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(a) How to light your heater:

As is customary with any fireplace, before lighting you must make sure that the ash pans are empty of ash and that the fire-grates are free of any obstructions. In order to achieve both the above with your heater do the following: 1) Drop panel (A) by inserting tool (B) on chromium plated handle (C) and pulling outwards. 2) Open cast iron door (D) using tool (B) and by pulling the latch (E). 3) Open glass door (G), using tool (B) and pulling on chromium plated latch (H). 4) Free fire-grates of all ash lying in them and make sure that all openings are clear by using tool (I), by inserting it and moving it left and right up and down in three holes. 5) Remove ash pan (F) using tool (B) and clean compartment and ash pan. 6) Replace ash pan and leave cast iron door open during light up. 7) Place papers and fairly thin strips of wood on fire-grates. 8) Open top flap (J) and top cast iron feeding door (K), using tool (B). Drop a few more strips of wood in feeding cast iron hopper (L) and fill to the top with washed anthracite 20mm 40mm in size. 9) Close cast iron feeding door (K) and top flap (J). 10) Set control lever to H to ensure that air-regulating flap is completely open. 11) Light the papers and immediately when paper catches alight securely close glass door (G). 12) Approximately 15 minutes after lighting close cast iron door (D). 13) As soon as the anthracite starts to burn regulate air control lever (M) to the required setting, depending entirely on how warm you want your room to get. It is obvious that during the day you can change your room temperature by simply adjusting lever (M).

(b) How to maintain the fire of your Heater during the day:
Now and again during the day: 1) Drop panel (A) and insert tool (I) in small holes indicated by arrows (O) on cast iron door (D). Move tool (I) left and right a few times in order to free fire-grates of ash which will drop on ash pan. 2) Close panel (A) and set control lever (M) as required. 3) By lifting top flap (J) and opening cast iron feeding door (K) make sure that hopper (L) is full. If not, refill. 4) Twice daily remove excess ash by using the method as described in (A) 1,2,5,6,7 above.

(c) How to maintain the fire of your Heater during the night:
Before retiring at night follow procedure as described in (B) 1,2,3 and 4. Fill Hopper to the top and push lever (M) to (L) setting.

(d) Hopper position:

Hopper (L) has two positions: 1) The hopper of your heater was pre-set at the higher position when it left our factory (latches (P) line up with marking 20-30), this position is recommended for best combustion when using anthracite 20mm-40mm in size, or nearest. 2) For a lesser degree of heat the hopper may be placed in the lower position (latches (Q) line up with marking 6-12, 12-22) using the same size anthracite. The higher position is recommended for best results.

(e) Recommended anthracite for the most efficient use of your Heater:
You will get the best results from your heater if Washed Anthracite of 20mm-40mm in size is used.

(f) Cleaning:
Using tool (B) insert in lever (N). Pull to open righthand fire-grate to remove ash.

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