too dangerous, so they use Helium filled balloons as targets. Many

Helium filled balloons have lost their lives during training.

Over all of the land of the Preltz, there is radar coverage, 200 feet above the

ground. This radar is tuned to the slight radioactivity that surrounds each and every

Preltz. As soon as that barrier is crossed, an alarm is sounded and the PRA team is

dispatched, so even if a Preltz goes to the desert, he has a good chance of being


It takes about 15 minutes for a Preltz to become non-retrievable but in living

memory, it has never happened.

You may wonder what other machines this land has, well, they have roads, but

they are for walking on. The roads have special indentations for footholds. They

don’t have any cars or bicycles as there is no need for them. They have developed a
tractor of sorts for farm work and this is why when that crazy little Rabbit rode

that Harley, it was a very surprising event, and a story we shall return to.

This land has produced some of the finest astronauts ever. Everyone here is well

aware of the human world. They have stayed hidden from us and will always

choose to remain so. We were very much a mystery to them until I arrived but I

am also not at liberty to discuss where this land is, purely for conscience sake.

Here you are who you are; all of your masks are stripped away as Preltz have a way

of seeing you as you are. They don’t really know humans and so are very

vulnerable in that respect. I would not like to introduce them to people as I don’t

want to be responsible for any problems they may face as a result.

Because of the astronaut program P.A.R.A.A., which stands for Preltz and Rabbits

Aeronautical Agency, the “Preltznauts” and “Rabbitnauts” have been all over our

Solar system and beyond.

Their space ships are very interesting and there is always a ratio of Preltz versus

Rabbits, based upon the Rabbits’ weight. Their space ships are usually launched

with a giant sling and take about one hour to reach outer space. Once there,

rockets are used to move them around and to bring them back to Earth. On re-

entry, the Preltz act as brakes for the space ship and so the ship returns gently with

a slight bump on the cushioned landing pad. Re-entry can take about two hours,

depending on weather conditions.

They have traveled far into space and visited mars and Venus. Venus was awfully

hot, so they only stayed for ten minutes. One expedition encountered a black hole.

One thing I can say is, thank goodness for Preltz. Due to the intense gravitational

pull, it actually pushed the Preltz away from it. The Preltznauts grumbled of a

tummy ache and glowed bright green during the experience. This was somewhat

unusual, not that they glowed bright green, but that they grumbled. This does not

happen often. Although Preltz children can have arguments, they seem to lose this

ability as they get older.

Quite a nice place for Preltznauts to visit is the Moon. The reason for this is the

low level of gravity there, if they let go then they sort of hover. Then they cast their

fishing rods and catch a stone, reel in like crazy, they sort of, jet past you skimming

across the moon surface giggling all the way. Mountains and boulders seem to be

quite effective in stopping them though. Because of this fact, you will never see the

tracks of Preltznauts on the Moon surface. Rabbits on the other hand don’t think

it’s funny and just stay in the spacecraft and do all the technical stuff while the

Preltznauts fetch all of the samples.

The space program of P.A.R.A.A. does not use up many resources but there are

not too many Preltznauts to be found. They have also determined that to go into

space is not really that advantageous to the lives of the people. So P.A.R.A.A. only

flies missions about twice yearly, just to make sure that the people are trained

properly and in case the need should arise for some reason. PAY is also used
extensively for training (remember, Preltz Academy for Youngsters). Preltznauts

don’t call it PAY though; to them it is the “Flight Centre!”.

End of this installment

The rest of the book may be downloaded from


It is in the form of a treasure map and a game, other interesting goodies are there

too up for grabs. Else wait for the next exciting adventure to be released

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